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Harpsichord CD
Dietrich Buxtehude: selected works for solo harpsichord. AMCD9758
The 1975 double manual harpsichord kit built by Frank Hubbard, Waltham, Massachusets, based on an instrument by Pascal Taskin (1769)
  • 58 tracks and 66.45 minutes of digitally restored music.
  • Originally recorded (21-22nd March 1987) by DEX Audio (Melbourne)
  • includes a 12 page colour booklet
Track List ...
  • 1-4. Suite No.2 in C major, BuxWV 227
  • 5-8. Suite No.5 in C major, BuxWV 230
  • 9-13. Suite No.6 in D minor, BuxWV 233
  • 14-46. "La Capricciosa", Partite diverse sopra una aria d'inventione, BuxWV 250
  • 47-50. Suite No.10 in E minor, BuxWV 235
  • 51-54. Suite No.13 in F major, BuxWV 238
  • 55-58. Suite No.14 in G minor, BuxWV 241
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 from the series 'A Well-Furnished House'

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