Sage OAM, Prof Michael Radford (AD2004)

For service to radiology as a clinician, researcher and educator.

President-elect, Symposium Neuroradiologicum, 2006 Symposium. World Federation of Neuroradiological Societies: Secretary-General since 1994; Member, executive Committee, since 1993; Australian Liaison Officer, since 1991. Member, Editorial Committee, International Medical Imaging Registry, 1995. Member, Editorial Committee Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 1992. Member, Editorial Committee, American Journal of Neuroradiology, 1992. Asian and Oceanic Society of Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Radiology: President 1999-2001; Vice President, 1997-1998. Honorary Member, American Society of Neuroradiology, 2002. Honorary Member, Radiological Society of North America, 2001. National Health and Medical Research Council: Primary Spokesperson, Medical Review Panels, 1999 and 2001. Member (Radiology), Australian Medical Workforce Advisory Committee, since 2000. Member, Health Advisory Panel, Department of Veterans Affairs, since 1998. Member, Steering Committee, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Review, 1998-1999. Member, Professional Services Review Panel, Department of Health and Ageing, 1995. Foundation President, Australian and New Zealand Society of Neuroradiology, 1992-1996. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists: President, 1997-1998; Vice President, 1996; College Examiner since 1982; Membership Warden, 1988-1997; Chief Censor, Radiodiagnosis, 1988; Councillor, 1987. Australasian Radiology: Honorary Editor, 1999; Member, Editorial Committee, 1989-1994. SA Mammography Screening Program: Member, State Advisory Committee, since 1992. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (South Australian Branch): Chairman, 1981-1987; Co-ordinator, South Australian Registrar Training Program, since 1981; Member, Committee, since 1975. Member, Advisory Group to Minister of Health on General Medical Matters, 1986-1989. Member, Radiation Protection Committee, SA, since 1985. Member, Alcohol and Drug Board (SA), 1980. Visiting Professor, Duke University Medical Centre (USA), 1980. National Hospital for Nervous Diseases (UK): Royal Australian College of Radiologists Baker Fellow, 1973. Royal Infirmary (Scotland and London): Commonwealth University Scholar, Diagnostic Radiology, 1972. Flinders University: Professor, Department of Radiology since 1984; Associate Professor, Radiology, 1982-1983; Senior Lecturer, Diagnostic Radiology, 1976-1981; Lecturer, Radiology, 1974-1976. Repatriation General Hospital (SA): Chairman, Division of Radiology since 1990; Senior Visiting Radiologist, 1976-1989. Flinders Medical Centre: Professor and Head, Division of Medical Imaging, since 1984; Director, Radiology, 1976-1983. Queen Elizabeth Hospital (SA): Assistant Director Radiology 1974-1975; Senior Radiology Registrar 1971; Radiology Registrar, 1969; Pathology Registrar, 1968; Senior Resident Medical Officer in Medical Specialities, 1967; Junior Resident Medical Officer, 1966. St Vincent's Hospital (Vic): Radiology Registrar, 1970. Royal Children's Hospital (Vic): Radiology Registrar, 1970. Awards include: Gold Medal, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, 2000. Australian Medical Association: Inaugural award, Contribution to the Medical Profession in South Australia, 2000. Rohan Williams Medal, Royal College of Radiologists (London), 1973.

Sain OAM, Mrs Nives (AD2003)

For service to education, particularly through the Loreto College, Marryatville.

Loreto College, Marryatville, South Australia: Head, Language Department; Language and cultural (Italian) teacher, since 1973; pastoral care teacher; volunteer tutor providing additional language practice; organiser and fundraiser, community and cultural support evenings to encourage families to become involved in wider community; established Italian Mothers Committee; assisted in raising funds for victims of Udine earthquake, 1970s; introduced Italian weekend and Italian nights for students. Member, Board of Secondary Studies for Italian. Trainer, student teachers.

Sainsbury AM, Mr John R (QB1976)

For Public Service.

Mr Sainsbury was the Director, Department of Marine in SA.

Saint OAM, Mr Bryce Wesley (AD1998)

For service to the community, particularly to children, through the Safety House Association of South Australia.

Mr Saint is a retired school principal who continues to serve the community. He has been involved with the Safety House Association of South Australia programme since 1979. He served as the honorary adviser from 1985-91. Editor of the Association's newsletter for five years and president since 1992. Mr Saint was the inaugural president of the national body of Safety House Australia for two years, and since 1993 has been a state delegate. Serves as the president of Children's Week, and is Editor of New Horizons in Education, an educational journal. He is a volunteer at Aberfoyle Park High School assisting exchange students in English language and Australian culture. Past board member of the Council for the Ageing, served two years and during that time served as chairman of Senior's Week for one year.

Saint AM, Mr Arnold Desmond (AD2014)

For significant service to the community of South Australia through roles with a range of aged care, education and sporting organisations.

Honorary Auditor, Hutt Street Centre, 1992-2010; Consultant, 1982-1992; volunteer, in the 1980s. Inaugural Board Member, Southern Cross Care SA & NT Inc (formerly Southern Cross Homes), from 1968 to the early 1990s; Life Member, since 2005. Chairman, Calvary North Adelaide Hospital Board, 1986-1991; Member, 1970-1991. Honorary Treasurer and College Board Member, Cabra Dominican College, 1968-1981. Parent and Friends Committee, Sacred Heart College Senior, for 20 years; Member, Old Scholars Association. Volunteer, Glenelg Meals on Wheels, from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Financial Adviser, Greyhound Racing SA (Adelaide Greyhound Racing Club), for over 40 years; Patron, for over 20 years; Life Member. Life Member, Greyhound Owners, Trainers and Breeders Association, South Australia. Accountant and Business Adviser, LeCornu Group, Kain & Shelton, Peter Burns Real Estate, Taplin Real Estate, Trabilsie Hairdressing, Adrien Brien Automotive, and Grigoul Group (Coventry Motors), from 1974 until his retirement. Director, BEA Motors. Junior Partner/Partner, Thomas Sara Macklin & Co, 1959-1974. Director, South Australian Plywoods. Member, Taxation Institute of Australia.

Sakowski OAM, Mr Anthony (QB2013)

For service to the Polish community through ex-service welfare organisations.

President, South Australian Branch, Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association in Australia Inc, since 1997; Honorary Secretary, 1983-1996. Instrumental in restructuring the organisation and rewriting the Constitution. Polish Contingent Leader, ANZAC Day Committee; Senior Marshall, for over 30 years. Liaison Officer between Polish veterans and the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Hospital Visitation Officer, since 1998. Current Member, South Australian Branch, Consultative Council of Ex-Service Organisations. Polish Government Liaison, for the presentation of a Polish Medal awarded to Australian Ex-Servicemen and the Rats of Tobruk Association, for service in Tobruk. Member, South Australian Branch, Returned and Services League of Australia, since 1991. Former Board Member, Federation of Polish Organisations, for a number of years.

Sallis AO, Mr Brian Leonard (QB1997)

For service to the media, particularly through Advertiser Newspapers Limited, to industry organisations and to the community.

Mr Sallis has been involved in the newspaper industry since 1951. Appointments he has held include that of Chairman of Directors of Advertiser Newspapers Limited since 1990, Managing Director, 1983-89, and Group General Manager, 1977-82. He was Secretary of the Television Broadcasters Limited in Adelaide, 1959-61, and Chairman of Directors, 1983-87. Was Chairman of Directors of the Southern State Broadcasters, 1983-89. Served as a member of the Australian Newspapers Council, 1984-88, and was President of the Council, 1984-87. Mr Sallis has contributed to a diverse range of community organisations. Was a Council member of the Australian Institute of Management, 1964-78, and served as President, 1975-77. He was Chairman of the Board of Directors, Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1991-96, and Deputy Chairman, 1985-90. Was a Council member of the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation for a number of years. Served as a Board member of the University of Adelaide, Careers Advisory Board, 1991-94.

Salomon OAM, Mr Horst Egon (QB1990)

For service to conservation and the environment.

Considered a pioneer of the concept of restoring many of the buildings in North Adelaide (more than 150 since 1957).

Salter AM, Dr William Fulton (AD1978)

For public service in the field of mental health.

Sam OAM, Mr George Joseph (QB2002)

For service to the healthcare industry.

Helped to establish the Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance, South Australia's first and largest private not-for-profit Christian hospital network; Chief Executive, current. Previously Chief Executive of Ashford Hospital, South Australia's largest private hospital and one of the hospitals which forms the Alliance, for 11 years. Chief Executive Officer, Queen Victoria Hospital, 1984-1988. Former National President, Australian Private Hospitals' Association. Former National President, Australian College of Health Service Executives. Member, Flinders Medical Centre Board of Directors, for two years.

Sampson OAM, Mrs Shirley Porter (AD2014)

For service to the community through a range of organisations.

Justice of the Peace, since 1978; Justice of the Quorum, 1980-1995. Bench Duties, Adelaide, Port Adelaide and Christies Beach Magistrates Courts, 1978-1995. Member State Council, Royal Association of Justices of South Australia, 1982-1984 and 1989-1993; Member, since 1978. President, Justices Bowling Club, 2006-2008; Vice-President, 2004-2006; Minute Secretary, 2003-2004; Member, since 2001. Member, Management Committee, Holdfast Bay Bowls and Croquet Club, 1987-1996; Life Member; Registered Umpire. President, Holdfast Bay Women's Bowling Club, 1973-1975; Past President, 1975-1977; Secretary, 1977; Management Committee, for 16 years; Member, since 1957. Foundation Member, Genealogy SA, since 1973; Library Volunteer, 1998-2007. Voluntary Missions Service, Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, 1984-2004. President, Mothers' Club, Brighton High School, 1961-1970. Awards/recognition include: Service Award for Community, Justices of the Peace Services, City of Holdfast Bay, 2008. 50 Years’ Membership Award, Bowls SA, 2006. Recognition Award, National Day for Older Australians, 2006. Certificate of Appreciation, Royal Association of Justices of South Australia, Port Adelaide and Districts Group, 1992.

Samuel OAM, Mr Gordon David (QB2013)

For service to the Lutheran Church through a range of administrative roles.

Treasurer and Finance Secretary for Missions, Lutheran Church of Australia, 1968-2009. Responsibility included Treasurer, Finke River Mission; Public Officer, Yirara College. Treasurer, Board Overseas Mission (South East Asia and Papua New Guinea). Financial Secretary Lutheran Overseas Partner Churches; and Consultant to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea. Invited to serve on the Committee for the establishment of the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea. Fellow, CPA Australia; Certified Practising Accountants.

Samuels OAM, Mr Lionel Edgar (AD1980)

For public service.

Sanchez-Cunat OAM, Dr Luis (QB2010)

For service to education, and to Iberian and Latin American studies.

Spanish language lecturer, Faculty of Spanish and Portuguese, Flinders University, 1987-1999; reviewed language and literature courses. Author in the Spanish language. Member, Ethnic Schools Advisory Committee, South Australia, 1985-1987. Inaugural Spanish language Consultant to the SA Department of Education, 1982-1987. Co-Founder, Association of Iberian and Latin American Studies of Australasia. Member, Organising Committee, Romeria del Rocio, Clare Valley; Spanish festival. Honorary Consul for Ecuador in South Australia, 2002-2008.

Sandford-Morgan OAM, Mr Gavin (QB2007)

For service to the preservation and restoration of vintage and veteran cars, and to the community.

Involved in establishing the Birdwood Mill Pioneer, Art and Motor Museum as Chairman, opened 1972; now known as the National Motor Museum of Australia. Current Operator, Vintage Motor and Engineering; specialises in restoring vintage and veteran cars. Federal President, Rolls Royce Owner's Club of Australia; 1962 and 1965; instrumental in the establishment of its South Australian Branch; Life Member, 1976. Historic Car Specialist Consultant, Christie's Auction House. Current Member, Sporting Car Club of South Australia. Has made contributions to the preservation of historic buildings in South Australia, including the restoration of Drumminor Homestead (1850s sandstone manor on Adelaide's outskirts). Life Member, National Trust of South Australia. Involved in the establishment of the Barossa Music Festival. Contributor to the State Opera of South Australia, the Australian String Quartet, and the Art Gallery of South Australia. Established Liebherr-Australia Pty Ltd, 1981; sales and service of mining construction machinery.

Sandison AM, Mr Colin Howard (AD1985)

For service to the community, particularly in the control of anaesthetic gas contamination in hospital operating theatres.

Sando OAM, Dr Brian Gordon (AD1995)

For service to sports medicine.

Dr Sando was National President of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation (ASMF) 1989-91 and has served in numerous executive positions. He has served as Deputy Chair, Australian Olympic Medical Committee (AOMC) since 1985 and member for 12 years. ASMF Liaison Officer and delegate to Australian Olympic Committee since 1985. Senior medical officer, Olympic Games 1988, 1992; Commonwealth games 1966 and 1994. He was medical officer, Olympic Games 1980 and 1984. Member, SA National Football League Technical Committee since 1974 and Drug Disciplinary Tribunal 1990-92. Head, medical panel, Adelaide Football Club since 1990. Medical director, Norwood Football Club since 1964.

Sandow OAM, Mr Brian George (AD1998)

For service to the community, particularly through the Anglican Church.

Actively associated with the Anglican Church in areas where he has lived: St Marys, Penola, Naracoorte, St John's Halifax Street in Adelaide and Christ Church, Jeffcott Street in North Adelaide. Served as a Synod Representative for 29 years; Diocesan Council Member for 15 years; Lay Reader since 1956. He is a volunteer with Diocesan Social Welfare Committee of the Adelaide Anglican Diocese. Accredited bus driver for council buses and other charities if needed, and he does regular shopping trips for several nursing homes. He is secretary, Glen Osmond Probus Club for the past six years.

Sansom OAM, Mr Allan William (AD1996)

For service to the community.

Contributor to many community organisations over a long period of time. Chairman, Meals on Wheels for 18 years and supervisor since 1992; also served as Secretary/Treasurer. Secretary of the Royal District Nursing Society for 10 years and a member until it disbanded in 1980. Councillor, City of Woodville from 1965-78 and Alderman for two years. Freeman of the City of Woodville in 1986 and Freeman of the City of Hindmarsh and Woodville in 1993. Member of many other community organisations including: Woodville Historical Society; Probus Club; the Red Cross Society, and Friends of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Received Woodville Rotary Club Service Award, 1980; Woodville South Rotary Club Award, 1987; City of Woodville Community Volunteer Service Award, 1992.

Sansom OAM, Mrs Mavis Olwin (AD1996)

For service to the community.

Contributor to many community organisations over a long period of time. Member of the Woodville Branch of the Mothers' and Babies' Health Association (now known as CAFHS) for 32 years; President from 1956-73; Secretary 1945 and Secretary/Treasurer in 1955; now Life Member of the Friends of CAFHS. Member of many other community organisations including: Friends of Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Royal District Nursing Society; Red Cross Society; Woodville Historical Society; Ladies' Probus Club (President since 1994); Woodville Women's Service Association until disbanded in 1993; Life Member of Meals on Wheels. Received Woodville Rotary Club Service Award, 1980; Woodville South Rotary Club Award, 1989 and City of Woodville Community Service Award, 1992.

Sansom AO, Em Prof. Lloyd Norman (QB2002)

For service to pharmacy in the development and implementation of "best practice" principles, medication management and education, and as a contributor to the development of national pharmaceutical policy.

Head, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia, 1995-2000; Professor, 1990-1995; the Lloyd Sansom Pharmacy Trust was named after him in 2001. Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, SA Institute of Technology, 1986-1990; Principal Lecturer, 1982-1985; Senior Lecturer, 1976-1982; Chairman, Human Ethics Research Committee, 1985-1995; Member, Salaries Review Committee, 1968-1992; Member, Pharmacy Advisory Committee, 1968-2001. Editor, Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook, 1988-2002. Advisory Board and Management Committee Australian Medicines Handbook, 1996-2002. International service includes: Member, International Working Group on Therapeutic Equivalence Aspects of Bioequivalence, Federation Internationale Pharmaceutiques. Consultant, New Zealand Health Department, 1989-1998; and World Health Organisation. Member, Western Pacific Region, Pharmaceutical Data Bank Task Force, Manila, 1991. Joint Philippines-Australia Cooperation National Drug Policy Project. Consultant on Drug Evaluation and Bioavailability, AIDAB, 1994-1997. Member, Editorial Board, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. National service includes: Inaugural Chair, Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council, 1991-2001. Member, Clinical Pharmacy Action Committee, Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia, 1980-1988; Honorary Life Member. Chairman, Australian Pharmaceutical Examining Council, since 1987; member, since 1981. Secretary, Australian Pharmaceutical Science Association, 1975-1980. Fellow, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 1985; Chair, Editorial Advisory Board AusDi. Chair, Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, 2001. Member, Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities. Member, Research Committee, Pharmacy Practice Foundation, 1990-2001. Member, Pharmaceutical Subcommittee, Australian Drug Evaluation Committee, 1995-2002. Ex-officio Member, Pharmaceutical Health and Rational Medicines Committee, 1991-2001. Member, Australasian Society of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacologists & Toxicologists. Member, Examining Council, Australian College of Surgical Podiatrists, 1989-2001. Member, Therapeutic Goods Committee, Department of Community Services and Health, 1987-1996; Chairman, Subcommittee on Standards of Tablets and Capsules, 1985-1996; Chairman, Instrumentation Subcommittee, 1988-1996; Chairman, Standards of Metered Dose Aerosols, 1990-1996; member, Ministerial Committee of Bioavailability Assessment, 1987-1996; member, Therapeutic Goods Standards Committee, 1980-1987; member, Statistics Subcommittee, 1979-1987. Member, Review Group on New Drug Applications, Department of Health, 1978-1995. State service includes: President, Pharmacy Board, 1980-1986; Vice-President, 1977-1980; member, since 1973. Council Member, Pharmaceutical Society of SA, 1968-1974; member, since 1962. Honorary Life Member, South Australian Pharmacy Students Association. Member, Controlled Substances Advisory Committee, SA government, 1986-2002. Member, Fulbright Scholarship Selection Committee (SA), 1998-2001.

Sara AM, Ms Sally Jane (AD2011)

For service to journalism and to the community as a foreign correspondent raising awareness of international issues and as a reporter on rural Australia.

Journalist, Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) radio and television, since 1993. Has held positions as rural reporter and current affairs reporter on ABC radio programs AM, PM and The World Today. First female appointed as ABC's Africa correspondent, 2000-2005. Presenter, Landline current affairs program, ABC Television, 2006-2007. South Asia correspondent, since ca2008; including time with Australian troops in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010. Embedded with American and Australian troops in Afghanistan, 2010. Journalist, 2WEB Radio station, Bourke, 1992. Guest Speaker, UNIFEM International Women's Day function, Adelaide, 2010. Author, GoGo Mama - A journey into the lives of twelve African women, 2007. Awards/recognition include: Medallist, New York Festivals, Television Awards, 2010. Medallist, New York Festivals, Radio Awards, 2010. Finalist, Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism, 2003 and 2009. International Women's Media Foundation Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship for Human Rights Journalism, 2007. Mental Health Society Award (along with Landline team), 2007. John Douglas Pringle Award, 1999. South Australian Young Journalist of the Year, 1997. United Nations Media Peace Award. Queensland Journalist of the Year.

Sarah AM, Mr Donald (AD1987)

For service to the building and construction industry.

National President 1982-84 and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Building; has held positions of SA Chapter President, National Councillor, Honorary Treasurer and National Vice-President. President, Master Builders' Association of SA 1981-83 and past Councillor. Currently a Board member of the SA Housing Trust and a member of the Institute of Arbitrators, Australia. Managing Director, H. F. Sarah and Sons, Building and Civil Engineering Company since 1970. Honorary Life Member, Adelaide Rowing Club, President 1973-77. Active in Rotary Student Exchange Scheme.

Sarah AM, Mrs Meredyth Tenison (QB2004)

For service to the community of St Peter's Collegiate Girls' School, particularly through leadership during changes to the system of governance, and through fundraising for improved facilities and programs.

St Peter's Collegiate Girls' School: current Chair, Friends of the Founders Bequest Program; Chair, Board of Governors, 1995-2002, Member of Board, from 1986; President, Parents and Friends Association, 1985-1986; Secretary, Old Scholars Association, 1971-1976. St Richard's Church, Lockleys: Volunteer worker, for over 40 years. Professional associations include: Australian College of Pharmacy Practice: Fellow; Member, since 1985. Pharmaceutical Society of Australia: Fellow; Member, since 1962.

Satchell AM, Mr Philip Andrew (QB1987)

For service to radio broadcasting.

Joined the Australian Broadcasting Commission (now Corporation) in 1956 and currently a radio announcer with the ABC, based in Adelaide with 5AN. Long association with the arrangement of ABC concerts given by visiting artists. Appointed part-time Chairman of the South Australian Government's Public Radio Advisory Committee from 1978. Member of the Friends of the Adelaide Festival Committee since 1982. Member, Churchill Fellowship Association, South Australia 1978-84.

Savoff OAM, Mr Sava (AD2002)

For service to the Bulgarian community of South Australia, particularly through efforts to support and preserve cultural mores and traditions.

President, Bulgarian Educational and Friendly Society of South Australia, for over 28 years. Foundation member, Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Adelaide; involved in extending and modernising the Community Hall.

Sawyer OAM, Prof Michael Gifford (AD2008)

For service to medicine in the field of child and adolescent mental health as a researcher and educator, particularly through contributions to the design of new programs of intervention and through the promotion of community awareness.

Head, Research and Evaluation Unit, Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide, since 1987. Member, Discipline of Paediatrics, School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide, since 2001; Professor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, since 2001; Head, Discipline of Paediatrics, 2005-2006; Associate Dean (Research), 2002-2005. Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine, Flinders University, since 2005. Chair, Research Advisory Committee, Australian Rotary Health Research Fund, since 2003; Vice-Chairman, 1999-2003; Member, since 1996; Convener, Symposium on Mental Health, 1999, 2003 and 2006. Co-Convenor, Healthy Development Adelaide, since 2006. Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Mental Health Research, Australian National University, 2002-2005. Member, South Australian Health and Medical Research Advisory Council, 2003-2006. Chair, Expert Group, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes, Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council, 2001-2005; current Member. Director, Department of Psychiatry, The Adelaide Children's Hospital, 1982-1986; Consultant Child Psychiatrist in Charge of Inpatient Consultation Unit, 1980; the Adelaide Children's Hospital was amalgamated with the Queen Victoria Hospital to form the Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide. Honorary Member, Rotary Club of Mitcham, since 2003. Member, Australian Advisory Board, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry since 1997. Member, International Advisory Board, Quality of Life Research Journal, since 2006. Research projects include: Child and Adolescent Component of the National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing. ‘beyondblue’ schools research initiative. Awards include: Australian Rotary Health Research Fund Medal, 2004

Saywell OAM, Mr John Stephen (QB2004)

For service to veterans and their families through the Royal Australian Navy Radio Mechanics Association.

Royal Australian Navy Radio Mechanics Association: Inaugural Chair, since 1993. Involved in the publication of a quarterly newsletter. Involved in organising biennial reunions. Involved in collecting historical data.

Scales OAM, Dr William Thomas (AD2006)

For service to ophthalmology and to the community of South Australia, particularly people living in remote indigenous communities.

Head of Ophthalmology, Repatriation Hospital, Daw Park, 1974-1983. Chairman, Royal Australian College of Ophthalmology (South Australia), 1981-1982. Involved in the development of Low Vision Clinic for Royal Society for the Blind. Visiting Ophthalmologist and lecturer, Flinders Medical Centre; supported the establishment of an Ophthalmology Department at the Centre, 1996-1997. Involved in the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program. Involved in delivering eye care to remote Indigenous communities. Founding Member, Surgical Eye Expeditions (Australia), 1970s. Chairman, Pensions Committee, Legacy SA, 1995-1997; Committee Member, since 1987. Founding President and Member, Daw Park Players, 1975-1986. Secretary and Lecturer, The Ancient and Accepted Rite (Rose Croix), Freemasons, since 1960; promoted to 32 degree, 2000; served for 5 years as Inaugural Preceptor of Chapter of Improvement, South Australia and Northern Territory; Award of Merit, 2001. Served as Lecturer in 3 Grand Lodges and Chapters.

Scales AM, Mr Philip George (QB2000)

For service to the community as an administrator and supporter of organisations assisting children and the aged and in the area of human rights, and to law, particularly through the Australian Criminal Lawyers Association.

Mr Scales is a Barrister and Solicitor. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Criminal Lawyers Association for over 14 years and was co-founder. Other law association involvement includes: co-founder and Executive Director, Law Council of Australia Criminal Law Section, 1987-1988; Co-founder and member, Law Society of South Australia Practitioners Advice Panel since 1988; and member, The Society for the Reform of Criminal Law (Canada) since 1988. Mr Scales’ service to the community included serving as President of the Society of Sponsors for Children since 1977. He was a member of the Board of the Aged Care and Housing Group (ACH) 1980-1997; member of the Finance and Audit Sub-Committee; and also served as Deputy Chairman of the Board, 1992-1997. He is a member and supporter of Amnesty International and was an Executive Committee Member of the South Australian and Northern Territory Region, 1993-1998; and served as Treasurer. He is the initiator and member of Amnesty International Lawyers Network South Australia. Since 1996, he has served as the Deputy Presiding Member of the Parole Board.

Scalzi OAM, Mr Pasquale (AD2000)

For service to the fruit and vegetable industry through the Adelaide Produce Markets Limited and the South Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries.

Mr Scalzi operates his own wholesale and marketing enterprises "City Fruit and Vegetable Supply", "Scalzi Produce" and "Tobalong Scalzi Exports". He has been involved with the following organisations: Adelaide Produce Markets Ltd: founding Member; a Director since incorporation in 1987; Chairman of Directors, 1991-1997. South Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries: member for 25 years; Council Member for 15 years; Vice-President for two years; President for two years. Other activities: Life Governor, Campania Sport and Social Club.

Scammell CBE, AO, Mr William Faulding (QB2002)

For service to the community through a broad range of healthcare and research education and sporting organisations, and to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution industry.

Mr Scammell chaired or was a member of numerous Boards and Appeal Committees, raising in excess of $200 million for inter alia the Anti-Cancer Foundation; Bedford Industries Rehabilitation Association; Flinders Medical Centre Foundation; Mary Potter Foundation; Neurological Research Foundation; Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation; Wheelchair Sports Association of SA Inc; and the Mawson Antarctic Collection Appeal. Chancellor, University of Adelaide 1991-1997; conferred Doctor of the University, 1998. Patron, South Australian Foundation for Dental Education and Research. Patron, Port Power Australian Football League Club, since 1997. Director, F H Faulding & Co Limited (Pharmaceuticals), for 36 years; including Managing Director and Chairman of Directors. Served on various State and Federal Government bodies, including the Business Council of Australia. Served on the Boards of numerous public companies, including Deputy Chairman of Santos Limited, the AMP Society, the South Australian Gas Company and Advertiser Newspapers Limited. Appointed a Companion of the Order of the British Empire in 1983 for his services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Scanlan OAM, Mrs Joan Mary (QB2006)

Service to the community of Gumeracha, particularly through the Australian Red Cross.

Involved with Australian Red Cross (Gumeracha Branch) as volunteer and employee, since 1957. Participates in the Open Gardens Scheme at Government House, Adelaide, to raise funds for the South Australian Division. Facilitator of craft group to raise funds for Australian Red Cross where all hand made goods are sold annually at the Spring Earth Fair, Christmas Craft Fair and the Royal Adelaide Show. Board Member, Gumeracha District Soldiers' Memorial Hospital (now Northern Adelaide Hills Service Board following amalgamation). Member on Standing Committee, Aged Care Facility Glenview Homes, Northern Adelaide Hills Health Service Inc, for 14 years; Committee Member; and Volunteer of its Day Centre. Involved with the South Australian Country Fire Service and the Crippled Children's Association. Awards/recognition include: Inaugural Lady Galway Award, Australian Red Cross. National Distinguished Service Award; Australian Red Cross.

Scanlon AM, Dr Joseph Anthony (QB1988)

For service to the community and to medicine.

Since 1962, associated with the Marriage Guidance Council of South Australia both as a lecturer and since 1978 as a member of its Accreditation Committee. Appointed Supervisor of Counsellors of Catholic Marriage Guidance in 1962. Between 1972 and 1986 served as Psychiatric member of the Parole Board of South Australia. A frequent lecturer on sex education at schools, on marriage guidance counselling at seminaries and on care of the dying for the South Australian Department of Adult Education. In 1985, Secretary of the Medical Advisory Committee of the East Terrace Private Hospital.

Scanlon AM, Mr John Eric (QB2011)

For service to environmental law nationally and internationally, particularly with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and the United Nations Environment Programme, and to the advancement of biodiversity conservation.

Current Secretary-General, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Geneva, Switzerland. Principal Adviser, Executive Director on Policy and Programme, and Team Leader of the Strategic Implementations Team, UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya, 2007-2010. First Independent Commissioner (representing South Australia), Murray-Darling Basin Commission, 2006-2007. Chair, NSW Environment Protection Authority Board, 2006-2007. Director, International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management, 2006. Deputy Director-General, NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources, 2005. Director, Environmental Law Centre and Head, Environmental Law Program, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, 2001-2005. Special Adviser, World Commission on Dams, 2000-2001. Chief Executive, South Australian Department of Environment, Heritage and Aboriginal Affairs, 1997-2000. Lead Commissioner, Murray-Darling Basin Commission; (representing South Australia). Participant, two missions to the Mekong River Basin, AusAID. Environmental law and policy consultant, 1996-1997. Chief of Staff, Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, South Australian Government, 1995. Founding Chair, Environmental Law Community Advisory Service (now the Environment Defender's Office SA), 1992. President, South Australian Division, National Environmental Law Association, 1992-1994.

Scarce AC AO CSC RANR, His Exc. Rear Ad Kevin John (AD2008)

For distinguished contributions to Australia's defence industry through the provision of leadership and strategic advice on the development of naval capabilities, to maritime transport management and to the people of South Australia.

Governor of South Australia (took the oath of office on 8 August 2007). His Excellency was initially appointed a Member in the Military Division of the Order of Australia in The Queen's Birthday 2001 Honours List, and was then appointed an Officer in the Military Division in the Australia Day 2004 Honours List. Adviser, Port Adelaide Maritime Corporation, 2006-2007. Chief Executive, South Australian Government Defence Unit, 2004-2006. Chairman, Defence Industry Advisory Board, 2004-2006. Royal Australian Navy service includes: Acting Under Secretary, Defence Materiel Organisation, 2003-2004; Head, Maritime Systems, 2000-2003. Commander, Support - Navy, 1999-2000. Commander, Logistics - Navy, 1999. Commander, Naval Training, 1997-1999; Deputy Commander, 1997. Commanding Officer, HMAS CERBERUS, 1995-1997. Posted to the Office of the Naval Attaché, Washington, 1979-1982. Joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1968, served on various deployments and held a range of staff positions until his retirement in 2004. Former Chairman, Foundation Daw Park; the Foundation, founded in 1994, supports medical research and special projects at the Repatriation General Hospital, Adelaide, into conditions common to veterans and Australia's ageing communities; research is conducted into prostate cancer, memory disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease, rheumatoid arthritis and emphysema. Other awards include: Conspicuous Service Cross, 1994.

Scarsella AM, Mr Basil (QB2003)

For service to soccer as an official and administrator.

President, Oceania Football Confederation, since 2000. Board Member of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Member, Athens Olympic Football Organisation Committee. Chairman, Soccer Australia, 1998-2001; Deputy Chairman, 1992-1997; Commissioner, 1990-2001. Life Member. Member, Olympic Football Organisation Committee, Sydney 2000. Deputy Chairman, SA Soccer Federation, 1989-1991; Member, Board of Management, 1987-1991; Adviser, since 1987; Representative to Australian Soccer Federation, 1988-1990; Life Member. Chairman, SA Olympic Task Force, 1998-2000. Olympic Torch Bearer, 2000. Member, Management Committee, Campbelltown City Soccer Club, 1982-1987; held positions of Treasurer, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Coach; Delegate to SA Soccer Federation, 1987; Life Member; Player, 1969-1981. Current Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, ETSA Utilities.

Schaefer AM, Mrs Barbara Madge (QB1987)

For service to the Women's Agricultural Bureau.

Associated with the Women's Agricultural Bureau since 1955 and elected President in 1982-83. Acted as Regional Councillor (1979-83). Represented the South Australian Rural Advisory Council on behalf of the Women's Agricultural Bureau 1984, became Rural Advisory Council member and Chairperson 1985-87. Financial Life Member of the "Associated Country Women of the World" attending conferences in Canada (1985) and Ireland (1986). Member of the Isolated Children's and Parents' Association since 1980.

Schaeffer OAM, Miss Wendy Lynn (AD1997)

For service to sport as a gold medallist at the Atlanta Olympic Games, 1996.

Gold medallist in the Three-Day Equestrian team event in the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.

Schaeffer OAM, Mrs June Grierson (AD2011)

For service to the community, particularly through the Brain Foundation, and to local government.

Former National Vice-President, Brain Foundation; former National Council Member. Chair, SA Executive Committee; Vice-President/Member, 1986-1999. Chair, SA Ladies Committee; organised the Women of the Year Luncheons. Mayor, City of Burnside, 1989-1991; Councillor, 1979-1988; Member of various community committees and boards. Founder, Burnside Trust. Committee Chair, Burnside Country Fire Service, 1979-1991; introduced formal committee structure; established new CFS Unit. Member, Burnside War Memorial Hospital Board. Member, Arts Facilities Regional Grants Committee. President, Delta. Member, Zonta International.

Scherer OAM, Rev Philipp Adolf (QB2000)

For service to the Lutheran Church in Australia, and to the indigenous people of Central Australia as a linguist and translator.

The Reverend Scherer served the Lutheran Church as a missionary at Hermannsburg, Central Australia, 1946-1948; at Haast’s Bluff, 1955-1956; and as Missionary in Charge at Hermannsburg, 1958-1963. He was also a linguist and translator preparing manuscripts for four New Testament Gospels and various other publications for translation into the Aranda language. Collected historical, biographical, geographical and photographical data on Aboriginal people all over Central Australia. Produced numerous maps of Central Australia. Language Research Assistant at the Anthropological Research Department at Adelaide University from 1964-1966. For the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, he translated 12 of 13 volumes by the late Pastor J G Reuther on the language, cultural concepts, place names, myths and legends of various Aboriginal tribes. Archivist of the Archives and Research Centre of the Lutheran Church of Australia from 1977-1989.

Schlenk OAM, Mr Conrad John (QB2010)

For service to the Lutheran Church of Australia, and to the community.

Schmaal OAM, Mrs Elvera Jean (AD1993)

For service to local history and to the National Trust.

Active interest SA history over past 40 years, State newspaper and magazine correspondent; particular interest in history of early settlement, paddlesteamers, Aboriginal history. As daughter of former SA Police Commissioner (W. F. Johns) and wife of country policeman, instrumental in establishment SA Police Historical Society, very active writer, researcher; life member. Joined Clare SA National Trust 1974, significant contribution to research, writing, and promoting Trust's endeavours.

Schmidt AM, Grp Capt Noel Gilbert (QB1992)

For service as Staff Officer Engineering Policy.

Wing Commander Schmidt joined the Royal Australian Air Force in January 1970 and graduated with a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in December 1972. In November 1980, he was awarded a Master of Science Aircraft Design after attending a specialist postgraduate engineering course at Cranfield, United Kingdom. Whilst on posting with the United States Air Force he was responsible for the management of F111 aircraft fatigue. In July 1986, he was promoted to Wing Commander and appointed Air Engineering 4 in Canberra where he served for seven years. He is currently the Commanding Officer Engineering Squadron Aircraft Research and Development Unit Edinburgh.

Schmitt AM, Mr William Hurtle (AD1994)

For service to veterans, particularly through the Prisoners of War Association.

National President of the POW Association of Australia 1989-93; Vice-Patron 1993. SA State Secretary 1978-92, Reunion Secretary 1991-93. Representative on the Consultative Council of Ex-Servicemen and Women 1988-92. POW representative, Kindred Organisations Committee, Canberra (RSL); State Secretary 2/3rd Machine Gun Battalion, Reunion convener 1990 (50th anniversary). Member, R&SL, for 47 years, holding executive positions in various sub-branches. Member, Australian Red Cross Society 1986-88.

Schmitt OAM, Mr Lawrence John (QB2009)

For service to motor sport as an official.

Foundation Member, South Australian Motor Racing Officials Association, since 1978; President, for 6 terms; Life Member, 1992. Clerk of the Course, Clipsal 500 Adelaide, Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), since 2001; Emergency Coordinator, 1999-2000. Chief Marshal, Hidden Valley, Australian V8 Supercar Championships, Darwin, 1998-2005; Clerk of the Course, since 2006. Clerk of the Course, Gold Coast Indy Carnival, since 2007. Race Director, Formula Holden Championships, 2001-2003. Race Director, Formula Ford Championships, 2001-2006. Race Director, Porsche Cup Championships, 2002. Race Director, Carrera Cup Championships, 2003-2006. Race Director, V8 Supercars Australian Development Series, since 2007. State Training Coordinator, South Australia and Northern Territory, since 1997. Member, Training Team, Singapore Grand Prix (in collaboration with CAMS), 2008. Assistant Clerk of the Course, Singapore Grand Prix, 2008. Member, Training Team, Bahrain Grand Prix, Bahrain Motor Federation (in collaboration with CAMS), 2004-2006. Assistant Clerk of the Course, Bahrain Grand Prix, 2004-2006. Senior Official, Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, since 1987. Assistant Clerk of the Course, Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, 2006-2008. Senior Flag Marshal, Australian Grand Prix, Adelaide, 1985-1986; and Sector Marshal, 1987-2005. Clerk of the Course, Le Mans Series, Race of a Thousand Years, Adelaide Grand Prix Circuit, 2000. Clerk of the Course, Adelaide Superkart Club, 1998-2005. Awards/recognition include: Australian Sports Medal, 2000. CAMS National Motor Sport Official of the Year, 1998. CAMS Service Award, 2006.

Schneider OAM, Miss Lavinus Monica (QB2008)

For service to nursing in South Australia and to health care in developing countries.

Director of Nursing, Modbury Hospital, South Australia, 1972-1982; instrumental in developing and commissioning a School of Nursing at the hospital and facilitating an exchange program for country student-nurses. Council Member, Royal College of Nursing, Melbourne, for many years; including a term as National President. Director of Nursing Services, Fijii Islands, South Australian Hospitals Commission; 1983-1988; on secondment from the Commission. Member, Surveyor Team, Australian Council on Healthcare Services, ca1970s. Deputy Matron, Royal Adelaide Hospital, circa early 1970s. Deputy Matron, The Queen Victoria Hospital, Adelaide (now The Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide), for approx 10 years from 1961. Volunteer Health Professional, Medical Boomerang, Youth with a Mission, India, 2007; Cambodia, 1999; and Bangladesh, 1996. Pastoral Associate, Catholic Parish of Dulwich-Burnside, SA, 1993-2002. Teacher, Faculty of Medicine, Sichuan International University, Chongqing, China, 2003-2004; and Hunan Medical University, China, 1991-1992. Volunteer (following tsunami), Aitepe, Papua New Guinea, 1998, and other missions to Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor and India. Justice of the Peace.

Schodde (deceased) OAM, Mr Peter (AD2012)

For service to science education, and to a range of professional associations.

Appointments with the Education Department of South Australia include: Chemistry Teacher, Gilles Plains TAFE College, 1995-1998. Lecturer, Science Methodology, University of South Australia, Underdale, 1994-1996. Teaching Practice Supervisor, Faculty of Education, University of Adelaide, 1993-1997. Superintendent of Curriculum, 1989-1992. Superintendent of Schools, 1988. Senior Adviser (Science), 1987. Principal Education Officer/Superintendent (Science), 1977-1986. Earlier roles as Subject Consultant (Chemistry), Senior Master (Chemistry) and Chemistry/Science Teacher, during the 1960s and 1970s. Department Committee roles include: - Chair, Animal Ethics Committee, 1986-1991. - Chair, Secondary Science Curriculum Committee, in the 1980s. - Project Manager; a number of projects produced either key position papers or curriculum documents, in the 1980s. State Monitor, Program for International Student Assessment, Australian Council for Educational Research, 2000. Various roles with the Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia included Chief Moderator, Assessor, Public Examinations Board Member, Syllabus and Curriculum Advisory Committees Member, and Chief Examiner, 1968-1991. Contributor to a number of projects of the Commonwealth Curriculum Development Centre, in the 1980s. Founder and Coordinator, CSIRO Student Research Scheme for Year 12 science students in South Australian Schools, 1993-1998. Leadership role in the development of the CSIRO Science Education Centre, Woodville North, 1982-1985. Member, Australian Science Teachers Association; Editorial roles, 1970s and 1980s. Former Secretary, South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA); Editorial roles, 1970-1997; Author, SASTA - The First 60 Years. Inaugural Coordinator, National Science Week in South Australia on behalf of SASTA, 1998; Chair, South Australian Coordinating Committee, 1999-2000. Treasurer and Executive Committee Member, South Australian Institute of Senior Education Officers, 1980-1991; Trustee, 1992-2006. Secretary, Chemical Education Group (SA), Royal Australian Chemical Institute, 1975-1985; Member, 1976-1996. Convenor, Youth ANZAAS (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science), Adelaide, 1997. Vice-President, Recitals Australia (formerly the Australian Society for Keyboard Music), 2008-2011; Treasurer, 1999-2011; Member, since 1980s. Organiser, two nationwide piano competitions; organiser, inaugural Yamaha Recitals Australia Showcase, 2008, and Committee Member, 2009; performer in 30 concerts for Recitals Australia. Lay Member, Biosafety Committee, Flinders University/Flinders University Medical Centre, 1993-1998. Mr Schodde died on 31 May 2011.

Schofield AM, Mr James Edward (AD1985)

For public service to the aviation industry in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Schofield AM, Mrs Carol Jean (QB2004)

For service to primary industry, particularly as a significant contributor to organisations involved in the promotion and development of the South Australian agriculture and aquaculture industries.

SA Advisory Board of Agriculture: Chair, since 2000; Deputy Chair, 1999; Member, 1998. SA Agricultural Bureau (governed by the SA Advisory Board of Agriculture): Member, Inman Valley Branch, since 1990. Australian Freshwater Crayfish Growers Association - SA: Member. SA Aquaculture Advisory Board: Member. State Premier's Food Council: Member. SA Dairy Advisory Board: Member. SA Dairy Farmers: Quality Assurance Consultant. Galloway Yabbies: Proprietor. Fresh Yabbie Company (central networking point for producers and a central marketing effort for the South Australian industry): Founder. Rotary Club of Yankalilla: Former Member. Yankalilla Council: Former Member, Tourism Advisory Committee. Awards include: Centenary Medal, 2001. Rural Industries Research Development Corporation: Rural Woman of the Year (SA), 2000.

Schramm OAM, Mr Peter (AD2003)

For service to wetland restoration and conservation along the Murray River in South Australia, particularly the rehabilitation of the Loveday Wetlands.

Naturalist and amateur ornithologist, whose interests lay particularly in the wetlands associated with the River Murray at Loveday, and at Banrock and Akuna Stations. Had been a keen bird watcher, since 1935; obtained an "A" class bird banding authority, 1991. Significant appointments included: Inaugural Director, Ducks Unlimited Australia (now Wetland Care Australia), 1991-2000. Board Member, National Parks and Wildlife, SA, 1971-1981. Life Member, South Australian Field and Game Association.

Schroder AO, Mr Ernest William (AD1977)

For distinguished service of a high degree to manufacturing industry.

Schroder OAM, Mrs Mary Patricia (QB2005)

For service to the community, particularly through fundraising for charitable organisations.

Schroeter OAM, Mr Otto Rex (QB1982)

For service to sport in the fields of bowls and Australian rules football.

Schubert AM, Mr Max Edmund (QB1984)

For service to the wine industry.

Schubert OAM, Mrs Heather Margaret (QB2009)

For service to critical care nursing as a practitioner and educator.

Founder/Director, Rural Emergency Care Consultants, since 1991; Consultant and Educator to rural hospitals in South Australia and Victoria. Nurse Educator, School of Nursing, Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1975-1991. Member, Australian Resuscitation Council, South Australian Branch, since 1980s; representative of the Royal College of Nursing Australia. Assisted in the development of the Graduate Diploma in Acute Care/High Dependency Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide, 2000. Founding Member, Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (SA) (formerly known as the Critical Care Nurses Association), 1974; Course Convenor and Lecturer, since 1980; Life Member, 1993. Fellow, Royal College of Nursing Australia, 1975. Awards/recognition include: Churchill Fellowship, to study intensive care nursing, 1973-1974.

Schuetze OAM, Mr Rudolf Wilhelm (AD1994)

For service to conservation and the environment.

Mr Schuetze is currently President of the Southern Districts Environment Group and is a member of the Society for Growing Australian Plants. He has been a member of Trees for Life since 1982 and was granted Honorary Life Membership in 1989. Other community involvement has been with the Noarlunga District Branch of the Good Neighbour Council of SA, the Calvary Lutheran Church and Christies Beach Penguin Group.

Schuilz OAM, Dr Pamela Dorothy (QB2013)

For service to public relations, and to the community.

Current Public Relations Consultant in private practice. Researcher and Sessional Lecturer, School of Communication, International Studies and Languages, University of South Australia, since the 1980s; current Member, Narratives of War Research Group. Former Course Coordinator; Offshore Lecturer, Asia, for the University of South Australia. Director, Communication, South Australian Constitutional Convention, Parliament of South Australia, 2002-2003. Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Child and Youth Health Division, SA Department of Health, 1996-2002. Inaugural Public Relations and Community Relations Manager, Courts Administration Authority, South Australia, 1994-1996. Public Relations Community Education Manager, SA Department of Education and Children's Services, 1990-1994. Various senior and middle management roles, Government of South Australia, from the early 1980s to 1990. Radio journalist and talk show host, from the 1970s to the early 1980s. Chair, South Australian Council, Defence Reserves Support Council, since 2009; serving second term and re-appointed, 2012; first female and civilian in post. Current South Australian Representative, National Defence Reserves Support Council. Member, South Australian Veterans Advisory Council, 2013; Ministerial appointment. Deputy Chair, South Australian Australia Day Council, 2004-2009. Vice-President, South Australian Branch, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, Branch Councillor, 1999-2011; Senior Judge, South Australian Media Awards, until 2012. Board Member, Huntington's Disease Association, 2006-2009. Officer, South Australian Commandery of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, until 2013.. Current Council Member, Simpson and Donkey Foundation; Memorial for Health Services sculpted by Robert Hannaford is now in position in Adelaide Parklands and dedicated in 2012. Author of many peer-reviewed reports and publications.

Schulz AM, Mr Michael Zdenek (QB1987)

For service to the community, particularly through the Ethnic Affairs Commission of South Australia.

Chairman of the Ethnic Affairs Commission of South Australia since 1986, Deputy Chairman 1984-86. Vice-President 1978-84 of the Ethnic Committees Council of South Australia. Associated with the Good Neighbour Council of South Australia 1968-76 and with the South Australian Migrant Settlement Council 1980-82. President 1978-86 of the Czechoslovakian Club of South Australia Inc. Inaugural Chairman Aboriginal Advancement Committee 1973-76. Served four years with the Childhood Services Council to 1979 and Chairman 1983-84 of the Early Childhood Advisory Committee. Member since 1984 of the Council of the South Australian Institute of Technology.

Schulz OAM ESM, Mr Lyall Grant (AD2010)

For service to the community, and to the fodder industry through executive roles.

Member, South Australian Drought Taskforce Working Group, 2006-2007. Involved children from the Artornish Primary School, Adelaide in Trees for Life/Landlink Program, teaching them about rural life; the activities were carried out on Mr Schulz's farm, 1989-2004. Volunteer, Landcare. Current Elder/Pastoral Assistant, St John's Lutheran Church; Member, Worship Committee; Member, Church Council. Treasurer, Maitland Lutheran School Council, since 1989; Member, since 1976; Chair. Unit Manager, Maitland State Emergency Service, since 1985; Member, since 1972; Chief Communications Officer, 1972-1985. Member, Yorke Valley Country Fire Service, since 1972. Honorary Chairman, Australian Fodder Industry Association, since 2007; Honorary Treasurer, 2004-2007; Honorary Chairman, Action Grant Steering Committee, since 2007. Board Member, Australian Field Crop Association; Chairman, 1997-2007; current Executive Officer. Founding Member, Australian Exporters Company, current Direcor. Awards/recognition include: Emergency Services Medal, 2002.

Schulze OAM, Mrs Marjorie Gay (QB2002)

For service to local government and to the community of Marion, particularly through human service organisations.

Councillor, Marion City Council, 1985-1991. Delegate, State Executive Local Government Association South Australia, 1990-1991. Chairperson, Board of Management, Housing Connexion Inc, 1988-2001. Director, Ashford Community Hospital Inc, since 1987-1999. Director, Adelaide Community Health Alliance, 1999-2001. Chairperson, Ashford Foundation, 1993-2000. Trustee, Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Foundation, since 2000. Member, The Smith Family, SA State Strategy Committee, since 1999.

Schumann OAM, Mr John Lewis (AD2014)

For service to music, and to the veteran community.

Lead Singer and Songwriter for folk-rock group ‘Redgum’, 1975-1985. Has been performing as part of John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew, since 2005. Solo performer with CBS Broadcasting Inc, 1986-1993; released several records, including Etched in Blue and a children's record, Looby Loo. Signed multi-album deal with ABC Music; Behind the Lines, an album of songs related to Australians at war, released 2008. Co-Director, Schumann and Associates. Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors. Visited Solomon Islands to play for Australian troops and AFP personnel stationed there, July 2013. Visited Afghanistan to play for Australian troops, September-October 2011. Visited East Timor to play for Australian and New Zealand troops, December 2009. Worked with the Defence Department on ‘Dents in the Soul’, a project designed to help soldiers to deal with post traumatic stress disorder, 2011. Honorary Member, 9RAR Association. Honorary Life Member, Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia. Involved with the Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health through a range of roles and projects including as interviewer, director and producer of a DVD for the ‘Deadly Thinking’ program in remote Indigenous communities.Chief of Staff for the (then) Leader of the Australian Democrats, Meg Lees, 1998-2001. Awards/recognition include: Distinguished Alumni of Flinders University, for his contribution to Australian music and social justice, 2008. Golden Guitar Award. ‘Mo’ Award, Australian Performing Rights Association Award, on 2 occasions.

Schwartz OAM, Mr Gordon Bryant (AD2005)

For service to journalism and sport in South Australia.

Editor of an in-house newsletter, South Australian Sports Institute, since 1989 after he retired as a sports journalist; has also provided informal support to coaches and athletes. Sports Journalist, The Advertiser, 1954-1987. Former Anchor, Channel 7, World of Sport, for approximately 17 years. Regular contributor to 5AD Radio, for approximately 15 years and, after retirement, on a casual basis with 5DN for 18 months and 5AN for about 5 years. His work with Channel 7 and 5AD was in conjunction with The Advertiser. Awards/recognition include: Inaugural Member, South Australian Football Hall of Fame, 2002. Gold Media Award, South Australian National Football League Media Awards, 1992; Best Review Award, 1978 and 1980; Best Feature Story - Print Media, 1979; Best News Story - Print Media, 1977. Life member, Australian Tennis Media Association.

Schwerdt OAM, Mr Charles Peter (AD1982)

For service to industry.

Mr Schwerdt, a semi retired company director, has been an Executive member of the State Council of the SA Federated Chamber of Commerce for 20 years and for most of that time has held office as Treasurer, Deputy President, President. He was Chairman of the "Small Business Committee" 1973-1978, Conference member (Hong Kong) of the Australian Chamber of Commerce 1970 and State Delegate 1972. He is a foundation member and past-President of the Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Formed the Merchants' Association, City of Elizabeth, Foundation Member of 'Lions Club` and Northern Area Development Association of SA, Member A.N.T.A. of SA, Director of SA Division Flag International.

Scicluna OAM, Mr Frank Lawrence (AD2008)

For service to the Maltese community, particularly through the teaching and preservation of the Maltese language, and to multicultural education.

President, Maltese Community Council of South Australia, 1990-1993 and 2001-2004. Honorary Consul for Malta in South Australia, since 2003. Principal, Maltese Language School of Adelaide, since ca1985; unpaid position. Broadcaster, Blue Grotto Maltese Language Program, Radio 5PB FM, Adelaide, for periodic appearances. Author, 2004 Maltese Directory and Information Booklet. Author, 1997 Maltese Directory and Information Booklet. Author, Professional Development Course for Teachers of Community Languages, 1994. National President, Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Associations, 1993-1995. President, Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia, 1990-1995. Editor, Ethnic Schools in Focus; official publication of the Ethnic Schools Association. Executive Board Member, Ethnic Schools Board of South Australia, during the 1990s; a Ministerial Advisory Committee to the South Australian Minister of Education and Children's Services. Board Member, South Australian Secondary School of Languages, 1991-1997. Teacher of Mathematics, South Australian Department of Education, 1973- 2003. Justice of the Peace, since 1993.

Scipioni OAM, Mr Enzo (QB2013)

For service to the community in the field of health.

Co-Founder, Dialysis Escape Line Australia; has served as Vice-Chairman and Treasurer since its establishment.

Sconce OAM, Mr Charles Ernest (AD2005)

For service to the community, particularly through Lions International and local government.

Lions International: Foundation member, Prospect Club, since 1963; held every significant office including President, 1966-1967 and 1972-1973; Chairman, Multiple District Council, 1972-1973; Treasurer; District Governor, 1971-1972; Deputy District Governor, 1968-1969; Zone Chairman, 1968; Vice-President, 1964-1967. Involved in the establishment of 18 new Lions Clubs. Mayor, City of Prospect, 1967-1970 and 1981-1985; Councillor, for 18 years. Awards/recognition include: Lions International: Awarded William Tresise Fellowship, Melvin Jones Fellowship, and Life Membership.

Scott AM, Mrs Kathleen Steele (AD1979)

For public service with the Australian Postal Commission.

Scott OAM, Mrs Jenny Steele (AD1987)

For service to the community, particularly through the South Australian Jubilee 150 celebration.

Scott OAM, Mr Philip Earle (AD2006)

For service to architecture and to the community through welfare and heritage organisations.

Long-term practicing architect in South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria. Current Senior Counsellor, Royal Australian Institute of Architects; Life Fellow. Foundation Fellow, Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia; arbitrator and mediator. Fellow, Royal Institute of British Architects. Past President, Royal Australian Institute of Architects Chapter; Professional Conduct Assessor and Arbitrator in building disputes and professional competence challenges; Member, Architectural Education Committee. Member and Examiner, Architects Board of South Australia, 1968-1992. Chairman, Resources Committee, University of South Australia; Council Member, 1995-1998; Honorary Fellow, 1999; Life Member, Alumni Association. Member, Legacy Club of Adelaide, since 1998; assisting war widows with housing and accommodation problems. Active in pro-bono expertise in restoration of historically significant Anglican Church buildings at Hawthorn, Mitcham, Norton Summit, Retreat House Belair, and heritage buildings at Scotch College. Awards include: James Irwin Royal Australian Institute of Architects President’s Medal, 1999.

Scott AO, Mr Archibald Alan (QB2006)

Service to the development of the transport industry, focusing on heavy vehicle driver safety training and through lobbying for improved infrastructure and development of an integrated freight network and to the community through a broad range of sporting, medical research and aged care organisations.

Chairman and Managing Director, Scott Group of Companies, since 1986. Current Head, Australian Trucking Association Trust Fund; Life Member. Former Chairman, K&S Corporation. Former Chairman, Commercial Road Transport Advisory Board. Former Chairman, Road Transport Industry Research Trust Fund. Current Board Member and sponsor, Port Power Football Club. Former Chairman, South Australia TAB. Chairman, Freemasons Medical Research Trust, 1998-2000; current Patron. Supports a diverse range of charitable and community organisations, including Wheelchair Sports; South Australian Jockey Club; Royal Flying Doctor Service; Boandik Lodge Aged Care, Mount Gambier; and Masonic Homes Incorporated. Mr Scott was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in The Queen’s Birthday 1986 Honours List for his service to the community. Other awards/recognition include: South Australian of the Year, 1986. SA Great Award, 1986. Inducted into National Road Transport Hall of Fame, 2002. Master Entrepreneur of the Year, Central Region, 2002. OAM - 1986. For service to the community. President, East Gambier Football Club 1967-69; President, East Gambier Sportsman's Club 1969-70; Co-President Combined Clubs 1984. Commodore, Mount Gambier Aquatic Club. President 1975-82 and Committee member, Racing Club since 1969. Member Mt. Gambier Hospital Board 1983-84. Member, Transport Industry Advisory Board and Board member and sponsor, South Australia Challenge for America's Cup since 1984.

Scott OAM, Mrs Rosemary Elizabeth (AD2008)

For service to the community of Murray Bridge, particularly through the establishment of an employment and training program to support individuals with a disability.

Business Owner, take-away restaurant and catering business, 1973-2003; re-opened premises in 2006, now Rosie's Cafe, to train and provide employment opportunities for people with a disability through the Community Lifestyles Day Option Program. Current Board Member, Community Lifestyles, since 1999; a not-for-profit organisation providing support to individuals with a disability; Member, Finance Sub-Committee, for some years; volunteer and support person with the Tri-State Games sports team each year. Foundation Member, Friends of Community Lifestyles; community fundraising group that raised over $9,000 in 2007. Fundraising and volunteer, Team Spirit - Relay for Life, Cancer Council of South Australia; the team has raised over $22,000 over the past 3 years.

Scott OAM, Mr Dean Gordon (QB2013)

For service to the community of Adelaide.

President, City of Adelaide Lions Club, for 3 years; Secretary, for 13 years; Treasurer, for 10 years; District Cabinet Member, 1979-1996; Chairman, Multiple District Youth of the Year, 1986-1990; Member, Save Sight Trust, 1986-1996; Life Member, 1997; Member, since 1965. William R Tresise Fellow, 2000. Executive Director, Lions Eye Care and Research Foundation; Honorary Treasurer; Member, 1991-1998. Member, Fulham Cricket Club; Life Member. Supporter, Hutt Street Centre; Supporter, Fred's Van Street Project, since the mid 1980s. Member, Adelaide Himeji Sister City Committee, 1983-2000; Chairman, 1994-2000. Member, Australia Japan Association of South Australia, 1986-2000; President, 1990-1992. Chairman, Japan Australia Business Council Inc, 1998-2006; Member and Co-Founder, 1994-2006. Senior Associate, Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants, since 1969. Fellow, Institute of Charted Accountants in Australia, since 1965. Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors, since 1986. Fellow, Taxation Institute of Australia, since 1966. Awards/recognition include: Melvin Jones Fellow, City of Adelaide Lions Club, 1994; James D Richardson Award, 1992; Professor Doug Coster Award, 1998.

Scott Despoja AM, Ms Natasha Jessica (QB2011)

For service to the Parliament of Australia, particularly as a Senator for South Australia, through leadership roles with the Australian Democrats, to education, and as a role model for women.

Senator for South Australia, 1995-2008. Served on various Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committees during the period between 1996 and 2002, including employment, education and training, legislation, foreign affairs, defence and trade, constitutional references and community affairs legislation. Served on several parliamentary committees including: - Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, 2002-2008. - Education Advisory Committee, 2006-2008. - Joint Standing Committee on National Capital and External Territories, 1996 and 2002-2008. - Information Technologies Committee, 1997-1998 and 1999-2000. - Joint Select, Republic Referendum Committee, 1999. Joint Statutory for National Crime Authority Committee, 1996-2000. Member of various Parliamentary delegations. Leader, Australian Democrats, 2001-2002; Deputy-Leader, 1997-2001. Representative, South Australian State Council. Office Bearer, Young Democrats, since 1993. Spokesperson on various policy debates including Higher Education, Foreign Affairs, Status for Women, Science and Biotechnology, Work and Family, Privacy, and the Republic. Member of various party committees including Attorney-General's (including Privacy); Foreign Affairs; Science and Biotechnology; Research and Higher Education; Women (including Work and Family); Electoral Matters; Employment and Training; Housing; Transport; Young Australians; Immigration and Multicultural Affairs; Consumer Affairs; Trade; Information Technology and Information Economy; Prime Minister and Cabinet. Visiting Research Fellow, School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide, since 2008; President, University of Adelaide Students' Association, 1991; Member, University Union, 1989-1991. Women's Officer for South Australia, National Union of Students, 1991. Ex-Officio Executive Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 2000-2002. Director, Australian Republican Movement National Council, 2001-2002 and 2004-2006. Patron, SA Republican Movement, since 1995. Member, Diabetes Transplant Advisory Board, 2006-2009. Patron, SA Women’s Football League, ca2002-2007. Author, various books and articles. Director, beyondblue, since 2008. Member, Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra, since 2011. Director, SA Museum, since 2009. Director, Burnet Institute, since 2008. Director, Australian Defence Association, since 2011. Member, Advertising Standards Board, since 2008. Awards/recognition include: Selected as a 'Global Leader for Tomorrow' by World Economic Forum, 2001. Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding services to privacy protection, Australian Privacy Foundation, 2005. ‘The Stott Despoja Scholarship’, University of Adelaide, since 2005; funds female first year BA students for a year. Finalist, Young South Australian of the Year Awards, 1997. Apppointed delegate to the Constitutional Convention, 1998. Appointed as International election monitor in Nigeria for the National Democratic Institute, April 2011.

Scrimgeour AM, Dr David John (QB2009)

For service to medicine through the development and delivery of services and programs in remote Indigenous communities, and to public health research.

Medical Director, Tullawon Health Service, Yalata, since 2001. District Medical Officer, Alice Springs Remote Services, Northern Territory Health Services, 1995-1998. Founding Medical Officer, Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Service, Jigalong, Western Australia, 1993-1995. Medical Officer, Nganampa Health Council, Ernabella, South Australia, 1987. Founding Medical Officer, Pintupi Homelands Health Service, Kintore, Northern Territory, 1984-1985. Founding Medical Adviser, Nganampa Health Council, Pitjantjatjara lands, 1984. Founding Medical Officer, Strelley Regional Aboriginal Medical Service, Pilbara, Western Australia, 1982-1983. Founding Medical Officer, Pitjantjatjara Homelands Health Service, Kalka, South Australia, 1978-1981. Medical Officer, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, Alice Springs, 1977-1978. Current Public Health Medical Officer, Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia. Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health, University of Adelaide, since 2004. Senior Research Fellow, Central Australian Unit, Menzies School of Health Research, Alice Springs, 1995-1997; Senior Research Officer and Head of Unit, 1988-1993. After Hours Doctor, Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service, Adelaide, since 1998. Senior Medical Practitioner, Port Adelaide Primary Health Care Centre, since 2003; involved with the development of 'Wadu Wellness'. Sessional Medical Officer, Migrant Health Service, Adelaide, 1999-2007. Medical Director, Travellers' Medical and Vaccination Centre, Adelaide, 1998-2003. Obstetric Resident Medical Officer, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth, 1985-1986. Primary Health Care Specialist, Technical Advisory Group for Health Sector, Republic of Vietnam, AusAID, 1999-2002; Non-communicable Disease Specialist, Feasibility Study for Integrated Health Project, Samoa, 1998. Medical Officer, Non-communicable Disease Program in the South Pacific, World Health Organisation, 1990 and 1997-1998; Consultant Epidemiologist, Malaria Control Program, Namibia, 1990-1991. Consultant Epidemiologist, Tuberculosis Control Program, Indonesia, Meserior (a German aid agency), late 1988. Locum Government Medical Officer, Cocos and Keeling Islands, early 1987. Medical Coordinator, Community Aid Abroad Sudan Refugee Health Care Project, 1986-1987. Has published approximately 20 articles on various subjects to do with Aboriginal health between 1992 and 2001; has also presented a number of papers at conferences for public health associations and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Fellow, Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine, 1992-2002.

Scriven AO, Mr Wilton Maxwell (AD1983)

For public service.

During World War II. Mr Scriven served as a Flying Officer in the RAAF. He has held senior executive positions with both the State and Federal Governments and is currently Director-General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. From 1976-80 he served as Agent-General for South Australia in London, a position he held with distinction. His further involvements include, Board member of the Natural Gas Pipelines Authority and Chairman of the State Disaster Committee.

Scroop OAM, Mr Harry Robert (AD2010)

For service to the Mclaren Vale community through a range of service, sporting, and aged care organisations.

Assistant Treasurer, Lions Club of Willunga and Districts, 2008-2009; current President; Board Member, 1999-2008; Member, since 1998. Secretary, Probus Club of McLaren Vale/Willunga District, 2004-2007; Member, since 1999. Assistant Secretary, McLaren Vale District Bowling Club, 2004-2007; Selector, 2002-2004; Club Coach; Member, since 1998. Secretary, McLaren Vale Residents Association,1998-2001. Volunteer, Aged Care and Housing Facility, McLaren Vale. Other service includes: Councillor, Central York Peninsula Council 1994-1997. Board Member, Lions Club of Ardrossan, 1991-1998; Secretary, 1992-1994; Bulletin Editor; involved in Cemetery Project, 1992-1993; Lion Tamer, 1991-1992; Member 1991-1997. Zone Chairman, Lions Club of Whyalla,1985-1986; President, 1984; Treasurer, 1979-1980; Member, 1976-1990. Volunteer Mentor, Ardrossan Area School, 1996-1998. District Governor, Apex Club of Hummock Hill 1973-1974; Life Member, 1975; District Representative, Talking Books for the Blind, 1970; Member, since 1962; also served as President, Treasurer, Secretary and Zone Chairman. Secretary, Association for the Mentally Handicapped of Eyre Peninsula, 1970-1975; involved in fundraising, resulting in the construction of the Ted Scott Village for the Mentally Handicapped in Whyalla.

Sdraulig AM, Ms Sandra (QB2012)

For service to the arts through the promotion of the Australian film industry, particularly through leadership roles with the Adelaide Film Festival, Film Victoria, the Melbourne International Film Festival and Ausfilm.

Chair, Adelaide Film Festival, since 2011. Commissioned to develop a plan for the establishment of the Adelaide International Film Festival, 2001; the Festival has been internationally acclaimed for its innovation, and won a series of awards including the Australian Film Institute Award. Chief Executive Officer, Film Victoria, 2002-2011; Member, FilmEvaluation and Advisory Committee, Cinemedia, 1998-2001. Achievements during her time at Film Australia include: - increased yearly film and TV production output from levels below $90 million per annum to record high achievements above $260 million. - positioned Melbourne as an important production destination globally, securing unprecedented levels of international production for Victoria. - total Victorian screen industry production topped $1.5 billion. Board Member, Ausfilm, 2007-2011. Executive Director, Melbourne International Film Festival, 1996-2000; Board Member, Melbourne International Film Festival, 1991-1995. Distribution and Marketing Manager, Palace Filmed Entertainment, 1992-1996. Distribution Manager, Australian Film Institute, 1988-1992. Board Director, Art Gallery of South Australia, since 2008. Board Director, Adelaide Festival of the Arts, 2002-2008; served for 2 terms. Board Director, Toorak Secondary College, Mount Eliza, 2001-2004. Editorial Board Director, Metero magazine, 1991-1996.

Sealey OAM, Mr Archibald Llewellyn (QB1977)

For services to local government.

Seaman AO CMG, Mr Gilbert Frederick (QB1981)

For public service.

Seaton OAM, Mr David George (AD2009)

For service to the community through roles with medical education, health administration and charitable organisations, and as Honorary Consul for Sweden in South Australia.

Honorary Secretary, Medical Foundation of the University of Adelaide, 1973-1993; Honorary Governor, 1997- 2004; Founding Member, Florey Medical Research Fund, the fundraising and public affairs activity of the Foundation, since 1991. Board Member, St Andrew’s Hospital, Adelaide, 1992-2006; Chair, Hospital Finance and Audit Committee, 1997-2005; Chairman, Ethics Committee, 1997-2005; Chair, Appointments and Remuneration Committee; Founding Member and Board Trustee, St Andrew’s Hospital Foundation Inc, since 2000. Chairman, Hillcrest Mental Hospital Board, 1988-1991; Deputy Chairman, 1987-1988; Chairman, Finance and Administration Committee, 1981-1991; one of 4 inaugural Governors of the Hillcrest Mental Hospital Foundation. Board Member, Glenside Mental Health Hospital, 1988-1991. Funds Accountant, Pank Ophthalmic Trust, 1981-1993. Secretary, The Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus and Jerusalem, SA Commandery, 1987-2002; current Archivist for the Order; fundraiser; volunteer. Honorary Treasurer, All Souls Parish, 1975-2005; Trustee, All Souls' Anglican Church Endowment Trust, since 1987; fundraiser; volunteer for church events and working bees. Member, Rotary Club of Adelaide, since 1974; Chairman of the Program Committee. Honorary Consul for Sweden in South Australia, since 1987; assisting with trade and tourism; role in the planning and implementation of the visit of HRH King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden, October 2005; assisted with the Swedish promotional campaign ‘Swedish Style’, 2005; host to numerous delegations; instrumental in the establishment of a new Swedish Club in Adelaide, 2006. Secretary to the Consular Corps of South Australia, 1992-2008. Chair, Board of Governors, Centre for Scandinavian Studies, Flinders University, since 2003. Member, South Australian Maritime Museum Advisory Committee, 1985-1988. Treasurer, Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron, 1989-1994; Rear Commodore, 1994-1995; Member, 1973-1998. Fellow, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, since 1961; Chairman, Joint Legislation Review Committee, 1985-1986; Committee Member, 1980-1990. Awards/recognition include: Commander of the Royal Order of the Polar Star, Sweden, 2003; Officer First Class of the Order, 1995.

Secker OAM, Mr Thomas George (AD1985)

For service to the local government and community on Eyre Peninsula.

Mayor, Corporation of City of Port Lincoln since 1981; Councillor District Council of Lincoln 1959-75; Chairman 1975-81. Past President, Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association; currently member, State Executive Committee, Local Government Association of SA. Member, Board of Management, Eyre Peninsula Old Folks' Home, Port Lincoln Lions Club. President, Yeelanna Football Club (10 years). Also associated with the Hall Trust, the Agriculture Bureau at Yeelanna and the Cummins Bowling and Golf Clubs.

Secker OAM, Sr Genevieve (AD1997)

For service to people with disabilities and to the establishment of Ain Karim, an independent residential community.

Following a live-in term with the L'Arche Community for disabled people in Liverpool, United Kingdom, Sister Genevieve returned to Australia and began the task of establishing independent living centres for intellectually disabled adults. She has established Ain Karim at Enfield, extended it in 1988 and has established two further units at Klemzig in 1993. Formed the South Australian Branch of the Christian Social Group "Faith and Light" for intellectually disabled people and their families in 1979. Has volunteered as a telephone counsellor with Lifeline for five years. Previously held the position of Principal, St. Patrick's Special School 1979-1981; teacher 1971-1979. Has been a religious sister of St. Joseph since 1957.

Secomb OAM, Mrs Gwen (AD1996)

For service to education through the South Australian Association of School Parents' Clubs Inc.

Joined the South Australia Association of School Parents' Clubs (SAASPC) in the early 1970s. Has served in an executive capacity at the local and State level. Elected SAASPC Treasurer 1984-87, acting President 1987, President 1988-90, currently Network Liaison Officer. Has also represented the Association on: the Advisory Curriculum Board of SA, and Health in Schools Parent Reference Group. Other community activities include Red Cross, Local History Group, and the Uniting Church.

Sedunary AM, Mr Mervyn Ernest (AD1986)

For public service, particularly with the Department of Lands, South Australia.

Seeger AM, Dr Barry Richard (QB2002)

For service to people with physical disabilities through the development of rehabilitation engineering.

Director, Rehabilitation Engineering Department, Regency Park Centre for Young Disabled, South Australia, since 1976. Has written more than 80 papers for Australian and international professional journals. Institution of Engineers, Australia: Fellow; member, Board of the College of Biomedical Engineers, since 1993; Chairperson, National Panel on Rehabilitation Engineering, 1994-1995; Member, 1982-1992, and Chairperson, 1984-1987, National Committee on Biomedical Engineering; Chairperson, 1995-1996, and Vice-Chairperson, 1993-1994, Biomedical Engineering Branch, South Australia Division, 1995-1996. Standards Association of Australia: Chairperson, Committee for Access for Children with Disabilities, since 1990; Chairperson, Committee for Wheelchairs, since 1987; member, Committee for Mobility, since 1987; member, Committee for Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint Systems, since 1984; member, Committee for User Access to Information Technology Equipment, since 1988. International Standards Organisation: Member, several technical committees and working groups, since 1988. ACROD: Chairperson, National Technology Committee, 1994; Chairperson, SA Technology Committee, 1994; member, SA Management Committee, 1983-1985 and 1994. Representative, International Commission on Technology and Access of Rehabilitation International. Australian representative to OECD Committee on Technology and Disability. Member, SA Independent Living Centre Board, since 1981; Chairperson, 1987-1991. Member, Biomedical Engineering Advisory Group, South Australian Health Commission, 1988-1992. Chairperson, SA Disability Information and Resource Centre, 1985-1987. Assessor, Australian Research Grants Scheme, since 1984. Assessor, National Health and Medical Research Council, since 1984. Committee member, Ergonomics Society of Australia and New Zealand, SA Branch, 1980-1990. Chairperson, Australian National Members Society, International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics, 1979-1981; Fellow. Member, Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America. Associate Fellow, Australian Institute of Management, 1994-1996. Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Adelaide, 1977-1990. Churchill Fellowship to study developments in rehabilitation engineering for children with disabilities, 1984. Member, SA Coalition for Adaptable Housing, since 2000. Founding member, Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association (ARATA), since 1995; President, 1997-1999.

Seekamp OAM, Mr Jack Victor (AD1991)

For service to conservation and the environment.

Mr Seekamp has been active in conservation and environmental issues in the Renmark/Sunraysia area since the middle 1940s when he acted part-time as a research officer for the CSIR (later CSIRO). He was technical officer for committees concerned with salinity and drainage from the early 1960s and from 1966 was a Foundation member of the Sunraysia Salinity Committee. In 1967 he photographed and produced a film Salinity in the Murray Valley. He was a Foundation member of the Renmark Soil Rehabilitation Committee in 1974, the Murray Valley League Working Party on Water Quality and Supply in 1978, and the Sunraysia and Riverland Committee on Salinity in 1979. Mr Seekamp was member and Deputy Chairman of the SA River Murray Water Resources Advisory Committee between 1979 and 1990 and has acted as an expert witness for the SA Government. He was a Foundation member of the SA Save The Murray Campaign in 1981 and a member of the SA Advisory Board of Agriculture for three years from 1986. He is currently a Foundation member of the Murray River Reserves Working Group, the Chowilla Rehabilitation Working Committee, the SA River Murray Wetlands Management Committee, and several other community organisations concerned with water resources and the environment. Mr Seekamp has also produced numerous pictorial reports on environmental issues in the region, addressed school and community groups, and appeared on radio and television in support of this cause.

Seeley AM, Mr Frank (AD2001)

For service to Australian industry through the design, development, manufacture and export of evaporative air conditioning units and climate control products, and to the community.

Founder/Chairman, Seeley International Pty Ltd (established 1972). The company has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of evaporative air conditioning units and marketing of climate control products. They manufacture three brands of evaporative air conditioners, Breezair, Braemar and Coolair, and also the Braemar range of gas-ducted heaters and the Convair range of portable evaporative air conditioners. They produce 150,000 air conditioners and gas heaters per year, and employ more than 400 people in three manufacturing plants. There are sales offices and warehouses in every mainland Australian state. Subsidiary companies operate in North America and Europe. 91 patents are registered worldwide. Mr Seeley is a Trustee, Everglades Fund (donates money to charitable organisations both in Australia and overseas). Elder, Christian Seaton Fellowship (provides assistance to disadvantaged children in the Port Adelaide and Seaton areas of Adelaide and also to migrants). Member, Advisory Committee of Operation Mobilisation (an international organisation that undertakes missionary/relief work throughout the world). Chairman, Doulos Committee (an ocean-going passenger vessel staffed by 300 Christian volunteers). Member, South Australian Churches Crusade Committee and Chairman of a number of South Australian Evangelical crusades. Financial sponsor, LifeFM. Past Board member, Invicta Sheltered Workshops and past Chairman, Enterprise Workshops. Sponsor, Port Adelaide Football Club. Past Chairman, Business Link Netwok. Patron of Diamond House and Evangelical Library of SA. Board Member, Samaritan’s Purse. Member, Advisory Board of the Festival of Light.

Sellers OAM, Mr Reginald Hugh (AD2013)

For service to the sport of cricket, particularly as an administrator.

Vice-President, South Australian Cricket Association (SACA), since1999; Life Member, since 2003; Member, since 1962; Chairman, Les Favell Cricket Foundation, since 1997; Trustee, since 1988; Board Member of SACA's Ground and Finance Committee, since 1987. Selector, South Australian Cricket Team, 1979-1983; playing Member, 1959-1967. Coach, Adelaide Cricket Club, 1973-1975. Coach, Kensington Cricket Club, 1967-1968. Playing Member, Alice Springs Cricket Club, 1969-1971. Playing Member, Australian Cricket Team, 1964-1965. President, Woodville West Torrens Football Club Inc, 1990-1991; Board Member, since 1992; Life Member, since 2005. President, West Torrens Football Club, 1989; Vice-President, 1978-1986. Supporter, Renovation of Kensington Oval, 1999. Awards/recognition include: Australian Sports Medal, 2000.

Selva AM, Prof Dinish (AD2013)

For significant service to ophthalmology and visual sciences as an academic, clinician and researcher and through contributions to professional organisations.

Foundation Chair, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Adelaide, since 2004. Foundation Chair, South Australian Institute of Ophthalmology. Member/Consultant, Sight for All Foundation. Chair, Central Northern Adelaide Ophthalmology Network, Central Northern Adelaide Health Service. Current Chair, Visiting Staff Specialists, Department of Ophthalmology, Royal Adelaide Hospital. Current Practitioner, Adelaide Skin and Eye Centre. Current Member, Clinical Senate, South Australia. President, Australian and New Zealand Society of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons, 2010-2012. Current Member, Asia Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Member, Orbital Society. Consultant, World Health Organization. Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, 1998. Fellow, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, since 1997.

Selvakulalingam OAM, Mr Siva (AD2011)

For service to the community through the Hindu Society of South Australia.

President, Hindu Society of South Australia, since 2000; former Vice-President; Committee Member, since 1990.

Semmler OAM, Mr Kenneth Ian (AD2014)

For service to the community, and to education through the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Guest Lecturer and Member, Teacher Program Advisory Committee, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1975-1992. Foundation Member, Barossa Horizons, 1994-1999. Former Chairman, Barossa Grape Growers Association. Former Committee Member, Barossa Vine Selection Society. Former Committee Member, Barossa Valley Vintage Festival. Former Member, Advisory Committee, State Planning Authority. Former Secretary, Williamstown and Lyndoch Sub-Branch, Returned and Services League of Australia. Inaugural Chairman, Faith Lutheran College, Tanunda, 1985-1988; Chairman, Establishment Committee, 1983-1985. Member, Faith Centre Building Executive Committee, 1996. Director, Giving to Grow Appeal, in the early 1990s. Inaugural Chairman, Lutheran Schools Association, from the 1970s until 1988. Member, South Australian District Church Council, Lutheran Church of Australia, for 2 years. Chairman, St Paul’s Lutheran Church Ferryden Park, Adelaide. Former Chairman, St Jakobi Congregation, Lyndoch. Former Secretary/Treasurer, St Jakobi Lutheran Primary School. Volunteer for 3 month and 1 month assignments in Banda Aceh, North and West Sumatra and Nias Island, Indonesia in the aftermath of the tsunami, Lutheran World Service, 2005-2010. Volunteer for 6 month assignment in Gitarama, Rwanda, Lutheran World Federation, 1994/1995. Mentor (with wife) to refugees and new arrivals, since 2000. Awards/recognition include: Australian Lutheran College Servant of Christ Award, 2005. Australia Day Citizen of the Year, Barossa Community, 1996. Vigneron of the Year Barons of Barossa, 1991. Wine and Brandy Association’s South Australian ‘Vineyard of the Year’, 1991.

Senior OAM, Mr Clement George (AD2008)

For service to the community of Marion through local government, ex-service and youth organisations.

Alderman, Marion City Council, 1979-2003; Councillor, 1968-1978; Deputy Mayor. Member, Southern Region Waste Authority; Member, Marion Regional Centre Committee. Member, Marion Sub-Branch, Returned and Services League of Australia, since 1958; Committee Member, 1959-1960. Member of community groups inter alia: 1st Marino Sea Scouts, 1971-1974; 1st Darlington Scout Group, 1966-1971; St Margaret's Church of England Parish Council, 1959-1962. Awards include: Commendation for Brave Conduct, 2005; for his brave action during an altercation between a bus driver and a passenger in December 2001. Centenary Medal, 2001. Certificate of Appreciation, South Australian Commissioner of Police, 2004.

Seppelt AO, Mr Karl Josef (AD2006)

For service to the Australian wine industry through pioneering viticulture initiatives and as a contributor to a range of industry organisations.

Viticulturalist, grazier, proprietor, Grand Cru Estate, since 1985. Managing Director, B Seppelt & Sons Ltd 1979-1985, General Manager, 1973-1979, Chief Viticulturalist, 1954-1972; Director, 1957-1985. Patron, Winemakers Federation of Australia. Chairman, SA Wine Industry Association (formerly Wine and Brandy Producers Association of SA), 1992-1995, Senior Vice-President, 1989-1992; Life Member, 1996. Executive, Australian Wine Foundation, 1989. Deputy Chairman, Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, 1981-1985. Deputy Chairman, Australian Wine Board, 1979-1980; Member, since 1975. Chairman, Australian Wine Research Institute, 1977-1980; Council Member, 1976-1983; Deputy Council Member, until 1986. Foundation Member, SA Grape Industry Advisory Committee, 1968-1977. President, SA Chamber Commerce and Industry, 1987-1989, Vice-President, 1984-1985; Deputy President, 1986-1987; Board Member; Chairman, Membership Committee. Chairman, Wine Committee, Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society SA, 1983-2001, Vice-Chairman 1975-1982; Member, Executive Committee, 1986-2001; appointed Honorary Councillor, 2004; Councillor, 1973-2004. Chairman, Mt Pleasant and District Business and Tourism Association. Member, Adelaide Hills Regional Development Board, 1995-1996.

Sexton AM, Dr Roger Neil (QB2011)

For service to business and to the investment banking sector as a contributor to a range of government, trade, and economic development organisations in South Australia.

Executive Chairman, Beston Pacific Asset Management, since 2007. Chief Executive, Beston Parks Management, 2004-2007. Chief Executive, Challenger Beston, 1997-2002. Deputy Chairman, Beston Wine Industry Trust, 1997-2002. Managing Director, Beston Pacific Corporation, 1992-1994. Chairman, KeyInvest, since 2003; Chairman, Remuneration and Nomination Committee; Director/Trustee, 1998-2002. Deputy Chairman, IOOF Holdings, since 2002. Deputy Chairman, Australian Wealth Management, 2009-2010. Chairman, Thomas Bryson International, since 2008. Director, TWT Group, since 2008. Current Director, Perennial Investment Partners. Director, IBIS World, since 1989. Deputy Chairman, Korvest, 1997-2002. Executive Director, Asset Management and Corporate Division, Beneficial Finance Corporation, 1989-1992; Chairman, Beneficial Finance Joint Venture Companies. Executive Director, Investment Banking and Head, Privatisation Unit, Morgan Grenfell Australia, 1985-1988. Executive Chairman, Morgan Grenfell Barnes Milner Stockbroking, 1985-1989. Director, Hyundai Automotive Distributors Australia. Director, Audi German Automotive Distributors. Director, Chrysler/Jeep Automotive. Founding Chairman, South Australian Division, Australian Business Economists, 1982-1983. Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors; Member, since 1982. Senior Fellow, Financial Services Institute of Australia, 2009; Member, since 1988. Fellow, Australian Institute of Management. Chairman, Venture Capital Board in South Australia, 2003-2008. Board Member, Motor Accident Commission of South Australia, 2004-2007. Chief Executive, Department of Trade and Economic Development, South Australia, 2002-2004. Founding Member, Economic Development Board, South Australia, 2002-2004. Executive Chairman, South Australian Asset Management Task Force, 1994-1997. Executive Director, Department of State Development, South Australia, 1983-1985. Deputy Director of State Development, Department of Premier and Cabinet, South Australia, 1981-1983; Director, Cabinet Office, 1980-1981. Manager, Development Policy Unit, Department of Urban and Regional Affairs, South Australia, 1978-1979. Consultant, United Nations Asian and Pacific Development Institute, Bangkok, Thailand, 1979-1980. Chair, Flinders University Foundation, 1991-1999; Chair, Fundraising Advisory Committee, since 2005. Co-Chair, Flinders Ambassadors in the Community (FACes) business sub-group, since 2004. Inaugural Chair, Flinders Cancer Centre Appeal. Current State Advisory Member, Committee for Economic Development of Australia. State Coordinator, HRH Duke of Edinburgh Sixth Commonwealth Study Conference, Australia, 1986. Founding Chairman, South Australian Centre for Economic Studies, 1983-1985. Deputy Chairman, Interim Council, Craigburn Primary School.

Shahin OAM, Mr Fathi Khalil (QB2001)

For service to the community, particularly through financial support for the establishment of the Islamic-Arabic Centre in Adelaide.

Mr (Fred) Shahin provided financial support to build the Islamic-Arabic Centre in Adelaide (opened 1998). The Centre includes the Al-Khalil Mosque, library, teaching halls, an administration centre, facilities to prepare the dead for burial, and a cemetery.

Shanahan AM, Mr Michael Stanley (QB1997)

For service to primary industry, particularly through the Australian grain trade.

Mr Shanahan has served Australian agriculture and the grain industry for the past 28 years. Has been involved in negotiating overseas markets for grain and acting as an advocate for grain growers. He has been Director of the South Australian Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd, 1992-95. Served as Deputy Chairman, Australian Wheat Board, 1987-89; member, 1971-89. Was an Executive member, Australian Wheat Growers' Federation and the Grain Council of Australia, 1976-84. Held the position of President, Grains Council of Australia, 1977-79. He has represented primary industry in general as the Australian Representative on the International Policy Council on Agriculture and Trade, 1987-95. Previously he was a member, National Rural Advisory Council, 1972-75, and a member, CSIRO Advisory Council, 1981-86.

Shanahan OAM, Mr Desmond John (AD2007)

For service to local government in the Light region, and to the community through a range of agricultural, aged care, sporting and recreation organisations.

Mayor, Light Regional Council (formerly District Council of Kapunda and Light, and District Council of Light before that), since 2000; Deputy Mayor, 1996-2000; Chairman, for 3 years; Deputy Chairman, for 3 years; Councillor, since 1983; Member of a range of boards and committees. Delegate to the Local Government Association of South Australia, Central Local Government Region, and the Local Government Finance Authority of South Australia. Zone President, South Australian Farmers Federation; Zone Representative on Governing Council. Current Board Member, Wheatfields Nursing Home. Board Member, Barossa, Light and Gawler Football Association, for 5 years; Club Delegate; Coach; Life Member. Board Member, Freeling Football Club; former player/coach; Life Member. Member, Freeling Cricket Club. Member, Freeling Tennis Club. Committee Member, Freeling Recreation Park, for approximately 45 years. Brigade Captain, Freeling Emergency Fire Service, 1978-1982; Member, 1955-1982; Life Member, 1985. Deputy Chairperson, Freeling Primary School Council, 1984-1986; Member, 1975-1986. Foundation Member, Freeling Lions Club. Awards include: Centenary Medal, 2001.

Shanks AM, Mrs Dorothea (QB1975)

For service to Social Welfare

Shannon AM, Mr James Ernest (AD1978)

For services to trade unionism.

Shannon AM, OAM, Ms Moira Edna (QB2007)

For service to the community through a range of organisations providing services to women, children and people with disabilities. Awarded OAM in 1993 for service to the community, particularly through increasing public awareness of domestic violence and child abuse.

Ms Shannon was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day 1993 Honours List for her service to the community, particularly through increasing public awareness of domestic violence and child abuse. Her continued service to the community includes: Chairperson/Secretary, West Coast Youth Services, 1993-2007. Vice-Chair, West Coast Home Care Service, 1998-2007. Chairperson, Assisted Disabled Accommodation (ADAM) accommodation for the intellectually disabled, since1999. Chairperson/Secretary, Lower Eyre Peninsula Society for the Handicapped, 1999-2006. Member, Port Lincoln Befrienders Club, 1993-2006. Member, Community Drug and Alcohol Action Group, since 1995. Member, Court Justice Committee, 1993-2005. Member, Port Lincoln Community Recreation Association, 2000-2004. Member, Crime Prevention Committee 1998-2002. Secretary, Community Development Board, 1995-2000. Member, Domestic Violence Action Group, 1993-1999. Member, Lower Eyre Penisula Women and Children's Support Centre, 1993-1998. Ministerial appointment to Women's Sector Advisory Committee, 1993-1998. Chairperson, Women's Services Coalition, 1994-1995. Involved with Telecross, 1997-2007.

Shard AO, Mr Albert James (AD1977)

For distinguished service of a high degree in the field of government.

Sharley OAM, Dr Peter Hamilton (2003)

For service through the provision of medical assistance to the victims of the bombings which occurred in Bali on 12 October 2002.

Sharp AM, Dr Rhonda Dawn (AD2012)

For service to education as an academic and researcher, to the study of economics, and to women.

Adjunct Professor, Hawke Research Institute, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences, University of South Australia, since 2009; Professor of Economics, 2006-2009; Acting Director, 2000-2005. Professor of Economics, School of Commerce, University of South Australia, 2000-2005; Director, Research Centre for Gender Studies, 1997-1999. Member, Advisory Committee, Economic Development Summit, South Australia, 2003-2004. Member, Advisory Committee, Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Government of South Australia, 2002-2004. Member, Roundtable Expert Panel Group, Financing for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, New York, USA, 2008. President, International Association for Feminist Economics, 2000-2001. Commissioned for research/consultancy by various agencies including the Commonwealth Secretariat, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), Asian Development Bank and the Swedish International Development Agency. Member, Review Committee, Equal Opportunity Program, Women's Adviser's Office, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, South Australia, 1992. Deputy Chairperson/Member, Social Justice Advisory Committee, Government of South Australia, 1986-1989. Board Member, State Transport Authority, South Australia, 1989-1994; Acting Chairperson, 1994-1995. Member, Economics Committee, United Trades and Labour Council, South Australia, 1985-1991. Member, Task Force, Public Sector Superannuation, Government of South Australia, 1987-1989. Publications include: Budgeting for equity: Gender budget initiatives within a framework of performance budgeting, published by UNIFEM, New York, USA, 2003. Short Changed: Women and Economic Policies, Allen & Unwin, 1989. Awards/recognition include: Centenary Medal, 2001.

Sharpe OAM, Mr Neville William (AD2000)

For service to research in the small seeds industry and in plant variety trials, to water resource management and to the community.

A Foundation Member of the Crop Science Society of South Australia in the 1970s. President in the early 1980s. Foundation Secretary to the Durum Growers' Association since 1990. Asked to join the Advisory Committee for the Roseworthy Farm at the University of Adelaide in 1991. Member for 22 years and Presiding Member for the last 17 years of the Northern Adelaide Water Resources Committee. Inaugural President of the Virginia Irrigation Association Inc 1995-1997 and remains a Committee Member. Voluntary member, appointed by the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, of the Lofty/Barossa Consultative Committee 1985-1996, Chairman from 1988-1991. Chairperson of the School Council at the Two Wells Primary School and member of the School Board and President of the Parents & Friends Association at Annesley College. Has for 30 years been an active member of the local Emergency Fire Service. Member of the Uniting Church, having been a Church Elder, currently Manse Landlord and member of the Property Committee. Foundation Member and past President of the local Rotary Club.

Sharrad OAM, Mr Maxwell (AD1978)

For services to the community.

Sharrad AM, Dr Robert Dale (QB2012)

For service to the environment through leadership of community conservation organisations, particularly the Nature Foundation of South Australia, and through science education and ecological field studies.

President/Vice-President, Nature Foundation of South Australia, 1995-2005; Secretary, since 2006; Chair, Projects Committee, since 2000; Councillor, since 1989. Member, Reserve Planning and Management Advisory Committee, SA Government, 1998-2003; and Reserves Advisory Committee, 1992-1998. Chair, SA Fire Research Coordinating Group, 1994-1997. Former Regional Councillor, Ecological Society of Australia, 1991-1995. Member, Native Vegetation Authority, 1986-1990. Former Chair, Native Vegetation, Fauna and Biodiversity Committee, Stirling District Council. Former Chair, Friends of Cleland Conservation Park. Chair, Arbury Park Outdoor School Council. Member, Royal Society of SA, from 1971; Councillor, 1995-2003. Member, SA Herpetology Group, Friends of Mount Springs, and Field Naturalists Society of SA. Head of Science (1981-1984)/Senior Lecturer/Member of Academic Board, University of South Australia (formerly SA College of Advanced Education), 1974-2002; Adjunct Senior Lecturer, since 2002. Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Flinders University, since 2002. Fellow, Nature Foundation of South Australia, 2011.

Shattock OAM, Mr Ronald Charles (QB2008)

For service to the national caravan park industry and tourism in South Australia, particularly through the West Beach Trust.

Chief Executive Officer, West Beach Trust (trading as Adelaide Shores), 1988-2007; a statutory authority of the SA Parliament. Treasurer; Board Member, Marketing Committee Member, BIG4 Holiday Parks. Vice-Chairman, SA Parks, for 10 years. Member, National Accreditation Board for Caravan, RV and Accommodation Industry of Australia Ltd. Member, Metropolitan Seaside Councils Committee. Member, Western Adelaide Consultative Group. Vice-Chairman, Caravan Parks Association, for the past 10 years; Treasurer; Secretary; Committee Member, 1970s. Member, Judging Panel, SA Tourism Awards. Supporter, Target Work; practical skills training program for youth.

Shaw OAM, Mr William Francis (AD2011)

For service to music through the Adelaide Male Voice Choir.

Conductor/Music Director, Adelaide Male Voice Choir, since 1984. Member, National Assessment Panel, Excellence in Music Awards, Australian Society for Music Education, 2009. Current Member, Board of Patrons, Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health, Adelaide. Current Member, Broadcasting, Radio and Electrical Industries Fellowships Inc.

Shearer AM, Mr Alwyn Monteith (AD1980)

For service to commerce and industry.

Shearer AM, Capt Ivan Anthony (AD1995)

For distinguished service and exceptional performance of duty to the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Defence Force, particularly in the fields of international law and training of Naval lawyers.

Captain Shearer joined the Royal Australian Navy Reserve in September, 1972, as a Lieutenant-Commander legal officer after transferring from the Royal Australian Air Force Reserve. In 1980 he was promoted to Captain, the rank which he currently holds, advising on international law. He continues to be the Defence Department's key adviser and expert on all aspects of international law.

Shearer AM, Mr Michael Monteith (AD2008)

For service to the community through financial management and governance advisory roles of educational institutions in Adelaide.

Chairman of Council, St Mark's College, 2000-2007; Bursar, 1984-2000. Chairman, Council of Governors, Walford Anglican School for Girls, 1989-1994; Member, 1985-1989; Chairman, Executive and Finance Committee, prior to becoming Chairman of Council; Patron, Walford Foundation, since 1989; Member, Board of Trustees, 1984-1989. Consultant Chartered Accountant, Shearer and Elliss, since 2001; Partner, 1985-2001. Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, since 1973; Member, since 1969.

Shearing OAM, Mr Roderick James (QB2014)

For service to geography.

President, Royal Geographical Society of South Australia, 1994-1997 and since 2007; Vice-President, 1992-1993 and 2007; Member, Executive and Administration Committee, 1987-1999 and since 2007; Chairman, Geographical Heritage Committee, for 5 years; Member, 1987-1998; Chairman, Information Technology Committee, for 3 years; Member, 2000-2005; Member, Research and Awards Committee, 1990-1993 and 2000-2007; Member, Marketing and Publications Committee, 1997-2007; Member, since 1987. Employee, Attorney-General’s Department, in the 1990s; State Library of South Australia, in the 1980s; Education, in the 1970s; and wholesale manufacturer, in the 1960s.

Shearwin OAM, WO John Craig (QB1988)

For service to the Royal Australian Air Force as Aircraft Tasking Co-ordinator at No. 492 Maintenance Squadron, Edinburgh.

Joined the RAAF in March 1964 as a trainee Engine Mechanic. Since graduation as an Engine Fitter in January 1967 he has served at various units including Aircraft Research and Development Unit, No. 2 Squadron, No. 481 Maintenance Squadron and No. 3 Aircraft Depot. Currently serving at No. 492 Maintenance Squadron, Edinburgh.

Sheehan OAM, Mrs Maria-Luisa (QB1988)

For service to the community, particularly to women and to migrants.

Ethnic Information Officer, Women's Information Switchboard since 1978. President, Italian-Australian Women's Association since 1986. Member, Management Committee, Adult Migrant Education Services, Home Tutor Scheme. Member National Women's Consultative Council, Older Women's Committee and several other councils and committees.

Shephard OAM, Mr Mark Douglas (QB2006)

Service to public health through medical research, to the environment through conservation organisations, and to aviculture.

Director and Senior Research Fellow, Community Point-of-Care Services, Flinders University Rural Clinical School, since 2003. Manager, Medical Scientist, Community Point-of-Care Services, Flinders Medical Centre, 2002-2003. Manager, Medical Scientist, Renal Unit, Flinders Medical Centre, 1997-2001. Senior Medical Scientist, Department of Medical Biochemistry and SouthPath, Flinders Medical Centre, 1988-1996. Chairperson, Working Group on Point-of-Care Testing, Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists, 2004-2005; Inaugural Regional Travelling Lecturer, 2004-2005; Member, since 1980. Program Manager, National ‘QAAMS’ Program for point-of-care pathology testing for diabetes management in Australian Aboriginal medical services, since 1999. Author, The Simpson Desert (1992); The Great Victoria Desert (1995); Aviculture in Australia, 1989; A Lifetime in the Bush 1998 (the authorised biography of the road maker Len Beadell). Founder and Inaugural President, Friends of the Great Victoria Desert Parks, 1994-1996. Committee Member, Friends of the Simpson Desert Parks, 1989-1994. Member, South Australian Government's Wilderness Advisory Committee,1992-1996. Life Member, The Avicultural Society of South Australia, 1994; Co-Editor, monthly publication Birdkeeping in Australia, for 5 years. Inaugural Editorial Coordinator, Power to the People quarterly magazine, Port Adelaide FootbalL Club (AFL), 1996-1997. Editorial Coordinator and Chief Writer, The Magpie News quarterly magazine, Port Adelaide Magpies Football Club (SANFL), 1995-2003. Awards/recognition include: Australian of the Year Award, Local Hero Category - metropolitan South Australia, 2004. Aviculture Federation of Australia Award for Literary Achievement, 1991. Eric Baxter Award for Literary Excellence, The Avicultural Society of South Australia, 1990.

Shepherd AM, Dr John Wickham (QB2003)

For service to medicine in the fields of education and training, particularly through the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, and as a practitioner and advocate.

Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM): Founding President, 1997-1998; Chairman, Steering Committee, 1995-1997; Member, Joint Venture Board ACRRM and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), 1999-2000; Representative to General Practitioners' Training and Education Committee, 1999-2000; Coordinator, Regional Training Bid, 2000. Rural Doctors' Association of Australia (RDAA): President, 1993-1995; Inaugural Vice-President, 1990-1993; Treasurer, 1991-1992 and 1994-1995; Representative on Local Medical Officer (LMO) Federal Advisory Council, Department of Veterans' Affairs, 1996-1998; Member, RDAA/RACGP Faculty of Rural Medicine (RACGP-FRM) sub-committees on GP obstetrics and surgery, since 1991; Representative, Rural Incentives Implementation Committee, 1993-1998; Representative, Ministerial Review on GP Training, 1997-1998; Observer, Federal Australian Medical Association (AMA) Council of General Practice, 1993-1995; Co-author, RDAA/FRM position papers on surgical, obstetric, anaesthetic and radiology training for rural General Practitioners, 1991-1992. Royal Australian College of General Practitioners: Treasurer, Faculty of Rural Medicine (FRM), since 1992; College Council representative on LMO Federal Advisory Council, Department of Veterans' Affairs, 1994-1996; Member, Advanced Rural Curriculum Committee, 1992-1994; Participant, Long Distance Trainee Supervisor Scheme, 1993-1994; Standards Trial Surveyor, 1994; Representative, Rural Incentives Program Reference Group, 1992-1993; Member, Rural Medicine Committee of Council, 1991-1992; Approved RACGP Mentor, since 1993. Australian Medical Association (AMA): Member, Council of General Practice (South Australia), 1994-1997; Chairman, Country Doctors Representative Committee, 1988-1990, member, 1984-1988; President, Mid-North Branch (South Australia), 1982-1992; Fellow, 1992. South Australian service includes: Founding member and foundation Vice-President, Rural Doctors' Association of South Australia, 1990-1992. General Practitioner in Mid North Region of SA, since 1978; instigated accreditation of Jamestown Hospital; instrumental in development of Jamestown Medical Centre, 1989. Senior Lecturer Flinders Medical Centre, since 1996; Intern Supervisor, since 1999. Locum Advisory Committee, SA Rural Divisions Coordination Unit, 1996-1998. Regional representative on Mid North Local Area Health Board Planning Advisory Committee, 1996-1998. Joint Project Manager, Mid North Asthma and Mid and Lower North Diabetes Projects, 1995-1998. Project Manager, Mid North Diabetes Project, 1994-1995. FRM (SA) representative on State Rural Incentives Implementation Committee Assessment and Support Panel, 1993-1997. FRM representative on Rural Practice Training Advisory Committee (RPTAC), South Australian Health Commission, Rural Training Unit, since 1993; Foundation Chairman RPTAC, 1991-1993.

Shepherd AM, Mr John Raymond (AD2006)

For service to youth through the Operation Flinders Foundation and to the promotion and marketing of recreational programs.

Executive Director, Operation Flinders Foundation, since 1996; Chairman, 1993-1996. Chairman, Siblings Australia, since 2002. Current Member, State Advisory Committee, Air Cadets SA. Treasurer, Recreation South Australia, since 2000; Member of Outdoor Council of South Australia and the Interim Board of Recreation South Australia, which formed together in 1997; current Chair, Marketing Committee, Trailblazer (part of Recreation South Australia); current Co-Event Director. Chair, Recreation Programs Committee, University of South Australia, 1995-2003; Member, External Advisory Committee, 1995-2003. Executive Director, SA Great Campaign, 1988-1996. Chairman, South Australian Branch, Advance Australia Foundation, 1990-1998; Member, National Board, 1992-1998. Deputy Chair, Australia Day Council of South Australia, 1991-1996; Member, 1988-1997. Chairman, Country Fire Service Training and Research Foundation, 1989-1998. Member, South Australian Police, 1963-1986.

Shepherd AO, Dr Scoresby Arthur (QB2006)

Service to marine science, particularly in the fields of abalone biology and ecology through research, education and international collaboration and to the conservation of coastal areas.

Senior Research Fellow (Honorary), South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), since 2001; paid employment, 1993-June 2000. Research Officer, South Australian Department of Fisheries, from 1968 until 1993 when it became part of SARDI. Current Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Marine Protected Area, South Australian Department for Environment and Heritage. Leader of 'Encounter' joint expedition to Nuyts Archipelago with Department for Environment and Heritage and University of Adelaide, 2002. President, Royal Society of South Australia, 1980; Member, since 1960s; Society published his paper on South Australian marine fauna, 1976. Has published over 100 articles, chapters, books and handbooks. Chief Editor and contributor to the reference series, Marine Invertebrates of South Australia, Volumes I, II and III, 1982. Associate Editor, Australasia, Ciencias Marinas scientific journal, since 2002. Honorary Scientific Collaborator, Charles Darwin Research Station, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, 2001. President, International Abalone Society, 1997-2000; Senior Vice-President, 2000-2004. Organised the 1st International Abalone Symposium, La Paz, Mexico, 1989; Senior Editor of the resulting publication Abalone of the World: biology, fisheries and culture, 1992. Consultant, Department of Fish and Game, State of Alaska USA, 1998; advised on future management of abalone fishery. Appointed Visiting Professor of Fisheries, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, 1991; studied Omani abalone and made recommendations on management. Worked with Mexican biologists on declining abalone resources, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico, 1986. Worked with French biologists on problems of decline of seagrass beds in the southern Mediterranean, Marseilles Oceanological Centre, 1979. Founder, Federation of Spanish-speaking Communities in South Australia, 1991. Current Committee Member, Friends of Althorpe Island Conservation Park. Founding Member, Friends of Gulf St Vincent. Current volunteer, Reef Watch. Awards/recognition include: Jubilee Award, Australian Marine Sciences Association, 1997. Award for his outstanding contributions to abalone biology, ecology and fisheries, 3rd International Symposium on Abalone Biology, Fishers and Culture, 1997. New species of jellyfish ‘hexaphilia scoresbyi’ named after him.

Sheppard AM, Mrs Nancy Lee (AD2008)

For service to education, particularly in the field of Anangu culture and language, as a teacher, researcher and author.

Pitjantjatara Language Consultant (Year 11 and Year 12 students), Christian Brothers College, Adelaide, 2006-2007; conducted 2 x 4 days’ study tours to expose students to Aboriginal culture. Presenter, An Introduction to the Pitjantjatara Culture through the Study of the Language, University of the Third Age, 2002-2006. Presenter, Pitjantjatara Grammar and Language Section of Pitjantjatara Summer Courses, Department of Adult Education, University of Adelaide, 1970s. Teacher, Pitjantjatara Language, Walkerville Primary School, 1970s. Teacher, Ernabella Presbyterian Mission (now known as Pukatja Community), Anangu Pitjantjatara Yankunytjatjara Lands, 1955-1963. With an Anangu teacher, assisted in the establishment of a school in Fregon Homeland (now known as Fregon Anangu School), 1961; Member, Staff Council, 1961-1963; School Teacher and Trainer of Anangu women as teacher aides, 1955-1963. Spent a month in Coober Pedy in 2007, teaching Yankunytjatjara (neighbouring language to Pitjantjatara) to government staff to assist in the provision of improved services to people from remote Aboriginal communities. Interpreter/Adviser, Board Meetings, Ananguku Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation, since 2000. Assisted in Genealogical Research, Anangu Pitjantjatara Yankunytjatjara Lands, 2004-2005. Volunteer, Anangu Community, Ara Irititja Archive Project, 1999-2005. Active role in the campaign to have freehold title passed to the Anangu people, 1981; ongoing assistance through interpreting for Medical and/or Legal purposes, offering accommodation and visiting sick and elderly Anangu people. Published 3 Pitjantjatara Language books, 1975-2004; including an adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1975, second edition 1992.

Sheridan AM, Mr Thomas Anthony (QB2009)

For service to public administration in South Australia through financial management and governance roles, and to professional, charitable, and business organisations.

Shields OAM, Mrs Dorothy Adela (AD2006)

For service to the community of Victor Harbor through a range of heritage, disability support, tourism and local government organisations.

Chair, Victor Harbor Heritage Advisory Committee, since 1994. Chair, Old School Building Committee, since 1996. Member, Victor Harbor Branch, National Trust of SA, since 1993. Secretary, Novita Southern Fleurieu Auxiliary (formerly the Crippled Children's Association of SA), 1999-2002; Member, since 1997. Life Member, Victor Harbor Commerce and Tourist Association; held various executive positions; Member, for 20 years Volunteer, Encounter Coast Discovery Centre. Volunteer, Victor Harbor Tourist Information Centre, 1988-1994. Councillor, District Council of Victor Harbor (now City of Victor Harbor), 1991-1995. Inaugural Coordinator, Victor Harbor Neighbourhood Watch Area 425, since 1996. Former Chair, Victor Harbor Recreation Centre. Former Member, Ratepayers Association. Property Officer, Lutheran Church. Awards/recognition include; Citizen of the Year Award, Victor Harbor, Australia Day, 2001. Australia Day Award for Tourism, Victor Harbor, 1995.

Shilton OAM, Mrs Isla Milne (AD1994)

For service to women, particularly through the Women's Agricultural Bureau, Sandalwood Branch, and the Country Women's Association, Borrika Branch.

Mrs Shilton served as President, Borrika Branch, of the South Australian Country Women's Association from 1979-1980, as a member since 1977 and is a Life Member of the Associated Country Women of the World. Mrs Shilton was a Foundation member, and served the Sandalwood Branch of the Women's Agricultural Bureau from 1964 until 1981, holding executive positions, including that of President. She was a Regional Councillor from 1970 until 1974, a member of Coonalpyn Branch from 1981-86 and has been a member of Murray Bridge since 1986, serving there as Regional Councillor for one term and retiring in 1992. She has represented the Women's Agricultural Bureau at their Triennial Conferences as delegate or observer since 1980. Now active in Senior Citizens and with her local church at Murray Bridge.

Shinkfield AO, Dr Anthony James (QB2001)

For service to educational administration, particularly through the Anglican Schools Commission, to education evaluation, primarily at an international level, and to the community through the Veterans' Children Education Board and St Mark’s College.

Since his appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia in 1990, Dr Shinkfield has continued his active involvement in education evaluation practice. 1985, co-authored Systematic Evaluation (Kluwer). 1995, co-authored Teacher Evaluation. 2000, co-authored Evaluating Social Systems (Kluwer, in press). Currently rewriting sections of the Joint Committee's 1988 world accepted book, The Personnel Evaluation Standards (2nd edition). Board Member, Centre for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation (CREATE), 1992-1997. Veterans' Children Education Board; Member since 1993; Chairman since 1997. St Mark’s College Council Adelaide: Member since 1980. Member, Executive Committee. Member, Education Committee. Chairman, College Buildings and Grounds Committee. SA Anglican Schools Commission: Convened the Commission at Archbishop's request in 1983; inaugural Chairman and architect of the Commission. Following his retirement, invited to return to the Commission to serve as Executive Director in 1992. Convened first and second national conferences for Anglican schools, 1991 and 1992. University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee: Member 1994-1997.

Shinnick OAM, The Rev Maurice Albert Joseph (AD1992)

For service to community health, particularly as Chaplain to Acceptance - Adelaide.

Chaplain caring for spiritual needs of homosexuals and their families through Catholic Acceptance - Adelaide 10 years. Counsels people with HIV/AIDS and relatives, friends. Active SA AIDS Council, lectures extensively to colleges, other groups. Prepared major report on total care of people living with HIV/AIDS 1990. Advisor to government, church bodies.

Shinnick OAM, Mr David John (QB1995)

For service to the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide and to the community.

Mr Shinnick has been involved in social justice issues since the 1960s and was involved at a National level in the establishment of Australian Catholic Relief and the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace. He was a member of the Working Party which guided the establishment of the new National Council of Churches. Chairperson of the SA Heads of Christian Churches, New Towns Committee 1988-1991 and Chairperson Seaford Ecumenical Centre 1991-94. Co-ordinator, National Forum "Turning Point" on the Church's Social Justice Teaching in 1993. Diocesan Promoter of "Project Compassion", Member, Freedom From Hunger and Austcare State Committees for many years.

Shippen OAM, Mrs Ethel May (QB2010)

For service to literature through the Society of Women Writers, South Australia.

State Secretary, South Australian Branch, Society of Women Writers, 1977-1981 and since 2000.; State President, 1997-1999; Publicity Officer, 1984-2002; Coordinator, Lochee Andison Youth Literary Award organised biannually by the Society, 1983-1984. Federal President, Society of Women Writers (Australia), 1982-1984; Founding Member,1976; Life Member, since 2008. Author of poems, plays, articles, short stories and children's books. Taught drama at the Lesley Cox Academy for Children, 1985. Current Secretary, local Probus Club.

Shorter OAM, Mr Leslie Noel (AD1983)

For service to industry.

Mr Shorter, Director of Adelaide Brighton Cement Holdings Ltd, was a Foundation member of the Western Australia Division of the National Safety Council of Australia, Past President of the South Australian Division, and has served as a member of the Federal Executive since 1978. He has been a member and executive member of several Committees and Associations and is Past President and an Honorary Life Member of the Cement and Concrete Association of Australia.

Shortland OAM, Mrs Rita Maud (QB2003)

For service to the community, particularly through the South Australian Women's Information Service.

South Australian Women's Information Service (formerly known as the South Australian Women's Information Switchboard): Volunteer since 1979. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: Member, since late 1960s; assisted Secretary of the South Australian Branch, 1969-1972 and 1980-1982; assisted Secretary of the Australian Section, 1969-1972 and 1980-1982; assisted Editor of Peace and Freedom, 1972-1982.

Showell OAM, Mr Francis Ian (QB1986)

For service to the tourist industry.

Pioneer of houseboat hire industry on the Murray River. Chairman of Directors, Paddle-Cat Pty. Ltd. since 1962. Chairman of Directors, Ian Showell Pty. Ltd. since 1952. Chairman of Directors, Liba-Liba (Wentworth) Pty. Ltd.

Sibly AM, Mr John Maslin (AD1990)

For service to conservation, particularly in the field of urban planning.

Currently President of the Conservation Council of South Australia (CCSA), an office held from 1977 to 1983 and from 1986 to date. A leading member of the State conservation movement, active in discussions, debates and community education in conservation issues, including wildlife matters. Chairman of the South Australian Reserves Advisory Committee since 1979. By profession a Senior Lecturer at the South Australian College of Advanced Education, he has pursued issues of urban, environmental and land-use planning and management with determination and tact including the protection of architectural heritage, energy conservation, recycling and support for an orderly development control process. Has been a member of the Environmental Education Curriculum Committee since 1984, extensively on conservation and associated issues.

Siegele OAM, Mrs Lessa Margaret (QB2002)

For service to the art of quiltmaking as a teacher and to the community through fundraising.

Teacher of quiltmaking since 1973. Foundation member, Quilters Guild of South Australia, 1984; Committee member; Life member. Guest Quiltmaking Instructor in Australia and overseas. Has organised Quilt Encounter, an annual residential quilting camp, since 1992. Supporter of and volunteer worker for the National Textile Museum, raising funds through quilt shows. Organised stalls to raise funds for the Australian Society for Inter Country Aid for Children. Organised quilt display days to raise funds for aged care, including the Resthaven Residential Care Services.

Sievers OAM, Mr Wolfgang (QB2007)

For service to the taxi industry in South Australia through administrative roles with a range of bodies.

Current Vice-President, Taxi Council South Australia; Founding President and Executive Officer, 1989-1995; Life Member, 2002; instrumental in the formation of the Association from the merger of two industry associations - Taxi Cab Owners Association and South Australian Cab Owners Association. Founding President, South Australian Cab Owners Association, 1987. National Executive, Australian Taxi Industry Association, late 1990, re-appointed 2007; Life Member, 2006. Executive Board Member, South Australia, Transport Distribution Training Australia Inc, since 1990; Deputy Chair; Treasurer. Involved in establishment and Executive Member, Transport Training Skills Centre, ca1990s. Involved in establishment, Taxi Watch, 1992. Zone Leader, Neighbourhood Watch, 1987-1997. Chairman, Taxi Owners Mutual, 1992-1995. Secretary, White Plate Operators’ Association, ca1980s. Inaugural Industry representative, South Australian Premier's Taxi Council, since 2002. Inaugural Chairperson, South Australian Taxi Industry Advisory Panel, Passenger Transport Board, Department for Transport Energy and Infrastructure. Board Member, Metropolitan Taxi Cab Board, 1989-1994. Current Corporate Relations Manager, Yellow Corporation; Manager, Yellow Cabs Division, from 1997.

Silard OAM, Ms Kathy Romy (QB2003)

For service to the community, particularly as an advocate for and supporter of sole parents and their children.

Director, Spark Resource Centre, since 1998. Executive Member, National Council of Single Mothers and their Children. Past Board Member, South Australian Council of Social Services. Published works include: Peace or Pieces? A Non Violent Parenting Manual. Me, Myself and I - a Relationship for Life. Under One Roof - Understanding Adolescence.

Silsbury OAM, Mrs Elizabeth Alice (QB1985)

For service to music and music education.

Contributions to music and music education through positions as Lecturer in Music, Western Teachers' College 1960-67, Sturt (now South Australian) College of Advanced Education 1968-74 and Senior Lecturer, South Australian College of Advanced Education from 1975. Principal Music Critic, "The Advertiser" from 1975, South Australian reporter Opera Magazine London from 1977 and Australian reporter International Music Guide, London from 1980.

Silverback OAM, Pastor Barry Leonard (QB2012)

For service to the community through Christian Revival Crusade Churches International.

International Missions Director, Christian Revival Crusade Churches International, since 2002. Guest Lecturer, World Missionary Assistance Plan (World MAP), 1984-1994. Captain and Pastor, MV Mauri Dalana Boat Ministry, 1977. Founder, Bethel Missionary Centre, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 1972. Missionary, Hageri Four Square Mission Station, Papua New Guinea, 1967-1972. Founder, Christian Revival Crusade PNG Inc and Bethel Tabernacle, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 1972-2002.

Simmons AM DFC, The Hon Donald William (QB1986)

For service to Parliament and to the community.

Member of the South Australian House of Assembly 1970-79. Chairman, Industries Development Committee 1970-73; Chairman, Public Accounts Committee 1973-75; State Cabinet Minister 1975-79 including Minister for Environment, Chief Secretary and Minister Assisting the Premier. Member, Commonwealth Advisory Council for Inter-Governmental Relations ffrom 1977, South Australia Government Representative 1977-79. Member, Libraries Board of South Australia from 1983. Deputy Chairman, South Australia Correctional Services Advisory Council from 1983. Director, State Bank of South Australia from 1984. Member of Council, South Australia College of Advanced Education from 1985.

Simons AM, Mr John Percival (QB1988)

For service to conservation.

Joined the Highways Department of the South Australian Government in 1966 as a roadside development engineer and was instrumental in the landscaping, tree planting and re-vegetation of hundreds of kilometres of highway verges and reserves. Appointed in 1966 by the State Government to the Roadside Vegetation Committee and remained a member for 18 years. Seconded to the project to construct the O-Bahn busway in Adelaide in 1980 as Manager, Corridor Development and responsible for the complex arrangements to acquire land and landscape the project. Since 1987 is continuing an association with this project as Manager but now on a part-time basis. In 1966, appointed as the Highway Department's representative on the River Torrens Committee and oversighted its development in 1982 as a Linear Park involving the improvement of water quality, flood mitigation and landscaping in co-operation with 12 local councils. Between 1953 and 1968 involved with the Church of England Boys' Society, including a period as Chief Commissioner in South Australia.

Simpson AC CMG, Mr Alex Moxon (QB1978)

For eminent and meritorious service to business and industry.

Simpson OAM, Mrs Elizabeth Penfold (QB2002)

For service to the community through fundraising for charitable organisations, especially in the area of health.

Member, St John Auxiliary, St John Ambulance Australia, South Australia, for 40 years. Raised substantial sums of money to aid in community volunteer work. Has been President of the St John Auxiliary, as well as Member and Officer of the Order of St John. Campaign Chair, Burnside Hospital Foundation, for the 3-year, $1.5 million redevelopment of the Burnside War Memorial Hospital, since 2000. Efforts have raised over $1 million to date. Established the biennial Elizabeth Penfold Simpson Prize of $15,000 for research on behalf of the Brain Foundation (SA), 1988. Formed a committee for the Spreading Chestnut Tree for Bedford Industries Rehabilitation Centre; Chair, Independent Living Centre Fundraising Committee. Member, Lady Mayoress’ Committee. Assisted Women's Executive Committee to plan festivities celebrating the Jubilee 150 of SA, 1986, and South Australian Women's contribution to Australia's Bicentennial, 1988. Donated Brougham Place Floral Clock, situated at Adelaide Children's Hospital, to Adelaide City Council, 1986.

Simpson AO, Prof Donald Allen (QB2004)

For service to medicine in the fields of neurosurgery and neurotrauma as a researcher and academic.

Professor Simpson was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia in the 1980 Australia Day Honours List for his service to handicapped children. Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Adelaide, since 1987; Visiting Research Associate, Road Accident Research Unit, since 1995; Senior Research Associate, National Health and Medical Research Council Road Accident Research Unit, 1985-1994. Instrumental in establishment of Chair of Neurosurgery, 2004. President, Neurosurgical Research Foundation, since 1994; Foundation Member, 1963. Emeritus Neurosurgeon, Women's and Children's Hospital, since 1993. Director Neurosurgery, Adelaide Children's Hospital, 1970-1985. President, International Society of Paediatric Neurosurgery, 1985. Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS): Member, Board of Neurosurgery, the Court of Examiners, the Road Trauma Committee, and the Section of Surgical History. President and Secretary, Neurosurgical Society of Australasia. Foundation Member, Australian Institute of Craniofacial Studies Board of Management. Honorary Member, Vietnamese Neurosurgical Society, 1997. Awards include: Jamieson Medal, Neurological Society of Australasia, 2003. Received RACS Medal, 2002.

Sims AM, Mr David Lindsay (AD1987)

For service to the manufacturing industry, particularly in the field of international trade.

Managing Director of Steriline Engineering Murray Bridge, which he established in 1954, until his retirement in 1985. Has invented and been granted patents for Steriline Dairy Can Washing Machine 1948; Tube Steel Cow Bale Designs 1950; Race Starting Stalls 1961 and Race Starting Gates 1976, which are exported to 52 countries including the Middle East where his equipment is used for camel racing. Designs and manufactures large commercial irrigation systems which are sold throughout Australia and exported to the Middle East, including a self-propelled watering line. Winner of Australian Export Achievement Award 1982.

Sims AM, Dr Eric Baldwin (QB1981)

For service to medicine, particularly in the field of paediatrics.

Sims OAM, Mrs Hazel Joan (AD1995)

For service to women's bowling and indoor bias bowls.

Mrs Sims has been President, Australian Women's Bowling Council 1989-91, Vice-President 1987-89, and delegate to the International Women's Bowling Board 1988-91. President, South Australian Women's Bowling Association 1985-87, selector 1983-89 and member 16 years. Secretary/Treasurer, South Australian Women's Indoor Bias Bowls Association 1973-94. She has also served as a Board member of the Jubilee Bowls Centre and the Lend a Hand Project for Disabled 1985-91 and as a volunteer to the Meals on Wheels Association for 20 years.

Sims OAM, Mr Keith Cameron (AD2003)

For service to sport, particularly through the South Australian Amateur Football League.

SA Amateur Football League: Life Member, 1978; President, 1967-1996; Chair, 1966; Deputy Chair, 1959-1965; Selector, 1955-1979; Member, Executive Committee, 1953-1996; Delegate to Australian Amateur Football Council, 1967-1996; player and administrator, prior to 1950. Australian Amateur Football Council: Life Member, 1986; member, 1967-1997; President, 1973-1976 and 1985-1986. Awards include: Merit Certificate, National Football League, 1967.

Sims AO, Prof Milton Reginald (QB2000)

For service to orthodontics through education and research, particularly in the area of dental vasculature.

Professor Sims has conducted research into vascular movement during orthodontic tooth movement, in particular the vasculature of the periodontal ligament. He is considered a pioneer in his orthodontic research, and developed the postgraduate orthodontic programme at the University of Adelaide. At the University of Adelaide, he is currently a Visiting Research Fellow (1993-2002). Previously, he was a Reader in Orthodontics and Head of Orthodontics Unit (1964-1992); Associate Dean, Research and Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Dentistry; and Chairperson, Electron Optical Centre Users' Committee (1983-1988). At the University of Sydney, he was Visiting Professor (1994-1999) and Head (1994-1996), Discipline of Orthodontics he was a member of the Dean's Advisory Committee, the Board of Postgraduate Studies, the Biomaterials Management Committee, the Research Committee and the Promotions Committee. Professor Sims was Senior House Surgeon and Demonstrator-Orthodontics (1956-1964) and Junior House Surgeon-Orthodontics (1951-1956) at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He is Life Member, Australian Society of Orthodontists. Recipient of the prestigious "A.A.O Milo Hellman Research Award" in 1977.

Sinclair OAM, Mr Richard Baxter Stuart (AD1981)

For community service.

Skalban OAM, Ms Malgorzata (QB2005)

For service. to the community, particularly through multicultural and aged care organisations.

Project Manager/Multicultural Consultant, Multicultural Dementia Respite Program, Metropolitan Domiciliary Care, since 1995. Coordinator, Ethnic Link Service, Port Adelaide Central Mission, 1989-1995; Regional Ethnic Community Care Worker, 1988-1989. Welfare worker, Federation of Polish Organisations in SA Inc, 1987-1988. Welfare worker, Women's Emergency Shelter, North Adelaide, 1985-1987. Commissioner, SA Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission, since 2004. Member, SA Centrelink Multicultural Advisory Committee, since 2000. Member, Palliative Care Council of SA Multicultural Advisory Committee. Member, National Cross Cultural Dementia Network. Member, RDNS, Consumer Reference Group. Member, Western Suburbs Dementia Lobby. Associate Member, Migrant Resource Centre. Vice-President, Federation of Polish Women's Associations in Australia and New Zealand. Vice-President, Federation of Polish Organisations in SA Inc. Vice-President, Polish Women's Association in Adelaide. Coordinator, Polish Link with Seniors. Member, Polish Aged Care Packages Management Committee. Chair, John Paul II Village Advisory Committee. Member, Dozynki (Polish festival), 2003. Editor, Glos Seniora, Polish Seniors’ newsletter; since 1988. Former positions include: Community Service Providers Network Representative, Aged and Community Services. Member, Italian Meal Service Steering Committee. Member, Queen Elizabeth Mulitcultural Forum. Member, Supported Accommodation Assistance Program Ministerial Advisory Committee. Member, ‘Plateia’ Greek Respite Program Management Committee. Member, Ethnic Aged Issues Advisory Committee, Office of the Commissioner for Ageing.

Skillicorn AM, Mr Ernest Keith (AD1988)

For service to agriculture and to the management of leprosy in India and Bangladesh.

Project Director, Paramedic Training and Leprosy Diagnosis at Heed Leprosy Hospital, Bangladesh since 1982. Mr and Mrs Skillicorn spent 25 years prior to this in India working as Missionaries. In India, as well as missionary work, Mr Skillicorn shared his knowledge and skills in medical care, agricultural projects and leprosy treatment. Through education the local people over 25 years in these areas they left the community with the necessary skills to carry on. Returned to Australia 1976 with Mr Skillicorn becoming Promotional Officer for Victoria and Tasmania for the Leprosy Mission Paramedic Diploma in 1981 and gained entry to Bangladesh in 1982 to continue their dedicated work at the Heed Leprosy Hospital.

Skillicorn AM, Mrs Ruth Emma (AD1988)

For service to agriculture and to the management of leprosy in India and Bangladesh.

Mr and Mrs Skillicorn have given over 35 years service in India and Bangladesh as Missionaries. Fron 1951-76 lived in the Indian State of Bihar where they performed medical, agricultural and educational work. Mrs Skillicorn was responsible for providing elementary education, a boys' and girls' hostel, and medical relief work. They opened a Leprosy Clininc in 1958. Began famine relief work in 1965 constructing dams and wells and distributing grain. Started a welfare project "Agricultural Community Development Project" installing generators, water pumps, a workshop, recreation centre and training of local people in paramedic nursing and technical work. Returned to Australia 1976-81. In 1982 returned to Bangladesh to continue work with leprosy sufferers at Heed Leprosy Hospital. They will be retiring June 1988.

Skilton OAM, WO Malcolm William (AD1998)

For meritorious service to the Royal Australian Air Force in the field of Telecommunications Management.

Warrant Officer Skilton has been responsible for the introduction of major communications projects which have significantly enhanced the telecommunications capacity of the Royal Australian Air Force. He is a dedicated airman who has demonstrated outstanding planning and organisational skills and consistent high levels of performance. He has made a significant contribution to the telecommunications management of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Skinner OAM, Mrs Phyllis Joyce Boer (QB1996)

For service to the performing arts as a dance lecturer and historian, choreographer and artistic director.

Mrs Skinner has been actively involved in the theatre since 1932 having performed in pantomime, operetta, vaudeville, music hall, musical comedy, television promotion and on radio. From 1988-92 Mrs Skinner worked as a performer at the Baron of Beef Feasting Tavern in their Music Hall Show every Friday and Saturday night. She taught Tap dancing at Chinook School and for "The Studio" and at the Centre for the Performing Arts, Adelaide from 1980-93. Mrs Skinner has been involved in charity work either organising concerts or performing in them for: The Lord Mayor's Senior Citizens' Concerts, Crippled Children's Association, District and Bush Nursing Society, Minda Homes, Glenside Psychiatric Hospital and Royal Flying Doctor Service. Regular worker for Unley Meals on Wheels. Active member of St Johns Church, Adelaide and also serves as the Church Secretary.

Skinner OAM, Mr Barry Earnest (QB2009)

For service to the sport of cycling as an administrator and coach.

Vice-President, Australian Cycling Federation, 2001-2005; Board Member for 10 years. Australian Representative, The International Sports Federation for Cycling, (UCI), on 12 separate occasions; assisted in the organisation of the UCI World Cup, Adelaide, 1988. Manager, Australian team, World Cycling Championships, on 10 occasions between 1977 and 2003. Member, Cycling Australia Track Commission, for 8 years. President, South Australian Cycling Federation, 2001-2002 and 2006-2007; Member, for over 30 years; Life member, 2000; Delegate to the South Australian Commonwealth Games Association and the South Australian Olympic Council. Team Manager, South Australian Cycling Team, on 9 separate occasions. Organiser and Promoter, 'Tour of the Riverland', since 1975. Organiser, 'South Australian Summer Criterium Cycling Series', since 1986. President, Norwood Cycling Club, Years; Vice-President, for 15 years; Secretary, for many years. Coach, Junior Cyclists, for many years. Winner, South Australian Championships, on 14 occasions; retired in 1975. Awards/recognition include: Volunteer of the Year, Australian Cycling Federation, 2006. Merit Award, South Australian Olympic Council, 2006.

Skipper AM, Mrs Anne Kathryn (QB2000)

For service to people with disabilities and their families, particularly as an advocate for improved services, and in raising public awareness of issues affecting on-going care and welfare of needs in this area.

Mrs Skipper has worked tirelessly to assist people with disabilities and their families, particularly through the Spastic Centres of South Australia. She has been a member of the Board of Management since 1983, and served as President, 1989-1995, and as Vice-President, (1985-1989). The organisation has been restructured to the Spastic Centres of South Australia Network of Agencies and Mrs Skipper served as the Inaugural President of the Foundation, 1995-1998. Her involvement with the Miss Australia Company includes serving as a member of the Board of Directors, Chair in 1998 and Vice-Chair (1993-1998). Her other contributions include: Chair, International Year of the Family Advisory Committee, SA, 1994; and Current Chair, Children’s Interests Bureau, SA. Current Chair, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide- North West Adelaide Health Service and Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Slack OAM, Mr Brian Leslie (AD2002)

For service to equestrian sport, particularly through the organisation and management of three-day horse trials.

Gawler 3-Day Event Committee; Chairman, 1988-1998; Member, since 1986. Adelaide International Horse Trials; Chairman, 1997-1999; involved in conducting the first Adelaide International Horse Trial, 1997; involved in obtaining approval to conduct the first 4-star event in the Southern Hemisphere (highest grading for 3-Day Events). Equestrian Federation of Australia, Director of the Board. SA Branch, Equestrian Federation of Australia; Chairman, for several terms; and Treasurer. Other service includes: Chairman, Trade Fair Expo, 1975. Member, Tourism Board of SA.

Sladdin OAM, Mrs Mary Stella Veronica (AD1997)

For service to charity, the community and the Catholic Women's League of South Australia for over 60 years.

Member of the Catholic Women's League (CWL) for 60 years commencing in Clare, South Australia. She has been the CWL delegate to the Travellers' Aid Society in SA assisting, until recently, travellers with problems, at the Adelaide Railway Station. She was the CWL delegate to the Australian Church Women, SA Unit, for 15 years. Mrs Sladdin helped prepare and serve the mid-day meal (up to 100 per day) for homeless men and women at the Daughters of Charity Centre in Hutt Street, Adelaide, and did so one day a week for many years. She has helped with fund-raising activities for St. Vincent de Paul for 25 years. She assisted with Chaplaincy work at the Royal Adelaide Hospital 1970-94.

Slade AM, Dr John Harman (AD1990)

For service to medicine, particularly in the field of ophthalmology.

A specialist in Ophthalmology and Honorary Consultant Eye Surgeon to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1968-82. Was Chairman, Board of Directors, Lions Save Sight Research Foundation from 1967 to 1984. Since 1976 (to date) is also Chairman (Board) Surgical Eye Expeditions International (SEE), South Australian Chapter. Over a period of 14 years undertook extensive glaucoma tests throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory. A conservative estimate of the number of tests undertaken exceeds 300,000. Also undertook tests in India, Papua New Guinea and Mexico. A recipient of the Lions International President's Award for outstanding contribution to sight conservation. His pioneering work is considered instrumental in the establishment of the Lions Chair in Ophthalmology at Flinders University.

Slatter OAM, Miss Kate Elizabeth (AD1997)

For service to sport as a gold medallist at the Atlanta Olympic Games, 1996.

Gold medallist in the Women's Coxless Pair event at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. World Champion winner at Finland in 1995.

Slattery OAM, Mr George William (AD2003)

For service to the community of Mount Gambier.

Mount Gambier and District Bowling Club: Honorary Secretary, 1983-1998; President, 1982-1984; Vice-President, 1979-1982; Life Member, 1991; member, Administrative and Men's Facility Committees, for 23 years; Co-Secretary of the City of Mount Gambier Bowling Carnival, for 13 years. Lower South East Bowling Association: President, 1987-1989; Vice-President, 1982-1986; Club Delegate, 1985-1998; Patron, since 1996; Country Councillor for the South East Division on the Royal South Australian Bowling Association, 1989-1994. Bowls Past Presidents' Association of South Australia Inc: President, Lower South East Branch, 1991-1993. Mount Gambier Branch, Anti-Cancer Foundation of South Australia: Coordinator of the Doorknock Appeal, since 1996; Committee Member, since 1990; Secretary, for 18 months. Lions Club of Gambier City: Charter Member, 1977; has served in a variety of roles including President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member. Mount Gambier Celebrate Seniors Committee: Member representing the Lions Club of Gambier City, since 1992. Mount Gambier Branch, Meals on Wheels: Volunteer, since 1989. Awards include: Australian of the Year Awards: ‘Local Hero’, Regional South Australia, 2002. Australian Sports Medal, 2000. Melvin Jones Fellowship, Lions Club of Gambier City, 1995-1996.

Slay AM, Prof Jill (AD2011)

For service to the information technology industry through contributions in the areas of forensic computer science, security, protection of infrastructure and cyber-terrorism.

Current Dean, Research in Division of Information Technology, Engineering and Environment, University of South Australia; current Professor, School of Computer and Information Science; Director, Forensic Computing Lab; Leader, Information Assurance Research Group, since 2003, design applications that safeguard national security; Mentor, Research Leaders Mentoring Program. Professor Slay is a specialist in forensic computer science, IT security, critical infrastructure protection and cyber-terrorism who has developed partnerships with agencies that have led to the development of several forensic computing software tools leading to improved practices in e-crime investigations. These agencies include the Australian Federal Police, South Australia Police and CERT Australia. Projects include: - Research into Verification and Validation of Forensic Tools. - Development of Forensic Tools for Internet-mediated Drug Crime. - The Exploitation of Electronic Evidence from Mobile Phone Mediated Drug Crime (in conjunction with the South Australia Police), since 2004. Involved in the development of Masters Course - Science (Information Assurance). Co-Host, Australian Forensic Practitioners Workshop, 2003 and 2008. Further international relationships include John Hopkins University, Baltimore USA; British Telecom; and the US Department of Energy. Fellow, Australian Computing Society, since 2005; Member, since 1999; current Australian Representative, International Federation of Information Processing Working Groups No 9 and No 10; assists in accrediting Australian university IT courses and programs for the Society. Board Member, Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), 2008-2009; former Chair, ISC2 Scholarship Committee. Researcher/involvement with Idaho State University USA, and Central Police University, Taiwan, 2007-2008; Beijing University, 2002; and Chinese Academy of Science, ca2003. Author, Information Security and Risk Management, 2006. Current Associate Editor, International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics. Has written more than 90 book chapters, journal articles and research papers; and reviewed many international research papers. Awards/recognition include: Inductee, Inaugural SA Women’s Roll of Honour, 2008. Scholarly Teaching Award, University of South Australia, ca2003; Future Fellowship Award, 2009. Best Paper Award/Merit Certificate, ANZ Forensic Sciences Symposium, 2008.

Sleep OAM, Ms Tammy Joanne (2003)

For service through the provision of medical assistance to the victims of the bombings which occurred in Bali on 12 October 2002.

Slocombe OAM, Mr Colin Robert (AD1994)

For service to community health, particularly through the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Support Group.

Mr Slocombe was the co-founder of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Support Group in 1985 and helped set up the Anxiety Disorders Foundation of Australia in 1990. He publishes bimonthly newsletters which are circulated within Australia and overseas. He co-ordinates information resourcing all OCD support groups within Australia.

Smart OAM, Mr Ivan Fleming (AD1983)

For service to agriculture.

Smart OAM, Mrs Maureen Jill (Mima) (AD2012)

For service to the Indigenous community in South Australia.

Chairperson, Yalata Aboriginal Community Council, 2006-2009; current Member. Member, Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resource Management Board, since 2008. Member, Maralinga Tjarutja Council. Board Member, Aboriginal Family Support Services. Has been a volunteer with several government agencies, including Families SA and the Indigenous Coordination Centre in Ceduna. Aboriginal Education Worker at the Yalata Anangu School, for 15 years. Awards/recognition include: NAIDOC South Australian Person of the Year, 2005.

Smith AM, Mr Trevor Keith (AD1988)

For service to hockey.

Member, Australian Hockey Team 1971 and 1974-84. Played 171 matches for Australia including two Olympic Games 1976 and 1984, and four World Cups 1971, 1975, 1978, 1982. Captain of World Teams 1978, 1979 and 1983. South Australian Captain 1977-81, Adelaide University Coach 1977-84 and South Australian Institute of Hockey Coach. Awarded Australian Hockey Championship Best Player award 1978, 1980, 1983.

Smith OAM, Mr Thomas James (QB1987)

For service to boxing.

Commenced career as amateur boxer in 1912. Organised a boxing gymnasium in Alice Springs in 1930s and conducted first Northern Territory Boxing Championship at Tennant Creek prior to World War II. Then conducted a gymnasium in Adelaide for 30 years, training police and up to 140 boys. Continues as a trainer and boxing "second" at age 91.

Smith OAM, Mrs Maxine Grace (AD1985)

For service to the community.

Smith OAM, Mr Alan Carnegie (AD1991)

For service to the community, particularly through Rotary International.

Mr Smith served as a Scout Leader as long ago as 1933 and holds the Boy Scout Association's long service medal. He served in the Army during World War II. for six years rising from private to adjutant of the unit. For 43 years he has organised Army unit reunions. He was a Councillor of the City of West Torrens for five years, Foundation Member of the West Beach Trust and between 1962 and 1975 a Member of the Plympton High School Council and President for 10 years. Mr Smith was also Trustee, Finance Chairman and a member of the Redevelopment Committee of the Plympton Methodist Church for 30 years, and on the SA Property Board of the Uniting Church in Australia. He joined the Rotary Club of Adelaide West in 1974, and since then has been District Governor of Rotary District 950, District Chairman and State Co-ordinator of the Rotary Health Research Fund, National Chairman of Rotary International Projects Advisory Committee, District Chairman of the Bicentenary Committee, and Deputy National Chairman of Rotary Australia World Community Service Committee. In 1981 Mr Smith led a team of builders to the New Guinea highlands to commence the construction of a Rotary sponsored medical centre for the Kimit Valley. He also produced a booklet for Rotary's International Projects Advisory Committee to assist Non Government Agencies involved in overseas aid.

Smith OAM, Mrs Joy Bethel (AD1980)

For community service.

Smith OAM, Mrs Isobel Elizabeth (AD1992)

For service to children's welfare.

Cared for many part Aboriginal and white children at St. Francis House, Semaphore South, South Australia and St. John's Hostel, Alice Springs. Mrs Smith and her late husband started St. Francis House in 1945.

Smith OAM, Mrs Dulcie May (AD1983)

For service to the community.

Affectionately called "the fisherman's friend", Mrs Smith has served as radio operator for fishing vessels off the coast of Kangaroo Island since 1965. She has given valuable service out of normal hours and in emergency situations over many years, and in 1980 was presented with an Australian Fishing Industry Council award for her "outstanding contribution and unselfish service" to fishermen.

Smith OAM, Mr Mervyn Ashmore (AD1994)

For service to the arts, to architecture and to town planning.

Mr Smith's paintings and drawings are represented in permanent collections in Art Galleries in SA, WA, Tas, NSW, Qld., Bendigo, Alice Springs, Naracoorte, the Australian National Gallery and the Australian National University and he won a number of prizes for his work. He held executive positions with the Contemporary Art Society of SA and the Royal SA Society of Arts. As an architect he was employed by the Commonwealth Department of Works (Adelaide) between 1941-1949 and 1953-1969 to design the terminal buildings at Adelaide Airport. He was a Fellow of Royal Australian Institute of Architects and, in 1984, received the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Award for Excellence in an Allied Field (Fine Arts). As a Town Planner, he was employed by Northumberland County Council, Newcastle, NSW from 1949-1952 on the redesign of City of Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Lake Macquarie and Shire of Port Stephens.

Smith OAM, Mrs Gladys Viola (AD1978)

For services to local government and to the community.

Smith OAM, Mr Albert Glen (AD1986)

For service to the Museum of Australia and to the community.

Smith AM OBE, Mr Keith Archibald (QB1980)

For public service in the field of railway transport.

Smith OAM, Mr John Wasley (QB1992)

For service to medicine.

Consultant Surgeon Naracoorte Hospital since 1962, Board member, active in extending range of services available to region. Member Provincial Surgeons of Australia, former Secretary, President, providing voluntary medical service and financial support to a hospital in Padang, Indonesia 1973. Member, Royal Society of Medicine, AMA Surgeons. Rotary Member, Life Member Naracoorte Hockey Association.

Smith AM, Mr Colin Joseph (QB1999)

For service to the provision of improved mental health care within the community as an advocate for people with schizophrenia, their families and carers.

Mr Smith became a member of an Interim Committee in 1982 to form the Schizophrenia Fellowship of South Australia Inc. He served as a Foundation Committee Member, 1983-1991, and President, 1991-1998. Mr Smith was awarded Life Membership of the Fellowship, May 1998. Appointed Chairman since 1992 of the Fellowship’s sponsored Roofs Housing Association Inc., for people with mental illness. He was involved in the development of Clubhouse Models which provides a rehabilitation programme focusing on employment skills for people with mental illness. Due to Mr Smith’s advocacy for people with schizophrenia volunteer support services have been established throughout South Australia. During 1995-1996, he served on an Interim Committee to form a national body, the Schizophrenia Fellowship Council of Australia Inc., and he wrote the framework of what eventually became the Constitution of the Council. He served as Foundation Secretary of the Council, 1996-1998.

Smith OAM, Capt. Anthony Russell (AD2003)

For service to tourism, and to the community by raising awareness of environmental issues affecting the health of the Murray-Darling River system.

Master of Captain Cook Cruises' PS Murray Princess, 1990-2001. During this time, he operated regular tours of the Murray River and raised public awareness on environmental issues threatening the health of the River Murray.

Smith OAM, Mr Peter Richard (QB2004)

For service to veterans and their families through the Korea and South East Asia Forces Association of Australia and the Returned and Services League of Australia, and to the community of Mannum.

National Secretary, Korea and South East Asia Forces Association of Australia, 1996-2003. President, SA Branch, 1975-1988; State Secretary (for one year) and founding member in 1974; Life Member, since 1990. Member, Australian National Korea War Memorial Consultative Committee, since 1998. Treasurer, Mannum Sub-Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia, since 1995; Welfare Officer/Pensions Officer, since 1998; Peer Educator (DVA), since 2000. Member, Kensington Park Sub-Branch, 1967-1983; Assistance Secretary, 1967-1971. Other service to the community includes: Councillor, Mid Murray Council, since 2000. Chairman, Mid Murray Homes for the Aged (former Mannum Homes for the Aged), since 1997. Chairman, Mannum Progress/Promotions Association; Member, since 1993. Current Secretary, Murray Darling Association Region 6. Current SA Local Government Association representative on the SA Supported Residential Facilities Advisory Committee and the State Transport Advisory Committee. Vice-President, Mannum Football Club, for one year; Secretary, for 3 years; current Assistant Secretary/Treasurer; Delegate to River Murray Football League, 1988-2002 and since 2003. Coordinator, Mannum Big River Fishing Competition, since 1997. Former official, Norwood Football Club, for 12 years. Board Member, Mannum Community Club, 2000-2002. Former Committee Member, Mannum Golf Club. Coached Mannum Baseball Club in Murray Bridge Baseball Association. Coached at Kensington Baseball Club and Northern Districts Baseball Club. Awards include; Centenary Medal, 2001.

Smith OAM, Mrs Marjorie Eileen (AD2005)

For service to the community as an advocate and representative for carers, and through support for Zonta International.

Current Carer Ambassador, Carers Association of SA; Chair and a Founder of the Carers Education Group; Member, SA Mental Health Carers Task Group. Chair, Carers SA Council of Carers, 1998-1999, also a member for a longer period. Carers SA often provides representatives for selection of secure staff, advising Government on policy, belonging to project groups to give feedback and educating professionals. Mrs Smith has been a representative in these capacities on many occasions. Current Chair, Royal District Nursing Services Client Reference Group, since 1997. Current Coordinator and Founder, Camelia Group (a local carer support group), for several years. Inaugural State Coordinator (South Australia), National Network for Private Psychiatric Sector Consumers and Carers, 2002. Carer Representative, Ramsay Health Care SA Mental Health Services Consumer and Carer Advisory Committee, 2000. Member, Carers Australia Board, 1995-1999. Founding Member, Depression Awareness in Later Life Working Committee, Alzheimer's Association of South Australia. Current Member, Zonta International Club of Adelaide Flinders, since 1985; Current Club Representative on the National Council of Women, the Combined Zonta Service Committee and the combined Zonta Status of Women Committee, since 1996; Current Member, Program Planning Committee, for 3 years; President, 1994-1996, Vice-President, 1992; Regional Coordinator. Founder Member, City of Unley Community Advisory Group, since 1997; also participated in the Council's Social Development Strategy. Mrs Smith has provided support to a range of council organisations and activities, including the HAAC Advisory Committee. Member, Anglican Parish of Plympton; support provided includes Coordinator Circle of Friends group, 2003; Priest Warden, 2001-2003; Coordinator of a Kids’ Club, 2001-2002; helper at a Young Mum's group; and member of the Synod, since 1998. Awards/recognition include: Appreciation Award, Zonta International Club of Adelaide Flinders, 2000; “for contribution and as a Status of Women Chairperson, representative for National Council of Women. Commonwealth Recognition Award for Senior Australians, 1999. Recognition Award, University of South Australia, 1994; in recognition of 20 years’ membership and significant contribution as Council Member and Chairperson, and Volunteer'’.

Smith OAM, Mr Keith (AD2006)

For service to the community of South Australia, particularly through leadership in the provision of social welfare services.

Chair, Anglicare SA (formerly Council of Anglican Community Services), since 1994; current Chair, Council Executive; current Member, Finance committee; current Member, since 1992. Involved in the Adelaide Anglican Diocesan Council; Member, Archbishop Nomination Committee. Chair, State Opera of SA 1986-1992. President, Australian Institute of Company Directors, SA/NT. Executive Chairman, Global Wine Industry Group, KPMG Corporate Finance (Aust) Pty Ltd, since 2003. Established Tatachilla, McLaren Vale. Former Managing Director, Wolf Blass Wines. Managing Director, Barossa Co-Operative Winery, appointed 1977. Inaugural Director, State Development, 1983-1986.

Smith OAM, Mr Allan Bennett (QB2007)

For service to the community of the Riverland region, particularly through the Murray River Skippers Association and charitable, ex-service and sporting organisations.

Inaugural President, Murray River Skippers Association, 1988-2003; Life Member, 2000. Adviser, Murray Darling River Basin Commission, for many years until 1998. Captain, Industry; historical paddle steamer. Former Owner, The Barrangal ;floating restaurant. Member, Renmark Masonic Lodge, since 1978; has served as Master/Secretary. Chairman, Building Appeals Committee, Woodbine Charity, 1974. Member, Rotary Club of Warracknabeal, 1968-1972. Member, Riverland Sub-Branch, National Servicemen's Association, since 1994; Vice-President, for one year; Committee Member, until 1999. Volunteer, Water Polo venue, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. layer/Coach/Administrator, Renmark Junior Cricket Association, 20 years’ involvement. Renmark Delegate, Murray Districts Junior Cricket Council; Manager, Under 16 team. President, Warracknabeal Football Club, 1972-1973.

Smith AM, Mr Kenneth Ross (AD2008)

For service to the dairy industry in South Australia through leadership and advisory roles with a range of organisations.

Chairman, Dairy SA, 1998-2005. Chairman, Dairy Authority of South Australia, since 2005; Board Member, since 1993. Long-standing Board Member, South Australian Dairy Farmers Association; instrumental in the development of new techniques in management of Bovine Johne's Disease, since 1997. Chairman, Management Advisory Committee, Flaxley Dairy Research Centre, 1998-2003. Dairy industry representative, South Australian Cattle Advisory Group, since 1998. Chair, Review Panel into South Australian dairy research program, 1997. Inaugural Member, South Australian Enzootic Bovine Leucosis Control Committee, 1993. Leading role in the development and implementation of milk transport system through the South Australian Milk Haulage Company, 1988; current Board Member. Chairman, Gulf St Vincent Prawn Fishery, 1990s. Developed, South Australian Seafood Plan. Board Member, Thoroughbred Racing SA Ltd, for the past 6 years. Coordinator, Meadows Youth Group. Volunteer, Service to Youth Council. Volunteer, Meadows-Echunga Meals on Wheels, 1980s-1990s. Current Chairman, Meadows Uniting Church. Chairman, Strathalbyn Hospital Board, 1980s; oversaw the building of Strathalbyn Nursing Home; opened 1988.

Smith AM, Prof Malcolm Douglas (QB2011)

Rheumatology Unit, Repatriation General Hospital, Daws Road, Daw Park SA 5041 For service to medicine in the field of rheumatology as a clinician, academic and researcher, and through contributions to professional organisations.

Head, Rheumatology Unit, Flinders Medical Centre; Senior Consultant, from 1990. Current Senior Consultant, Repatriation General Hospital, Adelaide. Visiting Clinician, Port Pirie and Clare Valley. Current Honorary National Secretary, Australian Rheumatology Association (ARA); current Chair, Scientific Programs Committee; current Member, Research and Program Committee. South Australian Representative to ARA National Council, since 2006. Committee Member, Scientific Programs Committee, ARA (SA), since 1990. President, ARA (SA), 1996; Secretary, ARA (SA), 1992-1995. Professor in Medicine, Flinders University. Involved in undergraduate and post graduate teaching at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, and the Repatriation General Hospital, since 1980. Established the South Australian Synovial Tissue Bank, Repatriation General Hospital, 1996. Member, Outcome Measures in Rheumatology Clinical Trials Committee; Member, Synovial Special Interest Group. Active Member, European Synovitis Group. Founder, Australian Synovitis Group. Author of over 200 publications, 120 abstracts and four book chapters. Vice-President, Arthritis Australia (SA), since 1996; Chair, Medical and Scientific Committee, 1992-1994. Awards/recognition include: Parr Prize, for contribution to rheumatology research in Australia, Australian Rheumatology Association, 2007.

Smith AO, Dr Richard Miln (QB2012)

For distinguished service to scientific research in the fields of human nutrition, cardiovascular disease and agriculture, to Indigenous communities in rural and remote areas, and to professional organisations.

Honorary Research Fellow, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, 1993-1995; Chief Research Scientist, Division of Human Nutrition, 1989-1993. Honorary Consultant Research Scientist, Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Adelaide, 1985-1993. Consultant, Kimberley Nutrition Project and the Outstation Impact Project, Western Australian Department of Health, 1994-1997. Member, National Committee on Nutrition, Australian Academy of Science, 1988-1997. President, Nutrition Society of Australia, 1984-1986. Co-Founder, Australian Nutrition Trust. Director, Miln Walker & Associates Pty Ltd, since 1998. Fellow, Nutrition Society of Australia, 1993.

Smith OAM, Mr Clement (QB2013)

For service to motorsports.

Owner/Operator, Mallala Motorsport Park South Australia, for 37 years; motorsport career, from 1953 to the mid 1990s. Awards/recognition include: Australian Sports Medal, 2000.

Smith OAM, Mrs Ann Valerie (AD2014)

For service to the community through the mental health sector.

Advocate with Citizens Advocacy; has lobbied in the interests of people with a mental illness, since 1990. Former Consumer Consultant, Margaret Tobin Psychiatric Ward, Flinders Medical Centre; prime mover in the creation of Consumer Advisory Groups in the field of mental health. Has participated in a range of mental health-related organisations including as Chair, State Consumer and Carer Group; Member, State Carer and Consumer Steering Group. Consumer Representative for Safety and Quality in Healthcare Council; Safety and Quality Consumer and Carer Advisory Committee; Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network; and National Mental Health Consumer Carer Forum. State Change Agents for SA Mental Health Services. ‘Lived Experience’ representative on reference group research project ‘Flinders University – Effectiveness of Community Treatment Orders’. ‘Lived Experience’ representative on reference group research project ‘Melbourne University – Seclusion Restraint’. Undertook para-legal work for a Family Court lawyer on a voluntary basis for a young woman whose toddler son had been abducted; child is now re-united with his mother. Co-Author, Right to Vote published paper. Co-Authored on Advocacy and Legal Issues Training package and Workshop in collaboration with SA Public Advocate; trained 38 Peer Advocates (Mental Health).

Smith Iso AM, Mr Desmond Percival (QB2006)

Service to engineering through development of rail transport systems, particularly as a contributor to the planning and design of the Alice Springs to Darwin rail line.

Chief Civil Engineer, Australian National Railways, 1979-1985; directly responsible for the original route selection, survey, design and planning for the Alice Springs to Darwin railway. Consultant on the Alice Springs to Darwin railway for the Northern Territory Government and other parties, 1986-1999. Member, Northern Territory Railway Executive Group, 1986. Was involved for many years in the construction and maintenance of airstrips along East-West and North-South railways for use by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Publications include Planning a new railway: Alice Springs to Darwin, 2003. Awards include: Imperial Service Order, for his outstanding public service to the railways as a civil engineer, 1981. Advance Australia Award, for his contribution to civil engineering, 1982.

Smolicz AM, Prof Jerzy Jaroslaw (AD1988)

For service to migrant education.

Chief Editor "Studies in Adult Migrant Education" - a 13-volume work, 1983-86. Chairman: SA Ministerial Task Force on Multiculturalism in Education 1983-84; Commonwealth Schools Commission, Ethnic School Survey 1981-82: Senior Secondary Assessment Board, Polish Examination Committee 1980-86; Sociology Section 50th ANZAAS Congress 1980. Fellow and Executive committee member, Australian Academy of Social Sciences. Copernicus UNESCO Fellow, Warsaw University 1979. Fellow, Australian College of Education. Member of editorial board of seven education journals. Member of many other national research bodies. Currently Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts, Adelaide University.

Smyth OAM, Mr John David (AD2010)

For service to conservation and the environment through sustainable farming practices in combination with flora and fauna conservation.

Director, Bushland Conservation Pty Ltd, Co Founder, 1975. Co-Founder, Mid North Flora and Fauna Group, 1980. Founding Member, SA Native Vegetation Advisory Committee. Member, Interim Northern Agricultural and Yorke Peninsula Natural Resources Management Committee. Member, South Australian Ornithological Association. Member, Nature Conservation Society of South Australia. Member, Friends of Private Bushland. Former Member, National Parks Consultative Committee, Yorke and Lower North. Former Member, Friends of Spring Gully Conservation Park. Former Member, Birds Australia. Awards/recognition include: Nature Conservation Award, Landcare, 1997. Ibis Award, Commonwealth Development Bank, 1992.

Smytherman OAM, Ms Patricia Ann (QB2002)

For service to people with disabilities and their carers through the Tatiara Employment Support Service Inc and the Carer Support and Respite Centre Inc.

Established the Tatiara Employment Support Service Inc. (TESS), an employment service for people who have a disability, 1986-1990. Secured the birthplace of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke for TESS and developed the premises as a community house, inviting TAFE and CES to co-locate with TESS. Realising the tourism potential of Hawke House, set up a cartoon gallery focussing on Mr Hawke. Established the first funded programme for carers in South Australia, 1990, the Regional Carer Support Project. Promoted the model across SA. Developed the agency to become the Carer Support and Respite Centre Inc, a one-stop shop for carers in south and east metropolitan Adelaide. Served on several boards, including TAFE, Domiciliary Care and Carers Association SA.

Snewin OAM, Mrs Sadie (QB2004)

For service to the welfare of veterans and their families through Torchbearers for Legacy in South Australia.

South Australian Torchbearers for Legacy: Current State President; former President and Secretary, Adelaide Branch; Life Member, 1997. Legacy in South Australia: Volunteer supporter (not a member), since 1958.

Snewin OAM, Mr John Arthur (AD2005)

For service to the community through a range of ex-Service groups, particularly the Beaufort Squadrons Association of Australia.

Current Secretary, Beaufort Squadrons Association of Australia; President; Treasurer; Member, since 1981. Honorary Solicitor, RAAF Association (SA Division), for 12 years; Member, since 1989. President, Naval, Military and Air Force Club, South Australia, 1993-1995; Vice-President, 1991-1993; Member, General Committee, for several years prior to 1991.

Snowden OAM, Mrs Lenore Irene (QB1986)

For service to the community.

Active member, Meals on Wheels in Brighton 26 years. Member, Adelaide Children's Hospital Auxiliary since 1971, Honorary Secretary 1972-77, President 1978-81, Vice-President 1982-83, Treasurer 1984-85.

Sodeman OAM, Mr Ian Edward (QB2004)

For service to children with disabilities, particularly through the development and provision of recreational opportunities.

Served as a Cub Scout Leader for disability groups, during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980; the groups were able to attend the 7th National Jamboree in New Zealand. These voluntary roles coincided with Mr Sodeman’s employment in the disability sector, as follows: Apprentice, Somerton Crippled Children's Home, 1960s. Mr Sodeman was involved in the development of the 'Milwaukee Brace' for the treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis in children, 1960s and 1970s. Technician, Regency Park Centre of the Crippled Children's Association, from 1976. Mr Sodeman was also involved in the development of post polio, spina bifida and other disability orthoses.

Somerville AM, Prof Margaret Anne Ganley (AD1990)

For service to the law and bioethics.

Appointed in 1986 to the post of Director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at the McGill University, Montreal in Quebec Province, Canada. Currently holds a Chair in Law in the Faculty of Medicine and is Gale Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law. Particularly known for work in the new field of bioethics assisting in developing policies involving human tissue transplantation, reproductive technology, protection of the unborn, dying with dignity and the legal/medical questions raised by the treatment of those with AIDS and HIV infections.

Somerville AM, Miss Dorothy Christine (AD1986)

For service to the legal profession and to the community.

Sommariva OAM, Mrs Annita Mary (QB1991)

For service to the community, particularly aged people.

Co-ordinator and a founding member Glynde Senior Citizens' Club since 1982. Provides a social outlet for 90-100 people twice weekly. Interstate bus trips and competitive bowls form part of the activities. Charter member Inner Wheel 1971-1984; served on the Committee and President one year. Interpreter for non-English speaking Italians.

Sommer OAM, Mr Heino (QB2001)

For service to the community, particularly through the Adelaide Estonian Society and the Rotary Club of Woodville.

Mr Sommer has been involved in the community through the Adelaide Estonian Society since 1949; Committee Member 1954-1957. Member "Our Home" Co-Operative Society since 1953; Chairman 1958-1972, and 1974- 2000. Member Adelaide Estonian Male Choir since 1959; Chairman of Committee 1989-1997. Member Woodville Rotary Club since 1969; President 1982-1983; Member Board of Directors since 1970. Member Boy Scouts Friends Association since 1959.

Son AM, The Hon Chhay (QB2010)

For service to international relations, and to the community through the Cambodian-Australian Association of South Australia.

Cambodian Parliamentary service includes: Member of Cambodian Parliament, since 1993. Member of Parliament, Phnom Penh, and Party Whip, Sam Rainsy Party (formerly Khmer Nation Party), since 1998. Chair, Cambodian Parliamentary Caucus on Myanmar, 2006. Chair, National Assembly Committee on Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation and Information, 2005-2008. Member of Parliament, Siem Reap Province, 1993 -1998. Chair, Parliamentary Committee on Public Works, Transport, Telecommunications, Post, Industry, Energy, Mines and Commerce, 1998-2003. Parliamentary Secretary, Committee on Education, Culture, Tourism and Religious Affairs, 1993-1998. Founder and Vice-President, Cambodian Australian Association of South Australia, 1981-1985. Founding Member, Association of Southeast Asian Nations Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus, 2004. Founding Member, Global Organization for Parliamentarians Against Corruption, 2002. Coordinator, South East Asia Parliamentarians Against Corruption, for 2 years. Founding Member, Coalition for Transparency Cambodia, 2001. Lecturer, Phnom Penh University, Cambodia, 1991-1993. Teacher at various schools and colleges in South Australia, 1986-1998.

Southcott AM, Mrs Heather Joyce (QB1991)

For service to the community, particularly in the field of women's affairs.

Mrs Southcott is a Foundation Member of the Australian Democrats and the first woman President of the party. She has served the National Council of Women of SA for more than 30 years and was International Secretary of the Australia Board. She has been Federal and State President of the United Nations Association of Australia, a member of the Human Ethnics Committee of the University of Adelaide, and a key member of the Older Women's Advisory Committee to the SA Premier. Mrs Southcott has also had an ongoing association with community groups such as SHELTER (public housing), SAOGA (unemployed people), CAPSA (disability advocacy), the Status of Women Committee and others. Her contribution to community and women's affairs has been notable.

Southgate AM, Prof Deane Oakford (QB1990)

For service to medicine, particularly in the field of occupational health and safety.

Involved in developing State policies and practising guidelines for occupational health and safety. Foundation Member, Australia and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine 1969; served on Victorian Executive including two years as President; representative on Federal Executive two years. Played leading role in 1980s in establishing Australian College of Occupational Medicine; College censor since its inception; member of Examination Panel. Inaugural Director, Clovelly Park Community Health Centre since 1973 which was established to extend general practice work into the community. Adviser to SA Government on establishment and functioning of community health centres. Board member, Noarlunga Committee. Part-time Lecturer, Flinders University, Department of Primary Care and Community Medicine. Instigator, Service to Youth Council of SA 1958; Chairman of Board 1958-69; President 1970-76; Life Member. Has promoted general practice through the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners, Family Medicine Program.

Southwood AM, Dr Dean Milton (AD1992)

For service to medicine, particularly in the field of oto-rhino-laryngology.

Experienced, established, respected medical specialist, consultant in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, Head Ear Nose and Throat Department Modbury Hospital. Member Otolaryngological Society of Australia since 1968, President SA Branch 1987-88. President Australian Council on Smoking and Health since 1980. Committee member Action on Smoking and Health 1986-88. President East Torrens District Cricket Club since 1978. In 1980 sponsored club financially so that it became only senior cricket club in the world to reject tobacco moneys. Wide public support for club.

Soward OAM, Mrs Coralie Jocelyn (QB1999)

For service to the community of Burnside through social welfare and health organisations, and to local government.

Currently a volunteer at the Burnside Community Centre, Mrs Soward has been actively involved in her local community for many years. Member, Burnside Hospital Board 1974-1993; Chairperson, Burnside Branch, Royal District Nursing Society (RDNS), 1975-1993; inaugural Vice-Chairman, RNDS Foundation, 1994-continuing. Part-time Commissioner, SA Health Commission, 1982-1983. Served as Chairperson, Burnside Committee of Duke of Edinburgh Committee, 1979-1985. Chairperson, East Torrens County Board, 1975-1977; Board Member, 1972-1982; Executive Chairperson, Metropolitan County Board, 1978-1984. Life Member and Patron, Beaumont Tennis Club; Life Member, East Torrens/Kensington Gardens Tennis Club, 1982; Life Member, Burnside Swimming Club, 1981; Foundation Member, Burnside Group 6 of SA Penguin Club of Australia in 1957; State Treasurer, 1959-1962; State President 1962. Received Penguin Award of Merit in 1988 and became an Accredited Critic in 1987. She served as Mayor, City of Burnside 1979-1982; elected Councillor since 1968. Received City of Burnside’s Citizen Award in 1991, and was honoured in 1984 with the Burnside Community Centre’s hall being named the "Coralie Soward Hall".

Sparnon OAM, Mr George William (QB1988)

For service to local government and to the community.

Councillor, Walkerville Council 1965-83; Mayor 1982-87; Council representative on many committees. Chairman Gilberton Amateur Swimming Club since 1973.

Spear OAM, Mr William Alister (Bill) (QB2011)

For service to the community in South Australia.

Board Member, South Australian Jockey Club, since 2005; Chairman, Finance Sub-Committee, since 2009; Member, since 1973.

Spencer OAM, Mrs Ida Verdun (QB1991)

For service to the community particularly through Red Cross Transport, South Australia.

Voluntary Supervisor of SA Red Cross Transport daily 1971 to date; joined Transport Service 1958. Work involves monitoring over 90 drivers transporting outpatients to Adelaide Hospital. Annually organises cars for veterans for Anzac Day Parade. Seniors Week Community Services Award 1989 and IOOF Friendly Society Senior Citizen Award 1989. President, Ex-Servicewomen's Club of SA 1987 to date, Committee member 1985-87, President 1982-85. Other community work with Multiple Sclerosis Society. Foundation President, Glenelg Ladies' Probus Club, presently committee member.

Spencer AM, Mr Clement Stuart (AD1986)

For public service and for service to the community.

Spencer OAM, RFD, Mr John David (AD2007)

For service to veterans and their families, particularly through the South Australian Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia.

Executive Director, South Australian Branch, Returned and Services League of Australia, since 1997; Member of the ANZAC-Remembrance Appeal, 1965; Trust Fund; Veterans Affairs Committee; ANZAC Day Committee; Poppy Day Housing Association; Poppy Day Trust Fund; and the Defence and National Security Committee. Assisted in establishing the Peacekeepers of South Australia Sub-Branch and currently serves as its Treasurer/Secretary. Member, Board of Directors, Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park, South Australia, since 2005; associated with the Hospital, since 1997. Current Member, Veterans' Aged Care and Health Advisory Committee. Member, South Australian Treatment Monitoring Committee, for 5 years. Member, Legacy Club of Adelaide, since 1986, Liaison Officer, Laurel Club, 1997; Member, Widows Central Committee, 1997; Club Vice-President, 1993-1994; Member, Board of Management, 1987 and 1993-1994. Current Member, Spirit of Gallipoli Committee. Current Auditor, Friends of Penang Association; Inaugural Treasurer, for many years; Member, for some 30 years. Member, South Australian Vietnam Veterans Association, for many years. Councillor, Royal United Services Institute, 1984-1987. Contributor, History of the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps in South Australia, over a five-year period. Board Member, South Australian Branch, Council on the Ageing (COTA National Seniors), for seven years; Member, Policy Council.

Spezzan OAM, Mr Thomas Anthony (AD1994)

For service to the ex-service community.

Mr Spezzan served the ex-service community from 1984 at State and Federal levels. He served as a hospital visitor and Volunteer in Office, both between 1985 and 1988. He was a member of the Consultative Council of Ex-Servicemen and Women and its Steering Committee, the Council of the Department of Veterans' Affairs Joint Venture Scheme (SA) and the Veterans Health Monitoring Board and acted as an Advocate to the Review Board.

Spiers OAM, Mr Henry John (AD2001)

For service to primary industry, particularly through the South Australian Farmers Federation, and to the community of Hawker and district.

Mr Spiers has been an active member of the South Australian Farmers Federation since joining in 1954 (then known as the Stockowners Association). He served as President of the Hawker Branch for 10 years, and President of the Northern Branch for two years. Delegate of Zone Fifteen for 11 years. Member, Education and Training Committee for 4 years. Chairman, Land Use Committee for 2 years, and member 10 years. Life Member, South Australian Farmers Federation. Representative on Pastoral Training Course with TAFE College and public authorities committees. Chairman, Pastoral Task Force. South Australian alternate delegate to Wool Council of Australia. Member Crown Lands Act Review Committee. Member, Arid Areas Water Resources Committee for 3 years. Member, Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Eradication Committee for 5 years. Member, South Australian Cattle Compensation Advisory Committee for 4 years. Member, Dog Fence Board for 10 years. Committee member, Review of the Dog Control Act. Chairman, North Flinders Soil Board. Past Member, Hawker District Council for many years and also served as Chairman. Member and Chairman, Hawker Area School. Member, Hawker Country Fire Service. Life Member, Hawker Golf Club and Bowling Club.

Sprigg AO, Dr Reginald Claude (QB1983)

For service to industry, particularly in the fields of geology and petroleum exploration.

Springbett OAM, Mr Kenneth Henry (QB1993)

For service to Meals on Wheels.

Secretary/Treasurer of the Gawler Branch of Meals in Wheels since 1966 and also drives for distribution of the meals. Involved in the preserving of fruit and buying of food. Active member of the Uniting Church.

Springbett OAM, Mrs Winifred Rose (QB1993)

For service to Meals on Wheels.

Supervisor of the Gawler Branch of Meals on Wheels since 1966 and also drives for distribution of the meals. Involved in the preserving of fruit and buying of food. Active member of the Uniting Church.

Spry AM, Miss Pamela Joy (AD1988)

For service to nursing.

Director of Nursing, Royal Adelaide Hospital 1973-84; Assistant Director 1971-73. Member, College of Nursing, Australia, since 1961, Fellow 1966. Council Executive member, South Australian State Committee 1976-78. Member, Education Committee Nurses' Board of SA, 1963-84. Part-time Commissioner, South Australian Health Commission 1975-78. Councillor, Royal Australian Nursing Federation SA, first Life Member, 1983.

Spurling AM, Mr Graham George (AD2013)

For significant service to business, and to the community of South Australia.

Chairman, Phoenix Copper, Bundaleer Wines. Director, Dexion Ltd, 2005-2011. President, Pacific Dunlop Holdings (USA), 1997. President, GNB Technologies, 1987-1997. Managing Director, Mitsubishi Motors Australia, 1980-1987. President, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 1983-1984. Inaugural Chairman, Hanson Institute, 2003-2008; Chairman, Finance Committee. Chairman, Diocesan Finance Council, Catholic Arch Diocese of Adelaide. Chairman, Fundraising Committee, Royal Adelaide Hospital Appeal Board. Deputy Chairman, Fundraising Committee, Hutt Centre for Homeless. Chairman, Automotive Development Task Force, SA Government. Chairman, Defence Reserve Support Council, SA. Fellow, Academy of Technological Science and Engineering. Fellow, Institution of Engineers Australia. Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors. Awards/recognition include: Centenary Medal, 2001. Efficiency Decoration, long service award presented to officers in the Army Reserve prior to the establishment of the Reserve Force Decoration.

Stacey OAM, Mr Robert McGregor (QB2002)

For service to the community of Jamestown, particularly through the Jamestown and District Homes for the Aged.

Jamestown and District Homes for the Aged: Member of the Steering Committee, 1974-2001; Chairman, 1982-1988 and 1995-1997; Secretary, 1976-1980. Chairman, Jamestown Hydrotherapy Pool Steering Committee, 2000-2001. Board member, Jamestown Hospital Board, for one term. Member, Jamestown Show Society, for 40 years; Trophy donor. Parish Council Member and Chairman, Jamestown Uniting Church; Stewardship Chairman; Circuit Steward; Chairman, Property Committee; Sunday School Superintendent; Trustee.

Stacy AM, Mr John Michael Sholto (QB1991)

For service to engineering, particularly to the automotive industry.

Mr Stacy is considered to be one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable engineers to serve the Australian motor industry. He joined Chrysler Australia in 1954 as a project engineer on the development of Chrysler cars and Dodge trucks. He was jointly responsible for the engineering of the first Valiant range in 1963, then assumed responsibility for the design and development of the Australian Hemi 6-cylinder engine used in the Valiants. Mitsubishi Motors took over Chrysler in 1980 and Mr Stacy became head of the Product Planning. He was instrumental in the development of the highly successful Magna car and the Sigma and Galant ranges and in their development for the export market.

Staines OAM, Mr John Charles (AD1995)

For service to the community.

Area Services Officer, Defence Support Centre, Woomera for the past 26 years. Mr Staines has been responsible for the establishment of parks, gardens, tree-lined streets and playing fields in this harsh environment. Served as Chairman, High School Council, five years. Involved in cricket, softball (currently patron) and golf (President twice and Vice-President twice). President of the local Sub-Branch of the ALP since 1990 when it was reformed, previously President 1971-80. Currently Co-Chairman, Defence Department Regional Consultative Committee.

Stamm AM, Mr Walter John (QB1986)

For service to engineering.

Recently retired as Managing Director, John Shearer Limited since 1979. Currently President, Institution of Engineers, Australia; Vice-President 1982-86; Member since 1945 and has served as South Australian Division Chairman, convener on Task Force on Manufacturing and Director of Maidnia Pty. Ltd. (Publishers of "Engineers Australia"). Simpson Pope Ltd. Adelaide 1961-79, rising from Chief Production Engineer to General Manager (Industrial Products). Has held positions as Vice-President, National Agricultural Equipment Council of the Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia; Committee member, Metal Industries Association, South Australia; member, Committee for Economic Development of Australia; member, Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, South Australia Inc.; member, State Advisory Committee on Education.

Stanford OAM, Mr Ross Milton (AD1991)

For service to the community, particularly through the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation.

In 1931, 16-year-old Ross Stanford made 416 n.o. and entered the cricket statistics as holder of the schoolboys' record. Twenty-two years later he was a member of the RAAF cricket team in the UK which raised thousands of pounds for English wartime charities and was also a member of the 1945-46 Australian Services Cricket Team in India which donated all profits to Indian charities. During the war, Mr Stanford was a member of the famed 617 Squadron - the Dam Busters - and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. In 1970 he accepted the task of establishing the SA Branch of the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation for the Relief of Suffering; he was Honorary Secretary for 11 years, Projects Officer for 15, and Adoptions Secretary for 12 years. To promote the work of the Foundation and as its main fund-raiser, Mr Stanford introduced the printing, packaging and distribution of Christmas cards. Some 700,000 have been sold, raising more than $200,000 for the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation's endeavours.

Stanford OAM, Mrs Joyce Constance (QB2001)

For service to the community, particularly through the Henley Beach and Grange Branches of Meals on Wheels and the Ryder Cheshire Foundation of South Australia.

Volunteer driver, Henley Beach and Grange Branches of Meals on Wheels fortnightly for 31 years, and awarded Life membership. Co-founder, Ryder-Cheshire Foundation (South Australia) 1970, and committee member until her death.

Stanley AM, Hon Brian Charles (QB1996)

For service to industrial relations, particularly through the South Australian Industrial Court and Commission, and the community through the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Contributed to industrial relations and the law through the South Australian Industrial Court and Commission as President from 1984-94. He had served as Deputy President of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission for 20 years. He has been President of the Racing Appeal Tribunal since 1989 and President of the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal from 1987-94. Has had a long association with the St. Vincent de Paul Society in South Australia and in this capacity has devoted much time to helping the homeless. He served as Chairperson of their Night Shelter Committee from March 1980-86 and again since mid 1995. Major reviews of its services and building provisions were undertaken during his periods of leadership. He served as President of the Society's State Council 1986-89.

Stanley OAM, Mr Laurence Frederick (QB2003)

For service to people with intellectual disabilities, particularly through Orana Inc.

Member of the Board of Directors of Orana Inc, for 21 years; President and Board Chairman, for 13 years. Member Apex Club of Port Pirie, 1968-1981; President, 1971-1972; District Governor, Zone Board, 1980-1981; Life Member, Association of Apex Clubs. Member and Chairman, College Board, St Mark’s College, Port Pirie. Member of the governing body of the SA Commission for Catholic Schools, for 10 years. Member of the Board, Sacred Heart Home, Crystal Brook, a boarding facility for students of St Mark’s College, Port Pirie.

Stanley AM, OBE, Mr Raymond John (QB2004)

For service to the Reserve Forces, particularly through the Defence Reserve Support Council, and to science education as a teacher and author of chemistry textbooks for senior secondary students.

Australian Defence Reserves: Chair, South Australian Reserve Forces Day Council, since 1998. Chair, South Australian, Defence Reserve Support Council, 1994-2000. President, Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia, 1979-1981; Member, since 1958. Service to science education includes: Author and co-author of several chemistry manuals, textbooks, students' workbooks and teachers' aids, since 1969. Deputy Headmaster, St Peter's College, 1984-1992; Head of Chemistry Department; Personal Assistant to the Headmaster; teacher from 1960s. Secretary, St Peter's College Mission, 1970-1990 (raised funds for the Anglican Mission at Elizabeth). President, South Australian Association of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Stanton OAM, Miss Anne (QB1978)

For service to the welfare of disabled persons.

Stanton AM, Ms Kathleen Dolores (AD1999)

For service to sports administration through Sport SA and as a member of state and federal sporting organisations.

Ms Stanton has been Chief Executive Officer, Sport SA since 1993. General Manager, Athletics SA, 1987-1993. Executive Officer, SA School Sports Association, 1984-1987; teaching positions at various schools from 1961 to 1984. She continues to be involved in introducing new sports programmes in school. Initiated and manages Sports SA Management and Training Services, a commercial venture providing training for people in the sport industry. Represents Australian sport on the Sport and Recreation Training Board and the Recreation Industry Training Company. Recently asked to chair the Australian Sport Training Committee. She has been a member, Sport Export, Adelaide Advisory Committee since 1996; member, Sport 2000 Task Force Committee since 1995; Deputy Chair, SA Sports Institute, 1992-1994; member of the Working Party writing National Junior Sport Policy, Australian Sports Commission since 1991. Member, Women’s Consultative Committee for Recreation and Sport, 1994; member, Management Committee of Fun, Sport and Action Project; Vice President, Australian Sport (ACT) Organising Committee, Australia Sports Commission/ Confederation of Australian Sport Junior Sport Conference, 1991. Chairperson, Women’s Suffrage Centenary Sport and Recreation Task Force, 1994. Serves as a Board Member, Confederation of Australian Sport since 1990. Founding Chairperson, Sport SA. Board Member, Athletics Australia, 1988-1992; Task Force member, 1990-1992. Executive Member, SA Division, Commonwealth Games Association, 1988-1992. Ms Stanton was team manager for junior athletics teams in 1990 and 1992. Chairperson, Organising Committee, SA Veterans’ Clubs Track and Field Championships, 1992-1993. Served as President, Hockey SA, 1984-1988.

Stanton OAM, Mr Barry James (AD2013)

For service to sports administration and to the sport of athletics.

Managing Director, On Your Marks!, since 1993; Management and Training Consultancy. Senior Management roles include Supervisor of Physical Education; Superintendant of Curriculum and Education; District Superintendant, South Australian Department for Education and Children's Services, 1973-1995. Secretary, Australian Commonwealth Games Association (SA Division), since 2005. Member, South Australian Olympic Council. President, Athletics SA. Oversaw the relocation of the track to Santos Stadium from the Olympic Sports Field. Introduced the idea of a Hall of Fame. Executive Member, Athletics Australia. Member, Athletics International. Official, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Manager, Junior Australian Team to USA and Canada, 1992. Australian Champion, 440 yards hurdles, 1960-1962. Victorian Champion, 440 yards hurdles and flat, 1960. Chairman, Service Skills SA, since 2005; Public Officer, since 2005; Chair, Sport and Recreation Sub-Committee, since 2005. Chairman, Royal Life Saving Society (SA Branch), for 11 years, served in various executive roles; Member, for over 45 years. President, Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1982-1987. Member, Training Committee, Sport SA, 1995-2006. Chair, Advisory Committee, Sport for People with Disabilities. Member, Disability Education Program Advisory Committee. Executive Member, Life Leisure Events Management Inc. Member, National Sport and Recreation Training Council. Author, Centenary of South Australian Primary School Amateur Sports Association, 2011. Author, One Hundred Years History of Royal Life Saving Society in South Australia, 2009. Life Member, Athletics Australia, 2010. Life Member, Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1988. Life Member, Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (SA), 1981. Life Member, Royal Life Saving Society. Awards/recognition include: Centenary Medal, 2001. Australian Sports Medal, 2000. Merit Award, Athletics SA.

Starick OAM, Mr Warren John (QB2007)

For service to primary industry, particularly through egg and poultry sector organisations, and to the community.

Chairman, Poultry Section, South Australian Farmers Federation (SAFF), since 1985; SAFF Senior Vice-President, 1991-1994; Junior Vice-Chairman, 1987-1990; Executive and Finance Committee Member, 1984-1994; Chairman, SAFF Zone 11, 1975-1981. Member, Animal Health and Quarantine Committee, National Farmers Federation (NFF), since 1985; Chairman, NFF Livestock Industries Committee, 1986-1990; Member NFF Executive, 1986-1990; Council, 1983-1984; Transport Committee, 1986-1988. Council Member, Australian Egg Industry Association, since 2000. Director, Southern Egg Proprietary Ltd, since 2003. Director, Australian Farmers Marketing Group, 1992-1994. Member, Exotic Disease Preparedness Council, 1989-1994. Member, Australian Egg Corporation Exotic Disease Committee. Chairman, Australian Council of Egg Producers, 1983-1988. Director, South Australian Egg Board, 1984-1988. Chairman, United Farmers and Graziers (UFG) Poultry Section, 1979-1982; Secretary UFG Zone 11, 1975-1977; Chairman, Cambrai Branch UFG, 1978-1981, Secretary 1974-1977. NFF representative to Federal Government National Consultative Committee on Animal Welfare, since 1984. SAFF representative to State Government Animal Welfare Advisory Council, since 1982. Member, Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) Advisory Committee, since 2005; Member, Working Group to establish AAWS. Member, Australian Egg Corporation Animal Welfare Committee. Chairman, Australian Federation for the Welfare of Animals, 1989-1992. Member, CSIRO Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, 1986-1989. Trustee, Hawker Memorial Trust Scholarship, 1994-2004. Chairman, Cambrai Area School Council, 1976-1986. Chairman, St John's Lutheran Church, 1980-1986; Chairman, Cambrai Lutheran Parish; Chairman, Sedan/Cambrai Lutheran Youth; Chairman, Barossa Valley Lutheran Youth; Sunday School Teacher, for 16 years; Church Lay reader, for 12 years.

Starke OAM, Mr Russell Stewart (QB2006)

Service to the visual arts through promoting the work of emerging artists, and to the community through participation in charity art exhibitions.

Director, Greenhill Galleries Adelaide, since 1998; promotes emerging artists by displaying works; makes Gallery available for fundraising events for charity.

Starks OAM, Mr Norman Thomas (QB2001)

For service to the community of McLaren Vale/Willunga, particularly through service and veterans' organisations.

McLaren Vale/Willunga and Districts Probus Club: served as President, Secretary and Treasurer; Editor of monthly bulletin; Life Member. Organised inter and intra state trips for members and elderly citizens of the district. Southern Districts War Memorial Hospital: became Treasurer in 1995 of the newly established volunteers association. McLaren Flat Community Club: President 1993-1995 and Club Manager for some years. McLaren Vale Neighbourhood Watch: Foundation District Co-ordinator for many years. McLaren Vale Returned and Services League Sub-Branch: Honorary Auditor.

Stathy OAM, Mr Christopher Xenephon (Chris) (AD2012)

For service to the water industry in South Australia.

Founding Board Member, Water Industry Alliance, South Australia, since 1998; Chairman, 2000-2002. Board Member, Plastics Industry Pipe Association. President, Engineering Employers Association of South Australia, 2006-2008. Member, SA Manufacturing Consultative Council, since 2003; Chairman, Manufacturing Strategy Working Group. Executive Member, Australian Industry Group, since 2005. Fellow, Australian Marketing Institute. Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors. Fellow, National Institute of Accountants.

Statnickas OAM, Mr Vladas (QB1992)

For service to the Lithuanian community.

Devoted nearly 50 years to teaching. Headmaster, teacher, Lithuanian ethnic school Adelaide 29 years, encouraging, promoting, teaching language and culture. Member, Subject Advisory Committee for Lithuanian at Senior Secondary Assessment Board of SA and member Examination Setting Panel. Lithuanian Community Member of Honour.

Statton OAM, Mrs Jillian Mary (QB1988)

For service to the South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society.

Council member, South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society 1980-86. Full time voluntary co-ordinator and Editor. "The Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885", published by Genealogy and Heraldry Society of SA (4 volume set) 1986. Tasmanian representative, Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations 1984-87; Councillor 1986.

Statton OAM, Mr Alan Frank (QB2002)

For service to sports administration, particularly Australian Rules football.

South Australian Amateur Football League: Assistant Secretary, 1960; Honorary Secretary, 1961-1970; Tribunal Member, 1971; Honorary Office Manager, 1972-1973; Honorary Treasurer, 1976-1977; Honorary Administration Officer, 1978-1990; Administration Officer (full-time position), 1991-1998; General Manager, 1998. Instrumental in establishing the integration of players with an intellectual disability into club structures. Has held executive positions with the Australian Amateur Football Council, 1986-1997. Administrator, Prince Alfred Old Collegians Football Club, 1957-1959. South Australian Cricket Association (SACA): Secretary, Teachers College Cricket Club, 1970-1973. Secretary, Kensington District Cricket Club, 1977-1980. Delegate to Cricket Committee of SACA, Teachers College Cricket Club, 1970-1973. Delegate to Cricket Committee of SACA, Kensington District Cricket Club, 1977-1980. Awards include: Australian National Football Council Merit Certificate for services to amateur football, 1971. Life membership, SAAFL, 1974. Life membership, Australian Amateur Football Council, 1994.

Statton AM, Mr Jock Hewett (AD2013)

For significant service to the veteran community of South Australia.

Member, National Executive, Returned and Services League of Australia, 2004-2012. State President, South Australian Branch, Returned and Services League of Australia, 2004-2012. Chairman, State Membership Committee, 1995-2004. Member, Services Cemeteries Trust, 1995-2012. Member, Poppy Day Trust Fund, 1995-2012. Member, ANZAC Remembrance Appeal Trust Fund, 1995-2012. Member, Administration Committee, 1996-2012. Member, Memorial Hall Management Committee, 1996-2012. State Board representative on ANZAC Day Committee, 1997-2012. Member, Awards Committee, 1997-2012. RSL Representative on Vietnam Veterans Special Events Committee, 1998-2008. RSL Representative, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial Committee, since 2007. Vice-Patron, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial Appeals Committee, 2012. Chairman, RSL Care (SA), since 2012; formerly War Veterans' Home. Chairman, Board of Management, War Veterans' Home, 2008-2012; Deputy Chairman, 2003-2008. Deputy Chairman, State Veterans Advisory Council, 2011; Member, since 2009. Chairman, State Veterans Health Advisory Council, since 2008. Member, State Volunteer Ministerial Advisory Group, 2004-2012. Member, Future Directions, Repatriation General Hospital, since 2004. President, 9 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (9RAR) SA Association, 2003-2005. Awarded OAM in 2003. For service to veterans and their families, particularly through the South Australian Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia. South Australian Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia: Deputy State President, since 1997; Vice-President, 1995-1997; Chairman, State Membership Committee, since 1995; Member, Services Cemeteries Trust, since 1995; Member, Poppy Day Trust Fund, since 1995; Member, ANZAC Remembrance Appeal Trust Fund, since 1995; Member, WWII Services Welfare Fund, 1995-1997; Member, Administration Committee, since 1996; Member, Memorial Hall Management Committee, since 1996; State Board representative on War Veterans' Home Board of Management, since 1996; State Board representative on ANZAC Day Committee, since 1997; Member, Awards Committee, since 1997; RSL Representative on Vietnam Veterans Special Events Committee, since 1998. Committee member, Blackwood and District Sub-Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia, 1979-1992; held positions of Treasurer, Vice-President, and President for 4 years. Editor and publisher of 9 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (RAR), Association newsletter since 1992; assists with 9 RAR reunions. Chairman, British Imperial Ex-Services Trust.

Steel AM, Mr Anthony Gerald (QB1978)

For services to the arts and as Artistic Director of the Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Steel AO, Ms Judith Eleanore (QB2006)

Service to the international community through the provision of humanitarian aid to the people of Uganda as the founder of Uganda Australia Christian Outreach.

Founder, Uganda Australia Christian Outreach (UACO), originally as an Outreach Program of Westbourne Park Uniting Church, now a registered Non-Government Organisation, 2000. Independent humanitarian aid work in Uganda, since 1998, led to the establishment of UACO. Established primary health care facility and related community outreach programs in Najjanankumbi in conjunction with local health care providers; programs serve the most vulnerable in the community and are aimed at improving living conditions and encouraging self-determination. Mrs Steel continues to provide nursing and other health care and support when in Uganda; undertakes fundraising activities for the program when in Australia. Director of Care, Resthaven, 1994-1998; Director of Nursing, Resthaven Mitcham, 1986-1994. Developed continence management techniques and promoted them in workshops and written materials including reference manuals Promoting Continence in the Nursing Home and Quality Continence Management - A Resource for Carers. Member, South Australia Branch, Continence Foundation of Australia, since 1990s. Awards/recognition include: National Award for Excellence, Aged and Community Services Australia, for her reference manual Quality Continence Management - A Resource for Carers, 1997. Woman of Achievement Award, Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens, Zonta International, 2005. South Australian Finalist, Senior Australian of the Year awards, 2002.

Steele Scott OAM, Mrs Christine Jennifer (AD2005)

For service to the community, particularly through the Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and Australia's Open Garden Scheme.

Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide: President, 1984-1987; Life Member, 1990. Botanic Gardens of Adelaide: Marketing Officer, 1987-2000. Australia's Open Garden Scheme: Inaugural Member, South Australian Board, 1995-1997; Chairperson, South Australia Branch, since 2001, Deputy Chairperson, 1999-2001; National Director, since 2001; Member, National Marketing and Publications Committee, since 2002. Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia: Councillor, 2001; Member, Horticultural Committee; Coordinator, horticultural displays during Royal Show, 2001-2004. National Horticultural Media Australia Awards: Coordinator, 2000, 2002 and 2004. Australia's Rose Festival: Board Member, 1997-1998. Department of Environment and Heritage: Project Manager, 1997. Adelaide City Marketing Committee: Member, 1997-1998. Waterhouse Club: Committee Member, 2000-2004.

Stefani OAM, The Hon Julian Ferdinand (QB1981)

For service to the community.

Stehr AO, Mr Hagen Heinz (AD1997)

For service to the commercial fishing industry and to education and training, particularly through the South Australian Fishing and Seafood Industry Skills Centre Inc.

Mr Stehr has played a major role in the development of the fishing industry in Australia, particularly through his informed and balanced input into future policies for the industry and in the provision of accredited training programmes. Serves as Chairperson, SA Fishing and Seafood Industry Training Council since 1982. Recently invited to become a member of the Regency Institute College Council. He is the instigating force behind the idea to establish the Australian Fisheries Academy which is hoped will be the first industry-run training college for the fishing and seafood industry in Australia. Mr Stehr has also recently instigated the idea to develop a Fishing Industry Museum and Hall of Fame which will become part of the Academy.

Steicke AM, Rev Dr Lance Graham (QB2003)

For service to ecumenism through the National Council of Churches in Australia, and to the Lutheran Church.

National Council of Churches in Australia: President, since 2000; member of planning group which resulted in establishment of the National Council of Churches in Australia and saw the inclusion of the Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches in the membership of the Council. Lutheran Church of Australia: President, 1987-2000; Chairman, Convention of General Synod; Member, Commission for Theology and Inter-Church Relations; Director, Radio and Television, 1979-1987; ordained 1955 Minister, Loxton, SA; contributor to Lutheran Hour Ministry of the Lutheran Church in America, 1972-1987. International Lutheran Council: Executive Member. Lutheran Church of New Zealand: President, 1964-1978; Director, media ministry; parish pastor, 1959-1979.

Steiger OAM, WO Maxwell Roy (AD1979)

For service to the Australian Army and to the School of Army Health.

Steinle AO, Mr John Richard (AD1989)

For service to education.

Director-General, Education Department of SA 1977-88. Part-time Commissioner of Australian Schools Commission 1983-87. Member, Council of the Curriculum Development Centre 1984-87. Member, Executive Committee, Australian Commission for UNESCO 1984-86. Fellow: Australian Council of Education 1977-88; Royal Institute of Public Administration 1971-88; Australian Institute of Management 1971-88; Australian Council of Education Administration 1975-88 (SA President 1976); Australian College of Education 1966-88 (SA President 1977). Currently: Chairman, Children's Interest Bureau; Board member, Wheelchair Sports Association; Member, SA History Trust.

Stening OAM ED, Lt Col Charles George (QB1991)

For service to veterans.

Member, 10th Battalion AIF Association since 1946; Committee member since 1972; Secretary since 1980; former President and Vice-President. Trustee, Sailors' and Soldiers' Distress Fund since 1975, Chairman since 1976. Life Member, 7th Australian Division AIF Association. Member, Rats of Tobruk Association 17 years, 15 years on Committee. Active with Scout Association 1950-68.

Stephenson OAM, Mrs Iris Ada (QB1996)

For service to youth and children with disabilities as an instructor in equestrian skills and to the pony club movement.

Mrs Stephenson has given 38 years service to teaching children and young adults including those with disabilities, horse riding, equestrian events and how to care for their horses. She co-founded the Gawler River Pony Club in 1958 and served on the original committee of the Torrens Valley Pony Club. She continues instructing, helping build cross country and show jumping courses, planting trees and working around the club grounds. Mrs Stephenson serves on numerous committees helping to promote the pony club movement. In more recent years Mrs Stephenson has been assisting children attending the Kersbrook Riding With the Handicapped. Received the Woman of Achievement Award, from Gawler Zonta Club in 1995.

Steven AO, Dr Ian Matheson (AD1995)

For service to paediatric anaesthesia and to the establishment of intensive care services at Adelaide Children's Hospital.

Medical pioneer, clinician and administrator; Director Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Adelaide Children's Hospital (ACH) 1982-89, Deputy Director 1970-82, specialist anaesthetist 1961-89. One of the founders of paediatric anaesthetics and intensive care in Australia. With Dr T. H. Allen, Dr Steven pioneered long-term use of PVC tubing to keep open airways in children choking because of illness, reducing mortality rate from up to 30% to almost nil. He played a key role in establishment of Intensive Care at ACH and in developing procedures which made complex paediatric surgery possible, even safe, including world-renowned cranio-facial surgery. Board member ACH 1977-84, Chairman Project Management Committee 1983-88, Life Member 1976, Emeritus Anaesthetist 1989. Federal Treasurer 1966-79, Executive member 1982-87, President 1984-85 and Life Member of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists.

Stevens OAM, Mr Len Clem (QB1983)

For service to the honey industry.

Stevens OAM, Mrs Dorritt Cordella (AD2010)

For service to the community through voluntary roles with the Heart Foundation of South Australia.

Stevenson AM, Dr Thomas McIntyre (AD2002)

For service to medicine, particularly in the field of orthopaedic surgery and education, and to the community.

Head, Orthopaedic Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 1988-1997. Senior Visiting Orthopaedic Surgeon, North Western Adelaide Health Service, 1997-2001. Visiting Orthopaedic Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 1969-1988. Involved in the development of North West Orthopaedic Service, Lyell McEwin Hospital. Repatriation General Hospital, 1970-1980. Adelaide Children's Hospital, 1967-1977. Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1967-1969. Australian Orthopaedic Association: Vice-President and Federal Executive, 1992-1993; Convenor, 1989, and member, 1984-1992, Continuing Education Committee. Chairman, Archives Committee, 2001. Chairman, South Australian Branch, 1985-1986; Secretary, 1977-1978. Visiting Professor, Orthopaedic Training Programme, Fiji 1992 and 1998, Papua New Guinea 1994, and Burma 1996. Other service includes: Honorary Consultant Surgeon, Crippled Children's Association, 1967-1977. Board Member, Northern Community Hospital, Adelaide, 1990-1999. Member, Prospect Branch, Rotary International, 1975-1985 and 2000-2001.

Stewart OAM, Mr John Michael (QB2001)

For service to the community, particularly through the Multiple Sclerosis Society of South Australia.

In 1974, Mr Stewart was a member of a Rotary Sub-Committee formed to assist the Multiple Sclerosis Society of South Australia. He was appointed as a Director on the Society's Board and has remained on the Board. Mr Stewart served as Honorary Treasurer, Vice-President and since 1985 has been President. Under his leadership the Society has grown and the services being offered by the Society have expanded and now include an activities centre, hydrotherapy pool, outreach services and a Northern Territory service outlet. The Society now employs professionals in different disciplines - occupational therapy, social work, physiotherapy and nursing and has opened its own respite care facility. He has also been influential within the Society at national level. Campaign against the introduction of poker machines to hotels in SA: In the 1990s Mr Stewart led a campaign by 12 charities against the introduction of poker machines into hotels throughout South Australia. He later led a campaign by 33 charities for compensation, after poker machines were introduced and charities suffered substantial reductions in income. Legislation was ineffective in protecting the charities and after a further 2 years of campaigning amendments were introduced to provide them with some financial support.

Stewart OAM, Rev Neville Thornley (QB2008)

For service to the community of north and west Adelaide, particularly through social welfare roles within the Uniting Church in Australia.

Chief Executive Officer, Uniting Care Wesley Bowden (formerly Wesley Uniting Mission and Bowden and Brompton Mission), 1982-2002; introduced financial counselling and support services; introduced multicultural support services and programs; introduced child care centres and services. Member, Wesley Uniting Mission Board, 1982-2002. Current Member, Uniting Church Synod of South Australia; former Chairman, Uniting Church Adelaide North-West Presbytery. Current Treasurer, West Lakes Uniting Church Congregation. Board Member, Port Adelaide Central Mission, for 25 years. Board Member, Resthaven (aged care provider), for 10 years. Instrumental in the construction of Ashman Grove, 1991, and Churchill Court, 1995, aged care facilities. Advocate for assistance to the elderly in their own homes through Wesley Home Care. Chairman, Westside Housing, for 18 years. Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, Combined Charities. Board Member, Council of Social Services, South Australia. Member, Management Committee, Bowden Parent Child Centre. Volunteer, Citizens Advocacy. Volunteer, Riding for the Disabled, for the past 5 years.

Stewart OAM, Mr Geoffrey (AD2014)

For service to the mining industry.

Founder, Executive Chairman and Managing Director, East African Gold Mines Ltd, Tanzania, 1993-2003. Founder and Chief Executive, North Flinders Mines Ltd, 1968-1992. Member, Committee on Darwin (Wran Report), 1993-1994. Fellow, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, since 1990.

Stirling OAM, Mrs Lucy (AD1994)

For service to women.

Mrs Stirling was an Executive member of the National Council of Women of South Australia serving as Committee member, Minute Secretary, Vice-President and President from 1967-69. She served on the Moral Welfare, Film and TV and Environment and Housing Standing Committees of the Council and is a Life Member. She was also an Executive member of the Mothers' Union of the Diocese of Adelaide, representing Adelaide at five Australian Council Meetings and Overseas Conferences held in London in 1975 and 1976. She is a Life Vice-President. She has been a member of the Inner Wheel Club of Adelaide since 1974, is the current Secretary and served as President 1981-1982. She has been a member of the Australian-American Association, Ladies' Division, since 1965, and has held executive positions including that of President.

Stirling OAM, Mr Jack Alfred (AD2001)

For service to the community, particularly through the Abbeyfield Society and service organisations.

Mr Stirling was a Foundation Member of the Marion Branch of the Abbeyfield Society and served as a Board Member of the South Australian Board of the Society. He became an active member of the Rotary Club of Edwardstown in 1972 . He was Chairman of the Community Service Committee, 1975-1976; Club Vice-President, 1977-1978; President 1978-1979; and Chairman, Fellowship and Fundraising Committee. He joined the Australian American Association in 1965; elected to the SA Council, 1970; Vice-President, 1974; President, 1979; and was made a Life Member, 1992. He was a long time member of the Probus Club of Edwardstown and served as President, 1996. He received the ‘Over Fifties Asthma Achiever Award’ for SA in 1995, and was an active fundraiser for the Asthma Foundation. Mr Stirling was also involved with Ascot Park Neighbourhood Watch and the Noarlunga Bowling Club. He served the Masonic Lodge as Master of Hawthorn Lodge, 1963-1964, and served as Grand Steward, 1967-1968.

Stirling AM, Ms Janette Mary (QB2008)

For service to women's basketball as a coach and player, as a contributor to professional development, and to the community.

Coach, Opals (Australian Women's Basketball Team), since 2000; Assistant Coach, 1995-2001. Led Opals to a Bronze Medal, World Championships, 2002; Silver Medal, Athens 2004 Olympic Games; Gold Medal, Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games; and Gold Medal, Federation of International Basketball Association’s World Championships, 2006. Coach, Adelaide Lightning, Australian Women's National Basketball League, 1993-2004; winning Championships in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1998; led team to 12 straight finals between 1993 and 2004. Member, High Performance Coaching Reference Group, Australian Sports Commission. Team Member, Opals, 1974-1978; represented Australia as a player in Oceania Series, 1974 and 1975, and World Championships, 1975. Player, North Adelaide, Australian Women's National Basketball League, 1981-1989. Supporter, Overseas Pharmaceutical Aid for Life. Supporter, St Vincent de Paul Society (SA). Patron, National Anti-Poverty Week (SA). Awards/recognition include: South Australian of the Year (Sports), 2006. Coach of the Year, Australian Sports Awards, 2006. Coach of the Year, Australian Women's National Basketball League, 1993.

Stjernqvist AM, Grp Capt Clarence James (AD1995)

For outstanding service to the Royal Australian Air Force, particularly as the Director of Personnel Airmen.

Air Commodore Stjernqvist enlisted in the Royal Australian Airforce as an aircrew cadet in 1962 and completed navigator training in 1963. His postings have included Headquarters Support Command as the senior administrative staff officer and Base Support Wing, Amberley as the officer commanding. Air Commodore Stjernqvist held the position of Director of Personnel Airmen in Air Force Office and is now head of the Defence Centre, Adelaide.

Stock OAM, Mr John Rendle (QB2003)

For service to children and young people through the Morialta Trust.

President, Morialta Trust, since 1989; Board Member, since 1982; Member of Finance Committee. The Morialta Trust provides assistance to disadvantaged children and young people in South Australia; during Mr Stock’s time as President, grants totalling $3.6 million have been paid out.

Stokes OAM, Miss Judith (AD1997)

For service to the Aboriginal community on Groote Eylandt as a missionary and linguist.

Miss Stokes is a missionary, a linguist and a teacher. She commenced teaching on Groote Eylandt in 1952 at Angurugu Primary School, where she was a missionary of the Church Missionary Society, teaching children and adults to read English and also their own language, which at the time was not part of official policy. In 1967, Miss Stokes was released from teaching to continue as a full-time linguist and Bible translator. She spent the next 21 years, bringing the Anindilyakwa language from an oral language to a written one. She created the basic orthography, analysed its grammar and recorded its words. Because of her ability to speak Anindilyakwa, she interpreted at court hearings, Royal Commissions, government enquiries, assisted BHP with Aboriginal protocol and the Aboriginals with their rights.

Stokes OAM, Ms Noreen Dorothy (AD2000)

For service to music as a performer, teacher, examiner and accompanist.

Ms Stokes, whose married name is Mrs Symes, has been actively involved in music teaching, performance and examining since the early 1960s. Full time accompanist for the (then) Australian Broadcasting Commission from 1961-1975. Soloist and chamber player for ABC and with members of the Elder Conservatorium staff. Piano tutor at the TAFE School of Music, Adelaide. Invited to be the first piano tutor at the Adelaide College of Advanced Education. Since 1975 has been on the part time staff of the Elder Conservatorium at the University of Adelaide. Member of the University of Adelaide Appointments Committee 1986-1988. Currently Committee Member of Adelaide University Women’s Club. Chief Examiner and member of the Australian Music Examinations Board 1962-1993. Awarded an Honorary Fellowship in 1995. Director of South Australian Keyboard Summer School 1991-1996. Life Member of the Australian Society for Keyboard Music and its first Vice-President. Life member of SA Music Teachers Association and Committee member for many years, and also served a term as Vice-President. Member of the Adelaide Piano Trio in the 1980s.

Stone OAM, Mr Murray Charles (QB2002)

For service to people undergoing open heart surgery, through Heartbeat South Australia, and for voluntary hospital work.

Heartbeat South Australia: State President, since 1987. Reassurance Officer, since 1986. Regular volunteer, Royal Adelaide Hospital, for more than 10 years. Regular volunteer, Wakefield Hospital, since 1993. Heartbeat South Australia is a voluntary organisation formed in 1979 to provide a reassurance and support service to patients undergoing open heart surgery. RAOB Grand Lodge of South Australia: Member, since 1953; served as President of several lodges.

Storer AM, Mrs Helen Gray (QB2001)

For service to the aged, particularly through a range of organisations aimed at increasing awareness of the rights of older Australians, improving standards of care, and implementing programmes and policies addressing the issues and concerns of women.

Service to the Aged: 2000, Chair, Small Grants for Seniors Advisory Committee, Office for the Ageing, Department of Human Services (SA). 1984-2000, Chairperson, Older Women's Advisory Committee. Former Vice-President, Council on the Ageing (SA) for 2 years. 1994-1998,Inaugural Member, SA Women's Advisory Council for 4 years. 1994-1996, Chair, SA Older Australians Advisory Council. 1993-1998 Member, Management Committee, Aged Rights Advocacy Service. Consumer Representative on Southern Domiciliary Care and Rehabilitation Board. Delegate for Older Women's Advisory Committee to the Council of Pensioners and Retired Persons Association. Life Member, Bertram Hawker Committee. 1992-1994, Member, Consumer Forum for the Aged. 1990-1992, Member, National Older Australians Respite Committee. 1990-2000, Older Women's Advisory Committee Representative on the Industry, Consumer and Unions Committee, SA State Officer, Department of Health and Aged Care. 1979-1980, President, Liberal Women's Council. SA Representative, National Older Australians Advisory Council. Community service: State MPs Representative, Council of Glenunga International High, since 1984. 1987-1990, Vice-President, YWCA. Member, Mothers Union.

Strachan AM, Mr John Foster (QB2002)

For service to the community through the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other organisations concerned with the welfare of animals, and to the Law Society of South Australia.

Co-founder, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Australia; has served continuously on the Board of Management and the National Council since 1980; Vice-President, 1980-1983 and 1989-1996; President, 1983-1984. Member, General Committee of RSPCA South Australia, since 1968; Chairman, 1975-1982 and 1988-1990; President, 1972-1982 and since 1990; Honorary legal counsel, 1965-1968. Instrumental in the merger of the South Australian Dogs’ Rescue Home with the RSPCA. Instrumental in the building of the Lonsdale Animal Shelter and its integration into the management of the RSPCA to provide a service to the area south of Adelaide. Instrumental in the establishment of shelters at Whyalla and Port Lincoln. Member, CSIRO Animal Ethics Committee, since 1989; member, CSIRO Advisory Committee on the Ethics Animal Research, 1984-1991. Board member, Australia and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching. Contributed legal advice on constitutional amendments, policy development and in legal, licensing and sponsorship issues. Member, Law Society of South Australia, since 1968; member, Estate Planning Committee, 1972-1980; member, Professional Conduct Committee, 1985-1987; member, Property Committee, 1989-1993; member, Professional Conduct and Practice Committee, 1994. Contributed to the education of young practitioners through his role as a unit coordinator in the practical legal training programme. Lay Preacher, Anglican Diocese of Adelaide, 1971-1981. Lay Preacher, Anglican Diocese of The Murray, since 1981. Member, Anglican Diocesan Council of The Murray, 1987-1990; holds honorary position of Synod Solicitor. Member, New Towns Committee of the Heads of Churches, 1989-1992.

Stranks AO, Prof Donald Richard (AD1984)

For service to education and learning.

Strath AM, Mr John Alexander Wiseman (QB1979)

For public service to defence science.

Stretton AO, Mr Hugh (QB2004)

For service as a historian, social commentator and writer profoundly influencing and shaping ideas in the community on urban policy, town planning, and social and economic development.

University of Adelaide: Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Economics, since 1992; Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Economics, 1990-1991; Reader in History, 1968-1989; Chair in History, 1954-1969. University of Oxford: Fellow, Balliol College, 1948-1954; Dean, 1953-1954. Deputy Chairman, Housing Trust of South Australia, 1973-1989. Trustee, Don Dunstan Foundation, 1999-2002. Published widely in the areas of town planning, economics, history, politics and environmental policy. Awards include: Centenary Medal, 2001. Doctor of Letters, University of Adelaide, for contribution to the university, scholarly activities and public service, 1997. Doctor of Letters, Australian National University, for distinguished creative achievements as a scholar. Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Political Essays, 1987. University of Adelaide Medallion, for 31 years of service, 1985.

Stringer OAM, Mrs Irene Myrtle (AD1994)

For service to the community, particularly through Meals on Wheels (Osborne).

Mrs Stringer has been the Co-ordinator/Supervisor of Osborne Meals on Wheels since 1979 and has been a delegate member of the State Executive Committee since 1992. Mrs Stringer assists in fund-raising by making children's clothes for raffles. She received the Port Adelaide Council's Citizen of the Year Award in 1990. She served as Honorary Secretary of the Port Adelaide Sailing Club from 1974-79 and was a volunteer at Taperoo High School Canteen for approximately five years.

Stringer OAM, Mr Alan Dean (AD1997)

For service to floriculture through promoting knowledge and appreciation of rose cultivation and to the community health as a member of the Board of Management of Modbury Hospital.

Served as President, National Rose Society of Australia in 1993, and has been the State Delegate since 1990. Member of Rose Society of South Australia since 1982, serving as Councillor, Vice-President and President. He is currently their Show Manager. Instigator of the Adelaide Rose Festival in 1993, Co-ordinator of the Festival and continuing as member of the Management Committee. Instrumental in the establishment of the first National Rose Trial Garden in Adelaide and Honorary Secretary/Co-ordinator of the Trial Garden Management Committee. Lectures on roses to garden clubs and other community groups. Instigator of a judges school run by the Rose Society of SA. Member of the Board of Management Modbury Hospital for 20 years, including service as Vice-President.

Styling OAM, AFSM, Mr Robert John (AD2012)

For service to people with a disability through advocacy and employment organisations, and to the community.

National Chair, National Committee on Australian Disability Enterprises (ACROD/NDS), since 2001; Member, National Committee on Training and Employment; Member, National Information System Group, 1994-1996. Member, South Australian Divisional Committee, ACROD/NDS, 1991-1998. Chair, South Australian Sub-Committee on Employment and Training, ACROD/NDS. Deputy Group Officer, Para Group, South Australian Country Fire Service, since 2006. Life Member, South Australian Country Fire Service, since 2003. Board Member, Country Fire Service Foundation, since 2009. Representative, Bushfire Prevention Committee, City of Salisbury. Volunteer Fire Marshal, Confederation of Australian Motorsport, since 1985; Assistant Fire Chief Marshal, Australian Grand Prix, since 2001; Fire Marshal, Clipsal 500 V8 Supercar races, since 1997. Awards/recognition include: Australian Fire Service Medal, 2006. Centenary Medal, 2001.

Summers AO, Prof Annette Doris (AD2004)

For service to nursing and nurse education, to the reserve forces through the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps and to the community.

Professor and Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia; Leader Mother Carer Project. Nursing Consultant, Director of Medical Services, Defence Centre, Adelaide. Chairperson, Nursing Consultative Committee to the Director-General of Health Services, Defence Force, Canberra. Colonel, Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps. Fellow, Royal College of Nursing since 1996. President, Army Museum of South Australia, current; Founding Member. Board Member, SOS Children's Villages Australia (SA) Inc (international organisation committed to establishing safe and permanent homes for children at risk), secured $90,000 donation from the Variety Club of South Australia. Author of first documented history of midwifery in South Australia as PhD thesis. Board Member, Northwest Adelaide Health Service. Awards include: Australian Defence Force Land Command Commendation; Australian Red Cross Service Award; Reserve Forces Decoration.

Summers OAM, Mr Peter James (QB2006)

Service to the community through the Defence Reserve Support Council SA, through organisations promoting health and leisure activities, and to youth.

Chair, SA State Committee, Defence Reserve Support Council, since 2003; Member, for 2 years prior to Chairmanship. Vice-President, Leisure Australia Inc, since 1995. Chairman, Elizabeth Community Recreation Association, since 1996. Board Member/Deputy Chair, LeisureCo, since 1996. Board Member, South Australian Community Recreation Association, 1993-1995. Involved in the establishment of the Leisure Australia Foundation. Director, Public Affairs (at rank of Wing Commander), Australian Air Force Cadets, appointed 1993; retired from Cadet Service in 2005. Member, Australian Cadet Corp (now the Australian Army Cadet Corp), since 1975; Commanding Officer, 1982-1990; Public Relations Adviser to Commander 4 MD, 1990-1991. Member, Returned and Services League of Australia, 1978-1997. Board Member, The Adelaide Thunderbirds - SA National Netball Team. Treasurer, Adelaide College of TAFE Council. Member, SA War Veterans Home Committee. Member, SA Anzac Day Committee.

Sumner AM, Hon Christopher John (AD2001)

For service to the South Australian Parliament, to the law, particularly establishing basic principles of justice for victims of crime, to multiculturalism and to the National Native Title Tribunal.

South Australian Parliament: Member of the Legislative Council, 1975-1993, Shadow Attorney-General, Minister for Education, Consumer Affairs, Public Sector Reform and Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, 1994. Attorney-General, 1982-1993 and 1979. Minister for Justice, Correctional Services, 1993. Minister for Public Sector Reform, 1992-1993. Minister for Crime Prevention, 1989-1993. Minister for Corporate Affairs, Consumer Affairs, Ethnic Affairs, 1982-1989. Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, 1979-1982. Minister for Prices and Consumer Affairs, 1979. Minister Assisting the Premier in Ethnic Affairs, 1979. Australasian Society of Victimology: President since 1988. World Society of Victimology: President, 1991-1994; Executive Member, 1988-1994; and member since 1985. International Review of Victimology: member of International Editorial Board, 1993-2000. National Native Title Tribunal: Deputy President since mid 2000; and member since 1995.

Sumner AM, Mr Major (AD2014)

For significant service to the Indigenous community of South Australia through contributions to health, social welfare, youth and cultural heritage organisations.

Board Member, Nunkuwarrin Yunti. Founder and Cultural Adviser, Aboriginal Sobriety Group, since 1980; Adviser; Hostel Manager. Volunteer, 'Talking Circles'. Founder, Sober Walk Initiative, since 2009. Contributor, Red Gum Restoration Project, 2011. Founder, Murrundi Ruwe Pangari Ringbalin, 2010. Host and coordinator, International Sundance ceremony, Long Point, Coorong, 2010. Vice-President, World Martial Arts Union (Australian branch), since 2002. Founder, Talkindjeri Dance Group, 1992; teacher, since 1992. Member, World Archaeological Congress. Facilitator, 'Aboriginal for a Day' program. Chairperson, Aboriginal Prisoners and Offenders Support Services, since 2012; Member, since 2002. Member, South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council, since 2011. Member, Aboriginal Leadership Group, since 2006. Member, Aboriginal Languages Board, in the 1990s. Member, Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement, in the 1980s. Member, Aboriginal Housing Authority, in the 1980s.

Sunners OAM, Mr John William (QB1998)

For service to the community, in particular to youth through the Scouting movement in SA.

Mr Sunners has been involved in the Scouting movement in South Australia since 1942 as a Scout leader, District Leader and Assistant District Commissioner. He was appointed as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader to the 2nd Adelaide Group in 1953 and then moved in 1961 to become a District Leader, and the following year was appointed Assistant District Commissioner, 1962-1969. Since 1969, Mr Sunners has continued to serve as the Group Leader of the 2nd Adelaide Group. Received a Merit Award in 1970, the Bar and Medal of Merit Award in 1979 and in 1987, the Silver Acorn Award.

Sutherland OAM, Mr William (AD1979)

For community service.

Sutherland AC, Prof Grant Robert (AD1998)

For service to science in the field of human genetics research and to the human genome project and, in particular, for his contribution to the discovery of the importance of "fragile chromosomes" in the field of inherited diseases.

Professor Sutherland is the Head of the Department of Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide. He has gained international status for his pioneering work in medical genetics. Professor Sutherland has also published widely in his field, and most recently on fragile sites on chromosomes. He is the immediate World Past President of the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO), having been the first Australian to hold the office of President. In 1996 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and in 1997 was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences. He was International Research Scholar of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA, for five years (1993-97). He was Founding Secretary of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia in 1977, and served later as President.

Sutherland AM, Dr Andrew Darcy (AD2010)

For service to medicine as an orthopaedic surgeon, an innovator in the field of surgical education and assessment, and as a mentor of young doctors.

Chief (Medical), Division of Paediatric Surgery; Women and Children's Hospital (formerly the Adelaide Children's Hospital) Adelaide, 1997-2009; the Division is responsible for 12 sub-specialities including neurosurgery, orthopaedics, dental surgery, burns and craniofacial, etc. Head, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, 1996-2005; Senior Visiting Orthopaedic Surgeon, 1982-1996. Deputy Director, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Adelaide Children's Hospital, 1974-1982. President, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), 2007-2008; Honorary Treasurer, 2002-2006; Elected Councillor, 2000-2008; Member of Council (Australian Orthopaedic Association representative), 1998-2000; Senior Orthopaedic Examiner and Chairman of the Orthopaedic Court of Examiners, 1992-1996; Member, RACS Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 1992-1996 and 1998-2000; Member, Court of Examiners, 1988-1996. Clinical Senior Lecturer, Department of Paediatric Medicine, University of Adelaide, since 1974. Visiting Lecturer: Peking Union Medical College, 1999. Philippine Orthopaedic Association, 1996. University of Newcastle, 1996. Hanoi, Vietnam, 1995. Prince of Wales Children's Hospital, Sydney, 1995. Board Member, Australian Orthopaedic Association, 1998-2000; Member, Federal Executive, 1991-1995; Chairman, Travelling Fellowship Sub-Committee, 1990-1994; Chairman, Paediatric Special Interest Group, 1985-1990; Member, Continuing Orthopaedic Education Committee, 1982-1987. Foundation Member, Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, and the Australian Paediatric Orthopaedic Society. Member, Board of Studies, South Australian Registrar Training Program, 1980-1987. Board Member, Crippled Children's Association of South Australia (now Novita Children's Services), 1980-2000; President, 1995-2000; Vice-President, 1989-1991; Life Member, 2001; has also provided medical services from 1975. Current Council Member, Australian National Maritime Museum. Awards/recognition include: ABC Travelling Fellowship, Australian Orthopaedic Association, 1980.

Sutter OAM, Mr John Digby (AD1985)

For service to the sport of Australian football.

Sutton OAM, Mr Ray Wilfred (AD1994)

For service to cricket.

Mr Sutton has served as Secretary of the Prospect Cricket Club for 16 years, Secretary of the Crusaders Cricket Club from 1980-91 and Secretary of the Past Players' and Cricket Officials' Association since 1989. He is currently Chair of the SA Chapter of the Australian Cricket Society and is Secretary of the touring committee for the "Australian Veterans Tour" of Pakistan in 1994. He has served as Cricket Co-ordinator of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) for 10 years and was SA representative to the World Youth Cup Tour in 1985.

Sved AM, Dr George (AD1991)

For service to education, particularly in the field of engineering.

Dr Sved joined the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Adelaide in 1950 as a senior lecturer, after four years as a lecturer in mechanical engineering with the SA School of Mines and Industries. He became Reader in Civil Engineering at UA in 1958 and held that position until the end of 1975, when he became Visiting Research Fellow. Dr Sved was Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in 1969-70, and acting Head of the Department for three years to 1974. Dr Sved was Visiting Lecturer in mechanical engineering at Monash University, the University of WA, the University of Hong Kong, Waterloo University in Canada, and at the Australian Defence Force Academy. He has written over 50 technical publications and numerous articles. Dr Sved was awarded the degree of Doctor of the University of Adelaide in 1979.

Sved Williams AM, Dr Anne Eliza (AD2012)

For service to medicine, as a perinatal and infant mental health specialist, to medical education, and through contributions to professional organisations.

Medical Unit Head, Helen Mayo House, since 1987; and Director, Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Services, Women's and Children’s Health Network, South Australia, since 1995. Clinical Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Adelaide, since 1995. Senior Clinician, General Practitioner teaching, Mental Health Services, SA, since 1991. Service to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists include: - Member, Ethics Committee, 2001-2008. - Board Member, Australasian Psychiatry, since 2001. - Chairperson, SA Branch, 1998-2003. - External Examiner, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2005 and 2011. - Member, Committee for Training, 1993-1995. President Elect, Australasian Branch, Marce Society, since 2011; for the prevention and treatment of mental illness relating to childbirth. Co-Chair, Screening Group, Commonwealth Government Expert Advisory Committee for Antenatal Guidelines, Australian Health Minister's Advisory Council, since 2008. Member, beyondblue National Perinatal Mental Health Action Plan Implementation Group, since 2007. Chairperson, Training Committee, beyondblue National Action Plan project, 2006-2007. President, NIFTeY (SA), since 2008; National Initiative for the Early Years. Member, Strategic Implementation Committee, Mental Health Strategy, SA Department of Health, 1998-2003. Board Member, ANZ Journal of Family Therapy, 1980-1995. Member, Professional Practices Committee, Marriage Guidance Council, 1986-1990.

Svigos AM, Assoc Prof John Michael (QB2010)

For service to medicine, particularly in the field of obstetrics and perinatology, through executive roles with national and international professional organisations, and to medical education.

Senior Visiting Medical Specialist, Material Fetal Medicine Unit, Women's and Children's Hospital (former Queen Victoria and Adelaide Children's Hospital), since 2007; Head, Obstetric Unit, 1988-2006. Inaugural Chairman, Medical Staff Society of Women's and Children's Hospital, 1995-1999. Chairman, High Dependency Unit/Labour Ward/Birthing Centre Management Committee, 1990-1995. Chairman, Medical Staff Society, Queen Victoria Hospital, 1994-1995. Member, Post Graduate Education Committee, 1993-1995. Member, Operating Room Sub-Committee, 1990-1995. Member, Consumer Consultancy Steering Committee, Adelaide Medical Centre for Women and Children, 1990-1991. Member of the Drug Committee and the Ethics and Research Committee, 1988-1989. Member, High Risk Pregnancy Service Management Committee, 1988-1992. Member, Clinical and Professional Services Committee, 1990-1992. Member, QVI-I Executive Group, 1990-1991. Head of Obstetric Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 1985-1988. President, International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians, 2000-2002; Past President, 2003-2005; President Elect, 1997-1999; Inaugural Member, Executive Committee, 1994. Convenor, Second International Scientific Meeting, Adelaide, 2002. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) involvement includes: Adviser to RANZCOG Hospital re-accreditation process, since 2007. Member, Historical Collections Regional Liaison Network, since 2007. Member, Board of Examiners, 1993-2002 and since 2007. Chairman, Training and Accreditation Committee, 2002-2006; Member, 1998-2006. Chairman, Overseas Trained Specialists Committee/Sub-Committee, 2002-2006. Member of the Continuing Professional Development Committee and the Honours Committee, 1998-2000; the Workforce Committee and the Examination Committee, 1998-2002; and the Asia and Oceania Committee, 2000-2002. Member, RANZCOG Council, 1998-2002. Chairman, South Australia and Northern Territory Training and Accreditation Regional Committee, 1998-2002. Member, Joint Consultative Committee of RANZCOG, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, 1998-2000. Member, Panel of Examiners, Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RACOG), 1995-1998; Local and Visiting Examiner (Diploma), 1985-1995; Member, Examination Panel and Committee, 1985-1995; Member, Specialist Recognition Committee South Australia, 1991-1994; Member, South Australia State Committee, 1987-1991. Training Supervisor and Member, Joint Consultative Committee of RACOG and RACGP, 1986-1988. Chairman, South Australian Branch, Australian Perinatal Society, 1986-1990; Convenor, 7th Australian Perinatal Society Congress, Adelaide, 1989. Secretary, Maternal Mortality Committee, South Australian Health Commission, 1978-1985; Member, Maternal Perinatal and Infant Mortality Committee, 1985-1990; Member, Working Party on Smoking in Pregnancy, 1988-1990; Member, Obstetric/Gynaecology Subgroup, 1990-1992; Member, Maternal Perinatal and Infant Mortality Committee, 1985-1992; Member, Working Party on Models of Care, 1994-1995. Associate Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Adelaide, 2007. Visiting Professor and Lecturer, Department Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical Faculty, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia, 2005. Clinical Tutor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Flinders University, 1988-2006. Awards/recognition include: The President’s Medal, RANZCOG, 2008. Inaugural inductee, South Australian Reproductive Medicine Hall of Fame, 2006. Gold Medal, Federation of Obstetrical and Gynaecological Societies of India, 1990.

Swain OAM, Mr David Allan (QB2007)

For service to surf lifesaving through a range of roles at a national, state and club level.

Current Member, National Board, Surf Life Saving Australia. Member, Board of Management, Surf Life Saving SA, since 2000; Chairman, Board of Lifesaving, since 2000; Director of Life Saving Services, since 2000; Chairman, Competition Development Committee; Member, Life Saving Education Panel; Member, Meritorious Awards Committee; Member, Judiciary Committee; Member, Constitution Committee; Member Patrol Tribunal; Member, Championship Qualification Panel; Member, Investigative Panel; other positions held include State Superintendent, 1988-1989, Deputy Superintendent and Carnival Referee; Life Member 2003. Member, Grange Surf Life Saving Club, since 1982; held positions of Secretary, since 2000, Deputy President, Chief Instructor, State Council delegate, Patrol Captain, Legal Officer; Life Member, 1999. Tribunal Commissioner, South Australian Football League (SANFL), 1979-1985 and 1988-2007; Life Member, 1990. Honorary Solicitor, South Adelaide Football Club, 1971-1976; Member, Management Committee, 1973-1976; Deputy Chairman, 1975-1976; Delegate to SANFL, 1973 and 1974; Proxy Delegate, 1971 and 1972.

Swale AM, Dr John David (QB1989)

For service to music.

Organist and Master of Choristers, St. Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide, since 1963. Dean of the Faculty of Music, University of Adelaide; Senior Lecturer since 1969; Deputy Director, Elder Conservatorium of Music, Chief Examiner (Music), Public Examinations Board and Chairman, Performing Arts Committee 1984-85.

Swann OAM, Mr William Alexander Goodall (AD1979)

For service to country cricket.

Swann OAM, The Rev Mon. John Francis (QB2013)

For service to the Catholic Church in South Australia.

Director, Catholic Family Life Services, 1977-1988. Deputy-Director, Catholic Welfare Bureau, 1969-1988. Member, Diocesan Finance Council, 1992-2004. Chairman, Diocesan Catholic Multicultural Council, 1990-1996. Member, Diocesan Medical Moral Committee, 1987-1996. Member, Human Research Ethics Committee, University of Adelaide, 1984-2009. Chairman and Treasurer, Australian Catholic Clergy Remuneration Assistance Fund, 2001-2005 and 2010-2013. Member, SA Commission for Catholic Schools Human Services Standing Committee, 1999-2005. Parish Priest, for 25 years; Assistant Priest, for 11 years. Diocesan Priest, for 56 years.

Swayne OAM, Mr Ross Colin John (AD1997)

For service to the community through the Keep South Australia Beautiful and the Tidy Towns Programmes.

Director, Keep South Australia Beautiful Inc. (KESAB) since 1973 and Judge of the Tidy Towns Programme since it started in 1978. Entries in the Programme have risen from 46, when it began to the current figure of 304. KESAB, in addition to the Tidy Towns project, seeks to educate communities in relation to the environment including the areas of schools, council works, streets, business, gardens, waste management, water watch and outback areas. Each year, Mr Swayne produces all the art work needed to promote the Tidy Towns Programme.

Sweet AM, Dr Ross (QB2005)

For service to medicine in obstetrics and gynaecology, to professional associations and health related organisations, and to the community.

Women's and Children's Hospital, North Adelaide: Head of Obstetrics Unit, 1995-2000; Medical Chief, Women's and Babies' Division, since 1995; Chair, Medical Chiefs Group, 2000-2002; Member, Board of Directors, 2000-2002. Queen Victoria Hospital, South Australia: Visiting Medical Specialist in Obstetrics, 1971-1974; Senior Visiting Medical Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 1974-1995; Head of Obstetrics Unit, 1981-1995; Chairman, Medical Staff, 1980-1982; Member, Board of Management, 1980-1982. Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (Asia Pacific Ltd), an international organisation providing a standardised evidence-based course for doctors, midwives, nurses and other clinicians aimed at managing emergencies that arise during maternity care: Dr Sweet's involvement is entirely honorary. Instructor, member of Senior Advisory Faculty, Clinical Advisory Board member, since 2003, instrumental in setting up a new not-for-profit company in 2004 to run the course in the Asia-Pacific Region; Board Chair (Honorary) and a Company Director. Medical Defence Union of Great Britain: Honorary Fellow, 1999. Medical Defence Union: Foundation Member, Australian Cases Committee, 1990-1998. Medical Defence Association of Western Australia: Member, Cases Committee, since 1995. Burnside War Memorial Hospital, South Australia: Member, Board of Management,1989-1995. Member, South Australian Health Commission, South Australian Consultative Committee on Obstetrics and Neonatal Services, 1987, and Obstetric and Neonatal Services Review, 1996-1997. Member, Commonwealth Government, Professional Indemnity Review Committee, 1990; Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council Legal Process Reform Group (report 2002). Member, Department of Human Services (South Australia), Obstetric and Neonatal Metropolitan Clinical Services Review, 1998-2000; Organ Retention Reference Group, 2000; and Perinatal Protocols Working Group, 2001. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: Foundation Fellow, 1979; Council Member, 1986-1993; participated in numerous committees including South Australian State Committee, 1983-1986; Honorary Secretary, 1983-1985; Chairman, 1985-1986; Member, Training and Accreditation Committee, 1986-1993; Chairman, 1991-1993. Joint Consultative Committee, 1986-1993; and Family Health Committee, 1986-1993. Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (London): Member, since 1969; Fellow, 1982. Australian College of Legal Medicine: Member, since 1998; Fellow, 2000. Australian Medical Council: Member of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Examining Panel responsible for writing the questions in the discipline of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and organising the clinical assessments used in formal examinations. All Soul's Anglican Church, St Peter's, SA: Member, Executive Committee, 1975-1996; Warden, 1980-1996; Parish Representative to Diocesan Synod; Lay Assistant. Mary Potter Foundation, Calvary Hospital, North Adelaide: Board Member, 1989-1993; Deputy Chairman, 1991-1993. Musica Viva Australia: Member, South Australia Committee, 1998-2000. St Peter's College: volunteered medical services for 9 years for their ‘Murray Venture’ program.

Swindells AM, Com Frederick George (QB1976)

For exceptional service in the Royal Australian Navy, particularly as Commanding Officer of the South Australian Division of the Royal Australian Navy Reserve.

Swinstead AM, Mr Leslie Allan (AD1990)

For service to industrial relations and to the community.

Director of the Engineering Employers' Association of South Australia since 1969 and a Member of the National Metal and Engineering Training and Career Development Project Board. Associated also with the Committee for Employer Support for the Reserve Forces. In the wider community, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hillcrest Hospital which serves a population of almost 700,000 people in the northern part of South Australia. Commodore of the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron.

Sykes AM, Mr Leon Turnbull (AD1993)

For service to the community and for public service.

General Manager Electricity Trust of SA (ETSA) 1983-88 when he retired, Manager Administration 1977-83, 41 years service in all. Major role in developing resources for generation electricity in SA; also instrumental negotiating interstate high voltage linkage between SA, NSW, Victoria to considerable benefit SA. Following retirement from ETSA appointed Chairman Housing Trust of SA since 1988. Very high profile in community affairs in SA; activities include Board member Bedford Industries Foundation and Chairman Human Services Committee; Chairman Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal; Board member Gartrell School of Mining, Metallurgy and Applied Geology; Chairman Industry Committee; Member SA Bicentennial Committee instrumental in Opera in the Outback Performance.

Symes OAM, Mrs Kathleen Cavenagh (AD1996)

For service to the community, particularly through the RSPCA and the Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship.

Actively involved with the RSPCA in South Australia since 1953, becoming a general committee member in 1954. Inaugural member of the reconstituted RSPCA Women's Auxiliary 1962, Chairperson 1965-75, President 1983. Mrs Symes was made Vice-Patron of the society in 1990. Also a member of the Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship, SA, since 1939; executive committee member for 30 years; Chair 1963-65; Vice-President until 1994. Served on National Committees 1967-70 and 1988-91. Co-author of a history of the Victoria League in SA in 1986. Other community contributions include: member of Mothers' and Babies' Health Association (MBHA); member of the Board of Management, Adelaide Children's Hospital 1963-79; Vice-President, Friends of State Library of South Australia.

Symons OAM, Mr Hurtle Douglas (AD1998)

For service to the community, particularly through promoting multiculturalism and through the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem.

Joined the Good Neighbour Council of South Australia in 1949 as part of his work as a police officer, and has continued to be involved as a private individual. Served as State President from 1981-83, and has been an executive member since 1983. He has also had a close association with the German and Polish communities in South Australia. In recognition of his commitment to the Polish community, he was made an honorary member of the Polish Society, Dom Kopernika Inc, and he is also a member of the SA German Association. Since 1992, Mr Symons has been Prior of the SA Commandery of the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitallers who have helped develop the Mary Potter Hospice attached to Calvary Hospital. Has been involved with Australian Red Cross since 1978.

Symons OAM, Mrs Shirley Gertrude (QB2002)

For service to the community of Adelaide, particularly through the Order of St John of Jerusalem, the Australian Red Cross and the Good Neighbour Council of South Australia.

Chair, Ladies Auxiliary, Order of St John of Jerusalem, South Australian Priory, for many years. Together with her husband, responsible for the organisation of fundraising activities, the main beneficiary of this work being the Mary Potter Hospice (Calvary Hospital). Dame of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, SA Priory, 1996. Member, Australian Red Cross, SA Division, since 1948; Chairperson of Headquarters Project Committee, 1975-1978; Divisional Councillor, 1982-1999. Contact officer, Good Neighbour Council of SA, from 1949 until its dissolution in 1999; responsible for meeting and welcoming newly-arrived migrants and assisting them to settle into the community of South Australia

Symons AM, Assoc Prof Mark Gail (AD2004)

For service to engineering, particularly through the development of innovative products and systems for the construction and building industries, to engineering education, and to the community through church related and musical activities.

University of South Australia (formerly SA Institute of Technology): Adjunct Associate Professor, Structural Materials and Assemblies Group, School of Geoscience, Minerals and Civil Engineering, since 1997; Associate Dean (Research) Faculty of Engineering, 1995-1996; Director, Structural Materials and Assemblies Group; Associate Professor, School of Civil Engineering, 1990-1996; Principal Lecturer, 1983-1990; Senior Lecturer, 1969-1982; Lecturer, 1960-1968; inventor, Tri-Ped footing system. Transport SA (Department of Transport): Member, Pavements Technology Advisory Group; Project initiator and leader GIRD project on Pavement Recycling; Engineer (Bridge Design), 1959-1960. Institution of Engineers, Australia: Chairman, Civil College Board, 1989-1990; Member, 1984-1992; Federal Council Member; Chairman, National Committee on Concrete Research and Engineering, 1978-1979, Member 1969-1979; Member, Board of Engineering 1989-1990; Member, Board of Education and Training 1990-1991; Member, Competency Standards Board, 1991-1994; Fellow, since 1989. Concrete Institute of Australia: Federal President, 1979-1981, Federal Council Member, 1974-1983; President SA Branch, 1972-1974. The Institution of Highways and Transportation, UK, Member. American Society of Civil Engineers, Member. Service to the community includes: Wesley Uniting Church: Chairman, Parish Council, since 1997; Church Treasurer, 1997-2000; Organist and Choirmaster, 1956-2001; Trustee, since 1962; Circuit Steward and Senior Circuit Steward. Spicer Wesley Parish, SA: Treasurer, 1981-1996. Royal School of Church Music (SA): Former Committee Member. The Adelaide Harmony Choir Inc: Occasional accompanist. Royal College of Organists: Member, 1968-2001. Kingsborough Homes: Foundation Board Member, 1965.

Szczygielski OAM, Mr Andrzej (AD1984)

For service to ethnic welfare and to the welfare of ex-service personnel.

Szent-Ivany AM, Dr Joseph Julius Hubert (AD1985)

For service to science, particularly in the field of entomology in Australia and the South Pacific.