Gaden AM, Mr John Stuart (AD1986)

For service to the performing arts.

Gale OAM, Mr Maxwell Henry (QB1986)

For service to international relations and the community.

Involved with welfare work for 25 years. Established "Australind" in 1979 to raise funds to support welfare projects in India and provide assistance in relation to improving dairy livestock and milk production in villages throughout India. Involved in establishing community homes for handicapped children in Madras and providing financial help, and on going medical care.

Gale AO, Prof Gwendoline Fay (AD1989)

For service to social science, particularly in the fields of geography and Aboriginal studies.

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Adelaide University since 1988; Professor of Geography since 1978. Member, Executive Committee, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia 1979-81 and 1988 and representative on Joint Academies Committee on the Protection of Prehistoric Sites since 1981. Advisory Panel member, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies 1973-86. Commissioner, Alice Springs Lake Inquiry 1984-85. Committee member, Task Force on Aboriginal Criminal Justice 1987-88. Commissioner, Tertiary Education Authority of SA Accreditation Graduate Panel 1985-86. Committee member, Tertiary Education Commission, Inquiry on Women Academics 1986-87. University of Adelaide representative on SA Public Examinations Board and Senior Secondary Assessment Board.

Gale AM, Mrs Irene Muriel (AD1988)

For service to the community through the promotion of racial understanding.

National convener, Campaign Against Racial Exploitation (CARE) since 1985; National Secretary and Treasurer 1981-85; member since the mid 1960s. Member, SA executive of CARE since 1974; Secretary/Treasurer 1976-83. CARE delegate to UN Committee Against Apartheid 1983 amd 1985 and UN Conference on Namibia 1983. Member, South Australian Campaign Against Racism 1971-74.

Gall AM, Mr Richard Batten (QB1981)

For service to industry.

Gallacher OAM, Miss Melissa Jane (QB1993)

For service to sport as a gold medallist at the Paralympic Games, Madrid, 1992.

Gold Medallist at the Paralympic Games, Madrid 1992, in the Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team event.

Gallagher OAM, Mrs Charlotte Alma (QB1999)

For service to the arts in regional areas, particularly in administration and promotion, and to the community.

Mrs Gallagher was appointed by the Minister to the Regional Arts Review in 1991 leading to the formation of the SA Country Arts Trust in 1993; Member of the Board since 1997. President of the Arts Council of SA, 1992-1995 and 1986-1989; Vice-President, 1984-1986; Eyre Peninsula Zone Representative, 1978-1984; Secretary/Treasurer/Vice-President Port Lincoln Branch, 1972-1974. Member, Inaugural Arts Advisory Committee of Foundation SA 1989-1991. Appointed by the Premier to the Regional Arts Planning Committee to implement new Regional Arts Structure, 1987-1988. Member of the working party examining Edmonds’ report Regional Cultural Trusts and Arts Council of SA, 1985-1986. Served as a Member of the Board of Management of Harvest Theatre Company, 1982-1987. Arts Representative on Port Lincoln TAFE planning committee, 1978-1980.

Galliver AM, Em Prof George David (AD1998)

For service to music as a research scholar, singer, conductor and Elder Professor of Music, University of Adelaide, 1966 to 1983.

Emeritus Professor of Music, singer, organist, conductor and research scholar who is regularly used as an adjudicator at eisteddfods in South Australia and Victoria. Was regarded as a leading tenor soloist in England and Europe during the 1960s, singing in command performances before the Royal Family. He also lectures regularly to members of the University of the Third Age. Employed as Elder Professor of Music, University of Adelaide, 1966 to 1983, and during this time he sang in many concerts, recitals and oratorios throughout Australia. Since Prof Galliver has retired he has continued his musical research as an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at the University. Recently published a monograph on aspects of church music in South Wales. He has served for the past 20 years as organist of St Joan of Arc's Church in Victor Harbour.

Galpin OAM, Mr Roy Bennett Fothergill (AD1984)

For service to local government and to the community.

Game AO, Dr David Aylward (AD1983)

For service to medicine.

Dr Game, a member of the Australian Medical Association, is a Foundation Member, Fellow, and President-elect of the World Organisation of National Colleges, Academies, and Academic Associations of General Practitioner/Family Physicians. His numerous involvements have included Chairman of Council, President and Censor-in-Chief of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and in 1980 he was awarded the College's highest honour, the Rose-Hunt Medal.

Gamlin OAM, Mr Maxwell Noel (QB1993)

For service to the community.

Has contributed to numerous community organisations over many years. Treasurer, North Steyne Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) 1979-1983. Member, West Beach Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC), serving as Committee member, Chief Instructor and Club Captain 1956-1960. President, McLaren Vale Sub-Branch R&SL 1989 and actively involved in fund-raising activities. Welfare Officer, R&SL representative and fundraiser to Southern District War Memorial Hospital. Involved in restoration of the Old Noarlunga Anglican Church of St Philip and St James. Helped establish Neighborhood Watch in Old Noarlunga.

Gannaway OAM, WO Neville (AD1980)

For service as an accounting clerk, RAAF Base, Edinburgh, S.A.

Gapper OAM, Mrs Josephine (AD1987)

For service to the community and to local government.

Mayor of Munno Para since 1985, Councillor since 1980. Currently Chairperson, Munno Para Local Board of Health; Chairperson, Munno Para Pest Plants Control Board; Member, Australian Local Government Women's Association; Royal Association of Justices; Northern Adelaide Division Association of Zonta International; Chairperson Munno Para Country Fire Services Group.

Garamy AM KCSL, Mr Josef (AD1989)

For service to the Hungarian community.

President of the Ethnic Communities Council of South Australia from 1984-88. Member of the Standing Committee on Multiculturalism in Education. President of the Council of the Hungarian Association in South Australia since 1988. President of Hungarian Community Radio since 1978.

Gardiner OAM, Mr Leslie Arthur (AD1984)

For service to podiatry.

Gardiner OAM, Father Paul Bernard (AD2012)

For service to the community in the fields of education and religion, as Postulator for the Canonisation of Mary Mackillop, and to the Catholic Church in Australia.

Teacher of Religion, Latin and History, St Ignatius' College, Riverview Sydney; Philosophy and Greek Lecturer in seminaries, for 15 years. Father Paul, in conjunction with Sister Maria Casey, made significant contributions to the international recognition of Australia's first Roman Catholic Saint, Mary MacKillop which began in the 1920s. Their archival research established the necessary historical evidence on the life of Mary MacKillop. Father Paul and Sister Maria also negotiated the extensive procedural processes required to establish the case for Canonisation to the Holy See. Pope Benedict XVI approved the Canonisation of Mary MacKillop to Sainthood on 19 February 2010. Postulator for the Cause of the Canonisation of Mary MacKillop, 1985-2008; commenced work in 1983. Author, Positio for the Cause of Mary Mackillop; the 'Positio' is a 1,500 page, 3 volumes of work on the life of Mary MacKillop, 50 copies of which were submitted to the Congregation of the Causes of Saints at the Vatican in 1989; the document paved the way for Mary MacKillop to be given the title of Venerable in 1992. Author, Mary MacKillop: An extraordinary Australian, first published in 1993; this is the only authorised biography by the Vatican's Official Postulator for the cause of her sainthood, and has been reprinted 7 times. Researched and documented the ‘Positio’ for identifying Mary MacKillop's first miracle in 1961 which was approved by the Vatican in 1993; this permitted the Beatification of Mary MacKillop in 1995. Researched and documented the ‘Positio’ for Mary MacKillop's second miracle in 1993 which was approved by the Vatican in 2009; this approval completed the Case for the Canonisation of Mary MacKillop. Congregational Member, Australian Province of the Society of Jesus, Catholic Church in Australia, for many years. Chaplain, Mary MacKillop Penola Centre; and Member, St Aloysius Jesuit Community, since 1999. Regional Secretary of the Jesuit Curia in Rome, 1978-1982. Leadership roles in Australia, Italy and Ireland.

Gardini OAM, Mr Alessandro (QB2003)

For service to the community as a contributor to the development of a multicultural society in South Australia.

Associazione Nazionale Famiglie degli Emigrati Inc(an Italian welfare agency providing day care, counselling, recreational information services, half hour radio programs and a multilingual day care and recreational service for young adults with intellectual disabilities): Secretary and then President, 1986-2001. Italian Choral and Arts Society (arts body which organised concerts and festivals and assisted with mini-festivals in Whyalla and South East South Australia): President and other committee positions, 1980-1986. Italian Education Movement (a lobby group for language education, migrant welfare services and ethnic radio): President, 1973-1977. Italian Festival Society: Vice-President and Chair of sub-committee organising open air events, 1975-1977. Coordinating Italian Committee (the umbrella body for the Italian community providing welfare services and an annual festival): Vice-President and Treasurer, 1980-1986; member of Carnevale Committee, 1996-1997. Emilia-Romagna Association of SA: Secretary, 1990-2001. Famiglia Istriana of SA (an association of refugees from Istria): Member, 2000-2003. Migration Museum Foundation Inc: Committee Member, 2000-2003. Commonwealth Committee on the Teaching of Ethnic Languages in Schools (report published by AGPS, 1976): Member, 1975. South Australian Ethnic Affairs Commission/Office of Multicultural Affairs: various positions including Acting Chief Executive Officer 1993, General Manager 1994 (when retired). Premier’s Department: Ethnic Affairs Adviser and Head of Ethnic Affairs Branch, 1977-1981. SA Institute of Technology: Lecturer in Science and Modern Society. SA Education Department: Science Teacher, 1962-1966.

Gardner AM, Mrs Grace Mary (QB2009)

For service to aged persons through the provision of community housing and support programs and through the Abbeyfield Society (Australia).

Chairman, The Abbeyfield Society (Australia), 2000-2008; First Vice-Chairman, 1993-2000; Board Member, since 1987; Australian Delegate on Board of Abbeyfield International, since 2002. Inaugural Chairman, The Abbeyield Society (South Australia), 1987-1998. President, Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship, 2004-2007; Chairman, 1967-1970 and 1979-1982. Current Church Warden, St Chad’s Anglican Church; Coordinator of Parish Fete, for over 20 years; Parish Representative, Synod of the Adelaide Anglican Diocese. Chairman, Parents and Friends Association, Wilderness School, 1990s; Chairman, Council of Governors, 1983-1993; Vice-Chairman, Wilderness School Foundation; over 20 years’ service in a variety of roles. Deputy Chairman, Council, St Ann’s College, 1994-2002; Chairman, Council Executive and Finance Committee, 1997-2000; Council Member, 1993-2002. Member, Board of Management, Adelaide Children’s Hospital; Founding Chairman, Animal Ethics Sub-Committee, 1983-1985. Vice-Patron, Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation, for 22 years; Council Member, for 10 years; active supporter of fundraising functions. Board Member, Girl Guides Association South Australia, 1971-1974; Member, State Council, 1965-1967; Member, 1965-1986. Chairman, Joint Commonwealth Societies Council, 1980-1983. Practising solicitor, 1961-1965 and since 1988.

Garraway AM, Lt.Col. Michael Edward (AD2013)

For exceptional service in the field of officer career management in 2009 and as Commanding Officer, 7th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, from 2010 to 2012.

As a career manager, Lieutenant Colonel Garraway was pivotal in establishing the Army Officer Career Pathway Strategy for officer career development. As Commanding Officer of the 7th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, he generated outstanding foundation warfighting skills enabling the Regiment to be prepared for operational deployments. His exemplary leadership and devotion to service contributed significantly to the maintenance of the Australian Army's force preparedness and operational readiness.

Garton OAM, Mrs Beverley Anne (AD2007)

For service to children with disabilities, particularly as an adoptive and foster parent.

After having four sons of their own, Mrs Garton and her husband have adopted four children and fostered three children with an intellectual or physical disability, since 1982. Emergency respite carer and short and long-term respite carer. Committee Member, Parents and Friends Association, St Ann's Special School and Our Lady of Grace School; also tuckshop volunteer and literacy program volunteer. Member, Bedford Industries Family Network Group. Fundraiser, Spina Bifida Association, Down Syndrome Association, Novita Children’s Service, and Special Olympics SA. Consumer volunteer, The Flinders Medical Centre's 'Making it Better' project.

Garton OAM, Mr Paul Anthony (AD2007)

For service to children with disabilities, particularly as an adoptive and foster parent.

After having four sons of their own, Mr Garton and his wife have adopted four children and fostered three children with an intellectual or physical disability, since 1982. Emergency respite carer and short and long-term respite carer. Committee Member, Parents and Friends Association, St Ann's Special School and Our Lady of Grace School; also tuckshop volunteer and literacy program volunteer. Member, Bedford Industries Family Network Group. Fundraiser, Spina Bifida Association, Down Syndrome Association, Novita Children’s Service, and Special Olympics SA. Consumer volunteer, The Flinders Medical Centre's 'Making it Better' project.

Gaskin OAM, Mrs Fanny Iris (AD2005)

For service to the community through the Lavender Lads and Ladies Volunteer Service at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Lavender Lads and Ladies Volunteer Service: Volunteer at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, since 1972.

Gaston AM, Ms Carol Frances (QB2008)

For service to the community, particularly through the health services planning and management sector in South Australia, to nursing education, and to humanitarian work in Australia and overseas.

Chairman, Cancer Council of South Australia, since 2003; Deputy Chairman, 1998-2002. Board Member, Australian Cancer Council, since 2004. Director of Organisational Development, SA Ambulance Service, since 2005. Deputy Chair, Central Northern Adelaide Health Service, since 2004. Chair, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Adelaide Community Health Alliance, since 2000. Deputy Chair and Executive Officer, State Government Generational Health Review, 2002-2003. Chairman, Memorial Private Hospital Board, 1994-2000. Positions with the SA Health Commission include: - Executive Director, Metropolitan Health Services, 1994-1996. - Director, Health Program Reform, 1991-1994. - Director of Nursing, 1987-1991. Chairman, Royal District Nursing Service, 1997-2002. Chairman, Ministerial Nurse Practitioner Advisory Committee, 1998-1999. Principal Nurse Educator, Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1968-1987; Board Member, 1989-1992. Director, Carol Gaston Business Consultants, since 1997; Consultant to World Health Organisation, since 2001. Director, Catherine House (for homeless women), 1997-2005. Governor, Adelaide Bank Charitable Foundation, since 1999.

Gay OAM, Mrs Valma Sophie (AD2006)

For service as a consultant and counsellor in the field of adoption services.

Private consultant and counsellor in the field of adoption services since 1998; Consultant at State and National levels in adoption law reform, 1983-1997. Currently working voluntarily on a casual basis for people affected by adoption. President, Jigsaw, 1990-1999. Member, South Australian Adoption Panel, 1989-1997. Independent Counsellor, authorised by Adoption Servces, Department of Community Welfare, South Australai, 1989-1997. Chairperson, ARMS (Association Representing Mothers Separated From Their Children By Adoption Inc SA), 1983-1990; Magazine Editor 1984-1990; Project Officer 1987-1990; Coordinated submission for grant to support adoption NGOs; counsellor, educator and mediator; Honorary Member. Played major role in the development of video on reliquishment, Bitter Surrender, 1989. Lifelong Member, Adoption Jigsaw (SA) Inc.

Gazley AM, Grp Capt John Gordon (AD1993)

For service to the Royal Australian Air Force as Senior Plans and Policy Staff Officer Air Headquarters.

Grp-Capt. Gazley joined the Royal Australian Air Force in January, 1956, as an Academy cadet and completed Navigator Training in 1960. He has completed an operational tour with No. 2 Squadron Vietnam, served as commanding officer School of Air Navigation and as officer commanding RAAF Laverton. He was posted to Headquarters Operational Command as Senior Plan and Policy Staff Officer in January, 1990.

Geddes OAM, Mr Charles Owen (AD1980)

For community service.

Geddie OAM, Mr John Alan (AD2009)

For service to the community, particularly through the Hare Street Uniting Church and ethnic community radio.

Involved in setting up the Hungry Hare Café, which operates on Friday evenings in the Hare Street Uniting Church hall and provides low cost meals for on average 75 people per night. The Café commenced in 1995 and Mr Geddie has been the Manager since that time. Involved in establishing Hare's Market, established in conjunction with the Café. Involved in establishing and managing the Kurralta Club to provide care, activities and a meal for clients who require full-time care in order to give their carers some respite; the Club operates on Tuesdays from 10am until 2.30pm. Has served as Elder, Chair and Secretary of the Hare Street Uniting Church Council, at various times. Involved with the Ethnic Community Radio - 5EBI FM (Ethnic Broadcasters Inc), for over 25 years; undertook Operators Training course and then produced his own program; helped to set up outdoor broadcasting to cover soccer matches and 'phone room' for telethons; Training Officer, late 1980s-2004; current Examination Officer. Treasurer, 5EBI FM, 2001-2005. Hospital visitor, for the past 12 years. Local Area Coordinator, Netley 355 Group, Neighbourhood Watch, for the past 5 years. Awards include: City of West Torrens Inaugural 150th Anniversary Award for community service, 2005. Council on the Ageing National Award for work with the frail aged and elderly, 2003.

Gemmell OAM, Mrs Nancy Russell (QB1994)

For service to conservation, local history and the community.

Mrs Gemmell is currently Chairman of the Strathalbyn Branch of the National Trust, which has established a Museum in the original Police Station. She has served as Secretary and Treasurer and was a founding member of the Branch in 1967. She published "Old Strathalbyn and its People" in 1985, the proceeds of which go to the Museum. She has been involved with the Red Cross Society for 50 years and has served as Secretary and President of the local branch. The proceeds of her first publication "A Gardener's Year" have been contributed to the Branch since 1967. She has also contributed the proceeds of "Gum Trees of SA", "Tree and Places" and "The Native Vegetation of the Strathalbyn Plains" to Trees for Life where she is a member and serves as a speaker and consultant. She is an Honorary Life Member of the Royal South Australian Society of the Arts.

Genders OAM, Mrs Helen June (AD2008)

For service to the community through fundraising activities with health and service organisations, and to music.

Chairman, Coordinating Council, Friends of the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital, 1998-2000; Deputy Representative (of the Friends organisation) on the Hospital Board of Directors, 1997-1998; Vice-Chairman, Coordinating Council, 1996-1998; State President, Auxiliaries Division, 1994-1996; Member, State Council, Auxiliaries Division, 1994-2003; Regional Chairman, Auxiliaries Division, 1996-1998; Member, local Auxiliary, for 27 years; Life Member. Volunteer, Events Fundraising Team, Cancer Council of South Australia, since 1999. Deputy Chairperson, Divisional (State) Functions Committee, The Salvation Army, for 3 years; committee was disbanded in 2001, with members remaining 'Friends of the Salvos’; Donor/Bequestor through the Salvos Partners Program. Honorary Accompanist, Metropolitan Male Choir of South Australia, since 1992, including on international tours; current Almoner; financial donor for 'Encouragement Award' for youth. Provides musical entertainment at concerts and parties at the local Nursing Home.

Gent AM, Mr Roger John (AD2009)

For service to medical science in the field of paediatric sonography as a practitioner, educator and researcher, and through the advancement of techniques and facilities aiding the investigation of children’s disorders.

Current Chief Paediatric Sonographer, Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide (former Adelaide Children's Hospital); developed paediatric ultrasound service, 1976. Inaugural Member, Australasian Sonographer Accreditation Registry, 1994-1999; responsible for the accreditation of Australasian sonographers, continuing education and professional development requirements. Author, Applied Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound, the recommended core text for ultrasound trainees in Australasia. Visiting Guest Lecturer, Post Graduate Cardiac Ultrasound Course, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, since 2005. Visiting Guest Lecturer, Vision College of Medical Ultrasound, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since 2004. Part-time Lecturer, Physics and Technology, Post Graduate Ultrasound Course, Monash University, Melbourne, since 2000. Part-time Lecturer, Physics and Technology, Post Graduate Ultrasound Course, Cumberland College of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, since 1998. Guest Lecturer, Physics and Technology, Diploma of Medical Ultrasound (DMU) Preparation Course, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Auckland University, New Zealand, since 1994. Honorary Physics and Technology Lecturer, DMU Lecture Course, South Australian Branch, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, 1981-2001. Travelling Examiner, Australia and New Zealand, Ultrasound Physics and Technology Oral Examinations for Part 2, DMU Examinations, since 1993. Vice-Chairman, DMU Board of Examiners, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, since 1993. Member, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, since 1979. Honorary Fellow, South Australian Branch of Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Adelaide, 2003. Honorary Fellow, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Australasian Sociey for Ultrasound in Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting, Perth, 2003. Member, Education Committee, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, 1996-2001. Member, Ultrasound Qualifications Advisory Committee, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, 1993-1994. Member, Competency Based Standards Project for Sonographers, Department of Emloyment, Education and Training, 1992-1994. Examiner (Practical), Diploma of Medical Sonography Part 2 Examinations, Australian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, 1985-1991. Awards/recognition include: Sonographer Achievement Award, Australian Sonographers Association, Adelaide, 1998. Best Sonographer Paper, 12th Annual Scientific Meeting, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Canberra, 1982. Best Case Presentation, 10th Annual Scientific Meeting, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Sydney, 1980. May Fotheringham Fellowship, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia USA, 1977.

George AM, Mr Humphrey Edward (QB1997)

For service to the pharmacy profession, at State and National levels, and to the community.

Mr George has served the pharmacy profession in a number of capacities over many years at both the National and State levels. At National level, he has been a National Vice-President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia since 1992; Councillor since 1990. Served as a member of the Pharmacy Re-structuring Authority from 1992-95, which was a Commonwealth Government body. At State level, he has served as President of the South Australian Branch of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia since 1990; Vice-President, 1982; member since 1970. He is a member, Pharmacy School Advisory Committee, South Australia (it advises on the development of the Pharmacy Degree at the University of South Australia). His service to the community includes service as Secretary, Gawler Chamber of Commerce, 1962-75, and during this time a plan for off-street parking was implemented. Serves also as Secretary and Treasurer for Gawler Aged Cottage Homes Inc. since 1972. Involved as a member of Lions Club in the development of a recreation centre in Gawler without the assistance of government grants. Elected as Councillor, Gawler Town Council, 1984-90.

George AO, Most Rev Dr Ian Gordon (AD2001)

For service to the Anglican Church, to ecumenism and to the community through engagement in social policy issues and international relief work.

Archbishop George has served the Anglican Church in Australia as Archbishop of Adelaide since 1991; and Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn, 1989-1990. He was the Chairman of the International Affairs Commission, The General Synod of The Anglican Church in Australia, 1989-1998. Archbishop George is committed to the concept of social justice. He also supports ecumenical activities. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Christian World Service Commission, National Council of Churches in Australia, since 1994; and Chairman, Anglican Commission of the International Refugee and Migrant Network, London, 1997. His service to the community includes active involvement with various organisations. Member, SA State Heritage Authority since 1993; member, Lord Mayor's Advisory Group, 1993-1997; and Chairman, SA Housing Community Council Committee, 1994-97. Patron, Schizophrenia Association (SA) since 1991; Grow South Australia, since 1991; and Habitat for Humanity, since 1992. Member, SA Government Advisory Committee on International Year of the Family, 1993-1995; and member, Australian Police Ministries Advisory Council, 1993-1998. Member, Minister for Foreign Affairs’ Overseas Aid Advisory Council since 1998. Chairman, Archbishop’s Appeal since 1994. Archbishop George (then Archdeacon of Canberra) was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day 1989 Honours List for service to religion and to the community.

George OAM, Mr John Frederick (AD2007)

For service to ex-service personnel and their families, particularly through the Korea and South East Asia Forces Association.

National President, Korea and South East Asia Forces Association, since 1996; SA Senior State Vice-President, 1995-1997; State Treasurer, 1975-1995 (except for a 2 years’ period); Founding Member, since 1974; Life Member, 1990. Vice-President, Fleurieu Peninsula Veterans Community Association, since 2004. Member, Younger Veterans Consultative Committee, Department of Veterans' Affairs, since 2003. Current Member, McLaren Vale Sub-Branch, Returned and Services League of Australia; former Member, Colonel Light Gardens and Port Noarlunga/Christies Beach Sub-Branches. Qualified Pensions Officer (Department of Veterans' Affairs); assists with claims for entitlements.

George OAM, Mr John Richard (QB2013)

For service to the welfare of children in Cambodia.

Chairman, Australia Cambodia Foundation; Member, since 1998. Financial supporter, Sunrise Children's Villages, Cambodia. President, Rotary Club of St Peters, 2000-2001; International Director, 1998-2000; District Insurance Officer for Rotary District 9520. Founder and Inaugural President, South Australian Council of Country Music (now Country Music SA), 1991-1999. President, Swan Reach Progress Association, since 2012. Awards/recognition include: The Les McKeown Award, 2012; the Insurance Broking Profession's highest award. Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Club of St Peters, 2009.

Gerard AO, Mr Robert Geoffrey (QB1999)

For service to South Australian domestic and export industry, to youth, particularly through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Australia, and to the community as a sponsor of cultural and sporting activities.

Mr Gerard is the President of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In South Australia, he is the President of the Electrical Manufacturers’ Association, member of the Premier’s Round Table of Business Advisers and a member of the Board of the Employers’ Chamber. Mr Gerard was the inaugural President, SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., 1993-1995; former President, Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association; former member of the Electrical Standards Board of Australia; past President of the Engineering Employers Association, SA. Mr Gerard was appointed Honorary Consul for Austria in South Australia in 1997. Gerard Industries has been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Business Programme since 1984, with approximately 25 new entrants per annum undertaking the Bronze Award. Mr Gerard is a World Fellow of the scheme and the Chairman of the SA State Award Committee since 1995. He also serves as President of the Friends of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, SA since 1988 and National President of the Friends since 1996. Gerard Industries is a sponsor of approximately 20 organisations and activities for the arts and sport. Mr Gerard is Chairman of the Premier’s SA Olympic Appeal Committee to raise funds to support the participation of SA athletes in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Gerard OAM, Mrs Fay Elizabeth (AD2008)

For service to the community as a fundraiser for a range of organisations, including the Adelaide Appeals Committee.

Chair, Adelaide Appeals Committee, since 1996. Chair, South Australian Games Appeal (SAGA) Women's Committee, since 1992. Chair, Royal Adelaide Hospital Development Appeal, Ladies Committee, 2001-2002. Fundraiser/supporter for inter alia: Australian Olympic Teams, for 15 years; Australian Paralympic Teams, for 15 years; Australian Commonwealth Games Teams, for 15 years; Royal Adelaide Hospital, since 2000; Duke of Edinburgh's Award, for over 10 years; Flinders Medical Centre Foundation; The Hanson Institute; Adelaide Zoo. Awards/recognition include: Life Membership, Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund.

Gerlach AM, Mr Stephen (QB2009)

For service to the provision of social welfare programs through Foodbank South Australia, and to the community.

Chairman, Foodbank SA, since 1999; Director, Foodbank Australia, since 1999. Trustee, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, since 1996. National Executive Member, Australian Red Cross Society, 1977-1984; Director, Humanitarian Foundation, 1988-1989. State Chairman, Australian Red Cross Society - South Australian Division, 1981-1984; Member, Finance Committee, 1979-1989; Divisional Council Member, 1973-1989; Life Member, 1986. Director, Flinders Medical Centre Research Foundation, 1988-1993. Founding Director, Sports, Arts and Recreation Council for People with Disabilities, 1991-2002; Member, Board of Management, 1991-2002. Chairman, Santos Ltd, since 2001; Director, since 1989. Chairman, Futuris Corporation Ltd, since 2003; Director, since 1996. Chairman: Challenger Listed Investments Ltd, 1994-2007; Equatorial Mining Ltd, 1994-2002; Elders Australia Ltd, 1996-2006; Amdel Ltd, 1996-2002; The Adelaide Casino, 1995-1999; Riverland Water Pty Ltd, 2004-2005, Deputy Chairman, 1996-2004. Director, S Gerlach Pty Ltd, since 1993. Former Director, Southcorp Ltd, 1994-2005; Brunner Mond Holdings Ltd (UK), Elders Rural Bank, 1998-2006; AMP Australia Board, 1992-1997. Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors, since 1982; Member, National Corporate Governance Committee, since 2007. Partner, Finlayson's, 1969-1992; Managing Partner, 1985-1991; Consultant, 1993-2001. Chairman, Coordinating Committee, The Allens Arthur Robinson Group, 1991; Member, 1987-1991. Member, Committee of Management, Law Foundation of South Australia Inc, 1986-1992.

Germein AM, Mr Malcolm Leslie (QB1995)

For service to local government and to the community.

Mr Germein served as President of the Local Government Association of South Australia from 1988 to 1990 and Vice-President of the Australian Local Government Association in 1989. He is currently a member of the State Executive Committee, SA Local Government Grants Commission; Chairman, Local Government Mutual Liability Scheme; Chairman of the Workers' Compensation Scheme; Chairman Disaster Fund; Chairman, Council Purchasing Authority; Member National Committee for Children's Services Working Party and Human Services Working Party. He has been a Councillor of the District Council of Central Yorke Peninsula since 1978 and is Chairman of the Yorke Regional Development Board. Past member and office holder of Maitland Rural Youth Club, Maitland Music and Arts Club, Mid Yorke Peninsula Tennis Association, Sandilands Uniting Church, Ardrossan Lions Club, United Farmers' and Stockowners' Research and Review Committee.

Gerschwitz OAM, Mr Murray Murvin (QB1996)

For service to the community of Minnipa and the Eyre Peninsula for the past 40 years, through local government, sporting, educational and rural organisations.

For many years has worked to bring improvements to his local area. Chairman, District Council of Le Hunte 1977-79 and from 1982-87; Councillor 1968-94; delegate to Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association. Committeeman, Minnipa Country Fire Services Brigade for 16 years; President 10 years; Fire Control Officer 20 years, delegate to Eyre Peninsula Fire Fighting Association. Won a State Fire Safety Award 1990 and continues as Deputy Supervisor. Member, Minnipa School Council and served as Chairman. President, Minnipa Agricultural Bureau two years; Secretary one year; Life member; delegate to United Farmers' and Stockowners' Association. Mr Gerschwitz is also involved in many other local organisations. Awarded Sportsman of the Year for the Le Hunte Region in 1989 and Citizen of the Year for Le Hunte Council area in 1994.

Geyer OAM, Mrs Dawn McBride (AD2010)

For service to the community through contributions to the Woodlands Church of England Girls Grammar School.

Life Member, Woodlands Old Scholars’ Association; Committee Member, for several years; organised major luncheons and re-union celebrations, and volunteered for several other functions. Coordinator, Woodlands Old Scholars’ Archive Museum group, since 1999; the group set up rooms at the St Peter's Woodlands Grammar School; the aims of the group include collecting, organising and preserving records and memorabilia in order to ensure that Woodlands Church of England Girls Grammar School’s contribution to the education of females in South Australia would be available for future research, and to provide information to the school community. Chairperson, Editorial Committee, Woodlands Book of Biography, launched in 2008; promoted the project among the school community to encourage their participation and/or involvement. Co-Author (with Ms Eleanor Relle), Miss G M Millington OBE Headmistress of Woodlands School 1938-1963; also launched in 2008.

Gianakos OAM, Mr Eric Peter (AD1981)

For service to the community and to conservation.

Giancaspro OAM, Mr Antonio (AD1985)

For service to the community.

Gibberd OAM, Mrs Joyce Mary (AD2000)

For service to conservation and the environment, particularly through the St Peters Tree Advisory Group, and to the community.

Formed the St Peters Tree Advisory Group (attached to local council) to prepare planting plans and policies and to ensure that each street in St Peters had trees. Grew many of the trees herself. Involved in designing and planting other public areas including the St Peters River Park, Billabong and Linear Park. Inaugural and continuing member of a committee to restore the Billabong and surrounding area as a Bicentenary project. Was a volunteer tree grower with Trees for Life. Mayoress, St Peters Council 1983-1987. Adelaide Research Assistant for the Australia Dictionary of Biography since 1974. Member since 1990, of SA Working Party which selects people for inclusion in the Dictionary. Organised with others Junior Tennis Tournaments 1960-1995 and is a an Honorary Life Member 1992 of the Kensington Gardens Bowling and Tennis Club.

Gibbs AM, Mr John Meighen (QB1984)

For service to children's welfare.

Gibbs AM, Mr Ronald Malcolm (QB1982)

For Service to education, particularly in the field of history.

A writer and researcher in the field of history, Mr Gibbs was a Consultant in History with the South Australian Education Department from 1971-1980. He was Foundation President of the South Australian Heritage Committee, and the History Trust of South Australia. He is keenly interested in South Australian and Australian History and has several publications on the history of the State to his credit.

Gibbs OAM, Mr Neville Dean (QB2011)

For service to gymnastics.

Chief Instructor, Morphett Vale Youth Club, 1967-1996; President, 1981-2000; Secretary, since 2000; Co-Founder and Member, since 1967. President, Morphett Vale Community Hall, 1981-1986; Member, since 1967. Co-Founder and Coach, Southern Districts Hockey Club, for 15 years. Graffiti Removal volunteer, Onkaparinga Council, since 2000. Delegate, South Australian Community Recreation Association, for many years. Life Member and former President, Australian Milking Machine Trade Association.

Gibson AM, Dr George Taylor (AD1984)

For service to medicine, particularly in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology.

Retired Chairman of St. Andrews Hospital, Dr Gibson has rendered outstanding service to the medical profession generally, and particularly to the specialised field of obstetrics and gynaecology over a long period of time. He has been internationally recognised for his research into the probability of causes of birth defects and complications during pregnancy through the Queen Victoria Research Foundation, and has been Deputy President of that Foundation since 1972.

Giddings OAM, Mr Keith Ray (QB2006)

Service to veterans through the Royal Australian, Navy Corvettes Association.

Secretary, Royal Australian Navy Corvettes Association, 1990-2004; Life Member; Editor, Corvette News, 1990-2002. State Electoral Commission, 40 years’ service, 25 years of which as Returning Officer. Member, Sports Committee, Uniting Church. Secretary, Brompton Football Club, for 7 years. Secretary, National Football Union, for 15 years. Justice of the Peace, since 1963; Special Justice, Adelaide Youth Court, 1987-1996. Awards include: Merit Award, for outstanding service to Australian Rules Football, 1973.

Gierke OAM, Mrs Phyllis Doreen (QB1989)

For service to community health and to children with physical disabilities.

Voluntary ambulance driver 1958-73. Bus driver, Spastic Children's Association 1973-85.

Gilbert OAM, Mr Raymond George (AD2002)

For service to local government through the Noarlunga and Onkaparinga City Councils, and to the community through a broad range of welfare, health and sporting organisations.

Inaugural Mayor, City of Onkaparinga, since amalgamation with City of Noarlunga Council in 1997. Mayor, City of Noarlunga, 1984-1997; Alderman, 1976-1983. Elected Member, District Council of Noarlunga, 1970-1972 and 1974-1976. Former Executive Member, South Australian Local Government Association, having served as Vice-President and Chairman of the Association’s Southern Region Councils. Has provided long and dedicated service with several community and service-oriented organisations, including: Country Fire Service, for 40 years. Noarlunga Branch, Royal District Nursing Service, for 17 years. Southern Districts War Memorial Hospital, McLaren Vale, 21 years; Chairman, Hospital Board, for three of those years. Noarlunga Health Service, for 15 years; including Foundation Chairman. Southern Urgency Relief Fund, for 25 years; including service as Chairman. Current Chairman, Noarlunga Leisure Centre Board. Chairman, Noarlunga Library Management Committee.

Gilbert AM, Em Prof Andrew Leigh (AD2014)

For significant service to pharmacy as an educator, researcher and administrator, and to professional organisations.

lHeld several positions with School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia, 1993-2010, including: - Director, Quality Use of Medicines (QUM). - Director, Pharmacy Research Centre, 2000-2010; Chairman, Centre Advisory Board, 2000-2010. - Director, QUM, Sansom Institute, 2004-2010; - Dean, South Australian (SA) College of Pharmacy, 2002-2005. - Professor in Pharmacy Practice and Quality Use of Medicines, 1999-2010. - Senior Lecturer, 1995-1998; Lecturer 1993-1995. President, Pharmacy Board of South Australia, 2008-2010; Deputy President 2004-2008; Chair, Professional Practice Committee, 2004-2008; Member, 2001-2004. Inaugural Chairman, QUM Working Group, South Australian Medicines Advisory Committee, 2011-2013. Member, Professional Programs and Services Advisory Committee, Department of Health and Ageing, 2008-2010; Committee Member, Pharmaceutical Health and Rational Use of Medication Committee, 1991-2003. Chairman, QUM Evaluation Sub-Committee, Commonwealth Department of Health, 1993-2003. Member, Pharmacy Sub-Committee, National Prescribing Service, 2000-2010. Chairman, Medication Advisory Committee, Adelaide North-Eastern Division of General Practice, 2003-2010. Councillor, Australian Pharmacy Council, 2008-2010. Member, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (SA) Council, 2002-2010. Member, Pharmacy Self Care Committee, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 1995-1997. Member, International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology CORE Committee, 2009-2014. Member, Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy Advisory Board, 1997-2003. Member, Australian Pharmaceutical Sciences Association (APSA) national conference organising committee, 1995, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006. Fellow, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2013. Awards/recognition include: APSA Medal, Australian Pharmaceutical Sciences Association, 2012. Lifetime Achievement Award, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2011. Pharmacist of the Year, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2005. Pharmacist of the Year (SA), Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2003. Dr Mark Edward GRYST, Gilberton SA 5081 For significant service to dentistry through a range of clinical, research and educational roles, and to professional organisations. Details not available at the request of Dr Gryst. Mr Michael Gordon HEWITSON, PO Box 3078, Unley SA 5061 For significant service to education, to the Anglican Church in Australia, and to the community of Unley. Chief Executive Officer, South Australian Anglican Schools System, 1988-2003; part of Anglican Schools Australia; formerly known as the Australian Anglican Schools Network. Chair, South Australian Anglican Schools Commission. Founding Secretary 1983-1988; Co-established the Commission. Instrumental in establishing the first Catholic/Anglican School, St Columbia College. Foundation Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Trinity College Gawler, 1984-2001. Oversaw the purchase of five separate campuses and the construction of facilities. Established volunteer program. Instrumental in the establishment of the Starplex sporting and arts facility which is used by both the College and the community, 2000. Convenor and Co-Author, Anglican Needs in Education Enquiry, 1982; instrumental in establishing low fee Anglican Schools. Honorary Principal, Hills Christian Community Primary School, Verdun, 1982. Employee, South Australian Department of Education, 1969-1984. Senior Master, Daws Road High School, 1982-1984. Member, Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration; South Australian Representative, National Development Conference, 1977. Director, Salisbury Education Centre, 1975-1981. Senior Science Master, Stuart High School, 1974. School Representative, In-service Conference Planning, Coordinating and Advisory Committee. International Consultant, for experimental sciences, International Baccalaureate Inc, appointed 1992. Chairman, Western Region, South Australian Science Teachers Association, 1970s. Councillor, Unley Ward, City of Unley, since 2006; Presiding Officer; Member of a range of committees including the Development Strategy and Policy; Audit; Road Safety; and the City Strategy and Policy Committees. Founding Convenor, PEKA 10-9 Computer Association, 1981. Founding Chairman, 5PBA FM Radio Station. Adviser, Minister for Funding Public Radio, 1980-1987. District Commissioner, Church of England Boys Society, in the 1970s. Instrumental in establishing the Natural Science Society, Eyre, in the 1970s. Fellow, Australian College of Education, 1998.Mrs Miriam Joyce HIGH, 3/5 Edsall Street, Norwood SA 5067 For significant service to people with disabilities, and to the community. Founder, Miriam High Special Needs Centre, Port Augusta, 1983; Manager, 1985-1994. Current Member, Links Project, Mount Barker Hills Community Options Inc Support Committee. Current volunteer, Carers Support Inc. Current Chairperson, Up the Hill Project, Flinders University; Member, for 10 years. Board Member, No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, since 2011. Chair, South Australian Ministerial Disability Advisory Committee, for 3 years; Member, for 13 years. Board Member, Arts Access South Australia. Mr Tony MACK, Eden Hills SA 5050 For significant service to the performing arts, particularly theatre for children and youth. Vice-President, International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ), 2002-2008. Co-Editor, ASSITEJ Book (documentation and reference book of the organisation), 2002-2003, 2004-2005 and 2006-2007. Director, International Relations, ASSITEJ 16th World Congress, 2008; Developer, Next Generation Program, 2006-2008. Head, Australian ASSITEJ delegation, ASSITEJ World Congress, 2005; helped to secure the World Congress for Adelaide in 2008; Chair, Congress Working Group, 2005-2008. Co-Founder, Write Local Play Global (international network for playwrights for young audiences), 2011. Director, TM - Performance and Communications (consultancy to Australian and international 'Theatre for Young Audiences' companies and festivals), since 2008. Representative, Young People and the Arts (Australian Centre for ASSITEJ), 2002-2008. Australia Council Representative, Theatre for Young People, international events, 2005-2007; Consultant, Youth Arts Sector, ongoing. Board Director, Slingsby Theatre Company, South Australia, since 2007. Editor, Lowdown Youth Performing Arts magazine, 1999-2007. Founder and Artistic Director, Boulevard Theatre (early childhood theatre), 1992-1994. Keynote Speaker, Bonderman Festival (playwriting for youth), Indiana USA, 2005. Freelance Actor, theatre, film, television and radio, since 1979. Playwright, 1987-1996. Lecturer, Drama Department, University of Adelaide, 1994-1999. Owner, Tony Mack Books (antiquarian and collectible online bookstore), since 2010. Fellow, Australia Council (researching theatre for the very young worldwide, and the development of an online Global Youth Arts Portal); 2008-2010.Mrs Elizabeth Anne MAZZEI, Marryatville SA 5068 For significant service to nursing through a range of professional and voluntary organisations, and to the community. Volunteer Nurse, Plastic Surgical Team to East Timor and Indonesia, Overseas Specialist Surgical Association of Australia (OSSAA), since 2002; involved in fundraising activities. Volunteer Nurse, Craniofacial Surgical Missions to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, Craniofacial Australia, 1980s-2000. Current supporter, Birthline Pregnancy Support Service Inc. Current supporter, Lions Club of Edwardstown; involved in fundraising activities. Member, St Ignatius Parish, Norwood, for many years. Clinical Manager, Theatre Suite, Calvary North Adelaide Hospital, 1987-2005; Registered Nurse, since 2005; commenced Nursing, 1962; Mentor to nurses and surgeons; contributor to the establishment of the multispecialty theatre complex. Mr Kieran MODRA OAM, Hallett Cove SA 5158 For significant service to sport as an athlete representing Australia at Paralympic Games, and to people who are blind or have low vision. Gold Medallist and Paralympic Champion, Men's Individual Pursuit B (cycling), London 2012 Paralympic Games. Gold Medallist, Men's Individual pursuit B&VI 1-3 (cycling), Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games; Bronze medal, Men's 1km time trial B&VI 1-3 (cycling). Gold Medallist, Men's Individual Pursuit Tandem B1-3 (cycling), Athens 2004 Paralympic Games; and in the Men's Sprint Tandem B1-3 (cycling); Bronze medal, Men's Road Race/Time Trial Tandem B1-3 (cycling). Member, Australian Cycling Team, Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. Gold Medallist, Mixed 200m Sprint Tandem (cycling), Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games. Bronze Medallist, Men’s 100m Backstroke B3 (swimming), Barcelona 1992 Paralympic Games; Bronze medal, Men’s 200m Backstroke B3 (swimming). Member, Australian Athletics (javelin) Team, Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games. Volunteer, Blind Sports SA, for many years. Volunteer, Novice Cyclist Program, Cycling SA, for many years. Employed, South Australian School for Vision Impaired, for 3 years. Employed, Seaview High School, Charles Campbell High School, for 3 years. Other awards/recognition include: Awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day 1997 Honours List for his service to sport as a gold medallist at the Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games. Ambassador, South Australian Premier’s Be Active Challenge, since 2009. Ms Paula NAGEL, Walkerville SA 5081 For significant service to higher education in South Australia, to the arts, and to the community. International Education Adviser, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, 2006-2010. Chair, Education Adelaide, 2003-2006. Council Member, University of South Australia, since 2010. Committee Member, University of South Australia Foundation, 2010-2013. Board Member, Leaders Institute of South Australia, since 2008. Member, Academic Board, Le Cordon Bleu Australia, 2007-2012. Director of Development, Wilderness School, Medindie, Adelaide, 1989-1990. Governor, Florey Medical Research Foundation, 2000-2007. Board Member, JamFactory, 2004-2007; craft and design centre. Life Benefactor, Friends of the Art Gallery South Australia, since 1980; also served as Vice-President/Committee Member, 1970-1979. Board Member, State Opera of South Australia, 1990-1999. Board Member, State Opera Ring Corporation, 1995-1999; subsidiary of the State Opera of South Australia. Trustee, Flinders University Foundation, 1994-1999. Senior Producer, Arts Program, 3LO ABC Radio, 1981-1988. Member, Minister's Tourism Round Table, 2004-2008. Board Member, South Australia State Council, Export Council of Australia, 2004-2007. Honorary Consul for South Australia, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, 1999-2006. Board Member, Business Enterprises Centres (SA), 1995-1997. Senior Consultant, Morgan & Banks, 1994-1997. Marketing Manager, Foundation South Australia, 1990-1994. Founder/Director, NBC Resources, 1997-2003; management consultancy. Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors. Awards/recognition include: Current Ambassador, National Breast Cancer Foundation. First female on the ABC Television current affairs program This Day Tonight in South Australia, 1967-1970. Mrs Janice Kaye NITSCHKE, Millicent SA 5280 For significant service to librarianship in South Australia, and to the community. President, Public Libraries South Australia, 1986-2011; Honorary Adviser, since 2013; Immediate Past President, 2012. Member, Public Libraries Advisory Committee, Australian Library and Information Association, since 2010; Associate Member, since 1980. Founding Partner/Governing Member, National Year of Reading 2012, since 2009. President, Council of Library Administrators of South Australia, 2001-2002. Past Member, School Community Libraries Committee. Manager Libraries, Information Services and Tourism, Wattle Range Council, South Australia, since 1997; current Director, Millicent Art Gallery (for Wattle Range Council). Employee, District Council of Millicent (prior to the amalgamation of the District Councils of Beachport, Penola and Millicent), since 1968. Local Government Association Delegate, Libraries Board of South Australia, State Library of South Australia, 1989-2011; Member, Finance Committee, 1991-2011; Chairperson, Public Library Services Standing Committee (formerly PLAIN Central Services), 2005-2011. Member, Regional Reference Committee, Creative Communities Network (network of local government cultural development workers and arts support bodies), since 2002. Board Member, South East Committee, TAFE SA, 2004-2008; Member, Millicent TAFE Area Committee. Board Member, Riddoch Art Gallery, Country Arts SA, 2003-2009. Board Member, South East Country Arts, Country Arts SA, 2003-2008. Current Member, South Australian Tourism Industry Council. Awards/recognition include: Crawford Award, for innovation and service in public libraries. Churchill Fellowship, for services and research into public libraries and community interaction. Keith Hockridge Memorial Scholarship, for study in librarianship and local government. Professor Ian Eric NORTH, Kent Town SA 5067 For significant service to the visual arts as a photographer, curator and educator. Inaugural Curator of Photography, Australian National Gallery, 1980-1984. Curator of Paintings, Art Gallery of South Australia, 1971-1980. Director, Manawatu Art Gallery (now known as the Te Manawa Gallery), 1969-1971. President, Art Museums Association of Australia, 1982-1984; Vice-President, 1978-1980. President, Art Association of Australia, 1997-1999; with Professor North’s involvement the Association was opened up to New Zealand to be known as the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, since 1999. Co-Founder, Experimental Art Foundation of Adelaide, 1974. Chair, Council of Australian Museum Associations. Chair, Artists Week, Adelaide Festival. Board Member, Biennale of Sydney. Board Member, Artbank, Sydney. Council Member, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 1991-1995. Board Member, Art Monthly Australia. Member, International Editorial Board, Broadsheet: Contemporary Visual Arts and Culture. Adjunct Professor, South Australian School of Art and the Hawke Institute, University of South Australia, since 2001; Head of School (School of Art), 1984-1993. Acted as an Australian Research Council grants examiner and helped to establish the University of South Australia Museum of Art and the Samstag International Scholarship Program benefiting Australian visual arts students. Adjunct Professor, School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide, since 2007. Widely exhibited artist (photography and printing). Widely published scholar (Australian and contemporary art). Dr Michael Anthony NUGENT, Adelaide SA 5000 For significant service to dentistry as an orthodontic surgeon, mentor and consultant, and to international dental programs. Senior Orthodontic Consultant, Australian Craniofacial Unit, Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide, for 37 years; Senior Visiting Dental Specialist. During this time, Dr Nugent has been involved in the development of numerous dental clinics in China, Hong Kong, Oman, Kuwait, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia; he has also been actively involved in teaching medical and dental professionals in these countries the appropriate techniques to assist them in providing dental health care to their communities. Visiting Dental Specialist, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Royal Adelaide Hospital, for many years until 2012. Orthodontist and Proprietor, Private Clinic in Adelaide, 1972-2012. Tutor in Orthodontics, Graduate and Post Graduate program, Dental School, Adelaide University, 1971-1977; Senior Lecturer in Orthodontics, 1968-1971. Board Member, Australian Cranio Maxillo-Facial Foundation, Craniofacial Australia, for many years; Orthodontic Consultant for the Craniofacial Australia surgical team visiting Kuwait to provide treatment to cleft palate patients and post traumatic injuries, 1970-2001. Federal Treasurer, Australian Society of Orthodontists, 1991-1993; Board Member, 2002-2004; Member, Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Reference Committee, for many years. President, SA Branch, Australian Dental Association, 1975-1976; Federal Councillor, 1976. Fellow, Dental Surgery, Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons, since 1966. Mr Francis Creagh O'CONNOR, North Adelaide SA 5006 For significant service to cricket through a range of international and domestic governance roles. Director, International Cricket Council, 2005-2008; Chairman, Governance Review Committee. Chairman, Cricket Australia, 2005-2008; Deputy Chairman, 2004-2005; Director, 1998-2008; Member, Audit, Remuneration and International Committees; current Adviser, Centre of Excellence (construction of new training facility in Brisbane). Director, South Australian Cricket Association, 1991-2012; current Representative, Oval Development Committee, Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority; Honorary Life Member, 2009. Honorary Life Member, Marylebone Cricket Club, United Kingdom, 2009. Chairman, South Australian Branch, The Lord's Taverners Australia, 1990-1995; Member, since 1983; raises funds to give young people, particularly those with special needs, the opportunity to participate in sport and recreation. Trustee, Les Favell Foundation, since 1998; creates opportunities for talented young players from country areas. Director, Kerry Packer Cricket Foundation, 2006; provides assistance for former cricket players and promising new players. Governor, Bradman Memorial Fund. Current Board Member, Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority Ltd. Chairman, Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Ltd, since 2010. Chairman, Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance, 1999-2004. Deputy Chairman, Flinders Medical Centre Research Foundation, 1988-1993. Board Member, Calvary Hospital, 1983-1993. Board, South Australian Development Corporation, 1974-1978. Founder, South Australian Chapter, Young Presidents' Association. Recently involved in fundraising, Engineering Scholarships, University of South Australia. Associate Professor Carolyn Denton PALMER, 6 Ocean Avenue, West Beach SA 5024 For significant service to the community, particularly to people who are blind or have low vision. Member, Faculty of Education, Law and Humanities, Flinders University, since 1991, in roles ranging from Lecturer, Dean of the School of Special Education and Disability Studies, to Director of Postgraduate Programs and Associate Professor in Education. Chair, CanDo4 Charities Board (previously Townsend House), 1999-2008; Deputy Chair, 1992-1999 and 2009-2013; Board Director, since 1991. Deputy Chair, Deaf CanDo, 2007-2012; Board Director, 2013. Chair, CanDo4Kids Community Services Committee, 1994-2004 and 2009-2013; Life Member, CanDo4Kids Charities, 2008. Executive Member, National Heads of Educational Services to Vision Impairment, 1995-2013. National Councillor, South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment, 1984-1991; Life Member, 2005. Member, International Council for Education of the Visual Impaired, since 2003. Member, South Australian Blindness Council, 1986-2000. Chair, SA Chapter, Australian Association of Special Education, 1991-1994; Committee Member, 1998-2013; National Councillor, 1991-1996; National Treasurer 1996. Member, Special Learning Needs Reference Group, SA Association of Independent Schools Targeted Programs Authority Inc, 2005-2012. Policy Development Officer, Special Education, SA Department of Education and Children's Services, 1998; Consultant to the Department on Cortical Vision Impairment, 2000; undertook Review of the Conductive Education Program, Kidman Park Primary School, 1994-1995. Ministerial Advisory Committee: Action Research Project, 1991; and Schools for All Project, 1992. Deputy Principal, Townsend School for the Vision Impaired, 1986-1994; Acting Principal, Term 3, 1990.Professor David Keith ROUND, 23/387-399 Halifax Street, Adelaide SA 5000 For significant service to business and commerce, particularly in the areas of competition policy and market regulation. Professor of Economics and Director, Centre for Regulation and Market Analysis, University of South Australia. Founder and Convenor, UniSA Competition and Consumer Workshop, since 2003; previously known as the Trade Practices Workshop. Former Associate Professor of Economics, University of Adelaide. Member, Australian Competition Tribunal, since 1998. Member, Australian Communications Authority, 1997-2005. Associate Commissioner, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 1986-1998; previously the Trade Practices Commission. Chairman, Employment Services Regulatory Authority, 1997. Associate Member, Australian Telecommunications Authority, 1989-1994. Lay Member, High Court of New Zealand, since 2009. Consultant to Australian and New Zealand companies, law firms and regulatory agencies. Author of over 150 papers, in Australia and International journals on a variety of industrial economics, competition policy and antitrust topics. Member, Editorial Board, Review of Industrial Organisation. Awards/recognition include: Centenary Medal, 2001. Mr Arnold Desmond SAINT, 11 Giles Avenue, Glenelg SA 5045 For significant service to the community of South Australia through roles with a range of aged care, education and sporting organisations. Honorary Auditor, Hutt Street Centre, 1992-2010; Consultant, 1982-1992; volunteer, in the 1980s. Inaugural Board Member, Southern Cross Care SA & NT Inc (formerly Southern Cross Homes), from 1968 to the early 1990s; Life Member, since 2005. Chairman, Calvary North Adelaide Hospital Board, 1986-1991; Member, 1970-1991. Honorary Treasurer and College Board Member, Cabra Dominican College, 1968-1981. Parent and Friends Committee, Sacred Heart College Senior, for 20 years; Member, Old Scholars Association. Volunteer, Glenelg Meals on Wheels, from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Financial Adviser, Greyhound Racing SA (Adelaide Greyhound Racing Club), for over 40 years; Patron, for over 20 years; Life Member. Life Member, Greyhound Owners, Trainers and Breeders Association, South Australia. Accountant and Business Adviser, LeCornu Group, Kain & Shelton, Peter Burns Real Estate, Taplin Real Estate, Trabilsie Hairdressing, Adrien Brien Automotive, and Grigoul Group (Coventry Motors), from 1974 until his retirement. Director, BEA Motors. Junior Partner/Partner, Thomas Sara Macklin & Co, 1959-1974. Director, South Australian Plywoods. Member, Taxation Institute of Australia. Mr Major SUMNER, Findon SA 5023 For significant service to the Indigenous community of South Australia through contributions to health, social welfare, youth and cultural heritage organisations. Board Member, Nunkuwarrin Yunti. Founder and Cultural Adviser, Aboriginal Sobriety Group, since 1980; Adviser; Hostel Manager. Volunteer, 'Talking Circles'. Founder, Sober Walk Initiative, since 2009. Contributor, Red Gum Restoration Project, 2011. Founder, Murrundi Ruwe Pangari Ringbalin, 2010. Host and coordinator, International Sundance ceremony, Long Point, Coorong, 2010. Vice-President, World Martial Arts Union (Australian branch), since 2002. Founder, Talkindjeri Dance Group, 1992; teacher, since 1992. Member, World Archaeological Congress. Facilitator, 'Aboriginal for a Day' program. Chairperson, Aboriginal Prisoners and Offenders Support Services, since 2012; Member, since 2002. Member, South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council, since 2011. Member, Aboriginal Leadership Group, since 2006. Member, Aboriginal Languages Board, in the 1990s. Member, Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement, in the 1980s. Member, Aboriginal Housing Authority, in the 1980s. Mr David Wemyss TILLETT, 420 Henley Beach Road, Lockleys SA 5032 For significant service to the sport of sailing. Council Member, International Sailing Federation (ISAF), since 1998; Chairman, Racing Rules Committee, 2004-2012; Member, 2000-2012; Member, Review Board, 2009-2013; Member, Constitution Committee. Ex-Officio Board Member/Board Member, Yachting Australia, 1996-2013; Consultant, Racing Rules Committee. Member, Yachting South Australia, Race Officials Committee, since ca1979; also served as Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary; Life Member, 2010; Honorary Solicitor, 1979. Chair, International Jury - Sailing, London 2012 Olympic Games, Beijing 2008, and Athens 2004; Member, Sydney 2000, and Atlanta 1996. Chairman of the Jury, Louis Vuitton/America's Cup, 2010-2013; Member of the Jury, Valencia 2004-2007, and Auckland 2003; Umpire, Valencia 2004-2007, Auckland 2003, San Diego, 1992 and 1995. A Chairman of the Jury, Volvo Ocean Race, 2008-2009; Jury Member, 2007; Member, Arbitration Panel, 2011-2012. Current Honorary Solicitor, Adelaide Sailing Club (formerly Glenelg Sailing Club). Trustee, Glenelg Sailing Club, in the early 1980s; Junior Commodore, 1968-1969. World Champion, International Cadet Class, 1969. Australian Champion, Cadet Class, 1968-1969, 1969-1970 and 1971-1972. Panel Member, Selection Appeals Tribunal, Australian International Shooting Ltd, London 2012 Olympic Games and Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. Panel Member, Selection Appeals Tribunal, Equestrian Australia, London 2012 Olympic Games. Partner, Duncan Basheer Hannon Lawyers and Solicitors, 1992-2013; Consultant. Partner, Povey Waterhouse and Basheer, 1984-1989; employee, 1977-1984. Member, The Law Society of South Australia, since 1978. Chairman of Directors, Mintaro Slate Quarries. Director, Tillett Natural Stone Industries. Awards/recognition include: Australian Sports Medal, 2000. Order of Merit, South Australian Olympic Council, 2012. Boatman of the Year, Boating Industry Association of South Australia, 2012. President's Award, Yachting South Australia, 2008. Official of the Year, Confederation of Australian Sports, 2004. Mr Richard Tresillian WALSH, 'Bibury', 5 The Avenue, Medindie SA 5081 For significant service to primary industry through the agricultural show movement in South Australia, and to the community. Honorary Councillor, Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia, since 2012; Honorary Life Member, 2012; Patron, Archives Foundation, since 2012; Founder and Treasurer, Education Foundation and Archives Foundation, since 2007. Chairman, Board of Directors, 1994-1996; Vice-Chairman,1992-1994; Trustee, 1992-2012; Treasurer, 1987-1993; Director, 1993-2012; Executive Member, 1973-2012. Member, Executive Council, since 1975; Member, Council of the Society, since 1972; Life Member; volunteer, since 1955. Chairman, Grounds Committee, 1987-1993; Member, 1981-1993. Chairman, Finance Committee, 1988-1993; Member, 1981-1993. Chairman, Light Horse Committee, 1974-1986; Steward, 1955-1974. Delegate, Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth Conference, New Zealand, 2008; Nairobi, Kenya, 1989; and Melbourne, 1985. Ringmaster, Royal Adelaide Show, 1975-1983. Board Member, Art Gallery of South Australian Foundation, 1998-2012; Fellow/Benefactor; Member, Collectors Club. Treasurer and Founding Committee Member, Wilderness Girls School Foundation, 1985-1998. Member, Council of National Trust of South Australia, 1987-1990; Chairman, Finance Committee, 1989-1990; Member, 1987-1990; implemented, Government House Open Day. Committee Member, the Adelaide Club. Life Member, Royal Zoological Society of South Australia. Professor Graeme Paul YOUNG, Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, Flinders University, Adelaide SA 5000 For significant service to medicine through a range of research, clinical and academic roles, particularly in the area of gastrointestinal health. Professor of Global Gastrointestinal Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Flinders University, since 2011. Foundation Professor of Gastroenterology Unit, Flinders University, 1997-2011. Adjunct Professor, Department of Gastrointestinal Sciences, Christian Medical College in Vellore, India, since 2009. Michell Professor of Medicine; Head, Department of Medicine, University of Adelaide, 1995-1997. Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, 1989-1995. Director of Development, Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC), since 2002; Chair, Governing Council of FCIC, since 2011. Head, Flinders Centre for Cancer Prevention and Control, 2005-2012. Member, Research Reform Implementation Reference Group, SA Health, 2008-2009. Chair, Research Committee, State Cancer Control Network SA, since 2007. Member, Medical Research Advisory Committee, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, 2007-2012. Principal Scientific Investigator of global health initiatives supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, since 2008. Chair, Grant Review Panel and Assigners Committee, National Health and Medical Research Council, 2003-2009. Author, Co-Author and publisher of over 300 scientific papers and articles. Guest Speaker at more than 200 conferences nationally and overseas. Founding Board member, International Digestive Cancer Alliance, since 2002. Member, Implementation Committee, National Bowel Cancer Screening Program, Department of Health and Ageing, 2001-2010; Member, Clinical Advisory Group and Biennial Screening Working Group, since 2010. Chair, Steering Group, National Bowel Cancer Screening Program, Southern Adelaide Health Service, SA Health, 2007-2011; Member, State Reference Group, 2006-2011. Chair, Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee, World Organisation for Digestive Endoscopy, since 2005.Member, National Bowel Cancer Screening Program Monitoring Report Working Group, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, since 2006. Member, Cancer Help Line Advisory Panel, Cancer Council South Australia, since 2003. Member, CSIRO Starplus Board, since 2001. Member, Committee of Revision, ‘Prevention and Screening for Colorectal Cancer', Digestive Health Foundation, since 2000. Board Member, Graceworks Myanmar, since 2012. Senior Director, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Southern Adelaide Health Services, 1997-2011; Regional Director, 2007-2011. Academic Head, Gastrointestinal Services, Flinders Medical Centre, Repatriation General Hospital, and the Noarlunga Community Hospital, 1997-2006. Chairman and Council Member, Gastroenterological Society of Australia, 2002-2007. Member, Colorectal Round Table, American Cancer Society, since 2001. Fellow, Preventative Health Flagship, CSIRO, 2005-2006. Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, since 2008. Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, since 1978. Fellow, American Gastroenterological Association, since 2009. Awards/recognition include: South Australian Scientist of the Year, Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology, 2013. Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor, Flinders University, 2011. Distinguished Research Prize, Gastroenterological Society of Australia, 2009. South Australian of the Year in Health Category, 2007. 'Ten of the Best' award, National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, 2006. Dafydd Lewis Scholarship, 1964-1969. Mr Klaus ZIMMERMANN, PO Box 289, Hove SA 5048 For significant service to aged persons through executive roles with support organisations. National President and Chair, Aged and Community Services Australia, 2007-2011; Vice-President, 2007. Chair, Aged and Community Services South Australia and Northern Territory, 2005-2006; Deputy Chair, 2004-2005 and 2006-2007; Board Member, 2004-2009. Chief Executive Officer, Eldercare Inc, 2001-2013. Board Member, International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing, 2007-2011. Former Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Manager, Corporate Services, Aged Care and Housing Group Incorporated, circa the 1990s. Member, Federal Aged Care Residential Reference Group, 1998-2001. Director, Central Adelaide and Hills Medicare Local, since 2011. Supporter, Elonwabeni Aged Care, Kokstad, South Africa. Member, Financial Reporting Council, 2003-2011; also served as Chair, Nominations Committee. National President, National Institute of Accountants (now Institute of Public Accountants), 2001-2004; Director, 1995-2006; Member, 1980-2006; State Councillor, South Australian and Northern Territory Division, 1994-2004; also served as State President. Board Member, ISPT, since 2013. Board Member, HESTA Superannuation Fund, since 2012. Board Member, Adelaide Savings Credit Union, ca1986. Held several positions with School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia, 1993-2010, including: - Director, Quality Use of Medicines (QUM). - Director, Pharmacy Research Centre, 2000-2010; Chairman, Centre Advisory Board, 2000-2010. - Director, QUM, Sansom Institute, 2004-2010; - Dean, South Australian (SA) College of Pharmacy, 2002-2005. - Professor in Pharmacy Practice and Quality Use of Medicines, 1999-2010. - Senior Lecturer, 1995-1998; Lecturer 1993-1995. President, Pharmacy Board of South Australia, 2008-2010; Deputy President 2004-2008; Chair, Professional Practice Committee, 2004-2008; Member, 2001-2004. Inaugural Chairman, QUM Working Group, South Australian Medicines Advisory Committee, 2011-2013. Member, Professional Programs and Services Advisory Committee, Department of Health and Ageing, 2008-2010; Committee Member, Pharmaceutical Health and Rational Use of Medication Committee, 1991-2003. Chairman, QUM Evaluation Sub-Committee, Commonwealth Department of Health, 1993-2003. Member, Pharmacy Sub-Committee, National Prescribing Service, 2000-2010. Chairman, Medication Advisory Committee, Adelaide North-Eastern Division of General Practice, 2003-2010. Councillor, Australian Pharmacy Council, 2008-2010. Member, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (SA) Council, 2002-2010. Member, Pharmacy Self Care Committee, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 1995-1997. Member, International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology CORE Committee, 2009-2014. Member, Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy Advisory Board, 1997-2003. Member, Australian Pharmaceutical Sciences Association (APSA) national conference organising committee, 1995, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006. Fellow, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2013. Awards/recognition include: APSA Medal, Australian Pharmaceutical Sciences Association, 2012. Lifetime Achievement Award, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2011. Pharmacist of the Year, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2005. Pharmacist of the Year (SA), Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2003.

Gilbertson OAM, Ms Marilyn Kay (AD2001)

For service to education, particularly through the Australian Primary Principals Association.

Australian Primary Principals Association: President, 1994; and Secretary, 1986. Designed an organisational model to enhance collaboration between states and systems (each state set up a chapter comprising principals from Catholic, Independent and State schools). South Australian Primary Principals Association: President 1989-1991; Vice-President, 1987-1988; Assistant Secretary and member of Inner Executive, 1982-1986; and Secretary and Convenor of planning committee for the annual state conference of primary principals, 1979-1984. Served as a member of the Commonwealth Schools Commission National Working Party for Professional Development of Principals Project, 1982-1984. Primary Review: In 1986-1987, led a comprehensive review of primary education at the request of the SA Director-General of Education. The detailed findings, published in 20 volumes, are still used as a reference to guide decisions and policy making by education systems throughout Australia. Teaching and Administration: 38 years’ experience as a teacher, and served as school principal.

Gilbertson OAM, Mrs Maureen June (QB2003)

For service to the community, particularly through ministry and co-ordination of services to people with intellectual disability.

Initiated a ministry through the Lutheran Church to people with intellectual disabilities at Minda Home Inc, over 35 years ago; continues to provide this service today. Coordinates visits to residential care homes by Women's Guild members. Co-founded Opportunity Shop which funds Community Care Group to provide emergency food, clothing, counselling and referrals. Committee Member, Fullarton Lutheran Aged Care Homes. Conducted Sunday school classes, for 20 years. Representative, Ecumenical World Day of Prayer Committee. Member, consultative committee comprising all churches in local electorate.

Gilding AM, Mr Kevin Rex (QB1993)

For service to senior secondary and tertiary education.

Crucial role in development senior secondary and tertiary education policy SA as adviser to Minister of Education since 1988, Commissioner Enquiry into Immediate Post-Compulsory Education 1987-88 (resulting in Gilding Report bringing far-reaching change). Significant contribution also as Chairman Tertiary Education Authority of SA 1979-86, Adviser to Minister of Education 1978-79, Director Adelaide College of Advanced Education 1972-78, Vice-Principal Bedford Park Teacher's College 1968-71. Highly regarded for devotion to education as policy-maker, teacher, administrator. Since retirement closely involved in committee work for community.

Giles AO GM QPM BEM, Mr John Bryan (AD1984)

For public service in the South Australian Police Force.

Mr Giles, the former South Australian Police Commissioner from 1982-83, is a most-decorated police officer, having been awarded the George Medal for bravery in 1952 and the British Empire Medal for bravery in 1963. He retired from the SA Police Force last year, after almost 44 years' service, including two years as consultant to the Australian Law Reform Commission and Chairman of the Board of Control, National Police Research Unit. He was made a Churchill Fellow in 1971 and from 1981 to 1984 served on the Rhodes Scholar Selection Committee (SA).

Giles AM, Mr James Ramsay (AD1997)

For service to the community as an advocate for multiculturalism in education and the arts, particularly through the Multicultural Education Co-ordinating Committee.

Mr Giles is well known for his promotion of multiculturalism in South Australian schools as part of his brief as an officer in the Education Department, and as Deputy Director of Education 1986-1988. He served as Chairman of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Multicultural Education. He participated in the report "Education for a Cultural Democracy". Mr Giles was the key organiser and promoter of the first Adelaide "Come Out" Festival in 1973, which was an initiative of the Department of Education, and he continued as Chairman of "Come Out" until 1984. He served as a Board member, State Theatre Company 1981-1984. He is Chairman of the Board of Doppio Teatro since 1991, and is employed by the SA Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission as a consultant and convener of Multicultural Forums. Currently, Chairman of Survivors of Torture and Trauma Advice and Rehabilitation Service Committee and is actively involved in refugee settlement. He is also Chairman of the Home and Community Care Ministerial Advisory Committee and The Older Australian's Advisory Council.

Gill OAM, Mr William Howard (QB2006)

Service to the community of SA as a Justice of the Peace and through the correctional service system.

Has contributed 32 years’ service to the Courts Administration Authority, the Correctional Services Department, and the South Australian Police Department. Member, Visiting Tribunal, Department for Corrections Services, since 1994. Officer of the Court, administering a rostering system and training inexperienced Justices and Police Officers in actual and mock court room sessions, Christie's Beach Court, 1983-2000. Member, Justices of the Quorum, 1989. Summary Courts, Unley, Glenelg and Adelaide Court House, 1973-1978. Chairperson of the Bench, Port Pirie Court House, 1967; served 7 years.

Gillespie OAM, Mrs Joan Diana (QB1990)

For service to conservation, particularly through the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia.

President, Royal Zoological Society of South Australia 1985-88. Appointed to their Council 1979 and served on the Finance Committee, the Public Relations Committee, Education Committee, Monarto Open Range Zoo Project Committee and Grounds and Building Committee.

Gillespie OAM, Capt. James Alexander (QB2002)

For service to maritime history and sailing, and to the community of Largs Bay through Rotary.

Captain Gillespie has had a long association with ships, serving in the Merchant Navy and with the Department of Marine and Harbours 1947-1980. He retired as the Director of Ports and Marine Operations in South Australia. Commenced an interest in the Nautical Museum, SA, 1960s; involved in the operation of the Museum, from 1973; Honorary Curator, 1973-1986; Chairman, Special Committee, 1980. When the Museum's collection was transferred to the SA Maritime Museum in 1986, he became a committee member of the Friends of the SA Maritime Museum, until retiring at 80 years of age; Life member. Committee member, Port Adelaide Institute, 1965-1979; President for 2 years; assisted in compiling a historic record of the Institute. Author, Traders Under Sail, the story of cutters, ketches and schooners of South Australia, covering the period from 1836-1982. Associate member, Australian Branch, The International Cape Horners, since 1960s; Vice-Patron, 1998; Patron, 2002. Member, Port River Sailing Club; Patron, since 1979; Life member, 2000. Other community involvement includes: Foundation member, Rotary Club of Largs Bay, since 1970. Member, Taperoo High School Council, for 10 years; Chairman, for 2 years. Member, Seven Seas Club. Member, Merchant Navy Association SA, since 1994; President, 1998-2000; Patron, 2001. Member, Executive Committee, British Sailors Society SA Branch, 1969-1980.

Gilligan OAM, Mr Lyle John (QB1994)

For service to the community.

Mr Gilligan has been a Councillor with the City of Woodville since 1978 and was recently elected Alderman of the City of Hindmarsh and Woodville following the amalgamation of the two cities. He is currently Treasurer of the Woodville Cricket Club, Management Committee member since 1976 and Life Member. He was a Management Committee member of the Woodville Football Club for 12 years and is a Life Member. He is a Board member of Lakeside Villages, a promoter/co-founder of the Woodville Race Day since 1986 and actively involved in fund-raising.

Gilligan AO, Dr John Eugene (AD1999)

For service to medicine, particularly intensive care medicine, and to the development of medical retrieval systems.

Regarded as a pioneer in the field of mobile medical service and his work has proved to be a role model for similar services in Australia and overseas. Dr Gilligan is currently the Director of the Department of Retrieval and Resuscitation, Royal Adelaide Hospital, having been appointed in 1991 following a medical career as a specialist anaesthetist that began at the hospital in 1961. In 1973, Dr Gilligan pioneered the Medical Retrieval Service in South Australia that gives rural people access to high level acute services using road ambulance transport, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. These are deployed in conjunction with St John Ambulance, the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and other agencies of the Fire and Rescue service. The service introduced and developed by Dr Gilligan now involves all the teaching hospitals in Adelaide which perform close to 1000 medical retrievals a year. Dr Gilligan and his team have since developed an International Retrieval Service that is available to evacuate critically ill Australians who may fall ill overseas. He has in several instances personally supervised the repatriation of Australian patients from America, Asia and Europe, and supervised foreign patients repatriated to their home countries after treatment in Australia. In the 1980s, Dr Gilligan also participated in the development of the Diving Alert Network at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (decompression chamber for treating divers with the “bends”). In 1998, he was appointed President of the Australasian Chapter of the international Society of Airmedical Services. He is a member of several medical committees including the Medical Committee of the RFDS (Adelaide); the State Rescue Helicopter Management Committee; the SA Health Commission Counter Disaster Committee; the Specialist Committee (Intensive Care) for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons; and the Medical Advisory Committee of St John Ambulance (SA). In 1994, Dr Gilligan received the AMA Award for Individual Contribution to Health Care in Australia.

Giordano AM, Mr Antonio (QB1979)

For service in the field of migrant welfare.

Girke OAM, Mr Gilbert (QB2006)

Service to the community, particularly as a fundraiser for organisations supporting people with visual and hearing impairments.

Charity collector for Townsend House, 1969-1978, the Blind Welfare Association, the Royal South Australian Deaf Society and Retinitis Pigmentosa, 1989-2004. Secretary, Australian Deaf Cricket Association, for 4 years. Manager, South Australian Deaf Cricket Club, 1996. Secretary, Deaf Lawn Bowls Club. Awards include: Australian Sports Medal, 2000.

Glaessner AM, Prof Martin Fritz (AD1985)

For service to geology, particularly micropalaeontology.

Glapa OAM, Mr Josef (QB2009)

For service to the Polish community of South Australia.

President, Polish Association in South Australia, 1978-1985, 1985-1994 and 1995-2008; Member, since 1966. President, Federation of Polish Organisations in South Australia, 1995-2004; current Committee Member. Chairman, Committee for the Rebuilding of the Church at Polish Hill River, 1973-1980; Member, 1971. Committee Member, Polish Hill River Church Museum, 1996-2004; voluntary Caretaker, since the 1970s.

Glastonbury OAM, Mr Leonard Eric (AD2014)

For service to the community, particularly through Meals on Wheels.

Member, Board of Directors, Meals on Wheels (South Australia), 1999-2008. Member, Services Development Committee. Chairman, Board of Management, West Torrens Branch, for 11 years; volunteer, 1994-2008. Founding Chairman, West Adelaide Elder Friendly Project, 2006; a joint University of South Australia/City of West Torrens Ageing Taskforce. Secretary, Brooklyn Park Neighbourhood Watch Group; Zone Leader. Past Chairman, West Adelaide Probus Club; Member, since the 1980s. Past Deputy Chairman, West Torrens Football Club; Management Committee Member, 1968-1975; Reserve Grade Team Manager, in the mid 1960s.

Gleeson OAM, Mrs Margaret Ipsa (QB1981)

For service to local government and to the community.

Gleeson OAM, Mr John Herbert (QB1985)

For service to the trade union movement.

Member, Vehicle Builders Employees' Federation from 1920-83, President from 1969-74; Delegate to ALP, Trades and Labour Council and ACTU. Member, Vehicle Builders Apprentices and Trades Committee from 1947-74. Foundation member, Kilkenny and Woodville Sub-branch of ALP; Secretary from 1934-54; Member, Kilburn Sub-branch since 1961. Also active with a number of local sporting clubs.

Gleeson AO CMG, The Most Rev James William (AD1979)

For service to religion and social welfare.

Gleeson OAM, Mr Brian Thomas (AD2013)

For service to the community of South Australia through the management of sporting events.

Event Manager, Clipsal 500 Adelaide, since 1999. nvolved in the management of other events including: - Australian Rally Championship, 2001-2007. - Australian Formula One Grand Prix, 1985-1996. - World Bowls Championship, 1996. - Adelaide International Horse Trials, 1997, 1998 and 1999. - Adelaide International Rodeo. - Tasting Australia. - as well as music events and concerts.

Gleghorn OAM, Mr Thomas (AD2006)

For service to the arts as a painter and teacher.

A self-taught artist, Mr Gleghorn held over 50 national/international exhibitions between 1959 and 1992; his work is represented in numerous Australian galleries and corporate collections. Senior Lecturer, Sturt College of Advanced Education, 1973-1982. Chairman, Art Department, Bedford Park Teachers College, 1971-1972; Lecturer, 1969. Head, Canberra School of Art, 1968. Teacher, Art and Design National Art School. Teacher, East Sydney Technical College. Current Board Member, Helpmann Academy of Fine Arts. Director, Blaxland Galleries, 1958-1960. Charitable fundraiser; donates many of his paintings for various fundraising events. Awards/recognition include: Christus Prize (companion award to the Blake Prize, 1958. Muswellbrook Prize, 1958 and 1960. Rockdale Art Prize, 1957 and 1961. Sir Charles Lloyd Jones Industrial Art Award, 1959. Helena Rubinstein Travelling Scholarship, 1961. British Council grant, 1962.

Glover AO, Ms Anne (AD2004)

For service to early childhood and primary education, particularly relating to Indigenous communities in rural and isolated areas of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Team member, Aboriginal Childrearing Project, 2001-2003. University of South Australia (formerly South Australian College of Advanced Education): Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education; de Lissa Institute of Early Childhood and Family Studies: Staff Member, 1983-2003. Chair, Children's Services Consultative Committee. Member, National Executive, Institute of Early Childhood Education. Department of Education and Children's Services: Line Manager, rural and isolated early childhood centres, 1994-1995; Director of Children's Services Centres, 1976-1979. Director, Alberton Aboriginal Children's Centre. International projects include: Team Leader and Project Director, Papua New Guinea Elementary Teacher Education Support Project, 1997-2000; East Timor: consultant, coordinated and systemised early childhood services, 2001 (2 months); Chairperson and Member, Quality Assurance Panel, Philippines, 2001-2004; Adviser, Early Childhood Services, Nauru; University of the South Pacific: wrote and supervised early childhood training courses, 1996?1997.

Gloyn OAM, Mr Alan Roy (QB2008)

For service to the community of Whyalla through a range of community, service and sporting organisations.

Founding Member, Graeme Jose 'Spirit of Whyalla' Award, 1974; Chair, Board of Trustees 1983-1998; Trustee, 1982-2002. Councillor, Whyalla City Council, 1985-1989. Contributor to the establishment of Whyalla Nursing Home; Chairman and Board Member. District Governor, Whyalla Mount Laura Lions Club, 1987-1988; President, 1976-1977; Board Member, for 21 years, District Cabinet Member, for 20 years; Member, since 1974. Umpire, Whyalla Netball Association, 1966-1981. Coach, Kiwi Netball Club (Whyalla), 1966-1981. Founding Coach, Whyalla Combined Netball. Awards/recognition include: Service Award, Whyalla City Council, 2003. Life Membership, Whyalla Mount Laura Lions Club, 1994. Service Award and Life Membership, Whyalla Netball Association, 1981. Life Membership, Kiwi Netball Club.

Goers OAM, Mr Peter John (AD2013)

For service to the community as a radio broadcaster.

Host, Evening Show, ABC Radio, Adelaide, since 2003. Theatre critic for The Advertiser newspaper, 1985-1996. Artistic Director, University of Adelaide Theatre Guild, during the 1980s; Life Member. Board Member, Carclew Youth Arts, 2001-2003. Board Member, Adelaide Festival, since 2011. Trustee, Adelaide Festival Centre Trust, 2003-2011. Patron, Turkish Association of South Australia; and other organisations. Awards/recognition include: SA Local Hero, Australia Day Awards. Radio Broadcaster of the Year Award, Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance, 2008 and 2009.

Goggins OAM, Mrs Florence Edna (AD1981)

For community service.

Golding OAM, Ms Kerry Joan (AD1997)

For service to sport as a gold medallist at the Atlanta Paralympic Games, 1996.

Gold medallist in the 200m Sprint Tandem Mixed Open cycling event at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games.

Goldney AO, Em Prof Ronald Donald (AD2013)

For distinguished service to medicine in the field of psychiatry, as a researcher and academic, through international contributions to the study of suicide and its prevention.

Professor and Head, Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Adelaide, 2007-2009; Clinical Professor, 1993-1996; Lecturer, from 1974. Professor and Medical Director, The Adelaide Clinic, 1996-2007. International Board Member, American Association of Suicidology, 2000-2003. President, International Academy for Suicide Research, 2001-2003. President, International Association of Suicide Prevention, 2001-2003. Awards/recognition include: Dublin Award, American Association of Suicidology, 2007; for his lifetime achievements in suicide research. Stengel Award, International Association of Suicide Prevention, 1987; for his research into suicide.

Goldsworthy AO, Hon Eric Roger (AD1997)

For service to politics, to the Parliament of South Australia, and to the community.

Mr Goldsworthy was elected to Parliament in 1970 as the Liberal Member for Kavel until 1992. Mr Goldsworthy was appointed the Deputy Leader of the Parliamentary Liberal Party in South Australia in 1975, and he continued in that position until 1990, making him the longest-serving Deputy Leader in South Australia. As Deputy Premier and Minister for Mines and Energy from 1979-1982, he negotiated the indenture agreements which led to the Roxby Downs Uranium and Gold Mine and the Olympic Dam being developed. He was responsible for the negotiation and passage of legislation through Parliament of the oil and gas scheme from Moomba to Stony Point. He was also involved in the negotiations in the Pitjatjantjara Land Rights legislation. Mr Goldsworthy is an active member of the community who provides financial support for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Red Shield Appeal and World Vision child sponsorship. Serves as Patron of the Gawler and Barossa Oratorio Choir, and is a Committee member of the Mawson Appeal and the Commonwealth Club of Adelaide. Granted Life Membership of the Golden Grove Show Society and the Asthma Foundation.

Goldsworthy OAM, Mr Harold (AD1978)

For services to local government and to the community.

Goldsworthy AM, Dr Peter David (AD2010)

For service to literature as an author and poet, through arts administration, and to the community.

An award winning author, arts administrator and general practitioner, Dr Goldsworthy's novels have sold over 40,000 copies in Australia alone, and have been translated into German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Italian and Mandarin; several have been adapted for the stage. Dr Goldsworthy has also been actively involved in the promotion of literature and reading in the wider community through numerous talks and personal appearances at writers events, schools and universities. Publications include: Everything I Knew, 2008. The List of All Answers: Collected Stories, 2004. Three Dog Night, 2003. Tattered Joys, 2002. New Selected Poems, 2001. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam, 1999. Navel Gazing: Essays, 1998. Keep It Simple, Stupid, 1996. If, Then: Poems and Songs, 1996. Wish, 1995. Little Deaths, 1993. Honk If You Are Jesus, 1993. Magpie, 1992; with B Matthews. After the Ball, 1992. This Goes With That: Selected Poems, 1991. Maestro, 1989. Bleak Rooms, 1988. Zooing, 1986. Archipelagoes, 1982. Readings from Ecclesiastes, 1982. Cowrote the stage adaptions of his novels Honk If You Are Jesus, with Martin LaudGray, 2006; and Maestro, with Anna Goldsworthy, 2009. Wrote the libretti for the operas Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, 1996; and Batavia, 2001. Chairman, Literature Board, Australia Council for the Arts, 20012006. Chairman, State Library Board SA, since 2002. Current General Practitioner, Private Practice, Adelaide. Awards/recognition include: Centenary Medal, 2001. FAW Christina Stead Award, 2004. Robert Helpmann Award for Best New Australian Work 2002. Green Room Award for Special Creative Achievement, 2002. Australian Bicentennial Prize for Poetry, 1988. South Australian Premier's Award, 1982. Ann Elder Poetry Award, 1982. Commonwealth Poetry Prize for Best First Collection of Poetry, 1982. Western Australian Sesquicentenary Literary Award, 1979.

Golley OAM, Mrs Jillian Ann (QB2004)

For service to the preservation of the history of Holdfast Bay, particularly through the Brighton Historical Society and the Holdfast Bay History Centre.

Brighton Historical Society: President, since 1996; foundation member, since 1983; regarded as foremost authority on local history; addresses schools and community groups. Lobbied for history centre which resulted in establishment of the Holdfast Bay Historical Society (HBHS) and Holdfast Bay History Centre; appointed Deputy Chairperson HBHS, 2000. Served on City of Holdfast Bay Council committees, including Centenary of Federation; Brighton Heritage Review; Utilisation of State Grant for promotion of Kingston House; and Improvements of the grounds of Kingston House. Contributor to Council's brochure Brighton, A Walk Through History. Active in preservation and promotion of historical St Jude's Cemetery. Awards include: City of Holdfast Bay, Citizen of the Year, 2001.

Gonis OAM, Mr Bill (AD2006)

For service to the South Australian taxi and transport industry, and to the Greek community.

Media spokesperson, Taxi Council SA, for past 12 months; Mr Gonis was involved in bringing together taxi companies in Adelaide to form this Council. Founding Member, Co-operative Taxi Cab Society. Operations Manager, Adelaide Independent Taxis, for the past 12 years. Involvement in a range taxi industry committees and boards, including: - Disability Standards for Accessible Taxis; Passenger Transport Industry Committee; Premier’s Taxi Council; Taxi Index Committee; and Passenger Vehicle Driver Training Committee. Managed wheelchair accessible taxis in Adelaide. Involved within the Greek community in South Australia, particularly charity activities. Organised disability awards for the 'Access Driver of the Year' with the Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of South Australia.

Gonsalves OAM, Mr Norman Stephen (AD1998)

For service to ballroom dancing as an adjudicator, coach, organiser, and dancer, and as honorary secretary of the Dancing Association of South Australia for over 30 years.

Mr Gonsalves has served as an honorary secretary of the Dancing Association of South Australia Inc since 1966. He has been involved in fundraising to help dancers attend competitions interstate and overseas and has organised many competitions. Over the years, he has coached dancers in a variety of styles and in exhibition dances. Has served on the Australian Dancing Board and has represented Australia in international and national dancing championships as a dancer and adjudicator. Invited in May 1997 to adjudicate the Teams Match in Blackpool, UK. Both Mr Gonsalves and his wife were inducted into the Australian Dancing Board's Hall of Fame (1997).

Good OAM, Mrs Mary (AD1994)

For service to public health and to the community.

President of the Hospital and Health Services Association (SA) from 1990 to 1992, member of the Australian Hospitals' Association National Council from 1990 to 1992 and member of the Eyre Peninsula Hospitals' Association for 15 years. Chairperson for the Whyalla Hospital Board since 1985, Deputy Chair from 1982 to 1985 and board member since 1979. President of the Anti Cancer Foundation, Whyalla, since 1986. Co-founder and Director of the Domiciliary Care and Community Health Care (Whyalla) from 1974 to 1987. Chairperson of the Women's Shelter, "Community for Community" and Regional Council for Social Development from 1970 to 1974. President of YWCA Whyalla from 1967 to 1974 and member of State and National Councils and National Executive.

Goode OAM, Mr Ross Roy (QB1995)

For service to the welfare of prisoners and ex-prisoners and to the rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts.

Mr Goode was founder of the Waikerie Branch of the Offenders' Aid and Rehabilitation Services of SA (OARS) in 1969. He was appointed Superintendent of Bethesda Rehabilitation Centre for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts in 1974 and was manager until 1985. During these years he was also a volunteer field officer for OARS. He reformed the Mt. Gambier Branch of OARS in 1985 and served as an Executive Committee member of OARS from 1987-92. Since moving to Adelaide he has continued on a part-time basis as a volunteer Welfare Officer for OARS. Mr Goode continues voluntary work through the community welfare agency "The Hut."

Goode OAM, Mrs Constance Doreen (QB2002)

For service to the community of Port Pirie, particularly through the Australian Red Cross and Meals on Wheels.

Australian Red Cross, Port Pirie: Member, since 1988. Volunteer, Telecross programme, since 1991. Cosmetic care, Port Pirie Hospital, since 1992. Cosmetic care, St Joseph's Nursing Home, since 1999. Cosmetic care and massages, Joyce Gray Day Care Centre. Cosmetic care coordinator, responsible for statistical compilations on delivery of service and training of new volunteers. Served on Red Cross Catering Committee. Received 10 Years’ Service Medal, 1999. Meals on Wheels: Volunteer, for 15 years. Has been office bearer, committee member and branch representative for Port Pirie. Continues fortnightly delivery round. Other service includes: Port Pirie Aged Care Committee, since 1987; sells bingo tickets and conducts bingo nights. Assists in Society of St Vincent de Paul's opportunity shop, on a weekly basis.

Goodwin AM OBE, Mr Jack Noel (QB1991)

For service to the community.

Mr Goodwin has had a heavy involvement in community affairs over many years. He has been a Councillor of the Royal Adelaide Show Society for 25 years; held senior positions with the South Australian Amateur Swimming, Diving and Water Polo Associations; been a member, Club President and Zone Chairman of Lions Clubs; and has been closely associated with football and life-saving organisations at both local and State levels. He was also known as an innovative senior executive in management and as a keen committee member of the SA Jockey Club and a Director of the Australian Breeders' Co-operative Society.

Gooley OAM, Mr Milton James (QB1979)

For public service.

Goosens OAM, Mr Cornelis (AD2003)

For service to the community of Uraidla.

Uraidla Sub-Branch, Returned and Services League of Australia: Sub-Branch Member, 1963-2000; Vice-President, 1980-1987; Sub-Branch Committee Member, 1980-2000; Secretary, 1988-2000; Life Member, 1997. Uraidla and Summertown Horticultural and Floricultural Society: Treasurer, 1967-1988; Secretary, 1969-1984; Auditor, 1988-2000; Life Member, 1986. Uraidla Bowling Club: Committee member, 1976-1998; Assistant Secretary, 1976-1979; Secretary, 1980-1981; Treasurer, 1982-1985, 1987-1990 and 1996-1998; Life Member, 1996. Netherlands Ex-Servicemen and Women's Association (South Australia): Treasurer, 1983-1987 and 1990-1993; Honorary Auditor, 1994-2001; Life Member, 1992.

Gordon AO, Mr Leslie Kenneth (AD1979)

For public service.

Gordon OAM, Mr Alastair Kinnaird (AD2000)

For service to athletics, particularly as a coach, administrator and competitor.

Member, Athletics Association of South Australia for more than 50 years; member of various sub-committees; coach and athlete; Life Member. Coach of athletes for state, national and international competitions and represented Australia as an athlete, setting a 100 metres record in 1952 and winning a gold medal (4x100 yards) at the Auckland Empire Games. Head Coach and advisor, the Nauru team in the 1994 Commonwealth Games; coach, Papua New Guinea team in the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Foundation Member, St Peter’s Collegians Athletic Club in 1946; Club delegate to the Athletics Association of South Australia; Life Member.

Gordon OAM, Mr Robin Gregory (AD2000)

For service to the pipe band movement as an administrator and tutor.

Mr Gordon, known as Greg, has contributed to the pipe band movement for many years. Royal Caledonian Society Pipe Band: Piper, 1960-1997; tutor of learner players 1966-1995; Pipe Sergeant for many years; Band Delegate to the South Australian Pipe Band Association. South Australian Pipe Band Association: President, 1976-1997; Delegate to the Australian Federation of Pipe Band Associations (named Australian Pipe Band Association since 1997); Contest Supervisor. Australian Federation of Pipe Band Associations: Vice-President 1977-1997. Leader of the organising committee for the 1986 Australian Pipe Band Championships held in Adelaide. Australian Pipe Band Association Inc: President since 1997. Current Chairman, Year 2000 Australian Pipe Band Championship Committee. Justice of the Peace since 1970.

Gore OAM, Ms Jennifer Anne (QB2003)

For service in the field of enamelling as a practitioner and teacher, and as a promoter of Australian enamel artistry.

Artist working in enamel. Has exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions at various locations in Australia and overseas, including USA, India, France, Korea, Japan and Mexico. Conducts workshops in Australia and overseas, most recently for the Enamel Guilds in Miami, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Tempe, San Diego and Los Angeles, in 2002; the NSW Enamel Association and the India Enamel Society, in 2001; and the Creativ-Kreis-International West Germany and Ebersbach East Germany, in 2000. Participant in first international enamel conference held in New Dehli, 2001. Curator for Australia and New Zealand. Member, Australian Enamellist Society. Member, NSW Enamellers Association. Accredited Member, Craftsouth - centre for contemporary craft and design in South Australia.

Gotowicz OAM, Mr Stanislaw (QB1997)

For service to the Polish community in South Australia, and to multiculturalism through cultural and social activities.

Served as President of the Ethnic Communities Council of South Australia during its formative years from 1975-77. He was instrumental in establishing the Polish House, "Dom Polski", the principal activity centre for both the Polish community and the general community. He helped establish the Federation of Polish Organisations and was their first President. Helped also to establish the Polish Credit Union in 1979 and continues his involvement as a Board member. Since 1968 he has been a member of the management committee of the Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association representing it at conferences in England and Canada. He has contributed articles and essays to the Polish Press and he has written and published several books written in Polish and in English. Initiated the first piano competition for Australians under 30 years of age and this was included in the Adelaide Arts Festival in 1976, 1978 and 1980.

Gould OAM, Mr David Ian (AD1997)

For service to sport as a gold medallist at the Atlanta Paralympic Games, 1996.

Gold medallist in the Men's Basketball event at the Atlanta Paralympic Games in 1996.

Gould OAM, Mr Graham John (QB2001)

For service to wheelchair sports, particularly basketball.

Mr Gould has been actively involved in wheelchair sports, since 1983, contributing to the following wheelchair teams: Australian national team. Staff member, assisting with various sports, including basketball, rifle shooting, snooker, bowls, fencing, track and weightlifting, since 1985; staff member, men's basketball team, 1985-1992, 1994, and since 1996; mechanic, since 1996; staff member, women's basketball team, since 2000. South Australian team. Staff member, 1983-1993; Assistant Coach, men's basketball team, 1986-1993. Adelaide wheelchair basketball team. Staff member and/or Assistant Coach, since 1988.

Gould AM, Dr Ian Geoffrey (QB2011)

For service to the mining industry, particularly as a proponent of environmental management, to education as Chancellor of the University of South Australia, and to the community.

President, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 2004-2005; Board Member, 2002-2006; Council Member and Vice-President, 1990s; Member, since 1965; Fellow. Chair, South Australian Minerals and Petroleum Expert Group, since 2006. Chair, South Australian Resource Industry Development Board, 2000-2004; current Board Member. Chair, Minerals Resources Sector Advisory Council, CSIRO, since 2005; Member, since 2003. Chair, Australian Centre for Mining Environmental Research, 2000-2006. Chair, A J Parker Co-operative Research Centre for Hydrometallurgy, 2002-2006; Member, 2000. Council Member, Australian Mineral Foundation, 2000-2002. Member, Minerals Council of Australia, 1995-2000; Deputy Chairman, Environment Committee, 1995-2001. Member, Australia Pacific Economic Co-operation Commission, 1989-1995; Chair, Minerals and Energy Forum. Chair, Joint Industry Task Force of Skills for the Minerals Industry, University of Queensland, 2004. Played a key role in the development of the Minerals Industry Code for Environmental Management, Commonwealth Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, 1990s. Non-Executive Chairman, Toro Energy Ltd, 2005-2009. Non Executive Director, Abra Mining Ltd, 2004-2007. Chairman, Western Metals Ltd, 2002-2003; Non-Executive Director, from 2000. Group Managing Director, Normandy Mining Ltd, 1997-2000. Managing Director, Rio Tinto-Australia, 1997; Group Executive, CRA Ltd, 1982-1985 and 1989-1996; Chief Executive, Zinc Smelting Operations, Europe; responsible for global geological prospecting activities, 1989-1995, and for Research and Development, 1996. Managing Director, Bauxite and Alumina, Comalco Ltd, 1986-1989. Chancellor, University of South Australia, since 2008. Established the Ian Gould Experimental Science Honours Scholarship via a personal contribution. Board Member, Economic Development Board, South Australian Development of Trade and Economic Development, since 2008. Member, Premier’s Science and Research Council, South Australian Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology, since 2008. Council Chair, Australian Institute of Marine Science, 2005-2009; Member, 2002-2009. Instrumental in the purchase of a $15 million marine research vessel. Advisory and support role in the development of the Marine National Report, 2009. Member, South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Council, 2003-2006. Chair, Advisory Committee, Australian Biological Resources Study, 2001-2006. Co-opted Member, Australian Heritage Commission, 1996-1997. National President, Australia Council, Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, 1994-1996; Member, 1992-1997. Board Member, Central Section Board, since 1998; President, 2006; Vice-President. Chair, Hospital Board, St Andrew's Hospital, since 2003; Member, since 2000; current Trustee, St Andrew's Hospital Foundation; contributes to fundraising. Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, 2007. Awards/recognition include: The Institute Medal, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 2007. Sir Willis Connolly Memorial Medal, for excellence in communication in the technological sciences, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 2003. Appointed Companion, Engineering Australia, 2009.

Goulding OAM, Ms Maxine Anne (AD2001)

For service to the community, particularly through the provision of professional public relations expertise for volunteer organisations.

Began professional life in the communications industry in 1959, working for a radio station in Adelaide. Progressed through ranks in television, other publishing and public relations firms until 1971 when she formed her own consultancy Maxine Goulding Public Relations. Has worked on a voluntary basis for many community and health organisations, providing her professional skills. These include the Child, Adolescent and Family Health Services, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Association, YWCA of Adelaide, and the South Australian Ballet Company. Involved with curriculum development at the University of South Australia, Adelaide TAFE, and through the Public Relations Institute of Australia's education programmes. Member since 1982, Public Relations Institute of Australia. Has held a number of executive positions. Currently a member of the Advisory Board, Wheelchair Sports Association of SA Inc. Member, SA Performing Arts Collection Advisory Committee since 1998. Former member, Central Market Authority Adelaide, 1997; and member, Board of SA Athletic Stadium. Member, Executive Council, and Vice-President (Business Development) Asia-Pacific Business Council for Women since 1997; and promotes business and cultural ties within the region. Chairperson and Trustee, the Burnside Trust since 1996. Marketing and Public Relations Commissioner, SA Rowing, 1996-2000. Member, National Media Network, Australian Rowing, 1995-2000. Member, Council, Australian Small Business Association, 1994-1998. Member, Board of the WEA Adult Community Education Centre, Adelaide since 1992. Volunteer and Steward, St David's Anglican Church, Burnside since 1974. Co-ordinator, Health Public Relations Network, 1990-1991; President, Hospital Public Relations Officers Association 1988-1990; Coordinator, Australian Medical Writers Association SA 1993-1996.

Goulter AM, Mr James Wallace (QB1982)

For service to the community.

Grabczewski OAM, Mr Zbigniew (AD1996)

For service in the Polish community and the taxi industry.

Active in the Polish community for over 30 years. Established the Polonia Soccer Club of Adelaide. Director, The Dom Polski Centre. President, Polish Olympic Committee in SA. Past President, Polish Society, Dom Kopernika. Past President, White Plate Operators' Association for many years and a Director, Taxi Owners' Mutual Co-operative for past six years.

Graham OAM, Mr Edward Graham (QB1984)

For service to the sport of athletics.

Graham OAM, Mrs Winifred Emma (QB1995)

For service to the community through providing support to patients and their families at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide.

Mrs Graham has given voluntary service to the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide for 30 years, visiting sick children, giving them and their families support, care and friendship. For this work Mrs Graham received Adelaide South Rotary Club's 1987 Citizen-of-the-Year Award, and the Lions Club International 1992 Mother-of-the-Year Award.

Graham OAM, Ms Margaret Ann (AD2006)

For service to nursing in the communities of Gawler and Minlaton, particularly in the area of palliative care.

Clinical Nurse Manager, Palliative Care Service, Gawler Health Service; former Nurse Manager; former Clinical Nurse Manager, Medical Services; worked for Gawler Health Service, since 1994. Director of Nursing, Minlaton Hospital, 1979-1994; involved in the establishment and running of the Minlaton Hostel. Involved in establishing the Melaleuca Court Nursing Home in Minlaton, 1992. Member, Lions International, Gawler Branch; involved in fundraising. Awards include: Zonta Woman of the Year Award, 2004.

Grainger OAM, Mrs Gladys Ann (AD1977)

For services to aged and invalid pensioners.

Gramp AM, Mr Colin Raymond (QB1986)

For service to wine industry technology.

Trustee, Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of SA since 1984, Council member since 1947, Chairman 1975-77. Council and Executive member, Australian Wine Research Institute1973-79. Chairman, Adelaide Wine Show Committee 1971-82. Member, Australian Wine Board 1973-75. Foundation member and Past President, Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Association Incorporated 1947-75. Executive member, Wine and Brandy Producers' Association of South Australia Incorporated 1971-72. Foundation President, Barossa Winemaker Associated Incorporated 1971-73. Member, Roseworthy Agricultural College Council 1974-78. Foundation member, Wine Fraternity, Barons of Barossa.

Gransbury OAM, Mrs Betty Ann (QB2006)

Service to the community. through providing assistance to charitable, aged care and church organisations.

Member, Mitcham Meals on Wheels, since 1981; Welfare Officer, 1981-1988; Wednesday Transport Officer, since 1988; Life Member. Member, Association for the Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill, since early 1980s. Volunteer, ‘Together Offering Your Skills’, mid 1980-2000. Volunteer, All Hallows Court Nursing Home, since 1985; Treasurer, Auxiliary Volunteers' Group. Member, Friends of the Women's and Children's Hospital Shop's Auxiliary, since 1987; Life Member. Member, parish council, All Saints’ Anglican Church; President and Secretary, Ladies Guild, at various times. Member, Probus Club, since 1992; President, 1995-1996; activities/outings organiser, for 4 years; morning tea organiser, for 4 years.

Grant AO, Dr Allan Kerr (AD1991)

For service to medicine, particularly in the field of gastroenterology and to medical education.

Dr Grant is Senior Visiting Specialist, Associate Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education, and Co-ordinator of Postgraduate Training at Flinders Medical Centre, SA. He is also Clinical Associate Professor at the Flinders University School of Medicine, Consulting Physician at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Chairman of the Examination Committee of the Australian Medical Council and a member of the Medical Board of SA. From 1954 he was Consultant Gastroenterologist at Daw Park Repatriation Hospital for periods totalling 15 years; for 20 years he was Senior Director of the Gastroenterology Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and consultant at the Adelaide Children's Hospital. Dr Grant has been President of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia and of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and Medical Director of the SA Postgraduate Medical Education Association. Dr Grant served in the CMF and on active duty in Vietnam, and holds Defence Force Reserve and Efficiency Decorations. He is also a birdwatcher and Rhododendron Society member.

Grant OAM, Ms Margaret Joyce (AD1994)

For service to secondary education.

Principal of Woodville High School since 1988 and member of the Board of the Woodville High School Foundation. Principal of Edward John Eyre High School from 1979 to 1988. Elected as National President of the Australian Secondary Principals' Association for 1993 and President of the SA Branch in 1991 and 1992. President of the SA High School Principals' Association, Chairperson of their Policy Committee since 1989 and member of the Association since 1979. Fellow of the Australian College of Education since 1990 and member since 1981. Member of the SA Education Department's Schools Technology Education Programme Committee since 1992. Member of the Adelaide Area Education Directorate, Inclusive Curriculum Committee since 1991. Vice-President, Whyalla Soroptimists International 1983 and 1986, President 1984-85 and member since 1979.

Grant AM, Em Prof Ellinor Ruth (QB2011)

For service to the profession of physiotherapy, to education, and to the development of clinical health sciences in Australia.

Immediate Past Chair, Australian Physiotherapy Council; Chair, Accreditation Committee (Specialist Programs). Inaugural President, International Society of Educators in Physiotherapy, 1995. Inaugural Member, Steering Group, International Network of Physical Therapy Regulatory Authorities. Honorary Adviser, Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association. Former Member, Council of Australian Standards for Physiotherapy. Council Member, Australian Physiotherapy Association, SA; Member, since 1962. Immediate Past Chair, Physiotherapists Board of SA. Pro Vice-Chancellor, Division of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, 1999-2002; Dean, Faculty of Health and Biomedical Sciences, 1992-1999; Personal Chair in Physiotherapy, 1989; Head, School of Physiotherapy, 1983-1992; Senior Lecturer, 1982. Represented the University of South Australia on the Australian Council of Deans of Health Sciences; the South Australian Centre for Rural and Remote Health; and the Board of Studies, Master of Public Health, University of Adelaide. Adviser, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. External Reviewer, Oman Accreditation Council and University Quality Review Unit, Kingdom of Bahrain. Current Chair, Course Assessment Panels, Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (SA), since 2008. Current Auditor, Australian Universities Quality Agency. Member, Expert Advisory Group on Academic Standards in Australian Higher Education. Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Arthritis Foundation of Australia. Author of many publications, and member of editorial boards of two international physiotherapy journals. Author of international seminal text Physical Therapy of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine. Inaugural and continuing Reviewer, Australian Journal of Physiotherapy. Private Practice, South Australia, 1981-1984. Chief Physiotherapist, Alfred Hospital, 1973-1980. Awards/recognition include: Honoured Membership, Australian Physiotherapy Association, 2006. Distinguished Member, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia, 2005.

Gray OAM, Mr Guthrie Herbert (AD1993)

For service to tennis.

Player, administrator, coach, umpire, referee Australian tennis more than 40 years. Head Coach 1962-72, Western United Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). Represented SA LTA as member of Coaches Accreditation Panel. Former President, SA LTA Umpires' Association, Australian Lawn Tennis Umpires' Association. Umpired 21 years at Victorian and Australian Championships, nine Davis Cup matches; referee many main tournaments. State selector, member Coaches' Accreditation Panel, Appeals Panels. Life Member Memorial Drive Tennis Club, SA Veterans' Tennis.

Gray AM, Miss Rhoda Joyce Evelyn (AD1979)

For service to nursing and community welfare.

Gray AM, Ms Carolyn (QB2003)

For service to the community, particularly through the Carers' Association of Australia and organisations that focus on the needs of the ageing and people with disabilities.

Carers' Association of Australia (CAA): President, since 1998; Vice-President, 1997-1998; Board Member, since 1994. Carers' Association of South Australia: President, 1994-1998; Inaugural member. Director, Council on the Ageing. Member, National Aged Care Alliance. Member, National Disability Caucus, since 1997. Home and Community Care Ministerial Advisory Council (South Australia), since 1997. Member, Review of Aged Care Reforms Committee. Member, Steering Committee of Consumer Involvement in Quality Assurance (dementia focus). Member, Review of User Rights for Frail Old People, People with Disabilities, and Their Carers in South Australia. Represents CAA on various committees, including Council on the Ageing and Department of Veterans' Affairs (South Australia) State Ex-Service Round Table on Aged Care.

Gray OAM, Mr Neville John (QB2008)

For service to the community through the promotion of motorcycle road safety.

National Vice-President, Ulysses Club, since 2002; Public Safety Liaison Officer, since 1999. Ulysses Representative, Australian Motorcycle Council, since 2001; Public Officer, 2004. Ulysses Representative, Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee. Executive Committee Member, South Australian Motorcycle Task Force, 2003. Contributor to the research, design, formulation and promulgation of the Motorcycle Road Safety Strategy, 2005-2010. Author, road safety articles for industry magazines.

Grealy AM ED, Rev Father Joseph Matthew (AD1988)

For service to religion and to the community as an industrial chaplain.

Staff Chaplain, Inter-Church Trade Industry Mission (ITIM): involved with Mission since its inaugural meeting in 1961; Member, Board of Management 1971; appointed (ITIM) part-time Chaplain 1972 and full-time Chaplain 1977; Executive Member 1982-83. Member, Industrial Relations Society of South Australia since 1978. Vice-President, South Australian Council of Social Services 1976-87; Delegate to Australian Council of Social Services 1975, 1977 and 1981. Representative on Priests' Council and Diocese Pastoral Council, Adelaide Archdiocese 1975-76. Appointed as a Consultor to the Archbishop 1986. Chaplain, Australian Army, Chaplain Department 1956-75.

Grealy OAM, Mrs Barbara Elizabeth (QB1993)

For service to women, particularly through the Catholic Women's League (SA), Australian Church Women and the World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations.

Member, Catholic Women's League of SA since 1965 including President four years, Diocesan Treasurer three years, State Vice-President three years, State Secretary nine years and Life Member. National Vice-President, Australian Church Women, 1985-87. SA representative to Executive 1972-85 and representative to Asian Church Women's Conference 1986-90. President-elect, SA State World Day of Prayer Committee and Catholic delegate since 1979. National Secretary, Catholic Women's League (Aust.) 1976-78 and International Secretary for World Union of Catholic Women's Organisation 1979-85. Other community activies include former Secretary, Aloysius College Parents' and Friends' Association; former Secretary, St. Michael's College Parents and Friends and member, Mercy Old Scholars' Association for many years.

Grear AO, Mr Barry Joseph (AD2001)

For service to the engineering profession, particularly through the Institution of Engineers, Australia, and in the area of education, and to the community through sporting, church and emergency services organisations.

Mr Grear was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day 1985 Honours List for service to the community, particularly through administering natural disaster relief measures. Since then, he has continued to give outstanding service to the engineering profession and to the community. He has served as a member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia for over 30 years; National President, 1997-1998; National Vice-President, 1996; and is a Fellow. Other positions held include: Chairman, South Australian Graduates and Students sector; Honorary Treasurer, SA Division of the Institution; and Divisional Chairman, 1989-1990. Chairman, University of Adelaide Mechanical Engineering Advisory Committee; Chairman, APEC Engineer Monitoring Committee; Chairman, Education and Training Committee of the Federation of Engineering Institutions of South East Asia and Pacific (FEISEAP); and Chairman, National Professional Engineers Register. Chairman, IEAust International Society. He is the Australian Institution's representative to FEISEAP and the World Federation of Engineers Organisations. Mr Grear serves as Vice-President of the Australian Council of Professions, and was recently nominated to join the Australian Government UNESCO Delegation to the Science World Congress in Budapest, representing the engineering profession. Mr Grear's extensive community service includes membership of the Wheelchair Sports Association SA for over 14 years. He is a member of the Development Board of Wheelchair Sports and was Chairman of the Organising Committee for the 1992 National Wheelchair Games. He is a member of the Churches of Christ and an Elder of the Magill Church, and has been the Chairman of the Department for Church Development and member of the State Board for 25 years. He was State President, 1979-1980, and National President, 1980-1982. Since 1990, he has served as Chairman of the National Overseas Mission Board. Mr Grear is currently a member of the State Disaster Recovery Committee and Chairman of the State Disaster Committee. He is also currently Chairman of the Training and Disaster Committee of Australia Red Cross. He was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Australian Red Cross Blood Services SA. He served for 5 years as a member of the SA Community Services Advisory Committee, Red Cross.

Greatorex AM OBE MC, Mr Anthony George Worsley (QB1980)

For community service.

Grech OAM, Mr Gaetan Anthony (AD2002)

For service to the Maltese community of South Australia, particularly through the Maltese Guild of South Australia, the Maltese Community Radio of South Australia and the Maltese Community Council of South Australia.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Malta (with jurisdiction through South Australia), 1987-2001. President, Maltese Senior Citizens Association of SA Inc, 1998-2001. Founder, Maltese Language School, 1980. Co-Founder, Maltese Community Radio Programme, 1977; served as President, Treasurer, Presenter, Coordinator, and Administrator, since 1977. Vice-President, Maltese Community Council of South Australia, 2000-2001; Secretary, 1978-1988 and 1990-1998. Honorary Trustee, Malta United Soccer Club Inc (now known as Enfield Soccer Club), 1988-2000; Secretary and Publicity Officer, 1970-1976. Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Member, Maltese Guild of SA, since 1951. Also Editor, The Maltese Guild of SA Newsletter, since 1973. SA Correspondent, Maltese Herald newspaper. Other community service includes: Fundraising for Christian Blind International, Multiple Sclerosis Society of SA, and the Downs Syndrome Association of SA. Provides free interpreting service to the community. Author, religious poems in Maltese. Writer, director and actor of theatrical plays in Maltese, 1951-1964. Justice of the Peace, since 2001. Awards include: Knight of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, 1976. Certificate of Voluntary Journalism, 30 Years, Maltese Herald. Certificate of Long Term Association, Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide.

Green OAM, Mr Norman Mervyn (AD1984)

For service to primary industry and to local government.

A dairy farmer, Mr Green has been active in South Australian dairying industry affairs since 1958 and was President of the SA Dairyman's Association for 14 years from 1968. In local government, Mr Green played a major part in the amalgamation to form the District Council of Murray Bridge, having been Chairman of the Mobilong District for 15 years.

Green OAM, Mr John Goldney Heyden (AD1980)

For service to local government and to the community.

Green AM, Mr Richard Ashton (QB2005)

For service to tourism and to the community through support for a range of cultural, educational, sporting and musical events in South Australia.

Current Manager in South Australia, Malaysia Airlines; Employee, since 1979; was involved in the establishment of an international call centre in Adelaide; through Malaysia Airlines, he has provided support to a range of cultural, educational, sporting and musical events and facilities, including the Adelaide Convention Centre. Current Member, Adelaide Convention and Tourism Authority Board. Committee Member, Skal International Australia; involved with Skal World Congress held in 1987, instigated scholarships for local tourism and hospitality students, in the early 1990s. Charter Member, Rotary Club of Stirling, 1974-1998; Past President; held a number of community directorships and served on district committees; Paul Harris Fellow.

Green AM, Ms Rosemary (QB2009)

For service to early childhood education, particularly through overseas humanitarian aid programs and teacher training.

Early Years Co-ordinator, Nusa Tenggara Timur Primary Education Partnership, Flores - AusAID, 2007-2008. Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser, Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao - AusAID, 2006-2007. Special Projects Adviser, Integrated District Management Project, Education Capacity Building Program, AusAID, 2004-2005; Papua New Guinea. Team Leader, Elementary Teacher Education Support Project, AusAID, 2000-2002; Deputy Team Leader, 1999-2000; Multi-Grade Adviser, 1999; Papua New Guinea. Coordinator, Child Parent Centres, urban, remote, rural and Indigenous communities. Pre-School Director, SA Department of Education and Children's Services. Youth Counsellor, YWCA.

Greenaway OAM, Mr Paul Raymond (QB2004)

For service to the visual arts as a curator and by promoting emerging talent and Australian artists.

Greenaway Gallery: Proprietor, since 1991; began exhibiting Australian works at ARCO (art fair in Madrid), 1993; Australian Commissioner to ARCO, since 2002. South Australian Living Artists Week: Chairman, since 1997; instrumental in its founding and development. Australian Commercial Galleries Association: Chairman, SA, NT and Tasmania Division.

Greenham OAM, Mrs Noella Maisie (QB1997)

For service to amateur athletics in South Australia as an administrator and official.

Involved with amateur athletics since 1942, initially through the Western Districts Athletic Club and since 1957 through the South Australian Women's Athletic Association (SAWAA) and the Athletics' Association of South Australia. Served as State President of SAWAA, 1957-58, 1960, 1964-66, and as a State Selector in 1966 and delegate to the Olympic Council, 1958-66. Mrs Greenham has officiated at all Australian Championships held in Adelaide as well as the City-Bay Fun Run and the Adelaide GEO Mile, 1973-95. Was a committee member of the Sportswomen Association of Australia, 1992-94, and delegate to the Australian Conference.

Greening OAM, Mrs Carol Anne (AD2009)

For service to the Mannum district, particularly through youth and community development organisations.

Team Manager/Secretary, Adelaide Hills Junior Soccer Association; Life Member. President/Team Manager, Mannum Soccer Club; Life Member. District Commissioner, Mannum District Girl Guide Association, 1981-1984. Secretary, Mannum Rowing Club. Manager, Mannum Life Camp. President, Mannum Marching Girls. Treasurer, Mannum Mag community newspaper. Member, Mannum Group, ‘Tour Down Under’ international cycling, 2008. Chairperson/Treasurer, Mannum Progress/Promotions Committee. Member, Steering Committee, Mannum Community Development Committee (now Mannum Leisure Centre); Life Member. Treasurer, Mid-Murray Marketing Group. Fundraiser/tour caterer, Mannum High School Solar Car Entry, Darwin to Adelaide. President/Secretary Mannum Primary School Parent Club, Life Member. President, Lower Murray and Eastern Hills School Parent Clubs. Chairperson/Treasurer, Mannum Primary School Council. Secretary, St. Martin's Lutheran Church Kindergarten Management Committee. President, St. Martin's Lutheran Church Kindergarten Parents and Friends. Sunday School teacher, Mannum Methodist Church and St. Martin's Lutheran Church. Treasurer, Murray Uniting Church Parish. Chairperson, Mannum Uniting Church Congregation, during the 1970s. President, Mothers and Babies Association, Life Member. Member, Mannum Red Cross Branch. Member, Mannum Hospital Auxilliary. Awards/recognition include: Special Regional Recognition Award for her community achievements, 2001, Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards.

Greenwood AM, Mr John Edward (2003)

Honorary AM for service to Australia by providing medical assistance to the victims of the bombings which occurred in Bali on 12 October 2002.

Greig OAM, Mrs Dawn Estelle (AD1992)

For service to the community, particularly fire and emergency services.

Secretary, Divisional Representative, other offices Crystal Brook St. John Ambulance 1967-89. Joined 1962. President Ladies' Auxiliary 1991, also President Silver Jubilee Committee. Secretary Rural Watch Crystal Brook.

Greig OAM, Mr Raymond John (AD2010)

For service to the community through St John Ambulance Australia.

Commissioner, Operations Branch, South Australia, St John Ambulance Australia, since 2008; State Superintendent, 2002-2008; District (State) Officer 1988-2000; Divisional Superintendent, 1981; Divisional Officer, 1977; Sergeant, 1975; Corporal, 1973; Member, since 1969. National representative on working parties that developed: National emergency response guideline (cross-border). Major Event guidelines. - Guidelines for First Aid Services at fire incidents. Current Representative, South Australian State Disaster Response Advisory Committee. Current Member, Pandemic Influenza Working Party, South Australian Department of Health. Volunteer Member, Safer Communities SA Safety Assist program. Special Justice of the Peace, South Australia, since 2008. Justice of the Peace, since 2004. Awards/recognition include: Knight, Order of St John, since 2008.

Grey AM, Mr Livingstone Ralph (AD1978)

For services to local government and to the community.

Grieve OAM, Miss R D Rosalie Denise (AD2002)

For service to the community of Naracoorte, particularly through local government and support for charitable and sporting organisations.

Mayor, Naracoorte Corporation, 1989-1997; involved in the amalgation of Naracoorte Corporation with the District Council of Naracoorte. Councillor, Naracoorte Corporation, 1978-1989. Member, Local Government Reform Board, South East Local Government Association, for 18 months. Member, South Australian Arts Trust, South East, for four years. Charter member and President, Naracoorte Soroptimist International; Regional President. Chair, Jubilee 150 Committee for Naracoorte, 2000. Inaugural Chairperson, Tidy Towns Committee, for two years. Involved with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Australian Red Cross, Presbyterian Church, Croquet Club and Anti-Cancer Foundation. Life Member, Naracoorte Art Gallery. Awards include: Naracoorte Citizen of the Year, 1983.

Griffin OAM, Mr Alan John (QB2011)

For service to Australian Rules football at the junior level.

Director of Junior Football, Southern Football League, since 1993; introduced Sunday Junior football, 1997; Executive Member, since 1992; Life Member, 1988; Member, since 1978; Tribunal Commissioner, 1992-2008; Member, Management Committee, Combined Southern Leagues Football Umpires Panel, ongoing since 1989. Founding Member, Mawson Football Club, 1977; President, 1992; Life Member, 1987; Delegate, Southern Football League, 1977-1992. Involved in football administration, St Anvac Primary School, 1993-1997. Awards/recognition include: Inducted into the Southern Football League’s Hall of Fame, 2007. Merit Award, SA National Football League, 2004.

Griffiths AM, Mr Arthur Royston (AD1980)

For service to trade unionism.

Griggs AM, Mr Keith John (AD1976)

For services to the community.

Griggs OAM, Ms Meredith (AD1996)

For service to early childhood education, particularly through KU Children's Services.

Chief executive, KU Children's Services (formerly the Kindergarten Union of NSW Inc.) since 1981. Senior and principal adviser, Department of Youth and Community Services (NSW) 1975-81. Responsible for developing the Early Childhood Advisory Service in the NSW Government. Director, Waramanga Preschool, ACT, 1972-74. Director, Queanbeyan South Preschool, NSW, 1971. Throughout her career has served on many Early Childhood Committees including service as President, Australian Early Childhood Association (NSW) and as Board member, the Institute of Early Childhood Studies.

Griggs AM, Dr William Middleton (QB2003)

For service to medicine, particularly through trauma, emergency and intensive care management and education, and critical care retrieval and transport in Australia, and in support of the Australian Defence Force internationally.

Director Trauma Services, Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). Member, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons State Trauma Committee, since 1993. Chairman, RAH Trauma Committee, since 1996. President, Australasian Trauma Society, since 2001, Founding Committee Member, Committee Member, since 1997. Member, South Australian Trauma Clinical Advisory Committee, since 1998; Co-Chair, Since 2002. Member, Australian Resuscitation Council, 1996-1999; Chairman, South Australian Branch, 1996-1999. Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Retrieval Service and Intensive Care RAH, since 1989. Senior Lecturer, Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, University of Adelaide. Senior Lecturer, Aviation/Aerospace Medicine, Otago (New Zealand) University Department of Medicine. Consultant Lectureer, Aviation/Aerospace Medicine, Griffith University. Involved in lecturing/teaching ambulance officers in South Australia, since 1976. Involved in Critical Care Transport, since 1983, with South Australian Retrieval Service; up to 80 critical care and retrievals annually, since 1987, including by road ambulance, helicopter, air ambulance Royal Flying Doctor Service aircraft, and commercial aircraft. Senior Aeromedical Consultant, Mediflight Australia. Member, South Australian Ambulance Service Medical Advisory Committee, since 1995; Regional Medical Officer, South Australian Ambulance Service, since 1993. Corps Surgeon, North West Corps, St John Ambulance Australia; Volunteer Member, since 1976. Member; St John Medical Standards Committee (National), 1997-1999. Wing Commander, Royal Australian Air Force Specialist Reserve, joined 1988. Active Service, INTERFET, East Timor 1999. Served with 1 Field Surgical Troop and as relieving Regimental Medical Offoicer with 5 Aviation Regiment; involved in resuscitation, aeromedical evacuations (AME) and anaesthetic support. Specialist Medical Officer, Loloho in Bouganville, 1998 (twice); involved in AME and anaesthetic service in support of Multinational Truce Monitoring Group; involved in acute patient care as part of Combined Health Element in support of Multinational Peace Monitoring Group. Specialist Medical Officer, Buka, and HMAS Tobruk during Peace talks, 1994. Active service in Gulf War, 1991; seconded to Royal Australian Navy Task Group Medical Support Element, attached to United States Navy Hospital Ship USNS COMFORT and temporarily to USS RANGER; RAN Commendation for Exemplary Service, 1993, and US Navy Unit Commendation (and Bar). Involved in Australian Government support of United Nations Assistance Mission to East Timor, 1999.

Grindon-Ekins AM, Grp Capt Peter Massey (AD1982)

For service to the Royal Australian Air Force, particularly as a staff officer in the Directorate of Operational Requirements.

Gristwood AM, Mr Ronald Edward (QB1997)

For service to otolaryngology, particularly otology, and to education and professional associations.

Mr Gristwood is a Consultant Otolaryngolist at Flinders Medical Centre, 1996-97. Prior to this he was at Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1958-83, and at Adelaide Children's Hospital. 1958-63. Has taught surgical skills to advanced trainees for a number of years. Chaired (Scientific Sessions) the 1997 World Congress of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery held in Sydney in March. He was one of the early pioneers of the introduction for ostosolerosis and later the more refined Teflon platinum piston procedure and considered a world authority on the ear disease called otosclerosis. He instigated postgraduate training programmes for ear, nose, and throat surgeons in Adelaide and helped set up the national training schemes for post graduate teaching in Otolaryngology throughout Australasia. Was Lecturer-in-Charge of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Adelaide, 1976-83. He was an Examiner in Otolaryngology, Royal Australian College of Surgeons, 1974-84. Serves as Patron of Better Hearing Australia, South Australian Branch, 1972-97.

Grocke OAM, Mr Ronald Marcus (AD2003)

For service to music through the Tanunda Liedertafel, and to the community of the Barossa Valley.

Tanunda Liedertafel: Current President, for 15 years; Assistant Secretary, for 3 years; Committee member, for over 12 years. Barossa Council: Councillor, 1996-1997. District Council of Tanunda: Councillor, 1989-1996; Council representative on Adelaide Plains Animal and Plant Control Board, 1990-1996; Council representative on Tanunda Bushfire Prevention Committee, 1995-1996. Tanunda Show Committee: Member, for over 50 years; Executive Member, for 20 years; current President. Member of the Country Fire Services for over 25 years, and the Lone Pine Agricultural Bureau for over 30 years. Member of the Wheelchair Assistance Committee, and the Tanunda Parks Committee. Committee Member, St John's Lutheran Church, for 30 years; Parish Treasurer, for over 16 years; Elder, for 14 years. Awards include: ‘Diamond Badge’, German Choral Association of Australia, for 60 years’ service.

Grope OAM, The Rev Leslie Bernhard (AD1979)

For service to religion.

Emeritus President, Lutheran Church of Australia, President-General from 1972-87. President, South Australia District 1970-72; Secretary, Queensland District 1953-61. Chairman, Suomi (Finnish) Conference since 1975.

Grope OAM, Mr Lawrence Gibson (AD1979)

For community service.

Grope OAM, Mrs Maxine Constance (AD1979)

For community service.

Grundy AM, Mr Keith Murray (AD1987)

For service to the community, particularly the Specific Learning Difficulties Association of South Australia.

Master of the Preparatory School of Pulteney Grammar School (South Australia) since 1966. Member of the Specific Learning Difficulties Association of South Australia for over 15 years. Serving two terms as President. National Chairman of the Junior School Heads' Association of the Independent Schools of Australia. Member of the Independent Schools' Board, the Australian College of Education Council and the Australian Council for Educational Administration.

Gruszka OAM, Lt Col (Ret'd) Jerzy (QB1993)

For service to the Polish Community.

Executive Committee member, Polish Folklore Ensemble "Tatry" and arranged interstate tours for the group of 100 young performers between 1976 and 1981, became manager in 1987 and has continued to organise tours. They performed at the Polish Festival of Visual Arts POL-ART Brisbane (1988) and Sydney (1991). Chairman, Polish Link with Seniors Committee for the John Paul II. Hostel for Aged. Member, Executive of the Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, National Branch. Currently Deputy President, Federation of Polish Organisations in SA.

Gruszka OAM, Mrs Eva Maria (AD2007)

For service to the Polish community through a range of cultural activities.

Vice-Administrator, Polish Folklore Ensemble Tatry, since 1994; choir teacher and conductor of Senior and children's choirs, since 1986; Member, since 1975. Executive Committee Member, Polish Radio 5EBI FM, since 1985. Committee Member, Adelaide PolArt Festival, 1994. Member, Polish Dozynki (Harvest) Festival Committee, since 1994. Elected Member, Dom Polski Committee, 2005. Awards/recognition include: Order of Merit, Republic of Poland.

Gryst AM, Dr Mark Edward (AD2014)

For significant service to dentistry through a range of clinical, research and educational roles, and to professional organisations.

Guerin AM, Dr Robert Langley (AD2001)

For service to medicine in the field of otolaryngology, particularly in the areas of clinical practice, education, professional development and indigenous aural health.

Dr Guerin was a Visiting Medical Officer at the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital, 1972-1998, and at the Repatriation General Hospital, 1972-1997. At state level, he served as the Chairman of the SA Division of Otolaryngological Society of Australia, 1980-1982, and was Secretary, 1972-1974. At national level, he served as Vice-President, Otolaryngological Society of Australia, 1989-1991, and as President, Australian Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, 1991-1994. Dr Guerin served as a member of the Board in Otolaryngology, Royal Australian College of Surgeons, 1994-1997, where he was involved in the preparation of training programmes for otolaryngologists. He served as a member of the Executive Board, International Federation of Otolaryngological Societies, from 1993 until October 1999. Dr Guerin taught medicine as a Clinical Lecturer in Otolaryngology at the University of Adelaide, 1971-1998, and at Flinders University, 1972-1997. He also served as External Examiner in Otolaryngology at University of PNG in 1995. He was a member of the Australian Medical Workforce Advisory Committee, 1996-1997. He contributed as an Honorary Visiting ENT Surgeon with SA Department of Aboriginal Affairs and was involved with the Hearing Evaluation and Conservation Programme for remote Aboriginal communities.

Gulbis OAM, Mr Janis (AD1980)

For service in the field of migrant welfare.

Mr Gulbis has made a significant contribution to migrant welfare and folkloric activities in South Australia for nearly 20 years. He is President of the Ethnic Communities Council of SA Inc., Artistic Director of the Adelaide Folkloric Society of SA Inc., and is a founding member of both organisations. For many years he has taken a leading role in maintaining the dances and music of Adelaide's ethnic communities, and has worked zealously to achieve the best possible results for the well-being of various ethnic communities.

Gum OAM, Mr Donald McKenzie (AD2002)

For service to the preservation and promotion of Australia's farming heritage, to primary industry through the development of Red Poll cattle, and to the community of Pinnaroo.

Past State President, Red Poll Society; national judge of Red Poll cattle. In 1989, Mr Gum opened to the public his Gum Family Collection (comprising over 80 engines, early Australian tractors, farm implements and household goods), which is now housed in the Mallee Tourist and Heritage Centre. Set up a community trust to "hold the collection for the benefit" of the Pinnaroo district, in effect donating the collection to the people of Pinnaroo. Other community service includes: Councillor, Karte Ward, District Council of Pinnaroo, 1973-1987. Board Member, Pinnaroo Hospital Board of Management, 1969-1983; Chairman, 1977-1983. Deputy Chairman, Group 5 Hospital District (from Kangaroo Island to Pinnaroo) covering 15 hospitals.

Gum MBE OAM, Miss Daphne Lorraine (QB1996)

For service to the education and welfare of children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities, particularly through Marjorie Black House and Ashford House School.

Helped establish Ashford House School for Cerebral Palsy Children and was Director of Education from 1946-68. By that time she had built up an activity centre covering the needs of kindergarten-aged children through to young adults and she continues to assist the centre today. She has contributed to Marjorie Black House Inc., Unley, SA, since 1981 serving as Chairman of their Management Committee and since 1991 as co-ordinator of the activities provided for disadvantaged people. Mrs Gum has also taught literacy and learning skills at the Phoenix Society Rehabilitation Workshop since 1976. Research volunteer at the Patchell Library Historical Centre, Annesley College and in the past two years has written the history of the school's Old Scholars' Association. She has been a foundation member of the West Torrens Historical Society for the past 19 years and Vice-President since 1994. Appointed life member Crippled Children's Association, SA, 1995. Awarded West Torrens Civic Award 1995; Senior's Award from the Uniting Church Synod, South Australia, 1995.

Gunn OAM, Mr Gordon Talbot (AD1990)

For service to the arts, particularly as a pipe organ builder and player.

Spent 58 years building, installing and rebuilding pipe organs in the southern region of Australia. Appointed organist at the Plympton Methodist Church, a position he still occupies.

Gunn AM, The Hon Graham McDonald (AD2011)

For service to the Parliament of South Australia, and to the community.

State Member for Stuart, Parliament of South Australia, 1997-2010; State Member for Eyre, 1970-1997. Speaker of the House, 1994-1997. Shadow Minister for Agriculture, 1986-1989. Served on a range of Parliamentary committees including: - Chairman, Economic and Finance Committee, 1997-2010. - Chairman, Industry Development Committee, 1997-2010. Member, Commonwealth Parliamentry Association Executive Committee, 1985-1997.

Gunner OAM, Mrs Felicity Jane (AD1998)

For service to the community, particularly through the Alzheimer's Association at state and national levels.

Mrs Gunner as President, Alzheimer's Association (SA) Inc from 1991-96 has promoted community awareness of the disease and helped establish the Association's Family Resource Centre. Served as a member, Board of Management from 1990, and continues to contribute as a fundraiser. She was a Board Member, Alzheimer's Australia 1991-93; convener, 2nd National Conference 1992. Currently she is a member, Home and Community Care Ministerial Advisory Committee.

Guterres OAM, Ms Elaine May (QB2012)

For service to the sport of rowing, particularly through the South Australian Women's Rowing Association.

Secretary, South Australian Women's Rowing Association, in the 1970s. Foundation Life Member, South Australian Rowing Association. Promoter of rowing, particularly senior women’s rowing, for over 20 years, providing financial support to clubs and individuals. Active supporter of Veterans’ Rowing Program. Member, Australian Rowing Team, 1973 and 1977. Together, with Judy Jepson, became the first females to row 100 miles as a racing pair, 1972; between Morgan and Mannum on the River Murray.

Guthleben OAM, Mr Brian Lawrence (QB2005)

For service to small business, and to people with disabilities through the development and manufacture of customised powered wheelchairs.

Founder and Managing Director, Rollerchair Pty Ltd, 1987-1998; the company manufactured customised wheelchairs which produced 80 percent of wheelchairs in Australia and exported to Singapore, UK and New Zealand; South Australian Small Business of the Year Award, Manufacturing, 1991. Managing Director, ITEK Pty Ltd, University of SA Commercialisation Company, 1999-2004; Non-executive Director, ITEK and Gaming Laboratories Australia. Chair, Small Business Advisory Council, SA, since 2000; Member, since 1995. Member, Small Business Development Council, since 2002. Originated and facilitated for the Business Owners Coaching Program, Department of Industry and Trade. Trustee, Business Vision 2010, since 2000; Chair, Business Vision 2010 Enterprise Education project, 2001. Chairman, Western Area Vocation, Education and Training Coordinating Group. Chairman, Thebarton Small Business Incubator. Manufacturers' Representative, Wheelchairs Committee, Standards Australia, 1994. Board Member, Business in the Community.Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors; State Councillor, 2003.

Gutte OAM, Mr Kenneth Edwin (QB1991)

For service to education, particularly the rehabilitation of offenders.

Principal, Woodville Primary School. Volunteer education worker, Department of Correctional Services for 14 years, teaching at Adelaide Remand Centre for past two years. Last five years teaching literacy and numeracy skills to prisoners. Also attends weekends and assists prisoners at Yatala Labor Prison. Vice-President, Offenders Aid and Rehabilitation Services of SA.