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Case Changer is a simple text case changer that interacts with the clipboard. Can automatically or on demand convert text to :
  • Sentence case
  • lower case
  • Title Case
  • tOgGlE cAsE

v1.5 Ctrl A option to select all in main text window.
1.4 Exclusion List Added and small bug fixes
v1.3 Basic word, character and spaces count implemented
v1.1 Accent characters should now work - thanks to Cristiano for the feedback
V1.0.0 Release Build

Screen Brightness

Adjust the screen brightness.  The program will locate to the system tray on loading, Right click to access items or double click the icon to access the main program

V1.0.0 Release Build


KeyState is a simple small application which shows the state of the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock Keys.
Changes can be indicated visually as well as auditory. The program can be minimised to the notification area with the icon there indicating changes...Enjoy!

Icon View
KeyState: image 1 0f 3
Add Icon to Notification
Area (win7/8)

KeyState: image 2 0f 3

KeyState: image 3 0f 3


Pregnancy will calculate a due date. (or reverse lookup)
New version available to anyone donating - bug fixes, themes and Chinese Year to year 2043 including Yin / Yang. Mac Version available.

Win Version
Pregnancy: image 1 0f 5
Pregnancy: image 2 0f 5
Windows Version Themes
Pregnancy: image 3 0f 5
Pregnancy: image 4 0f 5
Pregnancy: image 5 0f 5


Zodiac will calculate age and star sign as well as your Chinese Year.  Now themed and Chinese Year to year 2043 including Yin / Yang.

Zodiac: image 1 0f 2
Zodiac: image 2 0f 2




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The software available from this site is DONATIONWARE. If you like the program and keep it please donate. It is not in the Public Domain. Paul Heinrich retains the copyright for his work.
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