KeepScore is your own personal Australian Rules Football score card for your iPhone / SmartPhone and Google Chrome.

KeepScore is a simple to use Australian Rules Footbal score card Application that is available in two forms:

Mobile optimised Web App
Go to KeepScore now!

Because it is a web app there's nothing to install, just click Go to KeepScore now! and you're ready to go.
KeepScore will work just fine in most modern web browsers on Desktops / Laptops and mobile devices.

Because KeepScore is a Web App optimised for use on mobile devices you can add the site to your device's home screen and, when launched from the home screen shortcut, KeepScore behaves just like a native applicaton.
KeepScore caches onto your device so it will work even if there is no Internet connection.

Chrome Packaged Application
  Get it from the Chrome Store

KeepScore Chrome Edition installs to any ChromeOS device or PC with Chrome browser.

Launch it using the Chrome App Launcher and you will find all the features you will find in the KeepScore Web App plus a few more such as:

  • Upload team rosters to display player names against goal scorer.
  • Accidentally ended a game period? No problem just click Resume and carry on as if it never happened!.
  • Theme KeepScore with your favourite teams colours and logo!

Once you have KeepScore on your device you can get to using all of the easy to use features.

  • Record goal scorers
  • Game goal scorer summary
  • Tweet / Email game status
  • Submit game result via email
  • Define number of game periods and their length
  • Quarter by quarter scores
  • Offline use