RC Cracker Box.

How can i make these projects, and just listen to my boys say "please, can i make one?"? So grabbed a copy of a cracker box off the net, and scaled it down to A3. Cut all the balsa out, and let them glue / pin it together.

Frame started.

Hull resined on the inside & top resined on the underside. Then cowl made.

Sacrificial pool noodle. 

Top finally on. 

Servo mount in & dodgy rotisserie for slow drying epoxy resin.

Balsa 427....... 


Business end.


Well I'm not going to go much further with the rev 1 boat. It sucked as a trainer. Every leaf or duck feather stalled it. You guessed it, brushless & stinger drive.



After this one trying to jump out of the water also, some trim tabs have been added to attempt to make the boat longer, and push the nose down further.


This puppy didnt last long. Opened the garage door, and a gust of wind blew it off a 7 ft shelf. It exploded like an egg shell. Below are some pics of the rebuild. Tacked together with CA glue, re- fiber glassed, and body filled.


And new splash of paint.


And new splash of paint.


And re-designed back end.

Just have to get a chance to five it a spin.


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