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Tasmania. March  2006.


   Last good effort to have a holiday before having children! We had a week over there, and had hired a car to get around. Me being tight, organised a cheep car over the phone before we left Adelaide, to be picked up in Hobart. Well when the taxi dropped us off from the airport to the back street car rental place, guess what? Our car had already been taken. So our options were a clapped out 1980s Magna, or some weird small Daihatsu. Well I opted for the Daihatsu as I really don't like Magnas. We drove this thing for 5 mins to discover no power steer, broken window winders, indicator and wiper stalks on the wrong side of the column, and a stuffed clutch. Well I became a bit upset when I tried to rev parallel park it a few blocks away, drive it straight back, and grabbed the Magna. This car used more oil than petrol, and left a plume of blue smoke behind it every where, even at 100km/hr.  

   Snowed at Mt Wellington, shot tower definitely worth a look if your into firearms. Tahune Air Walk good, Henty Sand dunes quad tour awesome. Cant find any details, but this dude sits in his F250, waits for people to rock up, and gets then to sit on a semi auto quad buzzing through the dunes. He stops often, for photos, and has a quick chat about the history of the place. Very interesting. Id love his job!!!! There are stack of walks. It would take a lifetime to do them (and a fit one at that) Montezuma Falls walk had an old railway bridge I had to take a photo of. All the iron is rusted away, but the bridge is still there. Gordon River Cruise was great. Scenery and history is unreal. Even better is the plates of smoked salmon served up for lunch, washed down with a cascade. Yum!

   Strahan was nice, we stayed in a cabin that was very new, Cradle mountain we thought was a bit of a let down. The loop lake walk was good, and some other walks around the area you had to climb near vertical to get good views, but again worth it. BEWARE! Lots of big black snakes that looked hungry. Coles Bay is where I want to retire. Nice, quaint, and quiet. Great. Pity about the size of the fish. This flathead went back in to the water, to the disgust of the locals. Wine Glass Bay would have been nice, but the wind was going the wrong direction, and the beach was covered in weed. So we walked down to the bay, across the saddle, to Great Oyster bay, where it was perfect. Calm, clean, white sanded beach.

   Strongly recommend going to "The Pub in the Paddock". Best beef and reef meal I have EVER had. Quiet, excellent atmosphere, and service.

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