Mark & Cath Bendys' Trip Page.

Robe.  Aug 2004.



   This trip I borrowed some 35" Simex jungle treckers. As cool as they look, at the lights, taking off on bitumen, they sounded like a turbo prop plane engine taking off. You could hear each individual lug hit the road. Unfortunately, on the sand, they just dug me deeper. They still looked cool. Very cool! I had a few people come over to have a look. I have to thank one of my mates for letting me borrow them for the weekend (and a bit longer). You know who you are. Anything over 80km/h, don't bother with the stereo or talking to your passengers. I had to take my mud flaps off for the front so the tyres would not scrub but they fitted. Occasionally on the rear with full spring compression, the tyres brushed the inner guards. My brothers Feroza II again bounced over the tracks, while I dug trenches. Made it easy for him to follow though. The weekend we went down, there were no other people, cars or bikes around. Made it nice and quiet... Excluding us.


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