Mark & Cath Bendys' Trip Page.

Port Lincoln. March 2003.

Driving to Lincoln. First camp site. Looking for fish. Ready to enter the dunes.
May be time to let the tyres down. Coffin Bay. Coffin Bay. Salmon fishing.


   We were really looking forward to this trip. I had just bought a 1989 Ford Maverick, 4.2 Turbo Diesel that I wanted to try out. Over the past month I installed an alarm, central locking, Narva 175 combo lights,  stereo / stacker, fuse holders for acc battery, Uniden UH089, and 4 X 235/85/16 tyres, and re wired most of the accessories as I just wasn't happy with the way they had been done previously.

    Left Adelaide on 8 am Sunday, had lunch at Whyalla, and arrived at Lincoln 3.30pm. Checked out the info centre, and then on to check out all the camp sights. We settled in at Spalding Cove to set up camp. We were eaten alive every night by sand flies or something similar that seemed to want every last drop of blood! Monday, we looked at Memory Cove (which we had to pick up a key at the Info centre first). Don't know what the hype is about without being disrespectful to the ship wreck casualties. We had to drive what seemed to be for ages on a really bad corrugated road (and I do like the rough stuff), to get to a small parking area full of Winnebago campers. Had a quick walk around, read plaques, had photos, and had a rough trip back.

    Seaford / Wanna dune access was awesome. Didn't let my tyres down on the pizza cutters, and bogged down going up one of the first sand dunes. After letting the tyres down, didn't take long to get the hang of it. Next was Coffin bay caravan park. Once set up in the cabin, we were off to Oyster Bed Restaurant. NO, not the blue Oyster bar. Highly recommend this place! We paid for a dozen, and they gave us a bakers dozen, best oysters we've had, service and price was excellent. And to set if off, overlooking the bay drinking pale ale. I had "Black russians" Oysters with vodka, small amount of sour cream, and caviar. Awesome! Unfortunately, I think it has changed hands, so I can't say its the same.

    We entered Coffin bay conservation park, but could only go so far due to kangaroo culling. Made it to Black Springs for lunch, and the weather was awesome. The  water was crystal clear, and we waded in the water and saw flathead, whiting and heaps of small sand crabs cruise around in knee deep warm water. Due to the culling we could not go any further, but am looking forward to having another go next time.

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