Mark & Cath Bendys' Trip Page.

Kangaroo Island. Sep 2002.

MQ Patrol leaving Adel. Lashmar Conservation Park. Cape Willoughby. Prospect Hill.
KI Marron. Bales Beach. Snelling Beach. Track to Western River.


    This was our first trip to KI. I'd just bought this old Patrol for $3K to see if we had a thing for 4WDing. Couldn't find too much 4WDing to do, but at least the short wagon with the rear seats removed had more room in it than my Skyline. Our plan was to stay for two weeks, but without rush, covered most roads in just over a week. First thing we did was checked out Mt Thisby lookout with a 360 deg view. Not bad. Our first night we camped at Lashmar Cons park that was protected from wind. The eucalyptus Farm won me over with its self generated electricity & plentiful tanned cat skins around the place. The second night we were going to stay at Cape Linois but the ground was open and cold, so the closest camp site was Murray Lagoon which was flooded. Next best thing was Vivone Bay. Not the best two nights due to a hole in our air mattress. Found us sleeping in the car at 3am. Forth and fifth night, we stayed in a cabin at Emu Bay. In fine weather, Stokes bay rock pool is definitely worth a look. Snelling beach is nice but the view is even better when you leave there heading west. Sixth night, camped at Harvies Return Camp site. Did not see anyone at all but hundreds of possums. We arrived at dusk, set up camp, and started cooking dinner, when we heard a sound. We turned around and there was a possum sitting in our centre console eating MY TIM TAMS! I didn't learn from that. In the morning, they had eaten the grips off all my custom fishing rods that were sitting in my bull bar. From there, checked out Cape Borda, drove south through Flinders Chase, and went on a "Platypus trail" that was a waste of time. Then checked out Kelly Hill Caves. After exiting the caves and going back to the car, I notices a massive branch had landed on the commodore next to us. So me being a good samaritan, removed the branch, and checked the commodore for damage. Some how they had gotten away with only a few scuff marks. We jumped in our car, only to realise that the branch had actually landed on our now smashed windscreen, and rolled over onto their commodore. Looking through a gaffer taped screen wasn't much fun for the rest of the trip. 7th night stayed at West Bay, more possums. 8th night, cabin at Brownlow, 9th night Antechamber Bay again, and headed back to Adelaide on a rusty / smelly freight ship.

    Over all, good trip. The two main roads east-west are in good condition, back tracks - well, not so good. Slightly disappointed with some of the north coast, limited access to the beach due to having to go on private property. All of the touristy things are worth a trip. You just have to be lucky with the weather. Hope you don't get sea sick.

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