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Cox's Scrub. April 2003.

Before a water crossing. - Click to Enlarge Fun! - Click to Enlarge More Fun! - Click to Enlarge More Fun! - Click to Enlarge
Washed out fire track. - Click to Enlarge Slowly getting there. - Click to Enlarge - Click to Enlarge Love the LSD. Brothers Feroza II. - Click to Enlarge


  Cox's Scrub is a conservation park. This track was a fire track that followed the boundary of the park. Since these photos were taken, the rear entrance track has been closed (first bottom three photos), and areas of the park fenced off (last three top photos). The original track went up the side of a fairly long hill. Over time, as the water ran down the hill, along the track, the water washed out fairly large moguls. If I didn't have a limited slip diff, I would have had no chance in getting through. Lots of fun though. The water crossing is still there last time I was there in winter. The water was deep and flowing quickly, (the photo was taken at a different time). The Maverick made it through ok without too much water coming inside, but my brothers capable Feroza II started to float sideways down stream until he had traction again! The last photo is another part of the track that looked really bad when flooded, but the bottom was hard. Looking forward to getting there again.

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