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Border Town to Pinaroo. Sep 2002.

80 Series, no worries - Click to Enlarge. Stuck on the leaf spring u bolts - Click to Enlarge. Scraping through - Click to Enlarge.
Stalled. Dam Carby - Click to Enlarge. Stuck on u bolts again - Click to Enlarge. Dinner - Click to Enlarge.


   We did this trip soon after we came back from KI. My brother and law, his wife, and their cool kids came with us in their new 80 Series cruiser. We did it in two days. Three would have been nice. Left early Sat morning, did most of the track and camped. The track was good with numerous ruts (complete with chicken tracks), steep sand dunes, and tight/ blind spots. The track was dry, but was rutted badly (badly?). Would love to come down here when its rained heavily the previous day, but that would be irresponsible. I only had 31"s on my patrol which was my first down side. The second was leaf springs. They sit under the diff with a thickness of approx 70mm, the mounting plates hang 30mm lower than the springs, and then the end of the U bolts stick past that. So I had no ground clearance. The other problem was that on any remote incline, the 2.8 petrol stalled due the the carby flooding / starving. The 2.8 petrol motor was good though, keep the revs up, and it pulled through the sand hills well. I made my mind up that its time to get a GQ. My brother and laws 80 series had no probs at all. So much so he had to pull me out twice. Saw a few snakes, which my niece and nephew had a laugh throwing them over the border fence into Victoria as payback for stealing the Grand Prix. Sun morning, finished the track and went back to Adel. On my 10 year plan is to buy some dirt bikes, gps, swag and do the track again with my wife Cath........


Border Town to Pinaroo. May 2003.

Begining of the track - Click to Enlarge. Re tying our fire wood - Click to Enlarge. Look out - Click to Enlarge.
Dont look to hard? - Click to Enlarge Oops - Click to Enlarge. Camp site - Click to Enlarge.


   By this time the trusty Patrol had been moved to a good home and we bought a Maverick TD42. After harping to my friends about how good the track was, we packed up and headed north. We found the first part of the track had been graded from what used to be a car width wide to 4 car widths. All the ruts filled, and the dune tracks fenced. Most of the track could be done by a standard sedan. There were a few dunes towards the end of the track that were still drivable, but I feel the conservationists work was not finished. One lot of dunes on the track were fairly soft. The old Pajero had a few problems getting up them which cost us a bit of time, but had a good laugh in the process. We left Adelaide fairly late in the morning, so by the time we arrived at camp, it was dark and raining.

  After the track was complete we headed  into Victoria, then North. We camped in a scattered pine forest that had not been destroyed by the recent fire that had swept through there. There were lots of great tracks. We travelled on a clay road after it had been raining had was heaps of fun with the side ways action.....for the first hour. Then it became very tiring. The driver of the Pajero came off the road at low speed, and was introduced to a tree. Not to much damage. Well, better head back to Adelaide. 


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