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Blue Mountains. Oct 2004.

Pool at Moama Cabins. On the Murray at Echuca. Canola and Salvation Jane Fields. The 3 Sisters.
Ecco Point. Katoomba Falls Cabin. Mt Hay, Butterbox Canyon. Service track following power lines.
Wentworth Falls, Den Fenella Walk. Goverts Leap. Goverts Leap. Goverts Leap.
Harry Potter, eat your heart out. Were not train buffs- no really! Hummer. Competition?  


  We had gone to a good friends wedding in Rochester for the weekend, and decided it wasn't much further to keep going to the Blue Mountains. These mountains can be no way described by words. You have to go there to take in the size and height of the ranges. Most of the 4WD tracks were closed due to being still being muddy from winter. Or I just wasn't looking hard enough. May have driven on some of them, but didn't due to tyres and not having another car with us or winch. Lots of good walks if your into that sort of thing. Need to go back after we purchase a winch to tackle some of those tracks.

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