Mark & Cath Bendys' Trip Page.

Beachport.  April 2006.


     Sensational trip! Good friends, good food, good tracks, and good cars! We shot up to Beachport early during the Easter weekend to meet up with some of Cath's friends from her work at the Beachport caravan park. The first day, headed up along the coast towards Robe. We left early hoping it would help to stay clear of the other 4WDs. The sun was up, and the three cars (a indestructible 4.2TD 80 series cruiser, a  Disco with ARB suspension, tanks, front bar, winch, comp, racks, and my Maverick), were ready to wipe out an eco system. I had just bought some Dunlop Grantreck 32X11.5X15 and was eager to see how they went on the sand.

    The top right photo with the Disco in the weeds, was not the Disco or Disco drivers fault that the car ended up where it was. He had a idiot in a Jeep come flying over the dune without a flag at warp speed, and without the quick thinking of the Disco, there would have been a head on. What made it  worse, the Jeep didn't stop. Probably a good thing for him.

    Typical chilly Beachport / Robe weather, days were OK, but the nights were chilly.

    If anyone from the trip would like something changed, deleted, or added, please let us know.


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