Jesus would vote for us, says Greens

Courtesy: National Nine News


Thursday Mar 16 12:40 AEDT


Jesus Christ would vote for the Australian Greens in the South Australian election, the party says.


In a veiled shot at Christian party Family First, Greens candidate Mark Parnell said if Jesus was voting at Saturday's state election, he would not choose a party that discriminated against people on the basis of sexuality or religion.


Mr Parnell also criticised Labor's policy to publicly name and shame young offenders and said Jesus would not support "simply writing them off as worthless reprobates".


Nor would Jesus vote for the Democrats, with their dirty campaign tactics and undermining of others to get ahead in the polls, Mr Parnell said.


"The politics of fear, division, bigotry and negative campaigning perpetrated by a number of the other parties are un-Christian and totally out of step with Jesus' emphasis on peace, love and compassion," he said.


"The teachings of Jesus Christ stress compassion, tolerance, concern for the poor, non-violence and care for the earth.


"These are the very same principles that underpin the existence and policies of the Australian Greens."


The Greens decision to ask the electorate who Jesus would vote for follows a similar tactic by the Australian Democrats, who recently claimed former SA Labor premier Don Dunstan would vote for the Democrats - and not Labor - if he was alive.


Comment:. . "The teachings of Jesus Christ stress compassion, tolerance, concern for the poor, non-violence and care for the earth” . . . are not the consummation of the Messiah’s teachings Mr. Parnell, but then only a true believer would know that the Father’s love is not at war with His righteousness. Parnell’s Jesus is a politically correct concoction of a left wing, effeminate ideology incompatible with Scripture.


And apparently Mark Parnell is not the only one laboring under ‘divine’ delusions. The sweetheart deals done with Labor, Liberal and Independents by the ‘Christian’  Family First party casts into doubt their own credibility in light of the fact that Scripture forbids unholy association with unbelievers. 1 Corinthians 6:16, 2 Corinthians 6:14, Jeremiah 2:33, Psalm 12:2.


Nevertheless the news poll invitation in the above story reveals the following results . . .


Question: Who do you think Jesus would vote for?

1.      Labor: 27%

2.      Liberal 89%

3.      Nationals: 10

4.      The Greens: 175

5.      Democrats: 22

6.      Family First: 133

7.      He doesn’t need to vote: 390


So, if your heart fluttered in excitement at the vote in favour of Family First may I remind you that God is no respecter of persons and would therefore have chosen #7. Showing partiality is still a sin as I recall. (Acts 10:34, James 2:2-9)


Sadly on polling day many misguided people will follow the same unethical stand too many professing believers did when voting for Guy Sebastian’s quest for secular stardom in Australian Idol, not because of his talent but because he was one of their own.


Hopefully like minded voters will exercise a little more maturity at this election.


James 2:9: But if you show partiality, you commit sin, being convicted by the law as transgressors.


Is it really all that hard to understand?