Sleeping With the Enemy


By Tony & Pamela Dean



The members of the South Australian Parliament in the upper house have voted unanimously in support of a long overdue inquiry into the Department of Families and Communities. While we applaud all parties concerned, we are curious as to why Family First didn’t initiate such an investigation, but rather left it to anti-drugs campaigner Ann Bressington. That aside, let’s take a look at why the inquiry is so desperately overdue, and why the South Australian Labor government is so reticent to be involved.


For many years the department of Families and Communities, along with other key departments involving children have been infiltrated, and had its direction steered by radical, agenda-ridden feminists whose ultimate goal is the removal of the patriarchal society based on Judeo-Christian values [upon which this nation was formed], and seeking to replace them with the doctrine of androgyny [the removal of male/female distinction]. While most political parties surrender to some degree to this inane stupidity, the Australian Labor Party as a whole, including at a Federal level, are very much sympathetic to it.


Some time ago we reported on a covert organization within the Australian Labor party called ‘Emily’s List’, a feminist political movement originating in 1985 from within the left wing Democratic Party in the United States. Emily’s List, now in Australia, is an organization which provides funding for women to succeed into government and then when elected – do their bidding. Emily’s list is a pro abortion, pro feminism, pro homosexuality (diversity), anti-patriarchal, anti traditional family, by definition an anti Judeo-Christian lobby and is deeply embedded into Labor Party ideology. Given this understanding it should be easy to see why Minister Jay Weatherall is reluctant to hold an inquiry into a department which has long been infiltrated by radical feminists and their sympathizers. Minister Weatherall is afraid the inquiry will ‘turn into a witch hunt” . . . pity, because that is exactly what it needs to be – to hunt down and weed out this cancerous ideology and its practitioners. So out of fear, the South Australian Labor Government has elected to boycott (or should that be ‘girlcott’) an inquiry into a department which has instigated the destruction of countless families and individual lives all based on the idiotic notion that female power will save the world.


Again we wonder why Family First did not lead the charge, and as we look forward to the Federal election next year we wonder with whom they will hop into bed with their preferential votes. The Coalition Party secured the so-called ‘Christian’ vote in the last election which swept the Howard government back into office for a record fourth term by doing deals with Family First. What a dilemma this time around – opposition leader Kevin Rudd (unlike Mark Latham) professes Christian values and claims to be one himself. Rudd, a professing Catholic, is reported to have instructed his party to not say anything ‘negative’ about the Hillsong empire in the race to the next election. The socialist Labor Party wants the ‘Christian’ vote and will do anything to get it – just as will the Liberals, and Family First, a professing Christian party will go into negotiation with both of them for what it wants. Our question is. . What does the Word of God say about doing deals with the world?


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Ashley Evans (co-founder of Family First whose logo looks curiously like a papal mitre) often speaks about the importance of “becoming people of power and influence in order to impact society.” This anti biblical and rather arrogant credo allows supporters to overlook key biblical passages and principals concerning cavorting with those outside of the kingdom. Obvious verses such as 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 come to mind but I want you to look at a basic principal outlined in 1 Samuel 15:7-22. King Saul (Saul means ‘men pleaser’ incidentally) was commanded by the Heavenly Father to go in and utterly destroy the Amalekites – women, children, livestock and property as God enacted His revenge on the Amalekites for their cowardly acts of killing the weak, feeble and stragglers of the children of Israel as they fled from Egypt after their exile. (Exodus 17:8). But rather than being obedient to the command Saul (the man pleaser) spared the best of the sheep and the cattle, the fat calves and lambs, everything he deemed to be good and the Amalekite King Agag. The Heavenly Father was grieved so much so he dethroned Saul and rejected him as king. The key to this passage is found in verse 22: “To OBEY is better than sacrifice.” the point being God wanted nothing taken. There were to be no deals, no compromise, just destruction. And when He says that there is to be no fellowship (communication) with unbelievers with regard to being unequally yoked (lit: differently united) He means it! But here we have and will continue to have Family First doing exactly what the Father has commanded His own NOT to do. Can you see?


The German Democratic Christian Party (CDU) had to do ‘deals’ [which we refer to as ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’] with the green left in order to form government in 2005. Apart from being a party which manages to marry both catholic and protestants under one common confession, leader Angela Merkle spent 3 weeks doing ‘deals’ with its socialist predecessors to secure government under a banner of hopeless compromise with support from the CSU (Christian Socialist Union) and the SDP (Social[ist] Democratic Party).


Righteousness never compromises with unrighteousness in order to find consensus, because there is no middle ground only an impassable void. This is why we have such a problem with Rick Warrenology and its supporters. Those who think they have a biblical mandate to moralise fallen man are delusional. The commission of the Church is to preach the gospel and make disciplined believers of those who repent of their sins, receive by grace through faith His forgiveness, and who take up their cross and follow after Him thereafter.


Time we got back to basics and put Yah’weh First!



Tony & Pamela Dean


Moriah Ministries Australia

© 2007