Outcome Based Religion

The Creeping Conspiracy

Part Four



For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the Gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect. 1 Corinthians 1:17


Not with the wisdom of words that the cross of Christ should be made what? … oops … someone in the Church Growth camp missed that one big time!


How did the professing church fall into the state of apostasy it is presently in? One compromising step at a time that’s how. We need to remember that while humanity thinks in terms of generations – Satan thinks in terms of millennia. He has been patiently plotting away, studying human behaviour, its trends, passions and predictabilities since the Garden of Eden. He knows how we work better than we do, that is how we are so easily fooled time after time after time. Mankind’s insatiable lust for wealth, power and indeed divinity (chosen by Eve in the Garden) has made Satan’s mission all the easier. He has had an agenda since the beginning. It is listed clearly in Isaiah 14:13-14 known as the 5 “I Wills” …


For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Isaiah 14:13-14


Satan’s agenda is to be like God, is it hardly surprising then that those who follow after him seek the same distinction?


… and no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. 2 Corinthians 11:14


For some incredible reason people entertain the delusion that this devil will be up to his dirty deeds at some time in the future and that his footmen in cultish movements have been busy at some time in the past. For many it is inconceivable the arch enemy of God would enlist the services of the bright and shining ones of this age. Every parent knows that the safest place to hide a child’s birthday present is under the child’s own bed (especially if the child is a teenager, for no-one ventures them thar woods). Well guess what? Right under our noses, bold as brass, enthusiastically smiling and clapping there they are – the emissaries of the Emerging Church, Satan’s crowning glory in all her mystery and she doesn’t even know she is it!


Through facilitation and compromise she is being prepared for her triumphant entry. Under the fond gaze of the world’s acceptance she prepares her ragged gown. There is neither negative speech in her mouth nor any truth in her heart. While her husband tarries she amasses her lovers, bedecking herself in all the gaudiness of the worldly acclaim for which she has always craved. She stands captivated by her own breath-taking vanity like a whore, clothed in her wretched emptiness before her cloven-hoofed beau.


When it comes to discerning the truth, we have found that the most effective way of determining whether a ‘church’ is in fact part of the body of Christ and not just a movement is to pay close attention to the ‘leader’ – call them pastor or whatever – and their teaching to the group. If the ‘leader’ teaches from Scripture and encourages the members to do the same, to measure all of life by the Word of God and discard that which is contrary to the Word, then it is most likely the true body of Christ. In a ‘movement’ or cult however, the members are rarely ever given the entire Scriptures especially in context nor are they ever encouraged to read and learn for themselves as the Word demands. Instead they are taught to follow the leader and wherever the leader goes, so goes the group. If anyone in the group should go against the leader or challenge them with any ‘new’ find in Scripture, they will quickly be put out of the group. We see this behaviour clearly operating in the Emergent Church / Outcome-Based paradigm.


As you read, an ill wind of change blows stealthily across the face of the earth embracing all nations, peoples and creeds. It knows no boundary, recognises no border and cannot be stopped. Those charged with restraining it have become its facilitators. Those who speak out against it are howled down. Those who expose its movements are berated and mocked. It is a nefarious wind of seduction, one which has enveloped the willing church and few are they who sound the alarm, fewer still they who care.


Mac Dominick comments:  Former Russian Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, speaking as the founder of the radical environmental group Green Cross, stated:


“The 21st Century will either be the century of total crisis… or of human recovery…” a


He elaborated on this statement in an interview with the occultic organisation, The Institute of Noetic Sciences:


“Today humankind is facing a choice…we need to find a new paradigm…that can be based on the common values…developed over many centuries…the search for a new paradigm should be a search for synthesis, for what is common and unites people, countries and nations, rather than what divides them.” b


The “new paradigm” of which he speaks once again voices the Hegelian Dialectic exactly in the same manner as voiced by HG Wells: the search for synthesis—the common ground that unites the group—and thus all of mankind. This again is the same plan as attempted by Nimrod—the plan that Almighty God rejected. Mankind, under the direct influence and direction of Satan is seeking to worship and serve the creature over the Creator by the building of the New Babel—the precious New World Order.


At stake here is a major religious issue, for this movement is religious as well as political. This fact is clearly evidenced on many fronts. As Our Global Neighbourhood declares:


“We need a set of common, core values around which we can unite people, irrespective of their cultural, political, religious… backgrounds.” 1


However, if you are to unite mankind based on common religious values, what religion will the world embrace? World Goodwill, a division of Lucis Trust states:


“…Preparation by men and women of goodwill is needed to introduce new values for living, new standards of behaviour, new attitudes…of non-separateness and cooperation leading to right human relations and a world at peace. The coming World Teacher will be mainly concerned with the requirements for a new world order…” 2


“…The New Group of World Servers…can be regarded as the embodiment of the emerging Kingdom of God on earth, but it should be remembered that this kingdom is not a Christian kingdom or an earthly government.” 3


This statement should make the blood run cold in anyone who is even vaguely familiar with Bible Prophecy. Lucis Trust and the New Group of World Servers are without question working in preparation for the coming of the world ruler—none other than Antichrist. Furthermore, their terminology should make any discerning Christian take note of all who openly have issued the call for the New World Order. These are the individuals who are marching to the drumbeat of Satan, and preparing the earth for Antichrist himself.


Redefining the Defined


The definition of the word “tolerance” has changed. In the past, the definition of tolerance was based on valuing and respecting the cultures, beliefs, behaviour, and lifestyles of an individual without necessarily approving or participating in those same beliefs or behaviours. Tolerance differentiated between the individual himself and his behaviour. In plain terms, tolerance formerly meant that one “put up with that which he disliked or disagreed.” 4


However, the 1990s introduced a new post-modern definition of tolerance. This definition is based in the concept that since all truth is relative, there are many different truths. In addition, no one truth is superior to any other truth. All truths are equal. 5 If all truth claims are equal, then all religions are equal. If all religions are equal, any Christian who quotes Jesus Christ when He said, “…no man cometh to the Father but by Me” is an arrogant bigot. Once the new tolerance permeates the culture and the court system, the Christian will have no legal right to propagate his religion, carry out the “Great Commission,” or to even voice his convictions. (Should the Rudd Labour government gain power in the upcoming federal election, this ugly proposition will become a reality because of their socialist anti-discrimination laws – ed.)


How has Christianity come to this point? How does all of this talk of the New World Order and the new tolerance relate to the Charismatic Movement, Dominionism, Fuller Seminary, or Outcome-Based Religion? What possible correlation can there be between the occult factions that rule this world and modern Evangelicals? The Church has been in an ongoing struggle for the preservation of purity since its earliest days. No sooner has the quest for the truth gained momentum than another attack sought to strike at the heart of biblical truth. These attacks manifest themselves when the church loses the focus of its true mission, and digresses into areas outside of the commands and precepts of Scripture. The true mission of the church is the edification of the saints, reaching the lost for Christ, and to subsequently nurturing those converts to spiritual maturity. The great tragedy of the second half of the Twentieth Century and the early Twenty-first Century is the fact that many of the Bible-believing churches organized in opposition to and as a direct result of Modernism in the 1960s and 1970s are now succumbing to New Evangelicalism and Outcome-Based Religion.


The rise of Outcome-Based Religion can be directly linked to the infusion of the changing group-think values of globalism and the coming One-World Religion. In Outcome-Based Religion, the focus of the Church has become church growth. In making church growth the ultimate outcome, the focus of the complete mission of the church is subjugated to the point that critical aspects of the church’s mission are sacrificed, doctrinal teaching is minimized, standards are ignored in order to augment the numbers, and popular extra-biblical subject matter becomes the core of church dogma.


The lack of doctrinal teaching has been the primary catalyst to set up modern evangelicals for deception. The following statistics confirm this very fact:


·         57% of churched youth do not believe that an objective standard of truth exists

·         53% of those who would identify themselves as Conservative Christians do not believe in absolute truth

·         84% of first year Christian college students cannot defend or explain their beliefs

·         66% of those who say it is important to follow the teachings of the Bible reject moral absolutes 6


In the case of Outcome Based-Religion, one must conclude that the churches are teaching that which attracts more young people to the youth group. Meeting felt needs may lead to exhilarating group therapy sessions, but will not include any doctrinal teaching.


The Outcome-Based ministry avoids the teaching of doctrine because doctrine divides. Furthermore, doctrine divides because truth divides. Therefore, those who subjugate all else to church growth, discourage an emphasis on doctrinal teaching because such division is a deterrent to exponential growth. This is the point at which the “change agents” of the new paradigm make a major impact on the Church. The absence of the teaching of doctrine in the Church has opened the door to those who would seek to change Christian values to the group-think values of the new paradigm. The cold, hard fact of the matter is that embracing the values of the new tolerance will undermine every facet of biblical teaching.


The perils of the new paradigm are further augmented by those who have been influenced by the Charismatic Movement and Dominion Theology. The issues that arise with those involved in the Charismatic Movement are the opening for another avenue of unity with those who deny the fundamental doctrines of the Word of God. Once one embraces the third wave “Signs and Wonders Movement” (this is the marketing ploy developed at Fuller Seminary by Peter Wagner and the late John Wimber) or even speaking in tongues, these individuals tend to base the point of fellowship or unity on charismatic manifestations rather than doctrinal purity. This is evidenced by the fact that Pentecostals and Roman Catholics join together in charismatic conferences such as the 1977 Kansas City Conference where 50% of the attendees were Roman Catholic.


Dominion Theology goes one step further, as it teaches the Church will rule the world prior to the return of Christ. Since most who hold to this errant teaching also embrace charismatic manifestations, the false unity evidenced within this movement sets up those involved for the deception of tolerance and globalism as the manifestation of the Christian Dominion. This was exemplified by Dominionist Pat Robertson in his comments regarding the Promise Keepers organization. Robertson excitedly stated on the 700 Club, “Promise Keepers is a direct fulfilment of Bible Prophecy.” In making this statement, Robertson was revelling in the fact that Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Mormons, and Roman Catholics were all drawn together in “the name of Jesus” and thus presenting the opportunity for groups with diverse doctrinal positions to unify on that which they have in common. Of course, this is the belief of the Dominion Theologian. For to make Dominionist theories reality, diverse groups must set aside their differences and unite on that which they have in common. This error is setting up Charismatics and Dominionists to fall prey to the Luciferic deception of group-think attitudes and values that will lead them into supporting that which all Christians should dogmatically reject.


Dr. Rod Bell answered the question of “How did we get into this mess?” by observing a split within fundamentalism over the last decade for the following reasons:


·         Shallow preaching in the pulpit—the emphasis shifted from preaching in the pulpit to promotion in the Sunday School.

·         Super-aggressive evangelism—The end justifies the means, side shows, ring masters, cheap carnival tactics—depending on outward motivation instead of the Motivator –Super salesmanship methods with a positive approach:  these philosophies have produced “easy believism.”

·         Second-degree separation—“We are only strong as long as we are Biblically separated from compromise.”

·         Success-image philosophy

·         Scriptural ignorance concerning Biblical separation

·         Secular Humanism—“The Church is going by the opinions of men, not the Word of God.”

·         Support of missions neglected 7


These points have become the building blocks for a weak Church—a Church with no substance and no backbone. This is the Church that is primed for deception.


When a man is born-again, he does not mystically become immune to deception. It is the man’s responsibility to “draw nigh unto God” (James 4:8) by studying and taking heed to the precepts of the Word of God. A Christian must study to become established in Bible Doctrine (IITim. 2:15), for doctrine alone is the key to discernment and fighting deception. The “Evangelical Church” of today, under the influence of Outcome-Based Religion, is subordinating the teaching of doctrine to social issues, psychological development, cultural crises, emotionally distorted worship and praise, and practically every other pseudo-spiritual “ism” or study imaginable that will appeal to the senses or meet felt needs to promote church growth. This course of events has conceived a rising generation of Christians who have no clue as to what they believe or how to discern heresy. As a result, post-modern tolerance of the new paradigm has become embedded into the psyche of the Church. It is this tolerance that will sweep mankind into a New World Order, a One World Religion, and into the arms of Antichrist.


The Church of Jesus Christ should stand diametrically opposed to any group, philosophy, or movement that actively promotes ecumenical or political unity that would in any way contribute to the construction of the New World Order. Yet the Evangelical Church of today is rushing headlong down the slippery slope of apostasy. At this rate, “it will only be a matter of time before it is realized that this modern church having lost its message, having compromised the faith,  having mistaken numerical success for the blessings of God, will implode, for there will be nothing left to sustain it.” 8


Berit Kjos writes: Among the trusted voices prodding the Church into the 21st century mold is Lyle E. Schaller, top-selling author, a contributing editor for Leadership magazine and a highly respected church consultant. He introduces one of his many books for contemporary change agents, The Very Large Church: New Rules for Leaders, with this statement:


"This book was written for those congregational leaders, both volunteer and paid staff, who recognize that their old rule book is obsolete and who are eager to learn how to participate effectively in the very large church game on a playing field that is defined by the culture, the societal context, clearly defined expectations, a theological belief system, a passion for evangelism, a high level of competence, creativity, innovation and a new and different set of rules." [2]


Church Game? The original rules for the Church [Lit: Assembly of the Called out ones] were given us by God Himself in His Word. He also gave us His Spirit which enables us to follow His guidelines and demonstrate His life to the world. Do you wonder who wrote Mr. Schaller's "new and different set of rules"?  Or what kind of "church game" would be "defined by the culture" and "the societal context" rather than by the Bible? Might his "church game" be designed for success with the world rather than success with God?


Mr. Schaller doesn't exactly list the new rules in his book, but he does give us some examples. "Our new rule book states that you will not be criticized because you are less than a perfect Christian," he promises us. Nothing wrong with that. We are all "less than perfect." But the book's context implies a shift from the "negative" of the past to the "positive" thinking of the future church. The church must learn not to criticize any aspects of the planned change from the believer-oriented church to the seeker- or community-oriented church.  Would God's guidelines in Matthew 18 for church discipline still fit?  Probably not. 


He lists two more rules: "...the opportunities available to you in learning and in serving as a volunteer will be challenging, not boring [community service will be a must], and every Sunday morning we offer you a chance to be part of a carefully designed, high-energy, participatory, lively, fast-paced, and highly visual worship experience."


To win the youth, Schaller tells us, the church needs to "shift from the printed and spoken word to visual communication, including drama, music, visual images, motion and humor."  This list matches the strategies used by educators to change the beliefs and values of children in public schools. It works just as well for "Christian" leaders who see themselves as change agents. For when drama and visual images replace diligent study of God's written Word, it is easy to alter His message and conform it to the demands of a world that seeks positive affirmations rather than the whole truth.   


You won't find Schaller's rules in the Bible. God promises us His strength to persevere through suffering, not high-energy entertainment to avoid boredom. A respected pastor told me about his visit to a model mega-church last year. It was so fast-paced and noisy, he said, that the intense program drove the "participants" along without a moment of stillness to actually worship God in personal prayer. (On the point of drama and visual stimulation replacing the written and spoken Word of God c, several years ago during the first Iraq war, I attended an ‘Easter’ presentation at the Paradise Community Church. During a scene depicting the Messiah’s triumphal entry, the actor playing the part of Christ paused before a Roman Centurion, got right into his face, and said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Then, with a smirk on his face, turned to ‘high five’ his followers. Fortunately this contemptuous, unbiblical, and highly immature piece of scripting did not attract applause from a single person in the audience. The thing that disturbed me the most in this play was that not only did it have church sanction, but the bias of the writer completely altered Scripture so that his agenda could be presented – namely opposition to the ongoing war at the time. And this is the danger of replacing the preaching of the Word with such a mode of presentation – ed.)


Berit continues, several years ago, our former church tested a Sunday school program designed to "edutain" (teach through entertainment) parents as well as children. In a skit "teaching" Genesis 3, the children played the roles of Adam, Eve and God. When Adam threw the apple at Eve and Eve threw it back at Adam, the audience laughed and "God" spoke some ungodly words. But in the midst of this memorable entertainment, what did the class learn about the majestic and holy King of the universe? Tolerance? That God thinks and talks like us? Or does it even matter as long as children are entertained and the community joins the fun?


Countless other visionaries are marching to the same drum. They are calling the Church to leave the old narrow way and join the crowd on the world's consumer-oriented, purpose-driven superhighway. Listen to some of their voices:


"The metachurch announces that we need a change both in our thinking [worldview], and in our church form or structure." [3]  Carl George, Author, Church Consultant, The Open Church


"...we will be introduced to new ways of thinking and acting." [4] Lutheran leader Richard Webb, promoting a forum for young church leaders through Young Leader Networks


I will change the understanding and expression of Christianity across the earth in one generation.”  [5] Mike Bickle, Kansas City Fellowship pastor, quoting the supposed voice of God  


"...the time is ripe for a 'sea change' in the way we do missions. A 'sea change' is an entire shift in our thinking and our methodology towards missions. Without this change, we risk the temptation to retreat into our cultural Christian ghetto surrounded by our spiritual walls of fear of compromise...." [6] [M. McLoughlin, YWAM,  Back to the Future of Missions]

They echo the world's message, don't they?  Listen to its vision:

"A new civilization is emerging in our lives, and blind men everywhere are trying to suppress it. This new civilization brings with it new family styles, changed ways of working, loving, and living, a new economy, new political conflicts, and beyond all this an altered consciousness as well."  Alvin and Heidi Toffler, Creating a New Civilization.  [7]

"The challenge to humanity is to adopt new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of organizing itself in society, in short, new ways of living."[8] Our Creative Diversity, UNESCO

But God's Word warns us to resist the popular call to conformity: 

"As therefore you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ." Col. 2:6-9

Speaking of a church he once attended U.S Watchman Paul Proctor identifies with the problem, he writes: "A re-occurring theme of 'tolerance, diversity and unity' seemed to permeate almost every sermon. It became increasingly clear to me that the pastor's 'new direction' was worldly and that he was now being guided by someone or something other than God. Friction grew between the two of us over the course of time as his sermons turned away from the gospel that leads to repentance and faith in Christ to the social psychology of get-alongism. 

"Sure, the Bible calls us to live in peace with one another, to keep and maintain healthy relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ, but NOT at the expense of God. The pastor I once held in such high regard began reciting 'group-think' platitudes like: 'YOU CAN'T BE RIGHT WITH GOD AND AT ODDS WITH EVERYONE ELSE', meaning it was now time for us all to compromise our conscience and convictions for the collective. 

"This is the 'Consensus Process' at work, a 200 year-old socialist brainwashing technique known by social psychologists the world over as the 'Hegelian Dialectic', developed by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel in the late 1700's that involves the practice of compromise to achieve social harmony between opposing groups and/or belief systems." [9] 

This seductive quest for unity and "community" found a ready following. Church leaders and members shared a common concern for alienated families and hard-to-reach youth. Many began to soften the gospel, marketing God's promises while hiding His call to repentance. That "old-time religion" with its unchanging truths and outmoded values seemed all too staid, boring and restrictive for the post-modern culture.  So, to bridge the widening gap between church and world, churches began to redefine both themselves and the gospel. A rising network of management theorists, visionary leaders and church consultants stood ready to guide the process.

Today, vast leadership networks with their compromising partnerships are winning ‘converts’ in churches everywhere. They beckon Christians to befriend their communities and share the gospel -- but soften or avoid Biblical words, truths and standards that offend the world. These include words such as sin, guilt and wicked as well as "divisive" social issues. Such topics could offend potential church members -- called "consumers" in the new language of "Total Quality Management."

In other words, freedom to express certain theological or moral positions is already being quenched. Voicing genuine concern about gender issues or the unbiblical influence of public schools could disturb another person's comfort zone. In fact, any Biblical value or attitude that clashes with global standards for "tolerance, diversity and unity" has already become taboo in many churches across the world.

"We seem to have come to a point in the Church that anyone who speaks anything about anyone that is deemed to be 'unkind' is chastised for their 'judgmentalism' or lack of Christ-like love," writes Rev. R. J. Rooney. "It is really quite frightening. It is nothing more than the ancient belief that mankind can create our own Utopia."[10]

Today's leadership networks offer tools for measuring progress toward the new political correctness. The church survey below was prepared by the Search Institute and published in Prescription for a Healthy Church.  It resembles the sliding scale introduced by educator Sidney Simon decades ago as a tool for testing, exposing, and changing a student's attitudes. Promoted as "values clarification," it was one of many behavior modification strategies used to change, not clarify values. Now the same tactic is used in managed churches to imprint a new standard for communication on the minds of members. [See Sex Ed and Global Values and "find" Values Education]

 "An Attitude Check for Your Church"   

1.  Focus on the negative, 

     the problems, the fears






Focus on the positives, 

the hopes, the possibilities

 9.  Isolation and competition






Cooperation and support

10. Commitment to "our kids"






Commitment to "all kids"


The list on the left side “represent common attitudes that shape children, youth and family ministries." These must be changed. The right side "represent some of the key attitudes that contribute to building assets." That's where the church is heading, helped by the psycho-social strategies developed by behavioural psychologists.  Where does your church fit on this scale? It doesn’t really matter either way because the list is a ruse. It is the Hegelian Dialectic in action – the outcome is pre-defined. The assumption is that the items in the left column are not desirable and thus attract a lesser score while those on the right represent the desired, pre-defined outcome attracting a higher score. But the whole exercise is based on the assumption that the items in the left column are not desirable and must be replaced.

The first point not only measures church attitudes, its subtle suggestion helps create a social atmosphere that frowns on any genuine criticism of popular values or public policies. Even when spoken in love, Biblical warnings could be considered intolerant or hateful. Paul Proctor's earlier description of The People's Church illustrates the process. 

The ninth and tenth points show the shift from individual thinking and responsibility to group thinking and community responsibility. As Hillary Clinton put it, "it takes a village...."  In this collective society, personal freedom and individual choice must yield to a planned community consensus.

If this was an obscure movement led by New Age teachers, it could be readily dismissed. But its organizers and promoters are respected Christian pastors, leaders and authors, men and women whom few dare question. Yet they support a worldwide transformation that -- like yeast in a lump of dough -- permeates and connects every branch of the global village. Its quest for growth and unity fuels a growing consensus which is pressuring Christian families and churches everywhere to embrace the world's disdain for  "unhealthy" Biblical thinking and "intolerant" traditional values.  [See Reinventing the World]   

"So the time is ripe for a 'sea change' in the way we do missions," writes Michael McLoughlin (Youth With A Mission, Marketplace Ministries). "A 'sea change' is an entire shift in our thinking and our methodology toward missions. Without this change, we risk the temptation to retreat into our cultural Christian ghetto surrounded by our spiritual walls of the fear of compromise, suspicion of technology and reluctance to risk." [Back to the Future of Missions]


But how can "compromise" be part of the Christian walk, when God's Word tells us to "not be conformed to this world"? (Rom 12:2)  Church leaders and managers who use phrases such as "entire shift in our thinking" and "reluctance to take risk" are echoing the language used by UN educators to promote their human development programs. This language describes today's sophisticated management strategies designed to mold a compliant global workforce whose worth will be measured by their solidarity based on politically correct values and by their service to "the community." [See Serving a Greater Whole]  


The paradox in this transformation is obvious: If you count knowing the Truth more important than experiencing unity, you would allow open discussion and put an end to the manipulative "facilitated dialogue" toward a common consensus. But if your goal is unity or solidarity, you have to lower the bar, enforce the new social rules and set aside important truths. A managed illusion of unity is incompatible with personal freedom to follow God. And when this quest for unity becomes more important than the quest for truth and delight in God's Word, new hostilities will surface. We see it already in the new guidelines for silencing contrary voices and quenching the influence of those who -- for conscience sake -- refuse to conform – we Fundamentalists whom ‘comrade’ Rick Warren refers to as the ‘Greatest Threat Facing the 21st Century’ and the ‘Pillars of the Church, those who hold things up’ (namely progress). Here we see ‘America’s Pastor’ boldly facilitating the UN’s global governance agenda into the church aided and abetted by lectern loitering Laodiceans,  while those filling the pews continue to slumber in blissful ignorance!


In Part Five of this report we will define the terms used by the advocates of Outcome Based Religion so that you may see you are being right royally conned by those you thought were leading the Church of the Risen Lord.



Tony Dean

Moriah Ministries Australia

© 2007




End Notes

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            b Gorbechev, Mikhail. “A Call For New Values,” Noetic Sciences Review, Autumn 1995.

c Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17. When we replace ‘hearing’ with ‘seeing’, we enter a completely subjective realm which can be easily manipulated by anyone with an agenda or who is biblically deficient.

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Critical Resources


·         Outcome Based Religion, Purpose, Apostasy and the New Paradigm Church – by Mac Dominick