Outcome Based Religion

The Purpose Driven Slide into Apostasy


Part One



Does the end ever justify the means? Well, that all depends who you ask and where you believe ultimate authority lies. Ask ‘America’s pastor’ Rick Warren and his purpose driven pupils and the answer will be a resounding YES. However, consult the inerrant Word of God and the answer will be an emphatic NO!


In this multi part report we will investigate the origins, downward spiral and eventual demise of the New Paradigm Church variously known as: Emergent, Purpose Driven, Alpha and Seeker Sensitive ad infinitum– and expose the great lie behind the whole Church Growth movement.


Author, Mac Dominick writes:


“When engaging in God’s work, the end never justifies the means. Put simply, God’s work is to be performed God’s way. Even overtly spiritual outcomes such as mass evangelization and exponential church growth must be approached within the boundaries of methodology as outlined in Scripture”. …

“Cooperation, collaboration, and/or commensuration with the ungodly in religious efforts is specifically forbidden in Scripture; and to pragmatically use the outcome­ of such efforts as justification of the method is a serious departure from the teaching of the Word of God.”


Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14


The term ‘unequally yoked together’ literally means ‘differently united’. This bespeaks personal and intellectual intimacy. Believers are forbidden to yoke their spirituality with that of an unbeliever. Albert Barnes Notes on the Bible states:


The word which is used here (heterozugeō) means properly, to bear a different yoke, to be yoked heterogeneously - Robinson (Lexicon). It is applied to the custom of yoking animals of different kinds together (Passow); and as used here means not to mingle together, or be united with unbelievers.


It is implied in the use of the word that there is dissimilarity between believers and unbelievers so great that it is as improper for them to mingle together as it is to yoke animals of different kinds and species. The ground of the injunction is, that there is a difference between Christians and those who are not, so great as to render such unions improper and injurious. The direction here refers doubtless to all kinds of improper connections with those who were unbelievers. It has been usually supposed by commentators to refer particularly to marriage. But there is no reason for confining it to marriage. It doubtless includes that, but it may as well refer to any other intimate connection, or to intimate friendships, or to participation in their amusements and employments, as to marriage.


… There is no principle of Christianity that is more important than that which is here stated by the apostle; and none in which Christians are more in danger of erring, or in which they have more difficulty in determining the exact rule which they are to follow.


Barnes states the categories of separation include: idolatry, sin, vice, licentiousness, arts and acts of dishonesty, deception, and fraud in traffic and trade, amusements and pleasures that are entirely worldly, and sinful in their nature.


The rule is a plain one whether it applies to marriage, or to business, or to religion, or to pleasure. The forbiddance of being unequally yoked applies to every area of life where Christian and worldly thought may be at odds and would most certainly include the inculcation of carnal and unbiblical methods of operation such as are utilized in the Church Growth / Purpose Driven method.


So how could such an antithetical biblical mindset such as the Church Growth / Purpose Driven paradigm become mainstay in Christian thought especially when the Word of God forbids secular / Christian hybrids? Well, the short answer is bad theology based on false assumptions and delusions within the charismatic camp which were by and large allowed to permeate as yeast the whole lump through lack of discernment and Scriptural scrutiny. The long answer is that Satan is no fool and has had some 6,000 years to hatch his plot to secure global governance.


What an absolute coup; the enemy of the new paradigm church using that very same vessel to secure his [albeit temporary] reign over mankind. This began of course in the Garden of Eden when the great deceiver would plant the seed of lust into the hearts of Eve firstly and then her husband Adam to desire the status of god [elohim], something which has not left the heart of man down through the ages. The first serious attempt at attaining godhood was with Noah’s great grandson Nimrod, the great rebel before God, the founder of Babylon and of course the infamous Tower of Babel. It is interesting to note that the people of Nimrod’s day were ‘united’ in vain rebellion, so much so that the Heavenly Father saw fit to confuse their language in order to destroy their unity. In this day the Church Growth movement [constructing their Purpose Driven altars to self – Genesis 11:4], is likewise united in vain rebellion and like the people of Babylon, are blissfully refusing to admit it.


The essence of Babylonianism is the essence of the Church Growth / Dominionist Movement – namely, the attempt to gain earthly honour and prestige by means of religious authority. It has pervaded all manner of faiths and everywhere it is there is the element that marks falseness in religion. It is a self detonating delusion. It saw the demise of Jerry Falwell’s Majority Party in the United States, it will see the destruction of Australia’s Family First Party and it is why I point my finger squarely in the chests of Brian Houston, Ashley Evan’s and their collective Dominionist disciples and proclaim, “Your delusions of grandeur have already devoured you”!


Fast forward two thousand years and some change. By the end of the second century the church Y’shua had established was completely apostate save a small remnant. This has always been the case down through the centuries. The Messiah Himself often referred to His own as a little flock [Gk: mikros – lit: small in number, from which comes the English word ‘micro’]. The apostasy of the church was well under way while the apostles still walked the earth. Satan wasted no time in seeking to destroy what the Saviour had begun and his vessel of choice was and continues to be compromise. In an effort to ‘win converts’ the early church under Constantine combined pagan practices with Christian doctrine. Lent, Easter (including painted eggs and hot crossed buns), Friday fish eating, All Saints Day, Yuletide, Blessing of Animals, Veneration of saints and the Virgin, Candles, All Hallow’s Eve (now known as Halloween), May Queen Festivals, Christmas, Sunday Sabbaths and the list goes on.  Church Growth exponents today are following the very same error to their utter demise. It seems very little is learned from history. As poet and philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


Contrary to popular belief, the Popes are NOT the successors to the Apostle Peter. Not only is there no credible historical evidence that Peter ever visited Rome, but the Lord’s discourse with Peter in Matthew [16:18] concerning upon whom Messiah would build his church reveals the fallacious foundation upon which the Roman Catholic Church was constructed.


And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


On the surface it looks as though Y’shua was commissioning Peter as the foundation of the Christian Church, this is NOT the case. The word translated ‘Peter’ is the Greek word ‘petros’ meaning ‘little pebble’ while the word ‘rock’ means ‘boulder’. The contrast is clear. Peter was being humbled - the rock to whom Messiah was referring, the one upon which the Church would be built was Himself, the Word of God. While the Popes are not the successor of Peter by any stretch of the imagination, they are the successors to the Roman Emperor, Constantine who first legalised Christianity in order that he might unite the decaying Roman Empire.


In 330 A.D. Constantine moved the capital of the Empire to Constantinople leaving the Bishop of Rome in charge in the west. Constantine never did convert to Christianity and continued to worship the pagan sun god Sol until his death in 337 AD. Two emperors’ later Theodosius made Christianity the official religion of the empire, and church attendance became compulsory by law. The pagan temples were converted to ‘churches’, the statues of Jupiter became statues of Peter, images of Isis and Venus became images of  the ‘Blessed Virgin’ and the blending of paganism with Christianity in the name of ‘evangelism’ resulted in an unprecedented inflow of unbiblical doctrines and traditions into the Church of Rome.


Justinian 1 (527 – 565) regulated all theological matters by seating the Bishop of Rome as the “Head of all the Holy Churches,” thus laying the unholy foundation for papal supremacy. In 678 the Church of Rome saw to the assassination of the Merovingian king, Dagobert II and orchestrated the end of the Merovingian Dynasty in a failed attempt to secure the title of “King of Jerusalem” for the Pope1.


With the discovery of a bogus document known as the “Donation of Constantine” the Bishop of Rome was given the Emperor’s imperial symbols and regalia and gave the Bishop the august title of “Vicar of Christ”. Vicar incidentally comes from the word ‘vicarious’ which means ‘substitute’ or ‘anti’. Using this document the Church of Rome claimed the right to make and dispose of monarchs, and the Pope became the supreme mediator between God and kings.2


In just a few short centuries, “Christianity had developed into something totally different from its beginnings as Y’shua and his disciples taught. It became a sophisticated pagan philosophy tinged with the teachings about a transcendent, all-powerful God.3 With the spiritual whoredom came the downward spiral into moral anarchy within the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. Its absolute power soon corrupted it absolutely - those who opposed her were labelled ‘heretics’ and in 1203 during the decree of Inquisition, Pope Innocent III had 60,000 Albegensian dissenters put to death in a single afternoon. The ‘church’ continued its bloody reign of terror exterminating 70,000 French Huguenots during the infamous St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. The ungodly Inquisition lasted until 1870, spanning 80 Popes none of whom ever repented, recanted or acknowledged even the slightest error for their abominations, tortures and murders of millions of innocent people”.


On October 31,1517 catholic monk Martin Luther, angry with the blatant heresies being lauded by the Roman Catholic machine, nailed his famous 95 Theses detailing 95 glaring doctrinal errors to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, thus beginning what became known as the Protestant Reformation. However it is noteworthy to mention that the Protestant Reformation was intended by the reformers themselves to be nothing more than a reforming or restructuring of Roman Catholicism. The Catholic machine however was less than impressed by Luther’s confrontation and promptly excommunicated him and those who supported him. Hence – the Lutheran Church along with all of ‘Protestantism’ was not born of a pre-meditated act of separatism as should have been the case, but rather as a consequence of contending for the faith.


As the generations of Protestants arose, rationalism and relativism began to infiltrate the seminaries and agencies of what became the mainline Protestant churches. This along with the prevailing occult sciences of Luther’s day coupled with his own vile anti sematic leanings the Reformation itself became corrupt as early as the late 18th century. Occultists John Locke and Frenchman Voltaire helped usher in ‘The Age of Reason” which Satan used [and so continues] as a head on frontal attack against the Christian faith. In the shadow of the Reformation came the Baptists, not Baptists as they are known at present and not Protestants either for they had large churches prior to the Reformation. These folk were persecuted by the Romanists during the entire 17th century. By this time Germany was predominantly Lutheran, Scotland Presbyterian, England Anglican and the balance of Europe held to Catholicism.

Doctrinal apostasy among the Protestants reared its ugly head in Germany as early as the 1780’s with one Frederich Schleiermacher, a young German minister who denied the deity and substitutionary atonement of Y’shua and became known as “The Father of Modern Theology.”


So much for modern theology!


Writes researcher Barbara Aho:

“… As a minister and metaphysician, Schleiermacher enthroned, instead of doctrine, ‘the power of Jesus self-consciousness’ which was diffused through the believing community and taught that conversion is an arousal of the universal God-consciousness. Since the unity of the original church was the ‘influence’ of the Saviour, in Schleiermacher’s view, ‘the essence of the church is fellowship.”4


Satan’s strategy has been curiously familiar down through the ages:


1.      To minimize or deny the deity of Y’shua the Messiah.

2.      To trivialize, ridicule or deny the inerrancy of the Scriptures.


That Satan’s strategies have been so warmly embraced by professing believers through all church ages is absolutely astounding. The forsaking of the superiority of doctrine as the essence of the true church in favour of ‘unity’ continues to be Satan’s primary weapon. This is exactly what was behind Schleiermacher’s ‘essence of fellowship’, and the mantra that ‘doctrine divides’ (thus hindering fellowship) is precisely one of the governing motivations behind the New Evangelical movement today. Those who would embrace outcome based religion must, as a consequence, diminish an emphasis of doctrine and theology in order to prevent the alienation of those on the church prospect list. Simply put, in order to achieve the objective of church growth one must compromise the very foundation of the church, and that is the Word of God. The very heart of the issue is simply this “Doctrine divides because truth divides.” Remember the words of the apostle Paul:


For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. (1Cor. 1:18-19)


As we have mentioned many times before the concept of ‘reasoning with carnal minds’ or ‘marketing’ the gospel in order to make it palatable to the lost is foolish, and is the result of bad theology. Exponential church growth is therefore more the product of clever marketing techniques, than the drawing of the Holy Spirit. Just as the Roman church offers a false hope of salvation through good works and infant baptism, so too do church growth exponents offer their ‘seekers’ a false gospel and a false salvation through intellectual reasoning. The apostasy seen in Germany in the 1780’s is exactly the same as we see today. Schleiermacher’s Luciferic Gnosticism may have gained him fame in much the same way as it has done the Purpose Driven plethora of this age but the consequences for both are dire! Their collective emphasis on fellowship over doctrine has clearly revealed Satan’s outcome based religion plan.


Stepping into the Tardis, let us move forward two hundred years to nineteenth century England. This was a time of great societal evolution. Born from the Renaissance and the Age of Reason, the Scientific Method ultimately spawned the birth of a new world order led by the likes of Marx, Engles, Hegel and Darwin. In addition, the Industrial Revolution planted the seeds of materialism that would consummate in Twentieth Century humanism.


As the nineteenth century dawned, the great eighteenth century revivals of the ‘Great Awakening’ in the United States, and the Methodist revivals of John and Charles Wesley were bearing fruit with dramatic results in both the U.S. and England. The availability of the written Bible saw the manifestation of the power of God in England. Copies of the first printed New Testament translated by Tyndale were smuggled into England hidden in shipments of grain and cloth. Tyndale was later executed but his work became the basis for every English version of Scripture since that time. Coverdale then took up the task, and the first printed English Bible was completed in 1535. The availability of the written Word of God led to the rise of the Puritan movement in England. Puritanism is based on three principles:


1.      The supremacy of the Scriptures over human authority.

2.      The freedom of the church from the state.

3.      The proper nature of church government.


Still this was a generation of scepticism thanks to Schleiermacher, et al. The great revivals once began were now sliding downward into apostasy with the blending of the church with the state, when Puritanism became a political movement [the Anglican church – Church of England had long been the state church. However, the political movement of the Puritans then married those with fundamentalist beliefs to the state.] When the philosophies of Schleiermacher, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Darwin were infused into the intellectual aristocracy at Oxford and Cambridge, the stage was set for the critical events that would lead to the rise of modern religious unbelief.


In 1853 a secret committee was formed to introduce a new English translation of the Bible. This committee relied on B.F. Wescott and F.J.A. Hort to furnish a Greek New Testament for the new revised version of the Bible. Wescott and Hort worked secretly for twenty years producing what learned scholars now call a theological monstrosity. Instead of revising the text used by Tyndale and Coverdale in the earlier English translations, they gave precedence to two completely different manuscripts from the Alexandrian texts corrupted with Arian and Gnostic philosophies. Their goal, apparently, was to discredit the Byzantine [majority] text which represented ninety-eight percent of the manuscript evidence of the New Testament manuscripts in favour of the one percent in the Alexandrian [minority] documents.


The Greek New Testament of Wescott and Hort was a malicious attempt to destroy the integrity and infallibility of the Word of God, and particularly the deity of Y’shua. Although the revised version of 1881 was soundly rejected, Wescott and Hort’s Greek New Testament has been used, to some extent, for every subsequent English translation of the Bible with the exception of the New King James version. We point this out to expose those who would use modern translations of the Bible based on corrupt minority texts to promote their outcome based theology. Rick Warren is infamous in this regard.


The nineteenth century closed in disarray with the synchronizing of Biblical and secular humanist thought. It saw the rise of atheistic Darwinism, the attack on the infallible Word of God by ‘intellectuals’, and the rise of Spiritualism and Theosophy. The stage was now set for the introduction of ‘Outcome Based Religion’ in the twentieth century.


In the next report we’ll address outcome based religion, the rise of seeker sensitivity and the continued slide into apostasy in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


Tony Dean

Moriah Ministries Australia

© 2007



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Critical Resources:

·   Outcome Based Religion, Purpose, Apostasy and the New Paradigm Church – by Mac Dominick