Calendars use sex to sell God and cheese

Sydney Morning Herald - December 5, 2005

Reuters; Telegraph, London


 Germany: A Protestant youth group has put together a 2006 calendar with 12 staged photos depicting erotic scenes from the Bible, including a bare-breasted Delilah cutting Samson's hair and a nude Eve offering an apple.

"There's a whole range of biblical scriptures simply bursting with eroticism," said Stefan Wiest, the 32-year-old photographer who took the titillating pictures.


Anne Rohmer, 21, poses on a doorstep in garters and stockings as the prostitute Rahab, mentioned in both New and Old Testaments. "We wanted to represent the Bible in a different way and to interest young people," she said.


"Anyway, it doesn't say anywhere in the Bible that you are forbidden to show yourself nude."



Bernd Grasser, pastor of the church in Nuremberg where the calendar is being sold, was enthusiastic about the project. "It's just wonderful when teenagers commit themselves with their hair and their skin to the Bible," he said. . .


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3 The calendar cover






In mid December 2003, I warned Mark Elmendorp of the Paradise Community Church (Adelaide South Australia) along with the ‘management’ of community radio station 107.9 Life FM of the dangers involved with adopting an, ‘end justifies the means’ philosophy. All parties refused to accept my warning because you see; anything goes when the end justifies the means as is evidenced above.

Of course Elmendorp could not accept the warning because his own church is on the same road (though not as far along) as their German counterparts with their then obsession of Guy Sebastian’s rise to secular stardom.

Mosh pits, rock shows and disco lighting, Touchy feely pamper fests, Porn Calendars, Hookers for Christ, Gays for the Gospel, Seeker Sensitivity, Non Confrontationalism, Reality Church (Christian? version of Big Brother), Australian Idol etcetera  - same egg – varied shell.

Irrespective of intention, when we seek to accommodate the world, we BECOME the world. Such is the epitaph on the white washed tomb of the Compromised Church.

The Apostle Paul was right, perilous times indeed . . . (2 Timothy 3:1-16)