Infiltrators 2008

The Delusion Continues



Now I call on [or, plead with] you*, brothers [and sisters], to be watching out for [or, to be keeping a close eye on] the [ones] causing divisions [or, discords] and the stumbling-blocks contrary to the teaching which you* learned, and turn away from them. For such do not serve as a slave to our Lord Jesus Christ, _but_ their own belly [fig., bodily desires], and through smooth talk and flattery, they deceive the hearts of the innocent [or, unsuspecting]. Romans 16:17-18



The Word of God is clear that believers are to have no fellowship with those who introduce divisive doctrines into the body of Christ. This is what Paul meant by ‘those who cause division’ … and the stumbling-blocks contrary to the teaching which you learned. But far from being obedient to such a simple command, these wolves are not only accepted, they are celebrated in today’s church. They are ear ticklers, false prophets preaching vain deceits and hype-masters of self promotion ever turning the Father’s house of prayer into a new age flea market. Preaching a popular, cross-less, self potential gospel which is a far cry from that which the Apostles taught, these deceivers are leading a throng astray with all the glitz, glamour and bling money can buy.

Well, it’s on again, the Paradise Community Church’s annual fleece-a-thon, “Influencers Conference 2008”; and just as in years gone by another star studded line up of smooth talking TBN salesmen are being trotted out for the bemusement of the terminally gullible and biblically bereft; and more frightening – any vulnerable new believers; who will be ‘fashioned’ into clones of both.

In his promotional flyer for the event received on Thursday the 18th of October 2007 senior pastor of the PCC Ashley Evans made some jaw-dropping, bizarre statements that beg some scrutiny.


“I have some fantastic news to share with you… It’s my real honour to let you know personally [via bulk mail - ed] that Ps Joseph Prince from Singapore has just agreed to be one of our keynote speakers for Influencers Conference 2008. Not 2009, but in January 2008. Ps Joseph has a church of 15,000 members in Singapore, and was one of the keynote speakers at Hillsong Conference this year and has become a powerful voice on the world stage…”


Notice that preachers once called men of God are now referred to as ‘keynote speakers’ that in itself should be a telling statement. Joseph Prince’s New Creation Church in Singapore firmly believes in multi-million dollar property development ventures, boasts 16,000 members not 15,000 and collected $39.3 million dollars in ‘tithes’ for the 2007 financial year – quite a lucrative little venture don’t you think? Of course Ashley is not alone in his delusional belief that numerical success equates to God’s favour. The insulting insinuation that because someone heads a numerically superior band of followers they are somehow being led of God is more than unscriptural, it is downright absurd. But this worldly ‘might equals right’ credo is deceiving thousands and thousands of undiscerning souls while at the same time making an elite few quite wealthy in this their home. “A powerful voice on the world stage”?? What on earth is that supposed to mean? Power, impact, influence, dominion… everything the Word of God does NOT require of man. So what does Joseph Prince share with his gathered gaggle of god-wanna-bees?


“Solomon, the wisest and richest man who ever lived, did not actually ask God for wisdom. He asked God for “an understanding heart” or a hearing heart. What is a hearing heart and why should you ask God for one too? Get the answers in this message and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you today through your heart and even those around you”. Hearing God Through Your Heart And Those Around You   - Joseph Prince


Prince is incorrect in his rendering of this verse, although he is right in line with prosperity teaching and Kingdom Now theology. The Word of God teaches that the heart [to which Prince claims the Father speaks] is deceitful and desperately wicked. [Jeremiah17:9] Given this truth, Prince’s call to trust in such shows a serious lack of biblical discernment on his part and on that of his followers. 1 Kings 4:29 states that Elohim gave Solomon not only “wisdom” but understanding exceeding much”, and “largeness of heart”. There is no mention of the “hearing heart” to which Prince refers. Typical of this generation of Pentecostal sub editors, Prince has twisted the meaning and intention of this passage to fit his E.W Kenyon / Kenneth Hagan embraced teaching on Holy Spirit theology.


You can make decisions based on scriptures you know and still make mistakes. That is because God wants us to be led by the Spirit, not scriptures. The Holy Spirit will tell you how, when and which scriptures to apply in a given situation. Listen to this message and gain fresh insights into how the Spirit flows and how you can flow with Him. When you are led by the Spirit, you will not only be led out of bondage into victory, you will fulfil the Word as well! When You Are Led By The Spirit You Fulfill The Bible  - Joseph Prince


This is dangerously subjective teaching. The assumption is made that it is indeed the Holy Spirit doing the leading and when one strays from the inerrant Word of God one will ultimately stumble into error as Prince has clearly done. “How the Spirit flows and how you can flow with him” bears close resemblance to classic Buddhist and Hindu teaching.


In Hebrews 12: 25–27, the Bible says God will shake both the earth and heaven. Sounds frightening, but what does it really mean? Find out in this sermon what this shaking is all about, and why Christians need not fear it but should rejoice instead. It is because the shaking will remove everything that is not of God from a believer’s life, including sickness, poverty and any weapon that is formed by the devil. The Voice Of Grace Will Shake Off All That Is Man-made  - Joseph Prince


not to mention the teachings of Joseph Prince!



Discover the secret of reigning over every adversity, lack and destructive habit that is limiting you from experiencing the success, wholeness and victory that you were destined to enjoy. Excerpt from Destined To Reign – Joseph Prince


Oh yes, hidden ancient secrets now revealed and all for the bargain price of just $30. In fact everything Prince ‘teaches’ is for sale, another commonality of what Ashley calls “The Movement”. According to the ministers of this movement, God doesn’t want His people sick, He simply wants them to grow old and die… makes sense in someone’s economy I suppose.


The licence and liberty these false teachers take with the Word of God is absolutely breathtaking. Paul was referring to a kingdom not constructed by human hands and as such not subject to the kind of transience Prince endorses. Sickness and Poverty not of God? Classic prosperity heresy and inconsistent with the Word.


Ashley, obviously un-phased by the glaring errors in Prince’s teachings continues in his blurb…


… Just like Bishop TD Jakes started something wonderful in me in 2003, Ps Joseph started something amazing in me at Hillsong in 2007”…


Pity it wasn’t the Holy Spirit starting something amazing in you Ashley because if He had you would be headed in a completely different direction today. Ashley states that it is “obviously God’s plan for us to have him [Ps Prince] a year earlier”. News Flash Ashley, it is not God’s plan to have heretics in the house. Speaking more of Prince, Evans writes…


“Pastor Joseph is the greatest teacher on grace that I have ever heard…”


My, my… the Apostle Paul will be impressed.


Evans then briefly mentions another ‘keynote speaker’ at the Infiltrators Conference, a certain Myles Munroe. Close friend and supporter of leisure suited Laodicean Benny Hinn, Munroe teaches…


·         That God and the angels have no right to act on earth without man's permission;

·         That Christ, while on the cross, went into hell to be tortured by Satan; (The same heretical teaching spruiked by Infiltrator Joyce Meyer)

·         That Christ was the first born-again man (note that the new birth is strictly for the sinner who is recreated and saved into God's kingdom).


This is classic E.W Kenyon, Kenneth Hagan and Charles Capps rambling, disendorsed by the American Assemblies of God but broadly taught and unquestioningly received in most Pentecostal circles today. The concept that the Heavenly Father is hogtied, hamstrung and subject to the will of man is categorically unconscionable. The idea that the omnipotent Creator of all must first seek the legal counsel of fallen man’s prayers in order to be allowed to intervene and interact with His creation is frankly insane. Joseph Prince teaches the same lie.


Ashley Evans concluded his flyer with two very disturbing statements…


“… Jane and I want to encourage you to bring your kids, your teenagers and your friends [and their wallets – ed] and purposefully invest 3 days and 4 nights at the beginning of 2008 in a ‘concentrated moment’. Create a God moment and watch what happens.”


“… You need to start 2008 better than you started 2007 and there is no better way to do that than to be immersed in the atmosphere of influencers where faith will be created…”


Create a God Moment? What is this gibberish? How does one create a “God moment”? Perhaps Ashley is referring to the hyped up atmosphere generated by the Amway-esque ‘keynote speakers’ at the conference. Create a God moment? Puhleeese!


Faith is created in an atmosphere of influencers? Please correct me if I am wrong, does not the Word of God teach that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God? [Romans 10:17]. This is obviously not the case at Ashley’s hidey hut; there, by his own admission, faith is created in ‘an atmosphere of influencers’, no doubt scrubbing each other ‘till their tombs are white, chiselling epitaphs of piety. This behaviour is known in the field of psychiatry as “Group Hypnosis” and frankly Ashley it is deception at its greatest to suggest this is in any way related to the spirit.


Tragically however, Influencers 2008 will be staged as were those in years gone by. People will attend, be amused, entertained, catch some warm and fuzzies and part with some cash.  Akin to Chinese food that partially satisfies a hunger only to return moments later, Influencers 2008, as with like conferences before, will temporarily satiate the loneliness of the lonely, amuse the sad, seek to cajole the sceptical and entertain the bored, but only for a few brief ‘created God moments’ after which the reality of the deception and false hope offered at a ‘sale’ price will remain undiscussed save among the truly redeemed.


Yea, and all that would live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. 2 Timothy 3:12-13


In His Everlasting Embrace


Tony Dean

Moriah Ministries Australia

© 2007