Ignorance is Bliss


I have had many enquiries concerning my critical posts of the Church Growth Movement and in particular its Australasian players. The prevailing consensus from enquirers is typically, “What feedback are you getting from them Tony?”


The answer to that question is sadly simple . .  NOT A WORD. Yep . . . No argument, no defence, no refutation, no challenge, nothing! – ZILCH, just the silent treatment - how mature?. Apparently ignorance is bliss. It would appear these self righteous mutes are of the opinion that if they put their collective hands over their collective eyes that I and my challenges will simply ‘go away’ – DUMB MOVE.


They appear to be the Head in the Sand Brigade. Have I emailed them? Of course I have! Have they responded? NO. Does their email work? Apparently, only if the content strokes their inflated egos. I mean, I am stunned by the arrogance folks. In the words of Keith Green it is, “like waking up from the longest dream”.


The Word commands believers to expose the fraudulent; this Moriah Ministries Australia has done and will continue to do – only an enemy would retreat without a fight when it has no defence. These . .  I don’t know what to call them frankly, appear to be of the opinion that because of their perceived popularity that, “ . . . Ya Can’t Touch This” . .  phfffffff . .. Guess again!


I put these frauds on notice that Moriah Ministries Australia will be on their case like a bee on honey . .  We will expose their fakery to the light of the Father’s truth for the sake of those with eyes to see. We will NOT be silenced until the Father calls His own home.


Moriah Ministries Australia will shine the light no matter the darkness and no matter the cost!


Fire in the Hole!


Tony Dean


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