by Lyndon Barnett


Australia: Sydney Star Observer – Issue 781, Aug 9 2005:


In a landmark move, homosexuality is on the agenda for discussion with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God. The National Executive of the Assemblies of

God (AOG) has agreed to discuss homosexuality with Anthony Venn-Brown, the first openly gay member of the Australian Pentecostal church. … ‘It is my aim through intelligent and respectful dialogue to change the misconceptions within the AOG regarding homosexuality.


Whilst it’s rare to hear gays or lesbians castigated from the pulpit, I am challenging the traditional church doctrines,’ Venn-Brown said. Brian Houston, National President of the AOG and senior pastor of Hillsong, commented to Venn-Brown upon accepting the invitation: ‘I’m sure you are aware that we are still a long way apart philosophically, but we will give you a fair hearing’.”


Comment:. .  Sounds like you’re willing to negotiate the un-negotiable again Brian. .  Big surprise!


Postscript: South Australian AOG head Ashley Evans and father Andrew Evans MLC have reportedly refused to negotiate on the issue