The Satanic Root of Feminism


Feminism. Now, this is likely to ruffle a few feathers among those who have swallowed the devilish lies the feminist movement have propagated over the years, so I want to emphasise right from the start that what I'm about to discuss is not an attack against women any more than feminism has women's liberty at heart. Rather it is a revealing of the true origin of feminism and its inherent evil. My research source for this topic comes from Pastor John Macarthur of Grace to You Ministries. Can women serve as elders in the church? Author, Pastor and renown biblical commentator John Macarthur says quite emphatically NO!


Feminism is nothing more than plain old rebellion. I not only stand by that assertion but I want to expand on it because it's a serious issue confronting the church.


When the apostle Paul said in 1 Timothy 2:12 that a woman should not "teach or exercise authority over a man", he did not follow that statement with a caveat or a cultural argument. It has been said that Paul made this statement because under the Jewish religious system of his day women were of a lesser value than men. It was a system that forced women into subservience. Along comes Jesus with a liberating equality amongst believers. According to the historical argument, some of the new female converts were apparently using this new found liberty to stand up in church meetings and publicly ridicule their husbands making a mockery of the orderliness to which Paul felt God was entitled.


While this was indeed the case, this particular argument is missing in Scripture. Rather Paul went all the way back to creation to show that women were not intended to dominate men (vv. 13-14). The reasons he gave are that the woman was created after the man, and that she was deceived when acting independently of his leadership.


Paul goes on to say in 1 Timothy 2:15 that "women shall be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint." Obviously this verse is not talking about women's eternal destiny, it means that they are saved from being second-class citizens through the privilege of rearing children - quite the opposite of what feminism preaches. God designed a woman to fulfil a role in the home that no man ever can (Proverbs 31:10-31; Titus 2:4-5).

Our society's current thinking on the woman's role is contrary to the priorities revealed in the Bible. Genesis 3 explains why that conflict exists.


After the Fall, God told the woman, "Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you" (Genesis 3:16). This is literally translated: "Your desire will be to rule over your husband, BUT you WILL submit to him." Genesis 4:7 helps us to understand what that verse means. There God told Cain, "Sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it." Exactly the same phrase is used in both passages. So in the same way sin tries to dominate us all, fallen women desire to overpower their husbands, and fallen men tend to oppress them in the same way sin oppresses the sinner. The intended balance, of course, is achieved when men and women lead and submit in a godly manner (Ephesians 5:22-33).


Now many believe Feminism had its birth in the 20th century, with the striving of women to have equal rights in voting and wages and privileges, but I want to tell you the roots of Feminism go far, far deeper than that - way back into antiquity - way back to the Garden of Eden in fact and the great deceiver.


Eve was the original feminist who stepped out from under Adam's authority, acted independently and led the whole race into sin and thus the first act in Satan's "feminist" agenda was successful. The key is this, the woman acted independently of her husband's authority and was then deceived - that's what happens as much as some women would like to pretend it doesn't .


Contrary to popular opinion, it is not in God's created order for a man to follow the woman's lead in the same way as it is not in God's created order for Christ (who is the husband) to follow the church (which is His bride).


Today's feminism is packaged in language about victimisation and equal rights, but its essence is sinister and about as far removed from God as you can get. Its agenda is harmful to not only women, but families, marriages, society and the church". That may not be a politically correct thing to say, but I can assure you it is Biblically Correct"!


In Titus chapter 2 verses 3, 4 & 5 the Apostle Paul gives instructions as to how the church is to conduct itself. He says older women are to be reverent in behaviour, not malicious gossips (gossip by the way comes from the Greek word Diabolos, or devil - something to keep in mind) not malicious gossips, not enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good - why? Verse 4, "That they may encourage the young women to love their husbands and children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home (ooh, that's a popular one), kind, being subject to their own husbands, that the Word of God may not be dishonoured (or lit. Blasphemed)." (Sarcasm mine)


Doesn't sound too much like the feminist credo now does it? Quite the opposite in fact which should tell us something about its originator should it not? Author and Pastor John Macarthur says . . . "If there is anything being attacked more viciously than any other it is this matter of the role of young women". He says, "One of the most devastating and debilitating and destructive movements in our day is the feminist movement. It is changing not only the world, but sadly it is changing the church, and as a result, John says, the Word of God is being dishonoured, opponents are having plenty bad to say about us and God our saviour is being dishonoured and shamed. He says "The real feminist agenda is frightening - the real feminist agenda is Satanic. Feminism, with all of its assorted features and its unique companionship with homosexuality is an old heresy that is meant to destroy God's design".


Before, during and after New Testament times there was a religion generally known as Gnosticism. It comes from the Greek word: "To Know". It was the mystical religion of Superior Knowledge. It claimed a higher knowledge than God. It was the same knowledge Satan successfully seduced Eve with (not Adam) in the Garden of Eden.


Feminism is just a repackaging of ancient Gnosticism. The heart and soul of Gnosticism is making yourself into God. It says, "You're the only god that exists. You get in tune with yourself, you find your chi, you elevate yourself - self esteem, self knowledge, self actualisation, self realisation, self fulfilment - whatever your self wants that's how you become God - you just give complete sway to your own self desire".


Echoes of the satanic lie uttered in the Garden of Eden recorded in Genesis 3:5 . . . "and you shall be as gods" or literally little "elohim's"

Gnosticism says that the whole human plight is not because we have moral offences against God but because we are ignorant of human potential.


Paul wrote against all this stuff. Gnosticism is a doctrine of demons from seducing spirits and it's the root of feminism.


In the Gnostic system, Eve dominates Adam and the sexual roles are totally reversed. The early Gnostics wrote that the "divine revealer" (which is the serpent) was feminine. This is what they wrote of this so called divine revealer . . . "I am Androgynous. I am both mother and father since I copulate with myself. I copulate with myself and with those who love me and it is through me alone that the all stands firm. I am the womb that gives shape to the all by giving birth to the light that shines in splendour. I am the aeon to come. I am the fulfilment of the all, that is the glory of . . . the mother."


Believe it or not the Gnostics claimed that the God of the bible is in fear of this higher feminine god. (Getting angry yet?) In the Gnostics religious system, the feminisation of this higher god "wisdom" led directly to the ordination of women. Therefore the ordination of women flowed directly out of the feminisation of deity. (and here's where the fur flies) . . .The Gnostics called Elohim, the God of the Bible, the true devil. They believed that because the creator was impersonal, unknowable and untouchable that it is best expressed as Androgyny, that is: the erasure of male and female distinction and a complete confusion of God's intended roles. That’s' why homosexuality is a curious ally of Feminism. Can you smell the stench of today's lesbian driven political correctness movement in all of this?


Satan's strategy has always been the same. Like the rogue robot in Lost in Space, Destroy God's created order, destroy the integrity of Scripture, destroy the character of God, and destroy the name of Christ. The heart of Gnosticism and Feminism is the same! - that female power is the key to human salvation. The goddess cult is back folks. Radical feminism today is being propelled by the whimsical notion that women must be liberated so they can save humanity.


Its Gnostic roots give it the ideal that: the God of Genesis has to go. He is male, tyrannical, he denies basic human liberties, he demands total obedience, he threatens punishment for evil deeds - consequently (they cry) the original sin is not to be found in man but in God and we've got to get rid of this sinning God. Feminist liberation releases us from this God and from all his evil male values like marriage, fidelity, family, authority and morality. “The serpent Eve wants to set us free”  they chant, and the God of the Bible is a jealous tyrant who wants to stand in her way.


Ah yes Tony, but this would never be accepted in the Church. Wanna bet . . . Have a listen to this excremental dribble from Catholic theologian Carol Crist. She says, "I found god in myself and I loved her fiercely". There it is in one statement. Where is God? In myself. What is God? Feminine.


The path to new age feminism is the destruction of all male / female distinction. New Age author Charlene Spretnak in her literary diatribe: The Politics Of Women's Spirituality, calls for an end to all Judeo / Christian religion. She believes that they will end the Judeo / Christian religion by a feminist religion of witchcraft that succeeds in overthrowing the global rule of men; . . .  in her demented dreams!


Now, despite its claims, Feminism is no longer about equality. It is no longer about the right to vote or the right to be equal in value – it is about revenge.  Its goal is the same as Satan's goal - It wants the total erasure of Creational structure and biblical morality.


"And the amazing thing", says John Macarthur, "is that witless Christians get sucked into this stuff". The satanic agenda has always been to destroy human society, and he does that by destroying marriages and ripping the family unit to shreds so that God has no means by which to pass on righteousness from one generation to the next.  Prominent author George Gilder warns that "if the feminist agenda, even its most moderate version, is carried through then our society is doomed to years of demoralisation and anarchy possibly ending in a police state".


Look, God has laid out His standards and they are NOT NEGOTIABLE. The bible is crystal clear when it comes to the distinctive roles of both women and men and it's time that not only society but more importantly THE CHURCH started being obedient to it.

Feminism is rooted in rebellion and more over in the great rebel, so please, none of this "Christian Feminist" stuff - they are a contradiction of terms.

Lets have a look at how God expects women to behave in the church, particularly young women, we've already seen how the older women are to be godly mentors. Paul instructs in Titus Chapter 2 and verse 4 that young women are to be Husband Lovers from the Greek word "philandros" it means to be a one man woman - totally devoted to their husbands, not a popular concept in too many circles.


Too many women (and I've heard them say it) well, you don't know my husband, he's a pig, he's unlovable, I don't love him anymore, I don't care for him any more, the feeling's gone, it's all over - you know what? They are all just excuses! The reality is women with this mindset are walking in disobedience! - disbedience to the Word of God. Love your husband is a COMMAND! There are no footnotes to that verse. It doesn't say, "Love your husband unless . . . whatever. It doesn't mean "Love your husbands only while the warm and fuzzies last, while you "FEEL" like it.


The word is AGAPE, it means loving even when you DON'T feel like it. Love is an action remember, it's not a gooey, gushy feeling. Love is about a commitment not a condiment. It's not the love of emotion but the love of devotion.


Women are also to be children lovers "philoteknos". The Word of God, as opposed to the word of the world declares that raising a godly family is a women's highest calling. If you're striving for anything else apart from your family, you're missing the mark and selling yourself and your family short. Of course God calls some women to be single and this doesn't apply to them. They have a calling all their own, unhindered by the demands that come with raising a family.


Imagine a world without the influence and ministry of Mother Theresa? God calls some women to be single for the Kingdom's sake - not their own sake mind you - for the Kingdom's sake. The same applies to those who are unable to have children. But the standard is that women are to bare children, love them and raise them according to God's way.


Verse 5 says they are to be sensible "sophron" meaning controlling all passion - sound thinking, common sense, right priorities. Now in this generation we have the lesbian driven stupidity of Political Correctness, but God wants women to exercise the opposite train of thought - common sense and Godly sobriety. Verse 6: morally pure, sexually faithful to their husbands, devoted to one man PERIOD! And the bone of all contention, "Workers At Home" or as it's translated in the KJV "Keepers Of The Home". It literally means to be a "guardian of household affairs" - simply put in the Father’s economy a woman's domain (or castle) is her home.


Now the feminists have propagated the dribble that fulfilling this God given ordination is tantamount to oppressive servitude, to paternal domination and should therefore be forsaken. Is it any wonder then why families are falling apart. The reality is that statistically speaking, women who work outside of the home have an expodential amount of extra marital affairs when compared to women who are in the home because they are subject, not to their own husband, but to someone else's husband.


A Godly woman is to be obedient to her husband, and all of this is so that God's Word is not blasphemed. SO THAT GOD'S WORD IS NOT BLASPHEMED! Can you see why Satan is using the feminist movement, deceiving women into walking in rebellion to God? It's so that God's Word is blasphemed!


Ladies, you can turn this around. You MUST turn this around! Feminism is foundationally satanic. It hates women as much as it hates men because it hates God. John Macarthur puts it so succinctly when he says, "Godly women don't impact the world by putting on a suit and by carrying a briefcase; they impact the world by raising a Godly generation of men and women".


You know, just as husbands demonstrate to their children how God relates and responds and cherishes His bride the church in the way he treats his wife, so too does the wife demonstrate to her children how the church is to relate, respond and cherish God in the way she treats her husband. The church submits to God, it doesn't demand equality or superiority. How does feminism fair in this comparison?


Feminism says "Sisters, your freedom, your destiny, your fulfillment lies beyond the home so run to your liberation". Here how God's Word responds to that. Proverbs 7:11 defines the feminist definition of a "Woman" as a prostitute. It reads . . . "She is loud and defiant, her feet never stay at home". In other words, she's not content with God's vocation, she's not content with staying at home and raising a Godly generation, she wants to make her mark in the world rather than at home where God intends for her to place an indelible mark on generations to come.  Ladies, Satan and his agent feminism looks on you as a trollop. Feminism has ripped you off! IT HAS RIPPED YOU OFF!

Ladies, you want to change the world? Then do it God's way - through FAMILY.



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·        Moriah Ministries Australia