Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap

The Politics Of Compromise


Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid. What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh. 1 Corinthians 6:15-16



“Perhaps the most dangerous notion of all is the belief that given the proper amount of power and the ability to manipulate and manage, well-intentioned men can create heaven on earth.” 1



Someone once said: When money rules the pulpit, Satan rules the pew!’ It’s all about power… after all; doesn’t everybody want to rule the world?


Ernie McKenna expressed concern and surprise in the Letters to the Editor section of the Adelaide Advertiser on Wednesday November 7, 2007 that a professing Christian political party, namely Family First, would stitch up preference deals with the Liberty and Democracy Party. Ernie’s letter reads…


I am amazed that the Family First Party would do a preference deal with the Liberty and Democracy Party (Advertiser Tuesday November 6, 2007). The LDP, as stated in its website, supports euthanasia, gay rights, prostitution, no minimum wage and the right for everyone to have a gun. I would have thought that these were against what is in the bible and what Family First supports.


Unlike Mr. McKenna, we do not find it at all amazing. For quite some time we have insisted that such unholy alliances are absolutely inevitable given Family First’s co-founder Ashley Evan’s end justifies the means embracement. In our report Sleeping With The Enemy we stated that Family First, whose logo curiously resembles a papal mitre, has absolutely no qualms overlooking key biblical passages and principals concerning cavorting with those outside of the kingdom. As our opening verse clearly points out, spiritual adultery makes the two parties one. The Word of God identifies this behavior, regardless of the intention, as fornication and as 1 Corinthians 6:18 points out, believers are to flee such. Of the word ‘flee’ Albert Barnes notes…


“A solemn command of God - as explicit as any that thundered from Mount Sinai. None can disregard it with impunity - none can violate it without being exposed to the awful vengeance of the Almighty”.


And while the boffins within Family First appear to be blissfully, or perhaps deliberately ignorant of this reality, many more are beginning to smell a stinking rat.


Ernie McKenna correctly identified Family First’s hypocrisy. Doing deals with the enemy in order to secure a seat in parliament was precisely the predicament The German Democratic Christian Party (CDU) faced having to do ‘deals’ with the green left in order to form government in 2005. Apart from being a party which manages to marry both catholic and protestants under one common confession, leader Angela Merkle spent 3 weeks doing ‘deals’ with its socialist predecessors to secure government under a banner of hopeless compromise with support from the CSU (Christian Socialist Union) and the SDP (Social[ist] Democratic Party); and like Family First, pursued such a mandate which the Father had NEVER sanctioned.


It should be pointed out for the sake of clarity, that Family First is a political party based on the anti biblical Dominionist / Kingdom Now ideology, is a professing Christian based organization founded by individuals who are infusing New Age, occultic  and witchcraft practices into the church, a party which holds to some but certainly not all biblical principals, justifying any erring on the basis of the desired end result, and one willingly prepared to violate clear Scriptural guidelines when it comes to fraternizing with the world and its systems and principals.


We stated the following in our report Family Farce

“The true driving force behind Ashley’s Family First Party (which has been blithely accepted by the clear majority of evangelical Christians across the nation) is an Armenian delusion which tends to the lunacy of, ‘Dominionism”, which is the misguided, perhaps psychotic but definitively unscriptural belief that the ‘Christian Church’ is to make this unsaved world compliant to Christian beliefs against its will, and present it to Christ as a gift upon His return. The Papists of the Crusades era embraced the same idiocy and prudence would do well to remember the result.”  


Believers in the risen Saviour would do well to remember that they are to be salt and light to this fallen world not a scalpel and antiseptic!


Ashley’s ‘vision’ is clearly the driving force behind the Family First Party – namely to ‘impact’ society for ‘God’. Sounds noble on the surface, but folks it is in fact double speak. What Ashley really means is the enforcement of a “Christian’ moral worldview into politics; this is what he means by ‘impact’. He aims to take this society by force for ‘God’ and force it as he is able (through the AOG’s political tentacle Family First) to conform the said society to his definition of right and wrong according to his interpretation of what the Scriptures mean. And I put it to you that neither he nor his adherents will be sidetracked from that mission even if it means violating the fundamentals of the very faith to which they claim to adhere.


Now, while the world would clearly benefit by applying and living by the standards which the Messiah taught, it should be plain to even blind Freddy that an unregenerate world is absolutely INCAPABLE of doing so without the aid of the Holy Spirit with whom they are by nature at enmity. Simply put, the Christian Church has NEVER received a mandate to ‘moralise mankind’ which Dominionism seeks to do. The Word of God clearly teaches that the flesh is at enmity with God and CANNOT be reconciled. Dominionism is an arrogant pursuit which, far from seeing the construction of Yahweh’s Kingdom on earth, is being used by Satan to facilitate his own.


Ernie McKenna is correct in his exposure of the LDP’s anti biblical policies which do indeed support the vile notion of same sex unions, euthanasia, prostitution et al, and more than intuitive when he questioned Family First’s fraternization with such an organization. While the LDP has some intelligent policies such as refusing to support the ratification of the flawed Kyoto protocol (Which Rudd is determined to implement) and the removal of favoritism laws which will see all Australians, indigenous and otherwise treated fairly, it remains a party which could be best described as Political Anarchists – and Family First is in bed with them just as we predicted in our report: Family Farce .


Righteousness never compromises with unrighteousness in order to find consensus, because there is no middle ground only an impassable void. Those who think they have a biblical mandate to moralise fallen mankind are delusional. The commission of the Church is NOT to take government and enforce a ‘Christian’ version of Sharia Law on the unsuspecting masses seeking to moralise fallen mankind, but to preach the gospel and make disciplined believers of those who repent of their sins, receive by grace through faith His forgiveness, and who take up their cross and follow Him thereafter. Anything over and above this is a doctrine of man and or demons and is subject to eventual demise.


We are not about to engage in muck raking when it comes to the credibility of candidates who assume the high moral ground on all issues moral. We understand every party has skeletons of its own. We were however extremely disturbed to hear about the antics of one former Family First candidate Andrew Quah especially given their claimed ethics base. Not that there was any other option, we applaud the powers that be within Family First for removing this individual’s candidacy. Our primary concern moreover, is the Scriptural legitimacy of founding a party which boasts Christianity as its core when its justification ‘Dominionism’ is biblically antithetical. Dominionism you will recall is the key motivator behind the Purpose Driven delusion.


In our opinion there is a real danger in assuming that putting a ‘Christian’ politician into power is somehow honouring to God. Let us look at the folly of this suggestion. While George W. Bush may be professing to be a believer, one needs to question the validity of the claim in light of his refusal to collectively ban abortion, homosexuality and feminism, his claiming that Allah and Yahweh are one and the same, his involvement with secret organization the Skull and Bones Club, and his unashamed U.S taxpayer funding of NASA’s S.E.T.I. program – the chasing little green men that simply don’t exist, to the tune of billions of dollars. Australian Prime Minister hopeful Kevin Rudd, a professing Catholic (whatever that’s worth), heads a political party infiltrated by the exclusively Labor feminist group ‘Emily’s List’ which among other atrocities, endorses abortion.


The danger is the false perception that having a political party claiming ‘Christian’ values as it’s foundation in order to appease the moral right and garner votes, secures a ‘Christian worldview in policy making. The sobering reality is that given mankind’s sin nature and propensity toward utter corruption given the appropriate ‘power’ and ‘opportunity’, such a move is ostensibly one step away from supplanting such a ‘leader’ with something other than what he or she really is, making the illusion is complete. For example, UFO believing Jimmy Carter claims to be a Christian, Bill (I did NOT have sex with that woman) Clinton claims to be a Christian, Adolf Hitler claimed to be a Christian, political activists Elton John, Jessica Simpson, Brittney Spears, ad nauseum all claim to be Christians. The proof is not in the claim, it’s in the actions.

As a true believer, one is by no means obliged to support a political party which espouses selective ‘Christian’ values. Take this for example from The Sunday Age Newspaper

Jason Dowling
November 5, 2006

“A SENIOR Bracks Government minister has attacked the "influence of the religious right" in Australian politics, risking the wrath of thousands of Christian voters, particularly in marginal eastern suburbs seats.

Health Minister Bronwyn Pike, who comes from a Christian background, likened the rise in the influence of the religious right in Australian politics to that in America.

"I know what has happened in the United States and the stranglehold they have on politics over there and the power that they wield, the fear mongering that they engage in, and I am quite concerned," she said.

Ms Pike told The Sunday Age she strongly opposed Labor giving preferences to Family First at the state election.

Ms Pike said Family First had a strong religious background. "In South Australia they are certainly connected to some of the more fundamentalist churches." [We would argue the churches concerned are more liberal than they dare admit - Ed]

Family First Victorian leader Cameron Eastman said: "Family First is a family values party and we stand up for ordinary mainstream family values," declining to respond directly to the remarks. [Which is what they do extremely well – Ed]

Religion's role in politics was to assist the disadvantaged — not to dictate morality, she said.”


That was back in November of 2006 and precious little has changed - nor will it. Ms Pike’s assertion that ‘Religion's role in politics was to assist the disadvantaged — not to dictate morality’ is a valid one that should not be prejudicially overlooked.

The true biblical obligation of the believer is NOT to seek, covet, aspire to or gain positions of power and influence in society so that such may be steered according to one’s version of the Way, but rather to pray for those in authority over them. As previously stated the Dominionist / Kingdom Now theology upon which the Family First party was founded has no biblical validation.


The Gospels portray an event in which an incensed Messiah, in righteous anger, violently evicted money-changers from the temple court who were selling their (spiritual) wares, having turned His Father’s House of Prayer into a den of thieves.  What has changed over the last 2,000 years? Precious little. Should politics be preached from the pulpit in a Sunday morning worship service? So-called Christian based Family First has no problem with it. See this video; http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3l30E6YPpdg.


Family First was founded by a denomination who are ostensibly ‘people pleasers’. They avoid negativity, criticism and conflict like the plague. They are people who will tell you what you want to hear just as long as their end goal is achieved. Supporting all things ‘popular’ from the myth of global warming, to the unbiblical demand of government funded paid maternity leave for woman. On this point alone, this author will accept just one verse from Scripture validating this feminist appeasing, anti biblical notion. Such like is the driving ethos of all things Purpose Driven. And as stated many times by this ministry, such popular and appealing delusions have absolutely nothing at all to do with the Heavenly Father’s stated will.


Take this little object lesson from The Brady Bunch. It could easily be that whoever is running simply wants to garner the ‘popular’ vote. My wife recalled watching an episode of “The Brady Bunch” in which Jan Brady wanted to be voted the most popular girl in school. She ‘campaigned’ hard at her school, and enlisted the help of her siblings who asked friends for favours, all the while making promises to each simply to gain their vote. Sound familiar? Well Jan won the votes and the election but when it came time to deliver on her promises she promptly (and conveniently) ‘forgot’ what she’d promised to do and, well  being the Brady bunch, she was taught her lesson by her loving parents. But what about in real life today?

The question begs to be asked will Family First, having garnered the Christian vote on the basis it is a ‘Christian’ party honour its promises? That remains to be seen and is frankly beside the point. The question we continue to pose is why would a party, assuming such high moral ground, do deals with those who ascribe to a diametrically opposed world view, especially given that the faith to which they aspire clearly forbids such association. And if the argument is made ‘That’s just how politics is’ then we would ask why would ‘Christians’ be involved in the first place. We will leave the reader to determine the depth of such hypocrisy.

On voting day, contrary to Family First’s council to vote indiscriminately trusting their ‘above the line preferences’, we urge you to take the time to vote below the line and send a clear message to compromisers of all political persuasions that we the people will no longer tolerate dirty little agenda-ridden back room deals, regardless of the facade behind which they lurk. Everything the Father does He does in the open light of day, transparently, unashamedly and for all to see. Why then would those professing to be His own do otherwise? Especially given the Word’s declaration that what is done in secret will eventually be shouted from the rooftops.


A pessimist may well chant that in the end it doesn’t really matter who you vote for, you are still going to end up with a politician. As for me and my house we trust in the Lord and certainly not a man, woman or party of any conviction.


In His Everlasting Embrace

Tony Dean

Moriah Ministries Australia

© 2007


1 Goldwater, Barry. With No Apologies, William Morrow Publishing, 1979, p. 280.


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