Australian Idolatry?


Australian Idol is a television program that has captivated the nation and reels in a whole lot of cash in the process. Viewers are frequently and fervently urged to vote for their favourite contestants via SMS at a cost of around 55 cents per vote. Each week an average of 1 million people (mainly teenage girls) and I say that because all the female contestants are dropping out like flies, send off their text message votes. Of course they send only ONE because everyone in Australia is honest and wouldn't dream of voting more than once for someone and for something OTHER than their talent - namely the shape of their body, their hair, their gender, or their philosophical worldview - Hmmm? I could have a field day with this one couldn't I?

At 55 cents per vote times by 1 million plus votes per week, producers of Australian Idol (along with the associated telco's) are raking in over half a million dollars each and every week, and by the time the whole exercise is finished the interested parties would net in excess of 9 million dollars, not to mention the merchandising along the way - so, is it about the talent or the cash? I'll leave that up to you to decide that's not my issue here. Personally I don't think it's a legitimate format for determining national talent seeing that only one seventeenth of the population is voting - quite the minority, but then since when did that count? And for the record my kids and I don't agree on who has the most overall talent. I've actually had to chat to them about their motivations for choosing whom they have.

But the point I wanted to make out of all of that preamble is this; Last week one of the comperes asked the question of the contestants, "How does it feel to be facing relegation?" And the reply was, "You can't imagine". And I considered what it would be like on Judgement Day as the names are being read out from the Lamb's Book of Life, particularly for those who don't know if their names are written there within. In Revelation 20:12-15 John records a fearful day to come - Judgement Day. He describes books being opened and people judged according to their deeds recorded therein and he speaks of another book being opened called the Book of Life. And he says that whoever's name is not recorded in that book is cast into the lake of fire. Jesus Christ, or as it is properly pronounced in the Hebrew, Yahshua Mashiyach is the LIFE described in these chilling verses. It's HIS book that's being referred to. It contains the names of those who belong to Him. It's got nothing to do with your works friend - your good deeds - your "talent", if your name is not recorded in His Book, (Which could for all intents and purposes be called His Family Album) then you are in SERIOUS trouble. And you know in your heart whether it is or not. If you're unsure, then it's probably not. But the good news is you can make sure it is written in right now as I speak.

Ask God to forgive your sins, ask Him into your life right now and follow Him, ask it in the name of the One He sent to pay the price you couldn't afford to pay, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and have confidence BEFORE the day of Judgement that you will enter in to the winner's circle. Your eternity is not voted on by the opinion of others - or even by your own self evaluation, but by the choice you make right now in either receiving or rejecting God's pardon. So, what's it going to be? Oh, and by the way, the SMS to the Heavenly Father is free!

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