Donor car

The ZIBO Supermotor has landed (10KW 96V DC Brush motor from China)

Test fitting - Shafts touching with a 32 mm gap motor to bell housing

I have a 10mm aluminium plate for the adapter plate and a 25mm spacer should give 3mm clearance between the shafts

Coupler bored to take the Hub from the clutch plate

Hub fitted ready for welding

Adapter plate - not finished - cut by hand, none of this fancy laser or water jet stuff

motor bolted to finished adapter plate and spacer

Clearance motor to LHS of the engine bay

Test Fitting all bolted up no coupler at this time it is still cooling in the kiln after welding

clearance between the two shafts

after AEVA SA workshop day - batteries lined up in rack 16 connected for charger testing

Engine bay with motor, controller, DC-DC converter, and Vacuum pump final fitting

Pot Box Fitted

Conduit and cables under the car

Motor wiring complete

Battery Rack ready for test fitting will be powder coated for final fitting

Battery Rack fitted after powder coating

Battery rack installed with polycarbonate covers

Battery Rack installed - another view
note 2 cells behind the EM stop button
with compression straps

Battery Rack under floor reinforcing plate

Charging connector with switch to prevent operation with the cover open

Splash guard viewed from under motor in the wheel well