Allen and Unwin have recently published "Private Journal of a Voyage to Australia", the journal having been written by James Bell.  Until his death in 1840, Bell was in Adelaide at the same time as a character in this Family History viz. Charles James Nantes.  I have found some information which is not available in the book and can be found here.

  1. Welcome to this Family History.  It begins with the descendants of Henry Nantes, but has been extended to include the other branches of my family.
  1. The majority of the information is essentially a list of births, deaths and marriages, but I have provided some additional information where possible.  It is my intention to expand this side of the history.  Consult Census Information where this is available as this shows the person in context.
  1. While I have not listed sources in this online version, sources are original wherever possible.  Particularly with some more recent records I have had to rely on family information and I thank those who have been willing to share information with me.  Please contact me if you have queries.
  1. I am still looking for information, including photos, which might add to the richness of this history.  If you are willing to share, please contact me.
  1. Despite the fact this history has been compiled with care, it is probable, indeed almost certain, there will be mistakes of various kinds.  Would you please let me know so I can correct any errors.  In particular, because there are no corroborating records, English BDMs after 1911 should be regarded with suspicion.
Addendum 23/7/2014

While many people have welcomed the inclusion of relatively recent information, others have vociferously and aggressively rejected the use of vital data  for relatives potentially living, despite the fact that such material is readily available in the public arena.  Consequently, in order for a quiet life, I have removed all records relating to those potentially living and I will leave those protesting to gnash their teeth elsewhere.

n.d. no date (date unknown or person still living)
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Last updated 23 July 2014