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Blind man with caneWHY "DISABLED IN NPSP"?

Note that this page is a private page and has no official connection to the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters.

Do you have problems getting your wheelchair/mobility scooter around the streets of NPSP?

Are the bumps in footpaths so bad you worry about your safety either walking or on a mobility device?

Are ramps at intersections dangerous to scooters/wheelchairs?

Are you visually impaired and having problems because of goods, A-frames, etc. on the footpath?

Is signage appropriate?

Are there Tactile Ground Surface Indicators at appropriate places?

Are you prevented from shopping or attending to other business by steps in front of shops?

Do library services meet your needs?

Are bench seats in the street so low you can't get up?

Can you reach over counters from your wheelchair?

Can you actually get what you need from HACC services?

Do you need a list of competent and empathetic tradespeople at a reasonable rate?

Do you need help putting out your rubbish bin?

Are members of council staff empathetic to your needs?

Do you feel you have been consulted?

Is council disseminating enough information about disability issues?  Can you read all of it?

The purpose of this page is to put in the public arena those matters where Council seems not to have attended to the interests of private residents, particularly those who are disabled and their carers, and hopefully to bring some pressure to bear on Council and other bodies as appropriate.

I invite you to contact me with details of your needs as a disabled person and with details of how you might see Council assisting.

In discussion with those who have contacted me over the last 12 months or so we have achieved some positive response.  Details of these are accessible through the links to newsletters on the left.  It is not expected that everything will be achieved in an extremely brief period, as obviously some changes require expenditure.  Rather we are working towards assisting Council to meet our needs as required under various standards ensuing from the Disability Discrimination Act (1992).

I am acting as a focal point to collect information about the disabled residents of NPSP and invite you to contact me on 8362 5526 or by email.

Man scattering papersONGOING ISSUES


Developing the Access Guide website to traders in NPSP is continuing.  This is a lengthy process and any assistance would be appreciated as would any comments on businesses in the Council area.

Access Guide

The attention of Norwood Parade Precinct Committee has been drawn to issues impacting on the disabled in their quest to shop locally, and to the Access Guide, but no response has been received to either of two communications.  Hopefully they will appreciate that if people find a business difficult or impossible to use, it will be by-passed and some traders are losing up to 20% of business.

Businesses are referred to "Missed Business" which illuminates some of the things businesses and councils can do to assist the disabled.

Missed Business

Or contact us for a copy.


Council engaged Purple Orange to prepare a plan following their meeting with some members of the disabled community earlier this year.  They have subsequently presented Council with an Issues and Opportunities Paper. 

This paper is being used as the basis for the development of the new plan, which we await ...  We now understand this will be early 2015.

Issues and Opportunities Paper (.pdf)

Purple Orange and Council both have a copy of our own Disability Action Plan.

Our Proposed Action Plan (.pdf)

Our Proposed Action Plan (.doc)


Earlier this year (2013) Council passed to disallow in general the presence of outdoor dining furniture next to the building line on footpaths.  This should improve the ability of pedestrians of all sorts to have an unimpeded passage along the path.

We are still waiting for a report from staff on the placements of goods for trading on the footpath.  This report has continually been put off, but we hope, when it comes, that the results will lead to clearing footpaths and allowing reasonable passage.

It is noted that there is already a Council By-Law which says A-frames should be adjacent to the kerb rather than the building.

The other aspect of the footpath question is the presence of potentially dangerous lumps and bumps in footpaths.  Council has planned repairs and improvements for footpaths, but it is also important for us to report to Council where necessary, ask them for repairs and for them to ring us back to tell us what is being done. 


In July 2013 Council put online a new webpage.  While it is visually more attractive than the old one, there are elements of its construction which do not meet current standards, something supported by the Royal Society for the Blind.  Apart from coding issues which would affect people who are blind and visually impaired, the new page is difficult to use for a variety of reasons and information such as the full archive of Council Minutes has not been included on the new page.

Staff have made a few improvements for which we thank them, but the whole site needs professional assessment and amendment to bring it up to what it should be, a major communication channel.  We are working on getting Council to fix this but note this may be a lengthy process and one requiring financial support within Council budget.

Please contact us if you have had difficulties using the page or have particular expertise in this area.

Council Website
Submission re new website.doc
Submission re new website .pdf


From time to time disabled people will become aware of situations which are potentially dangerous even though they might not be to a person who is not disabled.  Please report these directly to Council or to us. 

One such example concerns the double doors on the Don Pyatt Room at the Norwood Town Hall.  If one of the doors is locked down after a person in a wide wheelchair has entered, then it is impossible for that person to leave in the event of an emergency unless everyone waits while that second door is unlocked.  This particular issue HAS already been brought to the attention of Council and they have indicated they will put up a notice requiring both doors to be unlocked while the room is in use.  I give this example to indicate that Council is not necessarily unamenable to listening to your problems and doing something about them.

Please find your own dangerous spot!


No, Council is not responsible for everything difficult in NPSP!

All of you are probably aware of difficulties at the various supermarkets in the area - goods and other facilities out of reach, unreadable labels on goods and shelving, lack of any seating, poor checkout facilities, goods packaged inappropriately for individuals, lack of empathy by some staff.  (Some are magnificent - don't get us wrong.)

When time allows, and perhaps after a survey, it is the intention to consult with supermarkets on some of these issues.  Any contributions welcomed.


If you are intending to buy a scooter you should in the first instance consult the Independent Living Centre, 11 Blacks Rd, Gilles Plains, ph 8266 5260, where you can try out a range of scooters without anyone having a commercial interest in what you buy.

Learning to ride a scooter, learning to ride it safely and within the Australian Road Rules, is a matter of gaining confidence both through practice and some gentle guidance.

This course is FREE.   I have about 20 years experience riding my own scooter.  I have held a driver's licence for over 50 years.  I have been a teacher all my life.

The course will cover:
  • How a scooter is defined
  • Which Australian Road Rules apply
  • Are you fit to ride a scooter?  What physical matters should you be aware of when riding?
  • How to minimise dangerous situations.
  • Practical riding.
Courses will be arranged on an ad hoc basis as soon as possible after people have contacted me.

Courses will be held in the Norwood area.

Contact me on 8362 5526 or email


These are external sites and not all are necessarily accessible for some disabled.

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