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Quad Details


Spacing between elements

Director - Driven el  = 74 inches         Driven el - Reflector = 83inches

Tower Pole is positioned between Reflector and driven element.

Wire Type is AWG 18 and has a solid core diameter of about 1.0 mm. copper wire.

Boom length is 13 feet (4 metres) and is 3inch (75mm) aluminium tubing.


Spreaders  25mm rigid PVC pipe onto 1inch(25mm) right angle aluminium.

     Spreader Lengths     Director = 4 x 72 inches

                                   Driven el = 4 x 76 inches

                                   Reflector = 4 x 80 inches.


Tuning tip   use of a Grid Dip Oscillator or Antenna Analyser will indicate if

 the quad is resonant at the design frequency. The antenna will perform best when resonant!


                                                           Built in 1992.

  Gamma Match Information

RG213 coax via PL259 and right angle adaptor screwed onto an SO239 socket mounted on an aluminium 35mm film canister. Weatherproofed with silastic sealing compound.

50pf cylindrical adjustable tuning capacitor in parallel with a 50pf capacitor. The cap of the film canister connects to the midpoint of the driven element and the gamma wire is approximately 18 inches (450mm) long.

Click on the pics for larger view No Hubs used here !  Closer here.

No hubs used here.

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