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Quad Gain

2el  7.2db over dipole
3el  9.2dbd
4el  10.2dbd
5el  11dbd
6el  11.5dbd

The forward gain figures are dependent on a range of
factors of course.

info from the book: 'All About Cubical Quad Antennas'
Authors: William I. Orr and Stuart D. Cowan


Much quad info is available at the Signal Engineering site

-  Construction materials and hints

 -  Gamma or balun matching

 -  Java Quad Calculator for element sizes

 -  Antenna stacking and co-phasing


Another U.S. Quad Site is Cubex Quads



Antenna Impedances

Dipole 72 ohms

Folded Dipole 288 ohms (as in a tv antenna fed with 300 ohm ribbon)

Single quad Loop 140 ohms (Gain is 1.5dbd)

Multi - element Quad 40 - 140 ohms depending on element spacing




Antenna 'Q'

The ratio of the reactance of the antenna to the radiation resistance
is termed the Q of the antenna.

The antenna Q is a measure of response of the antenna in terms of
having a 'narrow' or 'broad' operating bandwidth.


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