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  Darwin & N.T. Area Info Site  
  Darwin N.T. Wikipedia Site  
Darwin Aviation Museum
  Darwin Weather Radar Map  
   Darwin Weather Cam interesting site for storm enthusiasts!  
Aussie Weather overview shows weather and temperature forecasts for various Australian locations
  Don't forget to check out the websites of the guestbook visitors !
There are some really good ones on there!
   DX Groups, Info Sites etc    
  DX27.Net - Cluster, Chat, Forum, Info etc.   
    Tweed Radio Dx Group 
    Alpha Uniform SWL Dx Radio Club (Australia)   
    World Radio Club   ( based in California U.S.A.)   
     Skypper wire beam  
 Henry's Antenna Information 
     hpsd Antenna Systems   
     Wire beam antennas from 30DA Dave  
     Maximum Useable Frequency World Map   
     Roy And Syl 104 Div   
     1MRM Maria Rita  
     91DD018 Dave's Blog   
Main Page Quad Info More Quad Info QSL Designs QSL Gallery Dx Audio Clips Dxoz Interview Pics & Info New Year Storm Links Guestbook 

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