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Welcome to Geoff's Dx Audio and Video Clips!
Just click to Listen ! If slow to load, stop the media player and start it again !
I'll add more from time to time ! ...any problem I remove it  ;-)  - any requests?
  30RC001 November 2009      
  26FB001 November 2009   43DA007 Mike video testing Ustream 24 December 2011   
  26TRC155 Marcus 25th March 2012   239/43AT415 Tony small video February 2011  
  96ATDX Tim January 2013   117/13SD1  
  136AT/FM30 26th November 2012   197DA/0 Tom 2nd Jan 2009  
205/1AT387 4th December 2012
  223SD144   101AT170 December 2008  
    236OD001 Max 7th August 2005  
    79 Division Singer 31stJuly2005 (keep listening!)  
    320/224IR011 Karl 30th March 2005  
    132 & 320 Val & Karl 2nd Apr 2005  
    190KC08 and 43IR200 2005  
    43E8 Bob  
    26SD005 Andy Echo October 2012  
    14CTI557 Richard small video December 2010  
14SD209 Allan small video November 2010  
    1SD224 Alberto small video November 2010  
    13AT113 January 2009  
    19SD348 Henry 29th December 2005  
    34SD002 Peter 3rd April 2005  
    108KB42 Brian 3rd Oct 2003  
    26SD021  Bill 1st June 2002  
  Leon and Paul in front of an aussie lighthouse - first 11m LOTA   35HB17  2nd Feb 2002  
  (43IR/AUS078 Gabo Island OC196)   47AT101 John 9th Oct 2001  
      26AT027 Frank 15th Oct 2001  
  AMERICA   26AT376 Mike  3rd Oct 2001  
  3SD070 Cleucio LP October 2012   26CO167  John 9th Oct 2001  
    2GP411 with 29WW787 Feb 2010      
  2WR2811 Eli 2nd May 2009   29WW781 Sean 7th Oct 2001  
  11SD130 7th May 2006   26AT129 Alan 30th Sept 2001  
  2AA130 Alex 19SD777 Rob 29th Sept 2001  
      1ST153  June 2001  
      19ST002 Monique (Recorded by 47SD151 - thanks Palle!)  
  Due to limited hosting space here, other files will be transferred to another server in the near future!   
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