The  Riley Motor  Club
   South Australia

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National Rallies

Each year there is a national gathering of Riley enthusiasts in Australia.

A presentation on the history of some of the trophies awarded at National Rallies was given at the 2018 National Rally.
It is
here if you`d like to read it.

Next year the National Rally is in South Australia. More information here.

In 2018 it was held in Caloundra, Queensland.  A video of the event is here

In 2017 it was held on Philip Island, Victoria.  A video of the event is here.

In 2016 it was at Merimbula, NSW. 
When the National Rally is held in South Australia every sixth year it`s called the National Rattle of Rileys.
It was last held here in 2013 and will be held here next in 2019. More information

Photos from the 2007 event are here. A video titled ``Regina`s National Rattle 2013`` is here.

In 2013 the event was held in conjunction with ``Rileys Through the Red Centre``, a Riley journey from Adelaide to Darwin.  
See more on that event