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What is The Curry Club?

The Curry Club is a network for adoptive fathers and prospective adoptive fathers within the inter-country adoption community.  Founded in South Australia in 2008 it acknowledges that becoming an adoptive father is a big decision and that it is one that is truly life changing.  The Curry Club was established as a mechanism for men to gain knowledge and support as well as to make a positive contribution to the wider community.



The Story of The Curry Club

One day, trapped in a training room and forced to share his emotions with a social worker and a bunch of strangers, our founder (The Grand Poo-Bah) had an epiphany.  His pursuit of wisdom need not be his personal definition of a living hell.  With the help of some mates he could explore adoption, culture and fatherhood in a much better way.  Over a meal and a few beers!  As his stomach rumbled he recognised that many of the birth cultures of our children had curry as part of their national cuisine.  But whether it's an Indian Curry, Chinese Sichuan, South East Asian Laksa, South American Chilli, African Stew or European Casserole - it really doesn't matter.  The eternal quest for wisdom and a bloody good feed continues!



How Do I Join?

If you live in Australia and are an adoptive father or prospective adoptive father in the inter-country adoption community - you are eligible to join.


Simply send The Grand Poo-Bah and email with your name and location and he'll add you to the distribution list.  Membership is free.



Of course anyone in the community who supports The Curry Club is welcome to like our Facebook page and to visit this website.















What Does The Curry Club Do?

We meet at restaurants and on occasion even cook and share multi-cultural meals with each other.  We build up our networks and collective wisdom whilst simultaneously having a great time.  Who said that men can't multi-task?  In addition we also raise money in support of local community events and for disadvantaged children and families overseas.  It's all about good blokes celebrating fatherhood; making a positive contribution to the world; and having a bloody good time in the process!



Other Stuff You May Wish to Know

Not enough information on this page for you hey?  That's cool.  The answers to all of the following questions can be found by clicking the links below.  Check it out:


Starting Your Own Chapter

Don't have Curry Club events happening in your location?  Well starting your own Chapter of The Curry Club is simple.  Just send The Grand Poo-Bah an email and he'll forward you a fact sheet with all the guidance you need.


Growing as a father and making a positive contribution to the world is as easy as having a great meal with some mates.  So get involved and don't miss out on all the fun!



Already in an Adoptive Fathers Group?

So you already belong to an adoptive fathers group in your part of Australia?  That's great to hear!  Why not drop us a line and become part of a national network.  It doesn't matter if you choose to play golf, fish, watch sport or eat multicultural meals; we'd still like to hear from you.