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David Robinson

Useful Places

Noel Gallagher

After playing in the world's best Beatles' tribute band for years, Noel's High Flying Birds are now demonstrating what some of us knew all along. That the first part of that last sentence is crap. Noel's songs are great, always have been, even with a little help from his friends.

Billy Bragg

Workers Playtime. One of the great records of our time, and he's got loads more besides. Politics, broken hearts and Americana, you'll get it all with Billy Bragg.

Paul Weller

One of the greatest songwriters of the last 50 years. I first came across The Jam properly in 1979; they became one of the bands of my life. I saw him play on The Isle of Wight in 2008, and caught him in Adelaide and Melbourne in 2010.

Andy White

Beautiful voice, great songs. I first saw him at WOMADelaide in 2003, bought two of his albums immediately after his set, and played them all night. I've been spending money on  Andy White albums, gigs and books ever since. I was lucky enough to support him at the Grace Emily in 2009.

Steve Poltz

Steve Poltz travels the world playing guitar, and the goat. He writes great songs and if you ask nicely, he'll play them for you. Go to his site to find out all about the man and his music.

Talented and prolific, so we are told.

Stone Roses

I can't remember when or where I discovered the Stone Roses but I'm awfully glad that I did. Only two albums, but a wealth of memorable music. Reformed in 2012, there are rumours of new recordings. It's what the world is waiting for...

Ronnie Taheny

A gifted songriter, musician and singer, Ronnie is the consumate trouper, and an all 'round good egg. Now back in Adelaide after conquering Europe, Ronnie's boundless energy and willingness to support others is a bonus for local musicians.

Urban Guerillas

My good friend and collaborator Ken Stewart has a band in Sydney. They rock!


The Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Asscociation. Without SCALA, I would have quit music altogether in my twenties.