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David Robinson

Time Is a Diamond - PlanB

July 2016: 'Time Is a Diamond'

Performed by PlanB. Total running time 44.51

David Robinson – lead vocals and harmonica
Peter Flierl - bass, acoustic guitar and backing vocals
Peter McIver - guitar
Adrian Miller - keyboards
Dave Lloyd - drums
Cameron Smith - flugelhorn
Patrick Stapleton - trombone
Robert Williams - trumpet

Additional musicians:
Jen Lush - vocals on ‘Psycho Happy’
Ana Simonovska - vocals on ‘Cloudy With a Chance Of Rain’
Corey Stewart - guitar and backing vocals on all tracks except ‘Time is a Diamond’
Virgil Reality: flugelhorn on ‘Wynton Marsalis’, ‘Wake Up Call’, ‘Time is a Diamond’ and ‘Second Time Around’ (solo)
Vic Flierl – keyboard and piano on ‘Psycho Happy’
Mohammad Ajmal Khan - tabla on ‘Meri Jaan’
Waleed Ahmed – Urdu rap on ‘Meri Jaan’
Garry Scurfield - spoken word in ‘What’s on Your Mind?’
Chris Cordani – DJ intro to ‘Second Time Around’
Craig ‘Max’ Rodda – additional drums
Sam Brooke – additional drums

All tracks were recorded by Nigel Grummet at Hiball Studios between November 2015 and June 2016,
except’Psycho Happy’ which was recorded by Brett Sody at Sodypop Studios in August-September 2015

Here we are then; a new line-up, new songs, and a brand new album.
Every now and again you hear something that rocks your world, and this record is likely to do just that.
Time is a Diamond, the sophomore release from PlanB, comprises 11 memorable songs, every one of them a crowd-pleasing winner.
From a home base in Adelaide, South Australia, PlanB’s remarkable brand of Rock ‘n’ Soul is reverberating throughout the music world.
From London to Beijing to Saigon, this vibrant eight-piece outfit is causing a stir with its big, bold and brassy sound.
Now it is your turn to experience the addictive, unforgettable sound of PlanB.
Enjoy this record; chances are you’ll be dancing around the room within minutes of pressing the play button.