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Yours Truly are Very Together

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If you don't know Yours Truly then chances are you soon will. This rousing Adelaide-Sydney collaboration comprises award-winning songwriter David Robinson and Urban Guerilla Ken Stewart, presenting acoustic songs of life, love and the search for sense. Combining relevant themes with memorable melodies, Ken and David bring a wealth of individual and collective radio, studio and live experience to the stage as Yours Truly.

Ken and David met in the early 1980s when their respective high-energy bands played at the same venues in Adelaide. The weekend gigs they shared provided great opportunities for after-show drinks and for setting the world to rights. They quickly discovered that they shared similar sensibilities. A strong sense of knowing where you come from, coupled with an awareness of the difference between right and wrong, are hallmarks of both the relationship and the music they make.

Ken and The Urban Guerillas left Adelaide for Sydney in the mid 1980s, and are still playing today. David stayed in Adelaide, plying his trade in many guises before settling on a solo career in 1994. After not seeing each other for many years, the pair hooked up again in the mid 1990s, and after a few meetings it was clear that they still had much in common. It seemed only logical that they should hook up and play together. Thus, Yours Truly was born.

Something special seems to happen when the duo hits the stage. “We explore each others’ inputs and anticipate each others’ moves in the knowledge that we are both serving the same song.” says Ken. “It's fun seeing where David wants to take the songs. It's quite a spontaneous reaction.”

David agrees. “Our time together is often limited so it’s a case of solo rehearsals; getting to know each others’ music inside out and then seeing if it works when rehearsals and performances come around. It’s pretty exciting.”

Together and apart, Ken and David have appeared on 30+ albums, played hundreds of gigs, and have never been afraid to show their support for worthy causes. Yours Truly played at May Day celebrations in Sydney in 2012 and 2013, and also performed at the Adelaide Benefit Concert for the Alistair Hullet Memorial Fund. David and Ken have appeared separately at the Hiroshima Never Again Rally, Bringing Restoration Marathon Charity Concert, Save Our Brickworks and Greenpeace benefits.

There is a passion and energy in the music, something all too rare in these modern times. The songs tell tales of ordinary people, their lives and the effect that the machinations of the romantic, corporate and political worlds have upon them.

Yours Truly have played live to enthusiastic responses in both Adelaide and Sydney, have appeared on radio and released an EP, Shining Light, in late 2011 and an album, Very Together, in 2012.

David says “We thought recording was a logical step. For one thing, it helped to formalise some of the musical arrangements”

“Going in to the studio afforded these versions of our existing songs a degree of permanency.” adds Ken. “It was an opportunity to inject two different personalities into each story, thus giving the songs an extra dimension in these recordings”.

Very Together features eight numbers penned by the duo; songs that have formed the backbone of Yours Truly gigs for past couple of years.

The Very Together album captures the Yours Truly live sound and whether you call it urban folk, punk-pop or acoustic rock, there’s no doubting the energy and passion.

“the verdict is that the result is splendid - the voices blend very well, the songs suit the duo format, their enthusiasm for the project shines through. These are the best versions I've heard of these songs”
Adrian Miller, SCALA News

They launch the digital version of Very Together on Wednesday, 18 December, at the Grace Emily Hotel, Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

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