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Fringe 2006

Drink Pepsi, Bitch - Eddie Perfect
Union Hall, Saturday February 25

Combining a little theatre, a slab of music and a mountain of vitriol, Drink Pepsi, Bitch is a non-stop assault on a range of popular icons. Eddie Perfect delivers his verdicts on so-called current affairs TV, faux spiritualism, left-wing idealism, right-wing fundamentalism, consumerism and washing powder. His monologues are supported by a cool band and some biting lyrics. To say he can sing a little is an understatement. Part Lenny Bruce, part Peter Allen. Perfect pulls no punches, and you are either with him or against him. I suspect most Fringe goers are with him. See this show.

by David Robinson

Eddie Perfect performs at Union Hall until March 4th.


Heard it on the Wireless - The Kransky Sisters
Union Hall, Saturday February 25

From the moment these three slightly-less-than-well-adjusted siblings shuffle on to the stage, you know you are about to see something a little different. Playing songs from the music of their lives, the Kranskys treat the audience to their own interpretations of rock and pop classics. The strength and quality of the vocals augment the weird musical arrangements, comprising tuba, guitar, a stone age keyboard as well as a host of household percussion items. The songs are punctuated by remarkable insights into Kransky family life; tales of the sisters' adventures on the road also feature. And you get an Angus Young solo arranged for tuba!
It took a few minutes for the audience to completely warm to the show, but the time flew by once the connection was made. The punters left with smiles on their faces and perhaps a notion that some of their favourite songs would never sound the same again!

by David Robinson

The Kransky Sisters perform at Union Hall, Adelaide Uni until March 5th.


Queens Theatre, Sunday February 26

This powerful, fast-paced one man show takes the audience on SS deserter Ralph Gerhardt Mann's quest to save the world from the monster he has unleashed. Stuart Orr has brought an amazing tale to the Fringe; his performance moves rapidly from elements of humour to terror to madness. Telefunken is a great workout for the eyes, ears and mind. I found it sometimes a little oblique, but always compelling, and very entertaining.

by David Robinson

Telefunken continues at Queens Theatre until March 5th.


The Bubonic Play
The Arch, Holden Street Theatres, Wednesday March 8

The Bubonic Play is a saucy medieval romp which will have the audience laughing from start to finish. The three players, all extremely comfortable with the material, deliver wonderful performances - each one different, all hilarious. The humour ranges from the subtle to the obvious. There's music, poetry, sex, violence (of the Punch & Judy type) and, of course, the plague - all of which will have the audience in stitches. The hour-long show flies by, you'll be too busy laughing to look at your watch. Perfect Fringe fodder!

by David Robinson

The Bubonic Play continues at Holden Street Theatres, Hindmarsh until March 19th.