Mark Bendys' Warn M10000 Rebuild.


Here is the rotor & new rubber sealed bearings. Thanks Chaz for spinning the com up on the lathe for me. Bearing No's are: 6202LLU/2AS & 6203LLU/2AS from CBC. Aprox 5 bucks each.

PLEASE NOTE: The bearing at the com end may be pressed on at this stage. Do not press / loctite the bearing on the spline end. It has to be pressed into the ally housing first.

Stator after being in an ultra sonic cleaner for 2 days.

Brush assy after being in an ultra sonic leaner for 1 day. Brushes were tied back so they didn't get to knocked around in the US cleaner.

Spool bearings & field retaining torx screws after a quick clean up.

 First gear set. Wire brushed & SS wool.

Second gear set. Wire brushed & SS wool.

Third gear set. Wire brushed & SS wool.

Yippie! Back from the blasters. I used Associated Grit Blasters in Adelaide.


Brake surface, inside of drum.

Worst part of gear housing.....

Better part of gear housing.....

Gears themselves.....

Steel bits done in gold zinc. Done by Birrell Plating. I chose the gold zinc as it has a touch of chrome in it so its harder.

Was told by Warn by the s/n that it had a Bosch motor. Only Brazilian I know of is a down stairs hair cut...

Took this just in case the powder coating hid it (if or when I was going to get it coated).

After pulling out the drive pins for the motor name plate, I drilled out the old hols to 3.2mm & ran a 4mm tap through them.


Anodized ally parts back from Key Engineering. They were done black, but due to the ally being cast, they turned out gray / olive drab. I gave them a quick going over with scotch brite and fresh water as some of the stain was coming off on my hands where it hadn't been rinsed off properly.


Painted with 3M Etch Primer.


Painted in 3M Charcoal Hammer tone.