Mark Bendys' Warn M10000 Rebuild.


Well I've done this to highlight the importance of maintenance, as well as the lack of info on the net regarding the Warn M10.













Puller made up after failed attempts with numerous commercial pullers.




Puller at work. Still had to use the blue G clamp as the underside of the ring gear is tapered upwards. To get the ball rolling, I placed the housing in the oven for an hour at 150 deg C. The ally will expand further than the steel and loosen it up. First time in a while I had movement!! LOL. I was slack with the puller, and only made it one sided. Meaning I had to remove it & place it 180deg from where it was prev so the gear didn't jam sideways.


Main ring gear finally out!


OK, now I couldn't move the clutch gear. This was the whole reason for ripping this thing appart. Below, a photo of one of 2 inner cir clips. Basicly, one on top of the other. Found only after more scraping of crud and rust. Note that the RHS of the photo / clip has a cut away to use a screwdriver to remove it. I only found it after 10 odd minutes of persisting with the LHS end. (didnt see the RHS for crud)




Again, used the puller to remove the clutch gear. The liquid is CRC. I used it overnight hoping that it would help.


After months of procrastinating, its finally all apart. Now for a quick de-grease & off the the blasters.