Remington, 7600, Patrol / Police, mod.

One of the best rifles made by Rem. The 7600P or 7615. This mod allows a std Harris bi-pod to be fitted to the bottom of the front stock. The only other mounting system I have seen is a weighty unit that swings on a pin coming out the front of the front stock, replacing the original sling point.

First thing to do is to remove the screw from the front of the stock. Then with a correctly sized rod, undo the inner front tube holding the barrel from the action.

Drill a hole where you want your new swivel stud point. Size it so its suitable for a steel slug to be welded into place.

I placed 2 layers of masking tape at the bottom of the slug, screwed the front screw back in, then dropped the slug back in. The tape is to allow clearance to put the front mounting screw back in.

Mig weld away.

File flat, drill pilot hole, and tap to the thread of your swivel stud.

And the finished product. 7600P with harris bi-pod. 


Might look cool, but the muzzle blast is insane. Also 2 problems have occurred after this mod. Firstly, perhaps recoil related, I tapped the hole M5, and the swivel stud was an imperial similar. Went in fine, but looser than I expected. Even with loctite, its worked its way loose.

Secondly, shooting with the bipod, after recoil, when the rifle bounces forward off the shoulder, the bipod causes the slide to open slightly.

Thirdly, very awkward using bipod & reloading second round. But then, using a bipod, there should be no reason for a second round........

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