Mark Bendys' Provent 200

on a MY07 GU STS with ABS.

Parts list:
    Clark Rubber;
        1.5M, ID 12.7mm fuel hose,
        14cm, ID 25.4mm fuel hose,

        2X pvc 25mm to 13mm reducer,
        1X pvc 20mm to 13mm reducing 90 deg elbow, (had to cut barb down to fit intake duct)
        1X pvc tap

    Western Filters via phone;
        1X obvious, provent 200,

    BL Shipways;
        2X 25mm hose clamps
        4X 35mm hose clamps

Used original "p" clip to support new hose above turbo & used 3X original spring clips to fix hose to motor, hose to elbow, & elbow to air inlet duct.

Originally used ultra copper silicone & uv stable cable ties to fix hose fittings, but it didnt stick to the fuel hose. Should have gone hose clamps originally, work much better.

If you have the older style of ZD30, there is a plate on the side of the block. Here you can fit a one way valve from the drain, back to the sump, to this plate situated behind the cat on the block.  The one way valve is also avail from Western Filters. On that note, the provent does have a woven filter. On the phone, Western filters mentioned that the provent 200 was designed for industrial use & the volume passing through them from the ZD would not warrant needing the filter replaced for a hell of a long time. Further info....

  Replacement 12.7mm fuel hose from cam cover, through original P clip, down to provent. Why fuel hose? Well your running a petroleum by-product through it. Petrol, diesel, & oil are all from the same family.

Top hose doing u turn from P clip down to provent. Bottom hose from provent to inlet duct. Here I needed to cut the barb off the elbow reducer to make it fit into the original air duct. Use the original spring clips to make it look genuine.


Bracket work.





Using reducers from engine hoses to fit provent.

Now after this was finished, the gew coming out of the drain was horrid. It was a concoction of water & oil. No one could tell me where the water was coming from, until one of the lads at work mentioned it could be condensation from the water cooled EGR. Well after the EGR block, black oil stared appearing from the drain.

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