Mark Bendys' Pioneer mod

I wanted a DVD played for my car with a rear headphone audio jack to plug the car pc into. After all the reasearch, I chose the pioner DVH3150UUB. A single din unit with DVD (composite out) as well as audio in....... well so I thought. I rang Pioneer Aust to confirm that this unit had an audio input at the rear which they confirmed. After installing the unit, then plugging in the audio at the rear, it would not work. Closter inspection, it was an 3.5 optical socket at the rear of the unit. Pissed? Yes.

This unit definately has a 3.5 jack on the face. Meter the face jack to the plug on the back of the face. Then correlate the plug on the back of the face to the socket on the main unit board. I cut the connections from the socket to the board so that the face jack could not be used. This was done just in case 2 audio inputs were plugged it. Why? One of the units amps you plug in will be fighting the other one........ pop........ then smoke. OR the actual head deck will be over driven........ pop...... more smoke. How do I know. Ive tried it before with a pc audio & external amp feeding some speakers. Unfortunately it was an expensive excersise as the $2K amp went to heaven or hell.


Below a photo of the deck socket thats been extended & isolated from the face jack.



Shielded cable then run to back of unit. Drill hole to mount new socket. (from Jaycar) With audo, shield one end to ground. (not both ends as this creates a current path for audio noise)

DVD cradle back in.

New jack at the top & optical jack at bottom. Wish i noticed this before the install. LHS is video & audio out.