Mark Bendys' Car PC.

Again, mates were building these and I just had to have a go. Picked up a case & 32G Solid state hard drive from fleabay. OCZ, SSD to conquer vehicle vibrations.

M1-ATX Power supply for PC. Unit has ACC signal to shut down PC correctly. Instead of when keys are pulled out of ign / acc, it would be like turning your home pc off by pulling the plug! Short SATA cable from fleabay. Standoffs & screws from Jaycar.

New fan mount to reduce gap between case, and foam to stop dust & cavitation. Just filled from ally angle, then tapped M4 holes.


This is maxed out as the board could go. 2X 2G of  DDR3.

This is it! Intel Atom 1.8 dual processor. Most of the cables have been scrounged from old PCs', and cut to length.

Downside of "this is it" is there is only one fan header on the mobo. Soldered this dodgy fitting up.

Case I bought had only a grid of small holes where the air was to be forced through. You can see some of it on the left. I introduced it to a hole saw in 2 places to increase air flow & reduce air noise. 


Business end. 2X Serial, Parallel, VGA, network, 8 external USB (2 on opposite end), audio, reset button, pwr & HDD LEDs.

Removed passenger seat to make mounts for PC. Airbag switch was in the way! (blue arrow).

Carpet replaced & VGA cable in background.

Rear of centre console. Reset button & power LED. Just used flexible phone cable for this. Used silicone (old & starting to set) to hold the led & switch from vibrating loose.


Original power connectors were rubbish, so modular anderon plugs were fitted instead (thanks Robert! Again, available from Jaycar) The old VIA toasted motherboard in the background from round 1.



Temporarily mounted with cable ties for trial fitting & cables started to be run.

VGA, USB GPS, touch screen, shielded audio, & power fitted.

Lilliput VGA touch.

 Extra switch added (from top R to top L) for switching inputs without needing the remote & removing mini USB to replace with std USB socket. Then mounted it all up in the GU housing. Green wire is for auto switching to rev camera. The 4 original pocket mounting points used to hold it all in.

Finished product. Has multiple video inputs. VGA for the pc, RCA1 for DVD player, and RCA2 for rev camera.

DVD deck has audio input which the pc audio is run to. Also, DVD output runs to liliput screen. Just to keep the little ones happy. Originally this unit had an audio input going to the front of the face. Pioneer tech support assured me that there was one at the rear before I bought it. Eh, turns out there wasn't. Here is how i worked around it: Pioneer audio input mod.