Mark Bendys' MY07 GU Patrol front Fog lights.

  Well, other than when i bought the car, all front indicators & parkers were blown. Close inspection, the bull bar indicator housings were mounted upside down, full of mud, as well as globes corroded / blown. After washing everything & picking up some BA15 LED clusters off ebay, they were installed. I also removed the orange plastic plate from the lens & bought a white led for the parker, and an amber for the indicator.

Before mounting the indicator, i tack welded some M5 nuts on the bracket to mount the fog lights. Then painted with black kill rust.

Ditched original narva brackets & make your own. Not hard, just time consuming.


Passenger side rear view:

View from bottom showing angle to allow foggies to face forward correctly from the bull bar:



Narva switches just clipped in.

Spot where genuine fog relay sits.

Fog relay from wrecker added.

Pic of relay.

Original socket cut off (as the only way to get a original plug was to buy the genuine nissan fog kit) and spade lugs added.

Where the supply & feed control wiring was picked up from.

Knowing to read hieroglyphics may help.

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