Mark Bendys' VDO EGT

on a MY07 GU STS.

  Pic below are of the studs from the turbo to fix the dump pipe. Why are there only 2? 3rd one bound up in turbo so left it there in fear of breaking it.

   Pic below is the mount off the cat to the block. I found it broken off.

   When I did instro, the thermocouple was most sensitive at the tip. This is why its tip is in the centre of the pipe. The kit I picked up from Adelaide instro. Top blokes, and hell of a lot cheaper than eBay or anywhere else. The kit includes a vdo guage, pyro, steel compression gland for pyro (which i swapped for brass) & a steel ferrule to weld onto your dump pipe. The only extra I had to get from them was an extension cable from the pyro to the guage. For all u instros out there that can see fault with my work (like gas velocity is highest in the centre at the pipe, then moves to the outer radius on a bend) Im sure this will give me a good average.

  Ferrule welded, pyro / thermocouple installed & marked for depth.


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