Bendys' MY07 Patrol Console.

  Well, I started making this, as the nissan console was so small (useless), you could not place anything useful in there at all. So decided to start hacking and see what happens.

Original pocket was cut out using an angle grinder! Surprisingly, an angle grinder went through really easy, then whittled / cleaned up with a stanley knife.

Started making the Cardboard template... Last slab of that I buy! Yuk.


  Used 6mm MDF, glued together with aquadere. Then, ally angle glued on with liquid nails. It was painted flat black as you could see it through the hand brake hole. Picked up some black carpet from a motor trimmer....

All dimensions are approximate. I did measure them up personally, but it was a hell of a late night when I did. As i put this page together, ive noticed some small mistakes (by 5mm) so it would pay for you to double check your own measurements. If I was to do it again, I would make it a tad smaller, but hey, the space is there. On assembly, I cut one piece out (2 for the first night) and glued them together with clamps and a square. By doing this, one piece at a time, (and waiting for the glue to dry overnight) you will end up with something square'ish, to make the next piece easier. Unfortunately, I didnt take all the dimensions. I started building it with the rear as a reference.......

Base dimensions (if RHD):

Passenger dimensions (if RHD):

Front dimensions (if RHD):

Drivers dimensions (if RHD):

Top dimensions:

Fitting into original housing:

Used liquid nails to hold 2 pieces of hard wood to the original housing, after the console was cut out. I drilled lots of holes in the ally angle, as I wasn't sure where they were going to sit. When the glue had dried, I fitted the insert, and marked the hard wood on the original console & pre drilled the pilot holes.

Fitting door for spare globes (so they don't get smashed). Just use the material as the hinge:

Screwing in insert using an extra long philips head screwdriver. (any reason to buy new tools):

Limit switch for console light.


LED strip for console light from Bright light auto parts.




Fixing MDF to original floor bracket.



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