Mark Bendys' rear diff breather

on a MY07 GU Patrol.

 While back I had an MQ Partol. For what it was, it was sensational. Until water managed to find its way into the rear diff. It was never the same. With this vehicle with the extended shocks, the original hose was not long enough. So decided to extend the rear diff breather higher into the cab. I bought "low pressure oil hose (500psi?)", breather, & hose barb from BL shipways. P/Ns comming. The hose was XXm long. I picked up the grommet from Clark rubber, and black spiral wrap from Sprint Auto.

 Rubber grommet & brass breather (actually a silencer).


Photo from rear of diff with new hose.

  Photo facing rear of car & old breather point. I cable tied the hose in front of the old breather point so that if in case the diff decides to drop lower than expected, the hose will pull around on the chassis.

I hole sawed a 20mm hole behind the rear passenger guard going into the rear quarter cavity. Deburred and painted in zinc to stop rust.

Cable tied hose to wiring loom going towards passenger side of car.

And finally, breather mounted using P clip on rear passenger pilar.

Just in case...........

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