Mark Bendys' 07 GU ABS isolation.

Well, this project started by hearing peoples conversations that ABS reduces your brakes to nothing on a dirt road while towing. Ive never experienced this before, but not really keen to find out.

Started the ball rolling by buying a Narva rocker with led. The switch was 2 pole, and the led was wired in the rocker across the 2 poles. Pull the rocker part out carefully using wide blades either side to pop it out. The contacts inside were both normally open which isnt going to work as the switch needs to be in the off position (rockered to the top or up) to keep power on the ABS unit. On the picture below, the LHS is how you will fing both poles. The RHS I have pulled out the spade lug (pushing it fwd, out the front of the switch), and re-positioned it at the bottom as shown. Whilst the rocker itself was out, i took it to "KP sales" to engrave "ABS" into it.

Below are the contacts in place. RHS switches ABS off, and LHS switches negative on to LED.


Below, the rear of the switch

Wires under the dash. The white plug in the bottom left corner was pulled from the back of the fuse box. The modified, now normally closed contact on the switch will stop control power to the ABS unit, by isolating +12V on the orange cable with purple / pink trace. Always solder your connections. Anything else will eventually come un-stuck and smoking wiring looms in a vehicle normally means time for a new car.

Not sure the diagram below is correct. I used it to suss out the abs. One thing im certain about is that Fuse, #7, 7.5A, isolates part of the ABS unit, but still allows it to do a diagnostics check , resulting in the warning light coming on.

The ABS unit periodically does a diagnostics check. Once the switch is on (ABS power isolated) and a check is done, the ABS light will come on the dash. Just another reminder as well as the LED on the switch. Once your new ABS switch is back on, the dash light will not go off until the ignition is turned off, and back on again.

Testing in a dirt car park seamed to work fine. Just need to give it a go outback...