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Pigs in NSW.

Swag stop on the way there - click to open. Few quiet ones - click to open. Hilux & camp fire - click to open. Ute in paddock - click to open.
Open plane & resting  - click to open. Bore with spa - click to open. First pig for the trip - click to open. Small, but good tusks - click to open.
Shot with 270 - click to open. Pond with ducks - click to open. Soup - click to open. More soup - click to open.
2.5 hrs later - click to open. Balanced wheels? - click to open. Yabbys from local creek - click to open. 2 Hilux infront of accomidation - click to open.
Fun catching these - click to open. Another 270 - click to open. Last fire for the trip - click to open.
Steam driven wool press - click to open.


  Went to NSW with some of the lads from work. 2 days of driving was enough to get there. Scenery was non existent which made the trip kinda boring. Accommodation was pretty poor, and some of us were contemplating sleeping out side due to the state of the place. The ceiling and walls had fallen down in the end room, and all rooms were full of webs, dirt, ants & poo! We spent ages cleaning the place up. It was a real pity as the guys who there previously had said that it was really nice at one stage, and was just really run down when we were there. The drought had taken a toll as the river level was half way, and the local grasses had been reduced to weeds. Saying that, it rained for the first night, all the next day, and the next night, which turned the clay to slops. The 2 vehicles that went there were Hiluxs' to my disgust, but they were much more comfortable than my Maverick, and fuel would have been the usage double in the Mav.

  There was an old timber bedded ute out from the accommodation that I would have loved to restore, but the thing was full of holes from irresponsible previous shooters. The owners had piped a spa from one of their natural hot bores for their international visitors. First pig for the trip was a small one at the end of the day. While we were driving back to camp, it was getting stuck into a sheep carcass, and did a runner when we came around the corner. I got out of the vehicle, got down one one knee to watch this thing run away. But it didn't, It stopped to look back at approx 120m when I pulled the trigger. I never saw it drop, only muzzle flash from my brake. All yelled "dropped!" then it was the trek through mud to get to it.

  The week was hard going for walking & vehicles. As we watched our rifles rust under our noses in the  intermittent rain, the clay just became worse. The vehicles were getting stuck often, and every step accumulated an inch of mud on our soles. After the 2.5 hrs on the hand winch, Ive decided to buy an electric winch. The vehicle would be pulled on top of the mud, and it would sink back down again. Because of my back, I wasn't able to help as much as I would have liked, but the owner of the vehicle understood.

  Overall the trip was good, but would have been better without the rain to spread the pigs out, and a shorter distance to get there. Perhaps a Maverick to show the Toyotas how to do it.

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